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18 Sep


The two-hour live season finale!

Let’s beginnn! Woo. I don’t want Andy to win. he has been bugging me erghh. but he did play the Game with sneaky moves. hm ksdfkjds let’s just… see what happens, yeah?

THE LAST BB NIGHT OF THIS YEAR! Until the next year (it’s been renewed, BB!).

The show is beginning with some re-caps!

Spencer is having a lot of difficulties in the HoH! and then he falls down. I think someone should take Spencer with them in the Final Two, they could potentially win against him.

In the HoH comp, they are now going backwards

Foam is now falling down!

Andy looks like he’s about to fly off

now, he’s getting a little bit better, and now Ginamarie is getting a little sticky on her feet.

and Andy falls off!

Ginamarie won P1! I felt like she’d win the HoH! She could actually potentially win this game… now she just moves onto Part 3.

It is now P2! They have to find all of the HG’s who left in the Summer in the correct order, and then enter in their answer. if it’s wrong, they have to try again. Try to have the quickest time.

Andy is first.

He’s looking for the Candice crab, after “nineteen years”, he finds it, and it’s wrong. and then he has to has to change it. Now it’s right.

It is Spencer’s time next. Spencer thinks that this is the hardest competition.

Andy’s time was 21:54 minutes/seconds. He said that he was sweater.

Spencer was 36.11 minutes/seconds.

So, Andy won P2.

Andy tells Ginamarie that he will take her to the F2.

Andy said that he was playing second place to her.

Ginamarie said, Jury-vote wise, he could potentially beat him. She’s crying in the DR now, and she says that everyone loves him, and she doesn’t know what to do.

Now we’re going to the Jury! DR. WILL, Helen is so excited, awwh

He is talking to them.

They said that Andy should arrive in the Jury, Elissa says McCrae.

Juror #8 is McCrae.

Amanda said that she not mad at anyone

Candice says that she doesn’t like Amanda.

Aaryn and Candice have actually gotten pretty well well in the House, apparently

Did Ginamarie make the biggest move of the Summer?  Judd wanted to do it, Elissa said that she had “guts”. Amanda said that she didn’t really play the game, and Aaryn says that you couldn’t manipulative

Candice is voting basically on personal move.

Judd tells them to vote on the gameplay… who played the best game.

McCrae says that Andy is very-well spoken, says that Andy has played a very tactful game.

Amanda said that she probably would have won against McCrae.

Spencer never got blood on his hands. He was the biggest pawn, and he didn’t go home. He hasn’t really done very much. He has had to fight from the beginning, Helen says.

They have to come up with questions for the F2, now.

Commercial break

HoH head-to-head: R3

Ginamarie vrs. Andy. They have to answer questions about the BB Jury.

It will be an A or B answer. Most points by 8 questions. They are each standing on a side of the scale.

Candice’s most shocking moment in the house… when Aaryn flipped her mattress. They both got it right.

Jessie’s most irritating moment in the house, was… when Helen didn’t go through the plan to evict Amanda.

Helen’s most uncomfortable moment was… watching Judd plead for his life.

Andy = 2 Ginamarie 4

Aaryn said that if she had to spend a romantic meeting with a HG, it’d be… Judd, because he has manners (other romantic meeting was David)

What Amanda is afraid to have her family see in the house is.. every single one.

Andy = 4 Ginamarie = 2

Elissa’s whose HG’s behaviour that she was most shocked by was Aaryn, because she looked cute and friendly, but her personality was not.

Andy = 4 Ginamarie 3

Judd’s biggest regret in the game, was… not working closer with Helen.

Last question… Andy is ahead by one point

McCrae the best thing about being in the house was… free food lol

Andy is the Final HoH.

Commercial break

Andy is about to choose his F2 partner!

Spencer is being evicted from the BB House… the last person to be evicted. Andy chose to keep Ginamarie!

Spencer is not really shocked by Andy’s decision, I think. I can’t hear this, the audio is kinda low when he’s speaking?

Spencer “kinda saw it coming”, Andy skirted around his answer… was the pawn eight times, survived! It was an “amazing experience” for him, being in the BB House. His “favourite T.V. show”.

Commercial break

THE JURY IS COMING OUT only two guys in the Jury!

Helen thinks that Andy will have the most votes, Andy would be the wisest choice to be out of the House.

and Spencer walks out, revealing that he is the ninth member of the Jury!

The Jury is now asking the F2 HG’s questions!

