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It’s Not Even Funny

28 Nov

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.Isaac Asimov

Hey guys, Louise here.

I’m not even supposed to typing up a Blog Post today, but I thought that I should keep you guys updated.

I am SO stressed out right now, it’s not even funny. Just this week, I think I’m gonna have a breakdown onthe weekend.

Talk to you guys later.

– Louise =]

P.S. I appreciate the 286 HITS! Makes me feel happier : )


“Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance”

16 Nov

Hello, everybody!
Once again, long time no chat. 😦 Sorry for that! 😦
I am currently studying, so I will make this short!
Right now, I really want to audition at my school’s talent show with those song. This, or a TS song. Whichever. What do you guys think? I’m getting used to no comments, so I would be greatly surprised if someone commented :-B
Anyways, thanks for the 284 HITS! I really appreciate it that you guys still click on my Blog, even if it’s only once in a little while. You all rock and thank-you to all my Followers, as well! :’)

As for the title of this Post, I love all the lyrics in the song. I dunno why, but this one seemed really fitting for some reason. I like music. So I included “band”. And fireflies dancing? How cool would that look? That would look beaUtiful. 😉 haha referring to Jim Carrey, there (somewhat). “B-e-a-Utiful!”

I hope to post again soon! How was your guy’s Hallowe’en? 🙂 What were you? I was a fridge ahaha
and your Remembrance Day? Listen to “Pittance of Time” by Terry Kelly every Remembrance Day. Really hits you right in the heart. Or any time. It just applies (to me) to listen to it during Remembrance Day.

Have a great month, everyone! 🙂 I am really stressed, but trying not to be. haha that didn’t make any sense :-B

Thank-you once again, you guys! 🙂
– Louise =]

P.S. THIS GUYS SHOULDN’T BE IN A P.S., BUT SEARCH UP “FreddeGredde”! I can’t believe I’ve never heard of him before until now :O He’s amAZING and looks like a friend of mine. So much, it’s kinda scaring me.

Anywhoos, found out about him like on the 14th of November? So glad I did ❤ Ah. I really like "Is It Alright" and his T.V. Theme one and 32 Songs in 8 Minutes (of course!)… bah! Everything is amazing ! 🙂