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BB15: Episode 15! [SPOILERS]

31 Jul

Hello, everyone! How are you?

BB Night! (It’s a good thing that I remembered… I almost was going to tune in @9PM).

Aaryn nominated Spencer as a pawn, “no-one will really care if he leaves”. She nominated Howard because he was “the biggest target of the House”.

Helen says that Aaryn keeps on playing the way that she does, then they could both go far in the Game.

Helen and Aaryn are now talking in the HoH Room. Saying that the’re a “good team”.

Elissa is thanking Aaryn. Giving her a hug.

Aaryn is telling Ginamarie that they’re “sitting pretty” in the HoH.

Amanda is now talking to Aaryn. Telling her that she wanted Howard out for a long time. She is proud of her.

Jessie and Howard are now talking. She was thinking about him, she says that the opportunity means so much to him [on being in BB]. She’s crying now, and says that she knows that he isn’t a rich man (in the DR), and she says that the money will really help him out.

Howard is telling her to “take care” of herself, calling her “little ‘sis”. Awh.

McCrae wants to separate Howard and Spencer. He thinks that if he breaks them up, then Howard will be more loyal to her.

McCrae is talking to Spencer, but he doesn’t believe a word that he’s saying.

Howard and Spencer are talking. Howard believes that it will all work out.

He says that someone has been going around, making him a “big target”.

Howard is now talking to the whole house. He says that he knows that it’s a game.  While he is talking, Judd doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Andy doesn’t understand, he’s looking at Andy the whole time lol “why is he talking to me, did I do something?!” Andy’s hilarious. Spencer said that the speech was a flop more than it helped him. I didn’t really understand what he was saying… talking about facts and lies?

Everyone goes to the HoH to discuss Howard’s speech. No-one understand what he was saying. Amanda says that all of this confusion is making it “a lot easier for Howard to go home this week”.

Commercial break

McCrae is telling Amanda that they’re sitting really “comfortable in the House”.

Elissa is telling them that they think that Andy is the MVP, because he’s acting “really excited”.

Amanda, when Elissa says, that Andy “definitely” didn’t get it.

Elissa also thinks that Howard was the MVP last week, I think.


Amanda is the MVP’s choice! She is “pissed” and believes that Howard is the one who had been the MVP. Howard is excited about this. He says that she’s a “bigger threat” than him!

Helen is “super disappointed” that Amanda is up. She shouldn’t be the one “going home”.

Other players are: Candice and Jessie.

The Host is: Helen. lol she was soo excited like having a major freak-out.

McCrae betted Spencer “a thousand bajillion dollars” that Howard is the MVP. Spencer says that he’d be in “shock” if he was. Spencer says that the “intimidation” won’t work(?).

Judd tells Amanda “good luck”. Aaryn is like “Now we definitely know that it’s not America”. Hmm. Everyone thinks that it’s “so obvious” that Howard is MVP, except for Howard’s friend? Spencer and Candice think that it’s Elissa.

Andy and Amanda and McCrae… Amanda thinks Howard being the MVP would be “obvious”?

Amanda and Howard are talking. He says that either Elissa or America is the MVP.

I don’t understand Howard…

… Amanda says Howard that no-one understands him lol something about a “Straight-shooter”?

“He’s a sketchball” – Amanda

Howard is telling her that he’s never been the MVP. She wants the satisfied to know who put her up on the block.

He says “Good luck”! I think

Commercial break

Andy is only person around in the morning (beautiful). He’s lying in the hammock, by himself, and says that is where he gets his “deepest thinking” done. It’s his “place of zen”. Got startled by a bird.


It’s a time-lapse? Helen is dressed in an outfiit… dressed as a mad scientist Andy is scared as to how she’ll look in forty-years time after seeing her in the white hair oh my goodness Andy lol

The VETO competitors go in compartment

and exit where there are dinosaurs and volcanos and stuff 😮

Amanda wants the T-Rex to eat all of her competitors because it’d make it a whole lot “easier” for her”.

They have to find all of their coloured VETO pieces and assemble a VETO puzzle on their stump. Whoever does it first, wins.

“Candice and Jessie are perplexed” – Andy

Candice doesn’t want to do the puzzle anymore

Aaryn needs to win this because the week has been going “really good for her”

“so frustrating” – Hessie

Howard is doing much worse than her.

Spencer is a puzzle-guy?

Amanda has a bit of her puzzle done, and same with Spencer

I feel like it’s between Spencer and Amanda

both of them forgot pieces

Spencer won the VETO.

I don’t like hiim

Aaryn now has to pick a third Nominee, and she doesn’t want to get anymore “blood” on her hands.

Commercial break

Aaryn is thinking to put up Candice, because she thinks that Candice doesn’t like her, she’s close with Howard, etc. .

Candice is saying that Helen is the “puppetmaster”.

Candice is now talking to Helen. She is saying that she thought that Helen had “loyalty” with her. Candice is saying that lots of “deals have been made”.

Helen is angry and left the room.

Helen is saying that Howard had “wronged” her since Day 1. She’s in the HoH Room, discussing Candice that she’s making herself more of a target.

Commercial break


Amanda says that Candice is a “bigger threat than her” and a “vote for Howard to stay”.

Aaryn put up Candice. “This isn’t a surprise” – Aaryn

Candice isn’t surprised. She thinks that Helen and Elissa was in Aaryn’s head. She says that if she makes it through the week, she’ll be coming after them.

Aaryn says that Candice is “crazy”, she’s like a “time-bomb”. She makes her life in the house “miserable”.

Amanda says that she won’t go home

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BB15: Episode 14! [SPOILERS HERE]

28 Jul

Hello, everyone! How are you all doing this weekend? I hope you’re all doing well!