Amanda:- Ginamarie, What’s her biggest gamemove other than getting out Amanda. Her biggest game move was to getting Amanda out. lol other than Amanda and Ginamarie said that her biggest gamemove was Amanda.

Elissa asks Andy the same question: Andy says that his biggest gamemove was aligning with Amanda and McCrae.

Helen: Ginamarie’s biggest obstacle?

She says her biggest obstacle was having Nick leave, really “heart-breaking”.

McCrae asks about Andy’s backstabbing.

Andy said that he wouldn’t have been a bitter Jury member. He says that he’s not a “terrible person”.

Candice: Ginamarie, who should they give her the money (even when they called all of them “cockroaches”).

The money would change her life, her family’s life, she always tries to have a “smile on people’s faces”.

Jessie’s question to Andy: Why did he lie to so many Juror’s unnecessarily?

Andy says that he apologizes, he didn’t want people upset with him, he kept people in the dark, and they left, he would’ve been safe, and his butt would’ve been saved.

Spencer’s question was directed to Andy, and Andy says that he has proved his loyalty… didn’t put Ginamarie/Amanda up? don’t quite remember. I’m sorry!

Commercial break

Ginamarie says that she feels like she’s made a “special connection” to everyone. She appreciates everyone, they will all get a nice “parting gift” from her… hmm.. bribery? Possibly

Andy says that he played the game with his heart/mind. He always made sure that he wasn’t a target. Everywhere Andy went, and because he played both sides, people went home because of him. He loves everyone, he would respect the decision for them to vote for him to win


Candice: is proud to cast the vote for someone she loves and respects (which is Andy, obviously)

Jessie: voting for the person she thinks played the most consistent game

Helen: both are winners in her book. Voting on the best game that she wishes that she could’ve played.

Aaryn: Congrats, person has always been there for them, she has to be there for them (so obviously Ginamrie)

Amanda: best person, best player in the game

Elissa: the person who had a flawless social game, and decisions which ultimately led them to the F2

Judd: The best to the Exterminator!

McCrae: Whoever wins, hope you buy drinks

Spencer: Best game, honour playing with you.


Commercial break

David, Nick, Howard, Kaitlin, and Jeremy are here, now!

Julie asks her who the the MVP was… Amanda thinks that the MVP was America. The first three weeks was Elissa, last three weeks was America.

Amanda hearing the 50% “boo”‘s when she came out made her think of the MVP.

Howard on the shocking moment of the show… the racial things were so persistent, seeing it for himself… he felt bad for his cast-members. He hopes that they can change.

Spencer’s reaction, that it is “unfortunate on the language and comments” in the house. He asks Julie on her opinion

Jeremy didn’t realize that Helen using the Mom thing, the crying, it shocked him the most. Helen says that they were actually real tears. She said that Jeremy evoked the most tears out of her. She shed some fake waterworks.

Julie will announce the Top 3 favourite HG’s in a littel bit.

500% increase in fan votes.

lol Ginamarie screams out, “HI, NICK! NICHOLAAAAAAAS!” a tad before the commercial break!

Commercial break

Spencer votes for Andy

McCrae votes for Andy

Judd votes for Ginamarie

Elissa votes for Andy

Amanda votes for Andy

Aaryn votes for Ginamarie

Helen votes for Andy, the BB winner is ANDY.

Oh, there you go!

Ginamarie is so happy to see Nick, awh, their hug is awfully cute, though. They’re standing over by themselves in the chair area and it looks really cute. Oh, Nickk !

Favourite HG is next!

Commercial break

Andy won 7-2 !

Top 3: Judd, Elissa, and Howard for favourite HG


and she’s so excited and happy and her expression!

Woooo ! I liked how those three were standing beside each other, too.

This whole cast looks awkward beside each other.

Thanks for sticking with me this whole season! I’m excited for next season… hope that it won’t be like this year’s, where so much was really terrible :/

Have a great night, everyone! Let me know YOUR thoughts on this season this year! I might give my input soon!

I appreciate you guys sticking with me! Have a great one, you guys!

– Louise

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BB15: Episode 35 [SPOILERS!]

15 Sep

Hello, everyone! How are you all doing today?

It’s BB Night! Second-to-last episode! 😮

Five hours before the

McCrae now realizes that he was right about Andy voting out Amanda… in the DR he said that he got “played so hard” (when the Exterminators told him about them being an alliance).

