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BB17 – Episode 40 (FINALE NIGHT!) [SPOILERS]

23 Sep








HoH Comp: Part 1

Powdered sugar, dipped in red, the whole bundle. quick cream. creepy voice talking to the final three. now they have to sit on just the apples than the disc.

Steve falls! his thighs didn’t have the strength. hopes Part 2 is more mental than physical.

Vanessa says she doesn’t move, that’s as physical as she’s going to get. won’t move from her spot. tells Liz can win Part 2. Liz falls after Vanessa confirms she will take her to Final 2.

Steve eats popcorn.



HoH Comp: Part 2

Steve so happy that he sees puzzle because he does this for mechanical things.

it’s a crossword puzzles meant to be solved. you have to climb a ladder to access the

“Expect the _________” if you don’t know the answer to this, you are watching the wrong show. “Expect the unexpected #Big Brother”.

forgot he had a letter in the bag, found it!

Steve finishes!

Liz’s turn.

OTEV Dairy Product” – “What, yeast? OH BUTTER BUTTER”

Steve: 28:27

Liz: 31:11

Steve won Part 2!

knows John will respect him if he takes out Vanessa.

Jury debates with Dr. Will!

Austin wants to see Vanessa in the Jury so he will chop off his pony-tail braid.

and in walks John!

Julia so excited that her sister is in

John tells Austin that Vanessa brain-washed Liz lol Austin doesn’t understand why Liz trusts Vanessa again, it is pissing him off

Austin would have let the two girls battle it out and decide if he was in the final three

Jackie thinks that Vanessa’ gameplay has been really good, Shelli agrees, James agrees, says she went to work everyday, he respects Vanessa, Meg says she has won comps. when she hasn’t fooled people, she has won, Becky says she has swore under a lot of things and Austin agrees shouldn’t have done it. Steve is doing something right because Shelli says he threw a comp to not get bloods, he wins when he needs it to happen. he was personally connected with everyone. Meg agrees. John thinks Steve is a rat, did not like his games, had protection from him and the twins. said Steve went to a lot of advice for him. Julia said he could not own up to his decisions. Jackie thinks that Liz has gotten a lot of blood on her hands, John thinks Liz should not win, thinks she just dragged someone (Austin) along, Meg thinks she was just protecting her alliance, Becky thinks Austin was strategic and Liz was competitor, Dr. Will asks what would happen if Vanessa was eliminated. Julia will vote for her sister no matter what, can do no wrong


HoH Part 3

“Scales of Just Us” – Vanessa vrs. Steve

prove how well you know the members of the Jury (8)

how did the Juror complete the sentence?

Shelli: My favourite moment was winning HoH Duh! or meeting Clay! Duh!

answer: winning HoH! Steve 1 Vanessa 0 (S, V)

Jackie: the most annoying thing about the house was the mess OR constant paranoia!

the constant paranoia!

S 1 V 0

Becky: the biggest lie told this summer was everything that came out of Audrey’s mouth, me saying that I was hit by a train, gotcha!

Steve 2 V 1

Meg: who needs a reality check the most; Clay, who gives up half million for a girl? or Austin, one word: Judas: lame!


3 2

James: strongest competitor: me! OR Johnny-Mac


3 2

Julia: respected Austin’s gameplay the most because he’s been watching the show since S1, OR Shelli always kept word and comp beast


4 3

Austin:  most embarrassing moment was Zingbot mentioning my girlfriend OR I stink


4 4

John: best thing about being in house; not having to go into people’s mouths or getting ripped!






Steve thoroughly convinced Vanessa is the strongest female gameplayer in the game, can talk way in the Jury, was said to make move to justify, he evicts Vanessa and is very sorry

Liz says “Oh my gosh Steve thank-you so much!” wasn’t expecting it doesn’t have anything prepared, has no words to thank him, needs the money so bad

Vanessa says wasn’t out of the realm of possibility, never fully trusted him, not sure if he made the right move for his game, would not have taken Steve to Final Two so doesn’t blame him, gave it everything she had, is crying?



JURY members walking out! Aww everyone looks so pretty! The cheers are amped for John and James!

Julia says she has no guesses to ninth jury member, Austin guesses Vanessa

and Vanessa walks out! Becky is shocked! Austin is very happy to see that Steve made an excellent decision. “The boy became a man.” John “I’m really glad to see my best friend again!”