It’s BB Night tonight! Aaryn is HoH… is Elissa in trouble! Do you think that Aaryn will keep her deal with Helen and Elissa? Or, like Jeff, think that she won’t? Let’s find out tonight!

Howard wanted Kaitlin to stay, because he felt that she had the guts to stand up to the rest of the people in the house.

Andy: “I’m sure Jeremy is waiting open-arms on his boat” on Kaitlin being “the fastest person to exit the house”.

Elissa is “speechless” at Aaryn winning.

Helen had told Aaryn that she wanted her to put up Howard and Spencer because she got her the votes in the house to stay. Their deal was that Helen and Elissa could make her nominations for her.

“The clown is coming back” lol did I hear that right?

Candice wanted to have a breakdown when she found that Aaryn had won.

Jessie said that she has to “play nice” and on “good terms” with Aaryn.

Howard and Candice are talking now in a room. Candice found out that Aaryn might have made a “game-changing deal to ensure her safety”. She told us that Jessie told her that Aaryn and Helen had made a deal together.

Spencer is talking to Aaryn. She says that she doesn’t want Spencer to go home. She says that she “respects him”. She says that she’s under “huge pressure to put up Howard”.

Helen and Aaryn are now talking. Helen tells her that Candice told her about knowing the deal of her and Aaryn making. She says that she’ll take “all the deal for it”. Helen thinks that Elissa told her of the deal. Now are they thinking of evicting Elissa? She’s really “mad”, Helen is about the person spilling the beans, and she thinks that it’s Elissa spilling the beans.

Such an awkward silence in the kitchen. Elissa, Aaryn, and Candice are in there.

Seeing her HoH room now. She yelled out who wanted to see her HoH room and it was dead quiet. She looked around and lol everyone isn’t downstairs. They’re all hiding up there LOL



Aaryn said that she said that “A-word” instead of “asked” and Candice considered that an insult while they were in the HoH room because she’s a speech therapist, and there was a little bit of quietness when Aaryn had said that.

Helen is now talking to Judd, McCrae, and Amanda. Telling them about the deal that exists.

Helen wants Elissa out now. They think that Elissa is selfish… even though Elissa didn’t spill the beans. Jessie had. Helen is jumping to conclusions without knowing the details. It might’ve been because Elissa had spilled the beans last time…

Commercial break

McCrae and Amanda are in a bubblebath together (LOL THE BATH “Bubble up!” Britney and Rachel lol). He makes $136 every week or so? They are saying that they love each other.

Spencer and Aaryn are talking. Spencer says that he wouldn’t have put her up if he won (I think? I couldn’t hear it very well).

He is saying that there are people in the house that could offer him better protection.

Aaryn and Howard are talking now. Aaryn told him that Candice told Helen that if Aaryn put up Howard, then Candice and Howard would be gunning for her.

She is telling him about the deal now… he is saying to “shake up the house”.

She’s not gonna let anyone else make up her decision.

Commercial break

There is a siren running throghout the house 😮 The “BB Police”? :O

Poppy Montgomery, CBC’s “Unforgettable”. “She is a fellow ginger” – Andy LOL

Teams are random selected.  Judd is more of an FBI, not a detective “Female Body Inspector” oh my goodness, Judd.

It’s the Have/Have-Not Comp! Whoever has the most evidence stacked will have an advantage in the Round 2 of the comp.

The orange team finished first. Then the green team finished second. The purple finished third.

Ginamarie hasn’t been a Have-Not, she’s really proud

The orange team… “Elissa and I might make a good team… or not.” – Aaryn

They think that it’s been too easy, and they’ll think that they’ll get it harder.

Part 2: Remember exactly where they found all of the evidence. They have to place it back exactly. Orange finished first, so they got to see ten out of the twenty-four items.

Orange team has won! They only had two items wrong first time!

Andy is into a state of “euphoria”. He can eat as much pizza, chocolate, and cookies as he wants LOL.

Green team has six wrong first try.

Purple has two wrong first try.

PURPLE Team has won as well!

Green team is on slop, which includes Ginamarie. Ooh.

America’s vote: Have-Not food is…

… Mung Beans and Mackerel (what are Mung Beans? I like fish, though)

Parsnips and pumpernickel (What is pumpernickel? A squash?)

Figs and falafel. (What is falafel? But this selection looks good, too)

Oh, THESE are Mung beans- click

They’re good for clearing body heat, toxins…

Pumpernickel. Oh, it’s bread.

and falafel is: A deep fried ball made of chickpeas, fava beans… I think I’ve had this before!

Commercial break

Elissa says that it’s been an “upward battle” trying to find peace in the BB House to do yoga… but she does it.

Elissa has been doing yoga everywhere, lol people watch her as she does it… in the HoH Room, bathroom…

Candice thinks that she’s going to talk to Aaryn.

She says to put up Amanda and McCrae to Howard… she wants to go tell Aaryn that?

Aaryn is brushing her teeth as Candice enters the room. She is telling Candice that she doesn’t want to put up Howard, but she is telling her that lots of people are angry with Howard.

Candice is telling her to put up Amanda and McCrae.

Aaryn said in the DR that Candice is already off the list of people that exist to her. There is a “Candice switch” and it’s off?

She said that talking to Aaryn might’ve put a bigger target on her back, while trying to protect Howard and her, in a way.

Candice doesn’t even care anymore. She said that she messed up? I can’t understand her, she’s talking really quiet.

I think that Candice is angry with Howard.

I can’t hear them. Really quiet.

Candice wants to be “left alone”.

Andy is telling Aaryn that Howard needs to go home.

Aaryn thinks that Elissa would put her up. but Aaryn wants to do what’s best for her and she wants to satisfy the people that kept her in the House (Elissa also kept her in the house, but Elissa doesn’t like Aaryn, and I do think that Elissa would put up Aaryn if she won HoH).