Andy says that McCrae is very “level-headed”

Andy wont’ be happy to see Elissa and Amanda

McCrae says that Amanda will be pissed

He said that he shouldn’t have trusted Andy… he got stabbed in the back by Andy, might be a bitter Jury member…

It’s just like a reminiscing episode. Spencer is telling them how the MC was created

Now they are reminiscing about the wine episode with Jeremy… I’m sure that everyone remembers that!

Commercial break

Now they are talking about Elissa. About Elissa being Rachel’s sister.

Now, “hook-up’s” Jeremy and Kaitlin. How Kaitlin used the Veto on herself.

Howard and Candice.

Aaryn and David.

Amanda and McCrae.

Amanda goes to visit the pizza-boy because he makes her feel more at home, or whatever. This is back when McCranda first started to sleep on the same bed.

McCrae calls her a “man-eater”.

Oh, now they are kissing.

McCrae says that he’s a weirdo, but Amanda said that she liked him.

Now Amanda and McCrae are getting married, and there are bridesmaids lol Amanda

Amanda is wearing a bedsheet for her gown

They are now getting married, the power invested in Andy, as they put on rings

“Mr. and Mrs. Olsen”

Judd says that he and Jessie have a real flirty relationship. lol and now they’re kissing.

Judd and Aaryn kissed after hugging and when Aaryn said that she wanted to be friends after.

Now Judd is in bed with Aaryn and they are kissing in the bed. Aaryn knows about him and Jessie, but Jessie might not know about him and Aaryn.

Now we’re talking about Ginamarie and Nick, when she went crazy after Nick

Commercial break

Now they’re talking about Candyland. (Candice). Candice vrs. Spencer

Amanda torturing Elissa, now… ersh, this scene was just painful to watch,

lol talking about crying in the DR

Judd, Elissa, Andy, and Ginamarie

Elissa wants to go home “is there a process to go home, to be eliminated”

McCrae crying

Kaitlin crying

Amanda crying

Helen crying

Jessie “ALL OF THEM LIED TO MY FACE” she hated all of the people in the house she never “lost a lot of weight”

Candice crying

Aaryn crying

David “Dude this is lame”

I’m sorry that I laughed, but if you guys see that compilation…

Commercial break

Spencer says that the best fight was between Ginamarie and Amanda

I don’t really know how this fight started…

They’re calling each other nicknames

lol Ginamarie is playing Jenga

Judd goes to split them up when they get up in each other’s faces

Ginamarie “apologizes for telling the truth” “I’ll give you my first-born” “Bring out the waterworks”

and Amanda goes off to cry, McCrae is just sitting there, playing with something

Now McCrae goes to sit with Amanda in the room. Amanda says that he just sat there, but he said that he was playing a game.

McCrae is telling her, “look at the position that you’re in right now”!

Amanda, “might as well have grabbed some popcorn and watched it like a movie” to McCrae on him not helping her out.

Commercial break

Andy and the moth incident. He was trying to catch a moth, or something, and he fell into the pool instead.

and lol he jumped and fell backwards into the pool, or something

People are laughing lol

They are doing an Exterminators, “one two three”.

lol they’re in like a disco room now, out in the backyard, and music makes me think of Enzo dancing lol and Hayden lol lol (BB12)

This is Part 1 of the three part comp!

It’s called “The Greatest Game”.

They have to hold onto a railing thing while on rollar-skates

9:30PM over for the West side, and like 8:30PM or something for the East?


I’ll talk to you all later! but ‘yo that’s kinda late… that’s a school night and I need to go to bed, lol and it’s two hours

Well, hopefully I’ll be able to post!

Bye, everyone! Thanks for reading this.

– Louise

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BB15: Episode 34 [SPOILERS!]

12 Sep

Hello, everyone! How are you all doing? It’s extremely hot over here!

It’s BB Night!

McCrae is hoping for a miracle… wants to crawl in a hole right now, and wants to win the Veto.

Andy doesn’t want to piss off Ginamarie or Spencer.

Nominations are happening now.

Ginamarie is safe.

McCrae says that he will do whatever he absolutely can to be in the Final Three.

Spencer thinks that there is something happening between Andy and Ginamarie… it scares him.

lol it’s been an “all-female Jury. Have they all gotten along?” – Julie lol

Commercial break

lol Helen painted a memory wall. She has been painting and exercising in the Jury House.

and now Aaryn is entering the Jury!

Candice says Aaryn being in the Jury House makes her really happy, I think.