Three questions are to be asked to the Final 2!

John asks: Steve; I was your good friend in this game. but in my perspective you relied on Vanessa and myself this whole game. why?

audio problem.

Steve starts over answer: was not tailing off him or Vanessa. it was the friendships.

audio problem again!

Steve starts again: as above, and said he wanted to split the twintwist and the showmance, and Jackie, thought was most competent of the Meg and James and such

Becky: Liz; when it came to gametalk, Austin influence all your strategy. what was your own?

Liz: came in with twist, held her own, did own campaigning

James: Steve; you’re sitting next to someone who played hard since Day. floated through game half the time. why say it not?

Steve: had layers of people who had protection, did not float. built layers to get where he was.

Julia: Liz; what was biggest game move in comp?

Liz: aligning with strong competitors, aligning with Vanessa, Austin

Jackie: Steve; several people feel you didn’t talk strategy with them at-all. biggest function as votes.

Steve: had tiff with Austin with Scamper Squad, protected his alliance

Austin: Liz; why do you deserve to win the money over Steve?

Liz: came in with huge disadvantage, did a lot to stay in house, tried to be less of a threat, even though Steve is huge superfan


Why do you deserve to win BB?

Liz: not a huge superfan not a big gamer, miracle able to survive 85 days, great attitude, strong personality

Steve: Zingbot: awkward nerdy trombonist. said Liz had an advantage of having someone always on her side. won four full HoH games, made moves not copying someone else. just got out Vanessa. Liz follows Vanessa, Liz won two, three and a half. Thank-you so much.


Shelli: love you both so much, really hard to make the decision, voting with heart

Jackie: congratulations! so proud of both. both played amazing games, going to vote for person who has dreamed of it their entire life LOL OBVIOUS

Becky: one person that I will extremely glad to cast my vote for, may best man or woman win

Meg: you guys look hot! giving credit to big moves in game. hard decision.

James: amazing job, loves the haircut, you need another one Steve, let Jesus take the wheel on this one kinda like Carrie Underwood GOSH JAMES

Julia: (falls) vote really obvious, loves them both

Austin: the heart wants what it wants – in the poet’s hands of Selena Gomez LOL

John: the worst alliance member or twin thing I couldn’t come up with a good insult for you… good job both!

Vanessa: no hard feelings Steve, picking the best that represents what this season stands for, both played great games

and first six evicted join live!


Audrey’s hair is like Shelli’s!

Da’vonne: most surprising: Austin you spoke a lot about Judas how he was going to dominate, where ge at?

Austin: you got me! was supposed to be cool in my own weird way but ended up liking people too much, disassociated with his personality

Vanessa: 90% what I said was the truth, is a DJ, a prof. poker player, won $4.1/2 million. one of the top in the world

Jason: everything surprised me, how well Vanessa maneuvered through you Dr. Will’d it, Derek’d it, Dan’d it. just sort of cried and didn’t own to anything but did it all.

Audrey: how was it to return home after making history? having time of life, emotional thing, it’s huge, overwhelming response from whole country, feels like a winner because changed lives


WHO WON? VOTES Julie wants to know how Vanessa voted so starting backwards

Vanessa – Liz

John – Steve

Austin – Liz

Julia – Liz

James – Steve

Meg – Steve

Becky – Steve

Jackie – Steve

I AM SO HAPPY STEVE HAS WON BB17 :’) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Shelli also voted for Steve! won 6-3!!








Thanks for keeping with me this summer! what a hilarious season filled with hilarious people. hope that you all enjoyed the ride and ’till next time!!

