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Adamant Parents, Shocking Surprises, and Hot Days.

5 Jun

“Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.Author Unknown”

Hello all!

Louise here!

I haven’t gone in here in like a century

and that probably is a big exaggeration

but you get the gist.

For today’s topic, I am feeling a little angry and frustrated right now with my parents. Why are parents so adamant  on my future, and of what kind of courses that I can and cannot take? Why does everything need their constant approval, and if I want to continue doing something until I leave high-school, why I can’t I? What is wrong with it?

Sure, money is a definite benefactor. If we can’t afford it, don’t do it.

and time is, as well. If you don’t have the time for it, don’t do it.

But here’s the thing: Despite all of these things being the way they are, I still want to do them. Is that a selfish thought for me to think? I know that I am wasting my parent’s money, and I’m using up valuable time that could be used for studying and doing homework- but it’s something that I want to continue doing, and since I’ve liked it for a while, shouldn’t I try and continue doing it? Yes, I like the things I’m doing, and sure, I might not be the best at it- but it’s what keeps me busy, and it keeps me thinking of new creative ideas and it makes me want to be better. I like to think that I’m improving day by day, and in-order for me to improve, it would be good for me to practice. Right?

Now, that’s enough about my ranting.

Now it’s onto that “shocking surprise”.

Today, I found out that my Social Studies teacher is leaving our school to go teach at another. And I found out why, because he told us, and apparently he’s been wanting the new job for a very long time because it’s full-time and he’s been teaching at our school since 2003- and I’m happy that he got the job, definitely- but I just feel so sad that he’s leaving. Quite frankly, a few tears almost slipped out when he told our class, and I cried when I got home. This teacher was one of my most favourite teachers of all the ones I’ve ever had. He’d probably make the Top 5. He was funny, entertaining, taught well, made sure we understood everything, made long but very useful study guides, and he was just like one of the kids. He understood us and was a fantastic teacher. I am very sad to see him go, and I really hope that he’ll visit us next year. It’d make me really happy.

and I’m also wondering, who’d coach the sports team that he used to coach every year? Who’d teach his course next year? He had originally said that you shouldn’t take the course if you only want it because he’s the teacher, so I hadn’t put it as a course. However, we’re learning about that specific unit right now, and I really like that unit, I think it’s very interesting- and that was the course, so I changed my course selections. Plus, it’d be a perk to have him as my teacher.

but that won’t be the case because he used to say “if you’re taking my course” but now it’s not going to be his course anymore. It’ll be a whole new teacher that hasn’t taught at the school before. I don’t want to say that I’m disappointed, but more that I’m bummed. I honestly wish that he’d stay, but if that’s what he’s been wanting for a long time, and he got it, by all means, hop on that bus. We’ll catch you later.

And then onto that last topic: “hot days”.

It is SO hot. I feel like I am posting in July/August again [of last year]. Wow. Do you think I’ll be posting everyday again, like I did last year for the Summer?

… we shall see! It would be pretty great if I could do something like that again.

and pick up my “thereadsoflouise” site. I haven’t read my own selected books in a while- and I miss doing that. Hopefully this Summer. and then I’ll join the Reading Club. Yaay !

Alright, so I’m actually supposed to be finishing a 1200-1500 word Essay, and it’s due tomorrow. and maybe I’m repeating myself, but I think I am writing a little too much because I’m only on my second paragraph and I have 1285 words. My first body paragraph was 700 words. Uh.



I shall (hopefully!) write soon! Probably at like the end of the month or so! It’s nearing the end of school, so. Yeah.
Thanks for sticking with me, those of you who started reading my Posts early on. I really appreciate it that you still stick with me, even when I haven’t posted for two months(?). Thank-you thank-you THANK-YOU;

and to the newcomers! Hello! I hope you liked this little Post, and if you liked it, feel free to read more about my life in the categories off to the side, or type in a random tag, whatever. Thanks!

– Louise

P.S. I’m feeling sleepy. Maybe drinking a can of soup before trying to finish up my Essay wasn’t such a good idea…

P.P.S. I’ve never mentioned this before, but I’ve been a fan of theirs for a little while now- check out the band R5. They’re down-to-Earth, friendly, funny people who’ll make your day. and their music? Sososo catchy and just fantastic. Just doing a little feature, here!






P.P.P.P.P.S. Everything Has Changed” music video just came out.