Aaryn is saying tht she apologizing that she said some really “inexcusable” things and “terrible”. She feels really bad about the things that she’s said. She wants to make amends

Amanda is now in the Jury House lol

Jessie, her nightmare is “finally over”.

Amanda said that most of girls were happy to see her because they didn’t want to see her.

Amanda tells them about Elissa being on her side, and Helen couldn’t believe it.

Amanda said that Amanda hated her, and she got “boo’s”. and Aaryn said that she got “boo”‘d, too.

Amanda told them about Andy in the alliance. Aaryn tells her that she should’ve kept her instead of Andy. It’d be her downfall. and Aaryn said that she was right.

Candice said hat Elissa was the last person that she wanted to see leave the House.

Amanda said that McCrae is an idiot. She thinks that he didn’t know that she had voted to keep her.

Aaryn was surprised that Judd voted her out.

Helen says that she respects Andy. his game.

Judd will walk into the house to walk into a bitter Jury house… 😮 NEXT!

Commercial break

Candice says that she can’t believe that only girls are in the Jury.

Judd has now entered the Jury !

Judd said that Ginamarie was the smartest person.

Amanda said that Ginamarie floated through 99% of the game.

Aaryn is ready to be done with the drama, she thought that Amanda was done the game. She finds that Amanda is even worse.

Judd said that there was people fighting everywhere, and he said that he doesn’t know if he is going to be able to survive in the Jury House 😮

Amanda said that McCrae has played the most honest game, and Candice says that he floated through the whole game. Tense silence.

Commercial break

Veto comp

They have to match the ex-HG’s faces to the clues, but some clues can have multiple answers. If you’re wrong and you buzz in, all of the fitted ex-HG’s will fall off the board, and you have to start again.

and Andy wins the Veto. McCrae is going home. “Nick did it, you guys. Nick was the last one.” – Andy

McCrae is crushed, he’s going to try really hard that he needs him in the Final Three.

Andy and Spencer think that Ginamarie has a lot of Jury votes. Spencer wants Ginamarie want to go home. Andy knows that he screwed over Helen, Elissa, Aaryn, Amanda, etc. .

Spencer is telling McCrae how “dangerous Ginamarie is”. He tells er that Ginamarie did one of the “biggest moves of the Summer”. McCrae agrees, and he says that she could really win this Game.

HoH Room: McCrae doesn’t want to bother Andy.

Andy says that McCrae makes a really good point. Ginamarie could really win the game.

McCrae says that the Jury hates him more than Andy. So he should take him to the Final Two.

Commercial break

“totally bad-radical” – McCrae on wanting Andy to use the Veto on him

Andy is not using the Veto… wow. Smart move… they’ve been in the House for 84 days

“It’s all good, no worries” – McCrae on leaving speecher

McCrae is evicted.

“ Love you guys” – McCrae

We are watching a clip of Andy telling McCrae about the Exterminators, while the other Exterminators are there. McCrae said that Andy was acting weird. He didn’t “trust himself”.

McCrae calls himself a “wuss”

Talking about the showmance: He said that he had put Amanda in-front of him. He couldn’t see what was in-front of him, he was “crippled”, because he was

“deeply in-love with Amanda, deeply afraid of Amanda” – Julie lol

McCrae says that he doesn’t know how he feels about Amanda, lol

Good-bye messages: Ginamarie says that McCrae is one heck a player.

Spencer really hates that he had left. He should be extremely proud of himself.

Andy voted Amanda out, thinks that McCrae is an amazing person, and he had framed Elissa

McCrae wished that he had distances himself more from Amanda, it’s a “give and take”. lol

Commercial break

Andy said that McCrae “deserved to know” the truth about the Exterminators. They all love him a lot and more so than the other three that they had evicted 😮

Dr. Will is confronting the Jury on Wednesday woah wait WHAT

P.S. Thank-you SO so much for 1173 HITS… WOWZA !

BB15: Episode 33 [SPOILERS] and 9/11, Take a Moment

11 Sep

Hello, everyone! How are you all doing tonight?

9/11, take a moment.

It’s BB Night… and, Eviction Night? Er. uhum wait did I miss something? Is it Wednesday or Thursday? lksdfkls

Ginamarie is acting this up, I think maybe crying? After the noms. Acting to make McCrae think that she’s the target so he won’t play as hard in the VETO.

Andy does not want McCrae to win the VETO, of course.