Jessie is saying that she’d support Aaryn’s decision. “Elissa and Howard would be a power-move – Jessie.

Commercial break


Ginamarie is safe, of course

Jessie is safe

Andy is safe

Elissa is safe SHE HAD A LOOK OF SURPRISE dude I don’t want any backdooring

Candice is safe

Helen is safe

McCrae is safe

Amanda is safe!

Judd is safe!

Wow. Aaryn kept up on her bargain. I’m shocked.

She said that this is best for her game.

Howard saw this coming.

Elissa is “shocked” that she wasn’t put up.

Spencer, I don’t like him. I’m sorry.

America, who did you voteee as a nomineeee

That’s it! Thanks for reading! and I really need to put up that PJO Post ‘CAUSE I’M SOO EXCITED lol I JUST saw the ending of the trailer when my sister switched the channel lol so ironic.

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BB15: Episode 13 [SPOILERS, SPOILERS!]

25 Jul

Hey, everyone! How is everyone doing today?

It’s BB Night! So commentating is about to begin.

I’ve been reading some things on Facebook and Twitter and really hope that what I had read was fake. because what I read was something related to Aaryn flipping STAYING IN THE HOUSE BECAUSE PEOPLE DIDN’T VOTE FOR HER TO GO HOME


A Ragan “Tweet”:

Ragan's reply to a Twitter user

Ragan’s reply to a Twitter user who came up with a name for “Amanda”. If she made that up by herself, or not, either way… it’s clever.


America had put up Aaryn as the first choice, then Elissa was the second choice, and Ginamarie was the third choice. People are calling them “The Mean Girls” – Julie.


“Everything that comes out of her room is so mean” – Aaryn on Ginamarie. You’re mean, too

She’s saying that Kaitlin is a big threat

“No-one really likes Aaryn, so why we keep a target like that” – Judd on Aaryn

Judd and Jessie thinks that Kaitlin should go

Elissa and Helen want Aaryn to go home.

Judd and Candice like Kaitlin WAAY better.

“Even though it’s kinda disgusting to keep her” – Judd on Aaryn. He thinks that it’s smarter to keep Aaryn in the game, because he thinks that Kaitlin is stronger.

“Keeping Aaryn? She’s a monster in the house” – Howard

Aaryn goes to Helen with an interesting proposal- Aaryn will throw HoH or put up whoever Elissa wants.

“Aaryn’s always going to be a bigger target in the house than you or me” – Helen

“I just don’t support mean girls. Aaryn is trouble- she needs to go home.” – Elissa

Helen is telling Judd not to tell Spencer or Howard about Aaryn’s deal.

Judd tells Helen, Jessie, and Andy about the alliance that they made last day. He wanted to “come clean” to the people in the House that he trusted the most, and he said that “word travels fast”.

Helen says that Kaitlin “HAS” to be evicted today.

“They think it’s real” – Judd on the Alliance

Commercial break

Helen tells Amanda, Elissa, about the Alliance… that Howard was working with Kaitlin.

Elissa – “Did you make a deal with Spencer or Howard?” to Kaitlin. “I would rather you stay than Aaryn.”

Aaryn overhears this conversation and pulls Helen aside

Helen doesn’t understand why she would do this. “Why are you creating drama? That is not how you create drama.” – Helen

Kaitlin is now telling Spencer and Howard. Oh my dear gosh. I think Helen will be mad

Helen is consulting Elissa. She said that she didn’t say that to Kaitlin, that she wanted to save her.  Kaitlin and Aaryn are now in the room, everyone but Amanda and McCrae and Candice are in now.

“I know why she’s doing this- personal vendetta for Aaryn” – Helen

Judd is sitting down in the room, hoping his name isn’t being brought up

Elissa doesn’t get why Aaryn hates her so much. She says that she doesn’t “deserve the treatment that she’s getting” – Aaryn. Uhum.

Howard thinks that it’d be a good idea to get Aaryn out to make the house calm. He says that the centre of the problems always relate to her… I AGREE WITH HOWARD, PLEASE, AARYN. GO HOME. PLEASE. She’s so rude and racist. Honestly, if the rumours are true about her NOT leaving? I’m gonna be soo pissed.

Back to Julie!

Grizzly shirt = Twitter, Judd, Julie talks about it. Says that she’ll wear it next week when it’s clean LOL

Julie is wishing him a Happy 24th Birthday!

Reliving their Fro-Yo moment now on the T.V. …

“How bad was that Anchovy-Haberno dessert?” – Julie

Ginamarie said that she kept on “downing it”.

My comment on WordPress: Did the font change, or am I just imagining things? It looks slightly smaller. or something. sdflksd

it still looks cool, though

Commercial break


Ginamarie’s speech included saying to Nick, “I miss you” slight laughter in the crowd.

Amanda votes: Kaitlin

McCrae votes: Kaitlin

Helen votes: “sadly” Kaitlin

Candice votes: “sadly” Kaitlin

Elissa votes: “sadly, sadly, sadly” Kaitlin

Spencer votes: Kaitlin

Howard votes: Kaitlin

Andy: Kaitlin

Jessie: Kaitlin


Meanwhile, I am pissed and annoyed

Flipping Aaryn has the chance to go to Jury House now. Ugh oh my goodness I feel like throwing something at the wall

Commercial break

Kaitlin is evicted. :/ Which sucks.

Kaitlin should’ve stayed more-so than Aaryn. Man.

If Aaryn wins HoH… people…

Kaitlin wasn’t excited to say good-bye to anybody. She’s not neccessarily mad at anybody. She’s hurt by Andy, because she thought that she’d not vote for her to go.