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BB17 – Episode 39 [SPOILERS]

20 Sep

HI, second-last episode

lol Steve going to pass the decision to have champagne because every single decision he’s made in the house he has regretted

Vanessa says Steve has recognized that he has a weakness in the game right now for final three

Vanessa telling Steve that they can do it, but Steve says he knows that she has made a final deal with Liz, she swears she hasn’t, hasn’t promised anything, Steve thinks he can go against Liz because he took out Vanessa

sitting at table, reminiscing about TwinTwist, Vanessa’s confrontations


reminiscing about Lizten, James and Meg, nerdmance between John and Steve “who has the longesr stick”, Steve loves Johnny-Mac very much, snuggle, cuddle, then Clelli, “any date with Clay would be an acceptable first date”, Clay vrs. James


reminiscing Becky’s train hit, Clay’s mumbling LOL, Audrey being transgender, fight between Da and Audrey


reminiscing James’s pranks, Whackstreet Boys, DR moments:BLANKETAUDREY, Audrey is the BB Homeless Person, Jace screaming for his Mom, Steve not wanting it, Meg horrible wih dealing with emotion, Vanessa dentist chair, Shelli personally affect, Shelli wants Audrey to leave her alone, Audrey withdrawing in little cocoon


Liz and Austin fights, arguing about each other’s food, food fight

Final HoH Comp

think Liz might win it

is an endurance comp

“How About Them Apples”

Liz wants to get to Final with Liz

Thanks! next ep, 8:30/9:30Central on WEDNESDAY, LAST EPISODE

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BB17 – Episode 38 [SPOILERS]

16 Sep


Vanessa said Austin was her best friend in the game, knew he would jave beat her in the game

Vanessa is crying, Liz not even listening, so shocked

seven minutes before eviction, John said he was blind-siding someone, but it wouldn’t be him

Vanessa tells Steve to look nervous before the eviction

John said that he would take out Steve, and Austin fist-bumps him

John wante to win the comp so bad, thinks he will be evicted, never won HoH and being in Final Four

Liz is livid of Steve winning the HoH

Vanessa and Liz talking now, Vanessa says hardest decision to make in the game, Liz says was sad the way it happened, Vanessa understands, Vanessa telling her to switch her game, Liz can’t stand Steve and John is “whatever”, Liz has to work with Vanessa even if it sickens her because she’s all she’s got. Vanessa offering a final two deal

Vanessa and John talking, they said they need Steve to play, he can’t throw it. Vanessa saying she’s taking John to the finals

John agrees to deal to make her feel 100% safe with him

Nom Ceremony

Steve noms John and Vanessa

Liz points out that the Vanessa has never been on the screen before

Steve says moves were strategic

everyone relaxed with the noms lol because all depends on the Veto

Steve doesn’t want Vanessa to stay in the house, doesn’t trust her


Jury House

everyone thinks that Vanessa will walk in through the doors

Meg does not understand why Julia is here and not Liz

Julia has no animosity towards Steve

everyone thinks everyone left are deserving

Austin walks in and everyone like WHAAAAAAAAAAT

they’re like who voted you out? Steve?



everyone blown away


Shelli says that she knows that he’s hurt but she has played a very good game

Austin thinks that it was a flawed game

Shelli says she knew how to stay in the house,  it’s amazing

Meg and Jackie never expected the final four

Brendan and Rachel are here with Julie!

what has surprised Rachel the most?

Rachel: no floaters at the end! even John is there!

Brendan, you and John both evicted. but you stayed at Jury.

Brendan: John rep. well. he maneuvered way through game when he needed to. he needs to win Fianl comp to convince the Jury

let’s talk romance, first two HG’s to get married, let’s talk Liz and Austin

Rachel: I think they have a shot outside house, Austin will take a shot 1000%, really like each other, brings a special bond (her voice sounds higher)

Brendan: they got a shot, but also to get half a million

big news?

there is a #BrenchelBaby! “No-one getting between me and my man”

Julie has Team Brenchel onsie!


Veto Comp



BB Dojo

Martial Smarts

events that happened in BB house, what day it arrived

two strikes are out of comp

Vanessa wants to go to Final Three with Vanessa

Steve wants to use Veto on Johnny

Liz has a strike for ringing in last

Liz rang in last again, eliminated

Liz is beyond frustrated

John feels pretty good

John remembers the day well he got zinged and eliminated

Steve is striked once

Steve striked twice, eliminated

Steve thought he was too comfortable with his HoH and said being too confident did not have head secure in game


John gets strike

Vanessa wins Veto

Liz feels she is going to Final Three but has a bit of doubt


Live finale one week from tonight!

Vanessa uses Veto on herself, Liz goes on block

John says it has been an awesome summer, he’s had fun, he knows that some people are too discreet to be excited, looks at Liz, so that’s a given that Vanessa will vote for Liz to stay?!