Spencer tells Judd that he will be the replacement nominee if McCrae wins the Veto, and Spencer says that Ginamarie will probably go home.

McCrae and Ginamarie are now no longer tied together!

Spencer is now talking to McCrae, trying to ease him into having nothing to worry about in the Veto competition. He’s safe, no matter what, or whatever.

Andy says that he and McCrae and Spencer could be the Final Three.

McCrae doesn’t trust anyone, and he wants to take himself off the block and win the Veto.

Commercial break


People are in spandex


lol Ginamarie said that he looks better in person

The magnets only last for twenty seconds, and you have to press the button that magnetizes it. When the button goes off, your puzzle will fall off from the magnet board, and if you don’t go back to press the button with the -seconds that you have, then you will be out of the Comp.

This is so intense: Andy vrs. McCrae, pretty much. McCrae could’ve won it, but the colours weren’t right, first.


I REALLY hope that Judd won’t be the replacement nominee! Why not Andy? Please, he has been ticking me off a lot these past few episodes.

Commercial break

Spencer wants Ginamarie to stay. He trusts her way more than Judd.

Spencer says that he has her back.

Judd says that he’s going home to Spencer. Spencer tells him that he wants Spencer to go home. Judd is asking him to put up Andy, and Judd says in the DR that Andy had put  up Spencer just a few weeks ago.

Judd is so mad about the situation. Knowing that he could be evicted again, makes him so mad. He is fingering the camera.

Now he is hitting the walls with his shirt, now walking along shirtless.

Veto Meeting

Judd is on the block

Before McCrae finishes the Veto Meeting,

Judd says that he is still after McCrae, and he won’t go after the rest of the house. Only McCrae. So he probably just lost McCrae’s vote.


“Wowzers”. – McCrae.

Veto Meeting is adjourned.


Commercial break


Judd said that he’s after McCrae, but would appreciate his vote LOL and then his smile after, oh gosh, so cute

Andy ; Judd … is Andy crying again?

McCrae ; Judd

😦 Juddy. Judd the Studd. 😦

I think that Judd gave McCrae his Bible, keep it to himself?

Tells them all before he leaves, “Good luck, keep Andy and Spencer around”


Judd had left him (McCrae) a message in the Bible, hopes that he will do well. He hopes for Ginamarie to win out of the group, lol. He had really underestimated her, and has seen that she’s really loyal.

Judd does not regret working with Elissa. He says that working with her is so hard, and her mind changes like every fie minutes lol

“Exterminator” -action sweep-

Judd thinks that Andy voted him out because they trusted them more than him, and they should trust her more lol


Ginamarie – You’re a stud

Spencer – “Sorry”

McCrae – “Sorry, wanted to keep you, needs to work with them in the future, take care”

Andy – is crying. “best friend”

lol Judd is laughing at Andy lol, “never seen a guy cry that much”

Commercial break

“Before or After” is the HoH Comp.

Q1: Everyone is right, one point apiece

Q2: Ginamarie has two points, the guys have one point, still

Q3: Everyone is right

Q4: Everyone is right

Q5: Everyone is right

Q6: McCrae got it right, Andy has four, Ginamarie and McCrae have five each

Q7: lol Andy got it right, three-way tie

NUMBER ANSWER: In seconds, how long was the super-Veto comp from the starting horn, to McCrae pressing his buzzer for the win?

McCrae – 2010


Andy is the HoH oh my gosh lol my sister must be soo pissed right now, she doesn’t like Andy and I don’t really much, either


I don’t know how to feel like I am just like, uhum

… but good job for him, but I’m not a fan of his much…

Commercial break

NEXT WEDNESDAY is the BB Finale, I thinkkk

Thanks for reading this, you guys! How did you guys react to Andy winning?

Talk to you guys later 😮


– Louise

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BB15: Episode 32 [SPOILERS]

8 Sep

“I am a drinker with writing problems.Brendan Behan”

[Hasn’t put in a quote in AGES, apologies!]

Helloo! How are you all today?

It’s BB Night!

Andy asked McCrae if he voted to evict Amanda. Kind-of a silly question… you know that he would’ve wanted to keep her.

McCrae, after winning the Hoh, had to go and

Andy is now pleading to McCrae, and he’s like, “You have to trust me”, Andy is kinda ticking me off…

… Elissa is talking to McCrae, asking him to not put her up.

McCrae felt that Andy had “flipped”, he could tell on his face, but he put up Elissa because she wanted to make as few waves as possible.