Kaitlin thinks that people targeted her because of the people that she was aligned with.

Julie told her that were dubbed the “mean girls”. She aligned with some “seriously catty girls”.

“Most people say that she’s the leader of the group.” – Julie on Aaryn.

Kaitlin said that she picked the wrong side of the group.

She doesn’t know what to do with Jeremy, she’s going to Vegas… “Is Jeremy coming with you?”

“He can do what he wants” LOL Kaitlin

Good-bye messages.

“Helen, I’m so sorry… tough to beat at the end” – Helen

“Super beautiful, fell for handsome, machismo guy”- Candice

“Really sorry to see you go, could’ve fought a little harder to be here”- Judd

“I cannot wait to see you out of this, you’re a really strong competitor”- Aaryn

“I can’t wait to see all of them at Finals”- Kaitlin, last thoughts. “Great people… just a game.”



America, please vote right. I don’t know, honestly, if Elissa should be voted to go up on the block… I mean, man… Aaryn I would love to go on the block… if she wins HoH, my word.

People are saying Amanda should go up… Spencer, Howard… I don’t know.

Commercial break


and Logan’s wonderful face

Brandon’s funny lines

“Harry Johnson”

Annabeth’s crazy-cool eyes



“Most crucial one yet, with no-one knowing who the MVP is”- Julie

Roll a single ball down to the Roulette wheel… highest numbered slot after everyone has rolled your boy, you will be the HoH. If it goes anywhere BUT a numbered spot… score will be zero.

Andy’s score: 23 ! Nice.

McCrae: 28 😮

Ginamarie: 3

Candice: 27 , oh so close!

Spencer: 34 NIICE

Aaryn: 36, called she’d get 36. Oh my goodness. UGH WHY

Howard: 17

Jessie: 2

Helen: 28

Amanda: 1 The crowd sighed in sympathy


Aaryn is the HoH



Commercial break

Jeff doesn’t think that Aaryn put up her deal with Helen lol “I don’t see it happening” to Julie’s question.

What does he think of the twist: “It’s interesting. Three people on the block… you have a better choice to take someone off.”

They don’t know America has been the MVP. Player’s perspective what must they be going through? “You go crazy in there. I was watching BB by my brother’s house, and he’s like ‘Elissa probably put herself up on the block’.” lol

How is Jordan, the two of you? “We’re very good. Got home from a family reniuon. Just flew to L.A. to see you, Julie.”

Are you guys engaged yet? “JULIE!” – crowd laughs – “… we’re almost there”

Jeff- “I’m pulling for McCrae.”



Feel free to let your opinions

‘Yo SUCH A FUNNY “Tweet” – “great we’re gonna have to see that clown again” LOL

(Her clown has a Twitter, by the way lol)

Thanks again!

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BB15: Episode 12! [SPOILERS!] + PJO: SoM Sneak + Camp

24 Jul

Hello, everyone! How are you?!

It’s BB Night! YES

Let’s begin!

Judd says that he doesn’t care who goes home, as long as he won’t have a target on his back. He thinks that by putting up Aaryn and Kaitlin, it won’t “ruffle any feathers”.

Aaryn says that she was called a “‘Texas tornado'” by Judd, and said that it made her look “real sketchy”.

Judd and Aaryn are talking in the HoH Room, and he says that he’s gonna backdoor somebody. “She’s only a pawn”. He is telling her to act mad. If they win the Veto, he’s gonna take her or Kaitlin off the block.

Amanda is gonna tell Kaitlin if she’s the target.

Amanda’s mission is to backdoor Howard.

Elissa and Andy are wondering who the MVP is gonna be. “It’s so nervewracking!” – Elissa

She’s in the HoH room with Judd and Amanda – “She’s acting like a woman who’s just found out that’s she’s pregnant” LOL AMANDA

Now she’s impersonating how Elissa looked when she walked into the room LOL

Elissa says that she’s gonna go up if she’s not MVP. She says that she’ll be “discarded” because people are using her for being the MVP.

Amanda is saying that “Elissa is acting so irritating” while talking to McCrae. Amanda says that if  Elissa isn’t MVP, she has “no use” for her anymore.

Spencer and Howard are talking to each other. They don’t feel good about Amanda and McCrae. “Don’t tell them anything”. Howard wants Kaitlin to stay, and he says that he thinks that he can get her to “cross over”. Spencer agrees.

Howard, Spencer, Ginamarie, Judd, and Kaitlin are in the same room. “Elissa is very easily influenced” – Kaitlin.

“Amanda and McCrae” apparently they are running the House. and same with Helen and Elissa.

All five of them feel like outsiders. Or everyone except Judd.

They might think of doing a potential alliance.

Judd says that they’re making sense, and maybe Howard isn’t his worry.



oh my goodness, why Kaitlin and Ginamarie… ugh…

Commercial break

Helen, Candice, Andy, and Jessie are discussing MVP stuff. About the twist. They’re scared.

Veto Comp – Picking Players

The BB MVP nominated…



Are you flipping kidding me?!


America! Didn’t America vote for MVP? What! Are you serious?! Or was it someone else? oh geez I don’t even remember. Dude! Are you for real?

Helen is also playing.

McCrae is playing as well.

The Host is: Andy!

Aaryn thinks that Elissa being put up as the third nominee is really bad for her, because she thinks that they

Ginamarie goes to hug Elissa, and Elissa’s like “Please, stop” lol

Ginamarie swears on her life that she did not put her up. She is now swearing to God, but Elissa believes her. She also yells it in the DR.

Candice is telling her that Rachel would’ve told Elissa to FIGHT.

Amanda knows that Aaryn wasn’t the MVP. “Could she have nominated herself?” – Uh, why would Elissa put herself up what the heck why would someone put theirselves off the block are you kidding me?