Andy is so “relieved” that he wasn’t put up on the block.

Elissa is telling him to not vote her out. He says that she has no idea, Andy says.

She asks Spencer if he is voting her out, and he says “yes”.

Elissa keeps on asking Judd to not vote her out.

I feel SO bad for Elissa. 😦

McCrae says, “good riddance to bad rubbish” to Elissa leaving.

McCrae is now crying after this double-eviction, but he says that he won’t “roll-over” with this, with Amanda being gone.

Ginamarie is excited with the results and is did a little dance in the kitchen.

McCrae hopes that everyone “underestimates” him, because he’s ready to play the game, and he hasn’t really been since Amanda basically controlling everything.

Commercial break

HoH Comp

The winner gets to give each HG a special gift.

McCrae always feels like he’s going to be in jeopardy.

They have to guess the pixelled tiles, which comp that one was in, and they are supposed to choose who won that competition.

Judd rings in first, Spencer is second, Ginamarie is third, and Andy is now eliminated.

Ginamarie rings in first,

Judd is like angrrrrrrry pissed, couldn’t fit Aaryn’s hair, lol. He is eliminated.

lol “Aaryn screwed me up again with her danged hair”.

McCrae would rather Spencer win than Ginamarie.

Spencer vrs. Ginamarie.

Spencer wins the HoH competition! First time, cool, cool.

McCrae says that he has to start playing the game right now.

Commercial break

McCrae got the gift of friendship from Spencer… attached with Ginamarie for 24 hours, lol

Andy gets the gift of wealth, can win $5000 sometime in the next 24 hours.

Judd gets the gift of health, and he has to do exercises.

Ginamarie says that McCrae is like the “dirtiest person”.

Spencer and Ginamarie think that Judd is kinda shady.

Spencer trusts Ginamarie more than Judd.

McCrae and Ginamarie are now tied with bracelets.

Andy says that it’s super adorable to see these two together. Says that they’re “really cute”.

We get to see Spencer’s HoH room, now

Spencer has a girlfriend named Marilyn. We see Spencer without a beard.

He got a letter from his girlfriend.

While reading his letter, Judd has to do 15 jumping jacks lol

McCrae is asking Ginamarie if she knows what Spencer is going to do.

McCrae says to Ginamarie that he can see her in the Final Two. He thinks that he could beat her in the Final Two.

McCrae says that he can see himself pulling her off the block, if need be, I think

McCrae says that he feels like the Exterminators have a Final Four, Ginamarie says that he definitely needs to be exterminated, now.

Commercial break

lol Judd doing squats in the shower

If Andy wins the $5000 challenge, he will have a target on his back…

… he has to pick three piggybanks. His first is $85. His second is $9. He has $94 dollars, now? His third is $0.83 cents lol

Ginamarie and Spencer are coming to talk to Spencer. McCrae is trying to talk to talk to Spencer, and he’s sitting outside, can’t hear them outside the door.

Ginamarie tells him about his Final Two deal, and Spencer knows to put up McCrae, but who to put up next to him is a hard decision.

Commercial break

Spencer says that he’s going to put up McCrae to his face, but he is telling her that is going to put up Ginamarie, but he wants to vote her out. McCrae still feels like the guys are working together, excluding him.

The table soo small

During the Nom Ceremony, Judd has to do 17 squats aww

Judd is safe

Andy is safe

McCrae and Ginamarie say that they’re going to fight hard.

That’s it!


Thanks for reading!

– Louise

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P.P.S. Interesting book?


5 Sep

Hello, everyone! How are you all doing? It was THUNDERING here, and I’m just glad that I didn’t pee my pants. I almost had a heart-attack, and I screamed.

It’s BB Night, though!

Spencer volunteered to go up as a pawn.

Amanda thinks that it is personal, the way that Ginamarie put them up, and Amanda tells her that they are 100%. Ginamarie said that she was not jealous.

Amanda said that she was talking to a four year-old.

Amanda is going to go to ask Elissa if she will give her a vote. Amanda tells her that if she is kept here, then she would be loyal to her. Amanda tells her that if she leaves, she’ll be like the next big target.

Amanda says in the DR that she had tortured Elissa “a lot lately”.

Elissa is considering to keep Amanda in the game. Elissa says that she trusts McCranda more than Spencer and Ginamarie.

Amanda says that she will protect Elissa, and that she’ll give her all of her jewellery.

Andy walks in, and Amanda tells him about Elissa’s plan to keep her. Andy is worried.

Amanda tells McCrae about this, and he tells her to not get her hopes up.

Andy tells Spencer, and Spencer feels like he made a bad move.

Amanda said that if the plan worked, her heart would drop out of her butt… okay…

… McCrae is worried that Andy won’t be down.

Amanda tells him that he is the only guy that Andy trusts.

Now we’re to Julie!



Spencer and Amanda were on the block on the first double-eviction as well, but Candice was voted out.


Judd – Amanda

McCrae – Spencer

Elissa – Spencer (lol the crowd’s reaction)

Andy – Amanda


Amanda suspects lol her face.

Ginamarie votes, while wearing Nick’s hat: Amanda

THE CROWD calps and screams.

Amanda like, “I thought that I could trust you”

“Amanda, you could” – Andy LOL

SHE SUSPECTED LOL LOL LOL I guess she knew that Elissa really DID vote out Spencer

With Julie: Elissa’s wedding ring is in her suitcase.

She had said that she had said to

“called a bully in the House, all strategy, or something that exists out of the House” she hates bullying. She was honest with people. She regrets bullying Elissa.

Any regrets, did or said? She thinks that she could’ve been more nice to people. She wasn’t a Jordan, for sure.

Showmance: Says that they are an odd couple. She admires McCrae’s personality, and admires how everyone loves him. Definitely not her personality.

Future:  He wants to move in with her. Wants a sugarmama. lol.

MESSAGES: Elissa: Voted to keep Amanda.

Andy: Voted her out. Wanted to win, is in an alliance, took out Aaryn, take it easy.

McCrae: “really tough moving forward without you”, he loves her.

Amanda is mad at Andy (crowd and Julie laughs). Elissa is getting her ring back.

Commercial break

“Go Fetch”!

They must find two bones in the green stuff. Put bones (one at a time) in dog bowl, get key, and buzz in.

Elissa and McCrae and Judd find a bone


I feel like he will put up Andy, and keep Elissa safe!

woah but wait. The Exterminators, though… would keep Andy safe…

Commercial break


Ginamarie and Elissa… I see…

Commercial break


“The BB 500”

They have to run through their car’s maze


Commercial break

Judd is not using the Veto

Commercial break


Spencer: Elissa

Judd: Elissa

Andy: Elissa

Elissa is evicted

and she leaves, quiet, “Love you” – Judd to Elissa

Elissa thought that McCrae stabbed Amanda in the back because “Andy looked so shocked”

Elissa says that she should’ve won the HoH

Elissa made it to Week 10, Rachel made it to Week 5

Rachel told her to play with her heart and stay “emotionless”. “Form alliances, two-week deals”.

That’s it. Aw. Sad to see Elissa go!

Talk to you guys soon!

– Louise


BB15: Episode 30 [SPOILERS!]

4 Sep

Hello, everyone! How are you all doing today?

Wowzas. Please, check out my “P.S.”‘s below! I would appreciate it! Thank-you!

It’s BB Night!

Amanda said that she was completely blindsided, and she wanted to be the first showmance to make it to the end.

McCrae said that everything was going so good.

Elissa is excited, and “super impressed” with Ginamarie.

Amanda thinks that Spencer was behind it. She is “pissed” and “confued”. She thinks that Judd, Spencer, Elissa, and Ginarmarie, are working together.

Now Amanda is confronting Spencer. and Andy. She’s trying to make sense of the situation.

She calls Ginamarie a “liar”.

Now she is going to her HoH Room.

Now Amanda is over-reacting.

Ginamarie told Amanda that Elissa wanted Amanda out.

Judd says that they’re screaming at each other.

Amanda says that she could not believe that she had listened to Elissa. She keeps on referring to Nick and Aaryn, but Ginamarie said that she had taken her off the block. She keeps on saying that it doesn’t make sense. and Ginamarie says that she thinks that it was good game move.

Judd said that Judd would go up basically, and now he is yelling at Amanda, and Amanda is walking away.

Now she’s in the kitchen. Amanda doesn’t want to be in the House anymore. Now she’s crying. She’d rather go home now. She can’t “be with these people”.

Judd- “Love you too”. LOL

Amanda is now crying in the Have-Not room. She keeps on wanting to know why Ginamarie did not put up Elissa.