She wouldn’t have done that, think about it! Even though Kaitlin is saying that she’s safe this week because Judd is the HoH and her friend(?), who would volunteer themselves up on the block? You don’t do that

Commercial break

Candidates with the most votes will win the power of Veto.

Kaitlin “hates dirt with a burning passion”

Aaryn thinks that she’s the biggest target in the House

They have to go through a mud pile and find the ballot and enter it inside their ballot box. Keep it based on the number of votes, or discard it.

Elissa’s strategy was to go as fast as possible, without caring how dirty she got.

Helen is going to win so she won’t

McCrae got a $5000 and was like “who cares” he just wanted the money. So 0 votes for that one.

Andy liked watching the girls look completely dirty “seeing Aaryn trying to do everything she could to keep her perfect face clean”.

Judd got 18 votes, but gets Solitary Confinement

Elissa chooses 20 votes, which means that she won’t be able to play in the Veto next week.

Helen’s curfew is 8PM for two nights for 10 points

Helen = 29 votes

Kaitlin = 25 votes

McCrae = 20 votes + $5000 (target on his back, I think… he can buy 2500 pizzas)

Aaryn = 32 votes

Judd = 38 votes wow :O Snooze alarm solitary for 24 hours

Elissa =40 VOTES YAY SHE WON! Yeeeeees

Ginamarie is threatening her in the DR, yeah, she would do better threatening if she actually did stuff

Commercial break

Judd is now in Solitary Confinement. The alarm is incredibly annoying, goes off every 9 minutes.

Helen is now going to bed at 8PM. “I’m going to bed tonight before my children go to bed”

Judd has been up all night hitting the snooze button.

It’s McCrae’s 24th birthday, and so Amanda and Howard and Candice…


Amanda is dressed in like a one-piece birthday suit



Elissa thought her outfit was ridiculous. It embarrassed her lol

Amanda is crying now, calling Elissa “malicious and mean”. She didn’t like the way that Elissa taunted her with comments about her outfit and stuff. Her and McCrae are hugging in the washroom now.

Commercial break

Judd is released from his confinement!


Elissa is using the VETO on herself

The MVP has secretly chosen as the replacement… GINAMARIE IS PUT UP


Personally, I am happy with the results because I don’t like any of those three girls up there, but I really hope that Aaryn goes home.

Aaryn is really mean, racist… Kaitlin is mean… GinaMarie annoys me and acts really rude… if I had to choose, it’d be Aaryn going home first, Kaitlin, then Ginamarie

– Kaitlin is a pretty good competitor… Ginamarie, just no, and Aaryn because I think she has erupted too much havoc in the house.

– but out of the three, I think Kaitlin is a little nicer than Ginamarie and Aaryn.

Kaitlin still thinks that Elissa was the MVP. but it was America, right?

Aaryn, please please PLEASE go home tomorrow

I really don’t want her to go to Jury. 😦




I really like this show! I think that it’s funny and okay, Tim Pocock… ❤

It’s on tonight after BB!

Actually, 10PM… Glee is on right now. Michael Jackson themed? :O

Aw… I miss Cory. It’s where Finn is asking her about his proposal message, but Rachel is unsure(?). They’re talking about New York.

Thanks for reading,

– Louise


BB15: Episode 11 [SPOILERS]

21 Jul

HELLO, everyone! It’s BB Night!

Amanda: “The house is gonna be so weird now” on Jeremy leaving.

“I’m trying to distance myself so I don’t take it out on other people.” – Kaitlin. Well, that’s nice of her.

Judd: “I’m King of the House right now!”

Jessie is happy that Judd won because he’s her buddy and it’s the first time that she’s felt officially safe. Awh Judd kissed her on the cheek when trying to get his crown back from her!

“I have a better chance of getting farther without him.” – Kaitlin on Jeremy going

Amanda is still dead set of getting rid of Howard.

Judd “She might’ve won McCrae but she has not won Ju ‘double-d'” lol. Judd is getting frustrated with Amanda; he wants to make his own choice.

We get to see “Judd the Stud’s” HoH room now!

Very chic and modern!


His letter from his Mom and Dad: They love him so much and something this big don’t happen where they live, and they hope that he goes all the way, even though they miss him. Awh!

Elissa feels that Aaryn is trouble.

Howard says that Kaitlin is a competitor.

I don’t Aaryn to go to the Jury House.


Aaryn should go home, then Kaitlin, then Ginamarie. Thanks!

Commercial break

Ginamarie “Auburn” LOL



AMANDA’S LAUGH LOL “comprisisation” – Ginamarie

Howard really trusts Candice, he calls it a friendship. They’re really close.

Howard like lions

Candice likes penguins because they mate for life (?)

Howard is tickling Candice


Aaryn is now talking to Judd- “I may want to keep a big target in the game” – Judd

Judd says that Ginamarie sucks the mood out of everything. He wants to get her out of house and he thinks that she doesn’t deserve to stay there.


Ginamarie wants to have more time with Nick

Kaitlin says that it’d be weird if she and Jeremy ended up together in real-life.


Aaryn says that her, Ginamarie, and Kaitlin are all gonna be up on the block.

“Don’t tell me to check myself, Ginamarie” – Aaryn

Aaryn and Ginamarie are having a little fight. About Nick, and being positive, and they’re talking back to each other. Ginamarie said that Aaryn had hurt her feelings because she had been making fun of her and Nick, but Aaryn said that she hadn’t talked about Nick for two days.

Commercial break

Have/Have Not Comp!

“Fro-Yo” shop!

Vanilla Chocolate Twist

and Anchovy Habanero Twist

lskfd they have to eat as much frozen yoghurt as they can and the person whoever weighs the least (704.4 pounds for red)

(507.6 blue)

“We are pretty much on life support now.” – Amanda (635.4 green)

Whoever gains the least amount of weight are the Have-Not’s at the end of the comp!

Ginamarie is like downing “baby bird being fed by its Mom” – Judd LOL

“Spencer looks like a cat eating milk” – Andy lol “SPENCER SHOVE IT IN YOUR MOUTH”

Aaryn doesn’t want to eat the Anchovy yoghurt, she feels sick

Times up!

McCrae feels really sick, and might throw up

and he throws up, I think?

Red team results: 715.4 pounds now (11 pounds gained)

Blue: 520.8 (13.2 pounds gained)

Green: 648.3 (12 pounds gained)

Orange are the Have-Not’s! Andy is a Have-Not for the third time, that really sucks! 😦

Amanda wants Judd to get rid of the strong players like Candice, Howard, and Spencer. She is telling him what she would do.

She says that it’s a “big move”.

Judd is saying that she has a point.

Judd said that he wouldn’t be put up by Spencer or Howard because he talked to them if they won HoH.

Have-Not choices for this week:

– Brussels sprouts and bananas

– Raisins and ramen

– Mushrooms and marmalade

Commercial break

Howard and Elissa are doing yoga together.

“The Downward Dog” and he doesn’t really get it

He is sweating and out of breath

Andy and Candice are staring lol McCrae- “How come you never compliment me when my shirt’s off?”

Elissa doesn’t think that the twist will screw her game over.

“Aaryn is a ticking time bomb. She’s a liar. She’s so proud with her ability to fight with people.” – Elissa

Judd doesn’t want to piss off the majority of the house, but he wants to make it his HoH.

Amanda is still pushing to get rid of Howard. She says that it’s safer to break it up.

Andy says that Amanda is being really aggressive and playing the game way too hard- she should watch herself(?).

Commercial break

Aaryn is sure that she is going to be on the block

Howard feels pretty comfortable, comfortable enough to be “scary”

Amanda says that Howard should be judged #1 target


Spencer is safe

Jessie is safe

Elissa is safe

Candice is safe

McCrae is safe

Andy is safe

Helen is safe

Howard is safe

Ginamarie is safe

Amanda is safe “You gave me a heart-attack”

Aaryn and Kaitlin is up!

Judd says that Kaitlin is most likely not going to go home, and he’s kinda referring that Aaryn will probably go home. Saying that Kaitlin is a strong competitor.

“Love-hate relationship with the people in this house” – Kaitlin on being “associated with Aaryn and Ginamarie”

Amanda wants to “BACK-DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR Howard” lol

Thanks for reading this, you guys!

Have a good night!

– Louise

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18 Jul

Hellooooo, everyone! How are you all doing?

It is BB night!

Let’s begin!

“The ‘Hunters’ have now become the ‘Hunted”- Julie [on Aaryn being put up on the block, and Jeremy]

Helen is SO excited + had mini freak-out in the DR. She thinks that Aaryn brought a lot of drama, but Jeremy has been the “biggest bully”.

“Jeremy is being discriminated against because he’s a winner.” – Aaryn

Apparently Jeremy is going to show the house his softer side… so he dresses up as a baby boy lol what. Okay? like a baby, a newborn. a baby outfit. He’s crawling in the backyard, hopping into the hammock with McCrae and Amanda. “I know that he either wants to breastfeed or campaign” – Amanda LOL and where did Jeremy even get the baby costume? The VETO comp that Britney had announced? lol.

Aaryn is doing some sort of work-out, whpping her hair, in-front of the other HG’s. “I have never meant any comment in any deragtory way. Ever.” – Aaryn on talking to Howard. She’s acting so nice in-front of the HG’s…

“I can’t handle another week of mourning.” – McCrae on Ginamarie.

“The cereal on her dresser.” – Aaryn on Ginamarie keeping Nick’s cereal

Amanda smuggled the cereal box away, lol. and his cup.

Ginamarie discovers that Nick’s cup is gone. She exclaimed, and is looking for it.

“Where’s Nick’s hat and his cup?” – Ginamarie to McCrae and Aaryn and them. “Please tell me where it is. I just need it there.” She looks like she’s going to cry.

She’s really upset about this!

She’s crying and looking for it all over the House.

Amanda is returning it to her. “We were just joking with you.”

“I’m glad I helped her, and Aaryn’s like, ‘No, don’t’!” – Amanda. “She’s mean-spirited” on Aaryn.

Jeremy is approaching the HoH room. He is saying that he is willing to compete and help and to do anything to stay there. “I will not ever go against y’all ever again. We can flip this House upside-down.”

Jeremy says that Elissa and Helen would stay in the game, and he’d put up Aaryn and Kaitlin on the block. He’d change his attitude. He’d be a completely different man. He would protect Elissa and Helen. He’s grown more in this House than the past three years.

“Y’all give me one more week, and I’ll give you the rest of my game.”

Helen thinks that the decision is very hard. “It’s an offer that is very strong.”

“I like talking to you. Right now.” – Elissa. “Right now, I like Jeremy.”

“This side of Jeremy should’ve come in on Day 1.” – Helen

Up next; if people think that McCrae and Amanda are an odd couple, what do their families think?

The eviction is coming up soon, live!

Commercial break

And we’re back!

“Elissa, this is your first week not on the block.” – Julie

“It feels amazing! Thank-you for asking.” – Elissa

“Candice, your bed was flipped over. How are things in the house now?” – Julie

“We’ve moved on, we’re doing much better. Thank-you for asking.” – Candice

“So many thank-you’s tonight!” – Julie

“She’s a high-end real estate agent. He’s a pizza boy.” – Julie.

On their families…

… McCrae. “That’s my boy! My son is a unique individual.”