McCrae says that it would’ve been so cool to make it to the end with Amanda.

amanda doesn’t want to be away from him. She spent like every minute with him for like 2 1/2 months. She loves McCrae, a 24 year old pizza boy.

McCrae loves him, too. He’s crying in the DR.

Amanda didn’t see this coming at all, the blindside from last day.

Commercial break

Amanda and Andy are talking in the storage room now, and she is crying now, I think, and Andy tells her stay “calm and collected”.

Elissa is listening at the door.

Elissa says listening to what people are saying behind a door is “awkward”.

Spencer arrives, and Elissa mouths him that Andy and Amanda are talking.

Judd, Elissa, and Andy, Amanda wants to break them up.

Amanda is pissed, and goes over to McCrae, slamming the storage door.

McCrae calls Elissa “stupid”.

VETO Picks:

Ginamarie, McCrae, and Amanda


HG Choice from Amanda: Spencer


The chicken costumes can come off, now! Woooo!

Spencer wants to keep the nominations the same. Amanda didn’t want Andy to make the decision

Elissa tells Judd that she doesn’t trust Andy, and she feels like he’s “working both sides of the house”. She’s very “suspicious of Andy and where his loyalties lie”. She feels that she has “good reason”, because he had voted Helen out.

Judd tells Andy that Elissa had felt that he was working both sides of the House.

Andy doesn’t want to be Elissa’s target.

Andy tells Ginamarie about what Elissa had said, and she says that she had understood, because when Andy had been picked for the Veto, Amanda had been like, “Ohh, yes”.

Andy can almost smell the final four.

The Exterminators first target is McCranda, and then Elissa.

Commercial break


It’s a bowling competition. in tutu’s.

Round 1 ; Amanda vrs. Elissa

The have to spin around fifteen times.

Elissa says that it is so challenging.

Amanda has one pin left. Elissa has three.

Amanda won the round, and she threw up, after?

Andy vrs. Amanda.

1. He can tell Amanda after that he threw it

2. He can be back in Elissa’s good graces

3. He can tell Ginamarie that he had tried.

Andy is like not even trying… he’s like leisurely waltzing in. It’s like so obvious that he is throwing the competition.

Amanda wins the round.

Elissa is surprised by her competition.

Ginamarie chooses Amanda.

Ginamarie is a dancer, and she does a lot of pirouettes.

Amanda wins the round.

Andy’s like, “we left our fate in the hands of Spencer” lol


lol McCrae vrs. Spencer soo funny

Elissa “this is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen”

“He has bowlerina” – Ginamarie, lol

Oh my gosh

McCrae won

Amanda vrs. McCrae noww… oh, wow. I would much rather keep McCrae, than Amanda… I can stand him more than her…

Commercial break

McCrae spinning around lol

This competition is intense. Elissa is rooting for McCrae.

Andy says that it’s “heartbreaking to watch”, because they love each other so much.






Amanda is now crying. I think

McCrae has won the Veto

He says that it’s a shame that Amanda won’t be in the game anymore. He is clearly upset about this.

Amanda says that her game is over. and her experience is over. This, and music playing, it is really sad.

however, I know that a large majority of America is happy with Amanda now going homee, but that was sad! It was so intense, too 😮

Commercial break

Amanda tells Amanda that he did “really good”. She had hurt her hand while playing. She didn’t know why Andy picked her. She says that her Game is over.

Ginamarie will not put up Elissa, because Elissa had taken her off the block.

Either Judd, Spencer, or Andy will go up in McCrae’s place.

If McCrae uses the Veto on Amanda…

Amanda says that Ginamarie shouldn’t even be in the game

Judd doesn’t feel comfortable to be put back up on the block, because he had been evicted already once…

… Amanda says that McCrae and her had tried very well. She lost by one person in one second by one pin, and doesn’t want McCrae to use the Veto on her.

McCrae uses the Veto on himself. He says, “sorry” to Amanda.

Ginamarie’s replacement nominee is: Spencer.

Spencer and Amanda have been up before! :O McCrae kicks the Veto box closed.

McCrae has a lot of regrets.

Amanda says that there is a strong possibility that she will be going home.

Spencer is the HG that has been up like seven times on the block- BB History?

Thanks for reading this!

– Louise


P.P.S. Due to school being back in session officially today, I don’t know if I will be able to keep on posting on BB Nights if I have homework, or essays, or something like that. I am sorry if that happens, but for now, please at-least hope to expect me to make a Post! Thank-you! I just wanted to apologize in advance, if that is the case.