… Amanda. “Amanda’s dated quite a bit. She’s very persuasive. She usually gets what she wants.” “I think that Amanda wears the pants in the relationship.” – Dad

“I think that Amanda has a very strong personality, and hopefully, she won’t overpower McCrae.” “I am secretly wondering that he is a CEO of a software company.” – her Mom.

“Find out how you at home will have more power than ever before.” – Julie

Commercial break

Live voting is beginning!

Jeremy’s speech: “No mystery or shock in what is about to happen. I hope that we can all be friends after this.”

Aaryn’s: “I want to thank everyone involved in helping me come here, I will be so thankful for keeping me here, but I will respect you in anything that you do.”

Spencer: “It’s been a wonderful experience.”


Candice: Jeremy

Andy: Jeremy

Howard: Jeremy

Elissa: Jeremy “I vote to evict ma dude Jeremy”

Kaitlin: Spencer

Ginamarie: Jeremy

Amanda: Jeremy “I vote to evict Germy” oh my gosh, lol. Did I hear right?

McCrae: “For eating the last pizza in the house, I vote to evict Jeremy.” LOL

Jessie: Jeremy.

Judd: Jeremy

One vote to evict Spencer, and the rest to evict Jeremy.

Commercial break

Jeremy is evicted. At-least he walked out with class! He was respectful about it, and I think that he was expecting it. Kaitlin is sad, of course, but she’s not bawling like Ginamarie was

He walked out with a smile on his face. Seemed like a nice guy. Wish he was like that at-first in the House!

He thinks that he might’ve come in a little bit too cocky when he first entered the House. He said it is in his blood “to win”. He walked out with his head high, “didn’t throw anything”. He “humbled down a bit”, he walked in one guy, and walked in a different one.

He said that he’s not a bully, he says that it comes out because he’s so big and all of his tattoos, lol

“Being in the house with sixteen crazy people, lets you see things in different perspectives” “I’ll be humble about it, hopefully” – Jeremy

“Jeremy, you became too arrogant” – McCrae

“I’m glad you’re out of this house” – Elissa

“I’m sorry you were evicted tonight, and had you come in with the personality that you had this week, you would’ve won the game” – Helen

“I’m not gonna be sad, I can’t want to see you when this is all over” – Kaitlin

He’ll see when she gets out!

America gets to vote for the third nominee! Not the MVP, I think? So, vote vote vote! jdsfdsl next Wednesday’s show will show the new nominee!

Commercial break

HoH Comp

lol Helen is wearing a crown.

Pick A or B in who you feel America is more deserving of the title. Last HG standing is HoH.

Q1: Crowned Earl of Egotisim? Aaryn or Jessie


Q2: Lord of Laziness? Judd or McCrae

McCrae. Andy, Amanda, Elissa, and Candice got out.

Q3: Baron of Boneheads? Spencer or Ginamarie?

Ginamarie, everyone stays

Q4: Knight of Naughtiness? Amanda or Kaitlin?

Amanda, everyone stays

Q5: Duke of Dork? Andy, Helen?

Andy. Aaryn, Jessie are out

Q6: Sultan of exy? Elissa or Howard?

Elissa. Howard and Spencer are out


Answer is a number.

Q: Scary-Dary comp. How many galleons of milk to fill all three of the vats that Howard, Spencer, and McCrae were standing in?

Judd: 650, KAITLIN 410, MCCRAE 600




Commercial break

‘Yo the screen is frozen. I don’t know how the HG’s will react to Julie’s twist about America being the MVP, but I’m sure that they’ll be shocked and surprised. I wonder how Elissa will feel 😮

Well, thanks for reading you guys!

Look for a new Post on Sunday or maybe earlier!


– Louise

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P.P.S. Anyone watch the show “Camp”? 😮 It’s pretty funny. It’s on on Tuesday nights!

P.P.P.S. Anyone know that game called like “Hollywood Game Night” or something, with Jane Lynch as the host? It looks really good 😮 I think it’s on after BB, but again, the screen is frozen. bah.


Dan Gheesling's "tweet" tonight

Dan Gheesling’s “tweet” tonight

Retweeted by Nick himself, lol!

BB15: Episode 9! [SPOILERS COMING YOUR WAY] + Happy Birthday!

17 Jul

Hey, everybody! How are you all doing?

It’s my sister’s birthday today. The “Sweet As Whole” one? Mm-hmm, happy birthday to her! I hope that she is having a good time eating dinner right now, yaay

the cake she chose was alright, a lemon raspberry 😮

I hope that her day goes great.

and NOW!

It’s BB time!

I wonder who the MVP is!

Helen has a bigger threat in mind!

Kaitlyn thinks that it’s awkward that she’s up on the block!

Jeremy and Katilyn think that Jeremy is going to be the MVP

Oops, nevermind. Jeremy thinks that if Elissa gets it, she’ll put him up. Which is more than likely.

(Sorry that I’m typing slow, my sister is practising slings on me)

Helen is discussing who should be the third nominee with her side of the house. She told McCrae and Amanda that they need Jeremy up. They want to backdoor him.

Amanda wants to backdoor Jeremy. She thinks the second biggest threat in the house is Howard. McCrae comfirms that Howard was IN the MC.

Helen wants to talk to Spencer to see if he’ll tell her the truth about everything that he has done.

Spencer is spilling the beans to Helen about the MC.

Helen thinks that she looks like an idiot in-front of America because she trusted Howard?

She says that when she cries, her boys do things her way, so she’s using the waterworks on the boys lol

Spencer is telling Howard that Helen knows everything. “She knows that you lied” Spencer to Howard. “Her feelings are hurt”

Howard doesn’t know if he can fix this, now! He’s lied to her again.




Elissa wants to put up Howard. She thinks that it’s lame to put him up.

Amanda and McCrae are telling her to put up Howard, so she left the room and she felt frustrated.

Howard has entered Helen’s HoH Room!

Howard is saying that he was a part of MC, and that he was “extremely loyal”. He said that [Jeremy] was a “bully”, and he apologized for that, and “learned with the wrong people”.

He doesn’t people to be “bullied no more” and he is with them now.

Helen is crying again.

Elissa wants to talk to Elissa by herself.

Helen thanks Howard for telling her the truth.

Elissa and Helen are like best friends. “This is both of ours HoH”- Helen

Helen wants to backdoor Jeremy

“The only way Jeremy wins… the chip comes out Jeremy and he wins” – Helen

Elissa doesn’t know who to nominate… Howard or Spencer?

They now have Amanda and McCrae in the room, and Andy

Elissa has put up all the strong guys, and thinks that all of the boys will be gunning for her.

Elissa doesn’t like Amanda and McCrae’s “agenda”. She doesn’t like that they’re “villianizing” Howard.

Amanda thinks that Howard is a big threat to her and McCrae.

“You can’t ask me to do something that I’m not comfortable with” – Elissa

Amanda is really, really, REALLY wants Howard up. “He will ruin our game”

She thinks that Spencer is not a physical or mental(?) threat.

Amanda is angry about this,

and Elissa has to think of what is better for her own game, and she feels like she’s under a whole lot of pressure.

Commercial break

and Elissa nominated for the third nominee… Spencer!

“Aapparently Howard did a better job than I did” – Spencer on smoothing things over with Helen and Elissa on the MC

She wanted to put up Spencer because she wasn’t comfortable with the pressure that Amanda had put her under

Ginamarie is playing!

Jeremy thinks that the whole house is backdooring him

Candice is playing!




Spencer now knows that they’re going after Jeremy and not him!

Jeremy thinks that he’s gonna get backdoored!

Aaryn thinks that they could shift the power

Kaitlyn is telling Ginamarie that she doesn’t want Jeremy to go home. She doesn’t know whether to use the Veto on herself, or on Aaryn. Kaitlyn doesn’t want Jeremy to be backdoored. Aaryn and Kaitlyn are her friends, and she doesn’t know what to do. Aaryn might be pissed at her if she doesn’t use the Veto…

Commercial break

Kaitlyn is talking to Amanda now…

“If you don’t take yourself off the block, you’re gonna be going home” – Amanda

Aaryn is less of a threat, apparently. Amanda is telling her to play for herself.

Veto Comp!

They have to peek over the wall and look at the artwork and hang it on the wall to match it to the Jone’s(?) in the shortest amount of time to win the Veto. Each competitor individually goes up. They have to jump on a trampoline, and they’re famous people, the “Helen Lisa” lol, “Jeremy” as George Washington “Jeremy as president would really suck” lol Candice (Candice is first).

She had the Angel’s mixed up, and the wrong heads on the wrong body.

Second try, and she’s done!

Aaryn is up now!

First try, she didn’t get it right

Second try, no

Third, no

“The whole thing” is pissing her off, she wants to rip off all of the Jone’s off the walls!

Fourth, no

Fifth, yes!

Ginamarie is next!

“I see some guy on the wall with arms… IT’S NICK it gives me so much drive and inspiration!” LOL “Can I get that picture in wallet size?”

First- no

Second- yes!

Spencer is next.

First try, no

Second(?), yes

He wants that picture of him in the frame, lol

Kaitlyn is next

First, no

Two, no

Third, no

Fourth, yes

and Helen is up!

First, no

Second (?), yes


Candice- 8:46

Ginamarie- 8:56

Spencer- 12:19

Aaryn- 9:50

Kaitlin (I found that I spelt her name wrong the whole time, oops, sorry! This is awkward… I’m sorry!)- 7:09 wow 😮

Helen- 8:55 Woah, Kaitlin won the PoV!

Will she take herself off, and risk them sending her home? She doesn’t know what she’s gonna do

“It’s like he has nine lives” – Helen on Jeremy

Commercial break

Jeremy is impressed with Kaitlin, and he just wants to make love to her right now

He doesn’t want to get backdoored…

… Kaitlin wants Howard to go home, she thinks that he’s sketchy as heck.

Kaitlin is talking to Helen now in the HoH room with Andy

Helen thinks that if she doesn’t put up Howard, the rest of the house that she will be gunned after

She says that Jeremy hurt her feelings

“He would owe you everything” – Kaitlin, on keeping him in the house

Kaitlin got sick to her stomach because she knew that there was no way to keep him

“I’m walking out of here with my head held high” – Jeremy

She doesn’t want to be in the house without Jeremy

She is now thinking to not use the Veto, and she thinks that Spencer and Aaryn could be bigger threats than her.

Commercial break


She’s using the Veto on herself.


Meeting is adjourned.

She wants to campaign to keep Jeremy.

Aaryn says that Jeremy is “really good at talking his way out of things”.

Jeremy laughs in the face of danger

Jeremy, Aaryn, or Spencer? Who do YOU guys want out?

This is a toughie… Jeremy is a physical competitor, a big threat… Aaryn is a racist and is really rude… and Spencer is just Spencer, I’m like 99.9% no-one will vote for him. But maybe it’d be better to get a big threat out of the house out before Aaryn… but I don’t want Aaryn to escape the Block and slowly manoeuvre (did I even spell that right?) her way to the Jury House… GAH HARD DECISION

What are your guy’s opinions, thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

– Louise

P.S. WOW! Thank-you SO so much for 464 HITS! That is just… AMAZING, thank-you SO so much. Wow. Just wow. You guys are the greatest, I really appreciate it!