Vanessa evicts John. 😦 that’s terrible. I don’t wanna watch anymore I am rooting for Steve only reason I will watch URGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH JOHN YOU’RE THE ROCKSTAR


I think he may be the favourite

the HG’s heard the audience

Steve thought he was the twist

John is not surprised to sit with Julie, would have evicted Vanessa lol

didn’t know what he was doing the whole time, he should have evicted Steve? get the showmance out?

thinks Austin is probably fine

says good luck to them, that’s it

he expects to see Vanessa and Steve in the F2


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BB17 – Episode 36 [SPOILERS]

13 Sep


John and Vanessa were almost tying, then, Vanessa wins HoH!

Vanessa arms hurt so bad, Steve believes it

John feels good about Vanessa winning, he thinks that the remaining showmance is too dangerous

Liz thinks that Vanessa has been a bit sketchy, thinks that she could be a threat, hopes Vanessa still likes her because she likes girls and she’s a girl

Vanessa, step one, is to ask everyone the deals they have and who is lying and who is telling the truth, has a big pot of paranoia again

Austin sees that her paranoia is going through her head again

Steve tells Vanessa that if Austin were HoH, he or Vanessa or John would be put up, but Austin said he would keep him safe, he was not his target, if Liz was HoH, said that he would be on the block

Steve saying that before the live eviction, he made a deal with Liz, but now Vanessa knows that she was in a plan to go home? doesn’t know what to do now

Vanessa is upset with Liz, telling Austin. She asks who he would put up? and Austin says he would take John to final four, he had to say what he had to say, she says it’s hard to believe people when they have to say what they have to say, Austin asks her not to be mad at him… she thinks there’s something shady going on again

She’s talking to John now, John said that Austin would put him and Steve, she asked who made a deal? he said she was told by her to make a deal, she doesn’t remember lol

Vanessa doesn’t feel good about ti at-all

Liz and Austin talking, he says Vanessa is mad that she made a deal with Steve

Liz goes to talk to Vanessa in the storage room, she says that Austin is bugging out, saying that she would never put her up if an HoH, she took out James, never backstabbed her, Austin has been dealing with her paranoia all summer, thinks it’s essential to calm her down as she interrogates everyone during this time, Vanessa says that she believes her, Steve realizes that they’re talking in the storage room, runs away, Liz says that she needs to say what she needs to say, Austin says that he never told John what he was going to do, but that’s a lie, he did talk with John however, Austin says that he might need John, get to final four together, Vanessa keeps saying that John told her that he talked to Austin, Austin keeps denying, he is willing to say whatever he needs to say, Vanessa going to use gut to make decision


Vanessa knows the obvious choice is the couple, but she says that Steve would much rather take John than her because she’s won four HoH’s and he’s won none, and has already been evicted once

Steve likes the numbers advantage, Vanessa says there is no “we” with John, Steve says he wants a three-way with them, says the reason why he was HoH, was to have a three-two going into final three

Vanessa saying to Austin that she needs them to follow what she says, as John is the target, Austin says that he and Judas will fight, won’t use Veto, will fight for HoH

Austin says on Day 2 that he wanted to go to Final two with Vanessa, and he intends to keep his word, putting it on his love with Liz

Vanessa wants to believe Austin, if it works out, best deal that she made



it’s Frankie not really a big fan of this

Steve is fangirling

he is here because Liz won the Luxury Comp, she gets to go to Ariana Grande’s concert at Staples Centre, gets to meet her, gets a suite to herself,  she gets to pick someone to come with her, hmm… Vanessa or Austin? she picks Vanessa because it’s a girl trip, Austin pointed his finger at Vanessa before the choice, Vanessa thinks her integrity is solid now, Vanessa is a Frankie fan

they have to disguise themselves, Liz looks like Katherine Heigl, Vanessa has a purple wig?

get all pass Ariana Granda passes

they are meeting Ariana now, Vanessa is in shock that she knows them, Liz is so celeb shocked now

they get gifts, Ariana swag bags, her fragrance

Vanessa is so awkward

Liz happy she took Vanessa with her

the boys, meanwhile… and then the girls come back

Liz is Dakota, Vanessa is Roxy

John is really happy that they had a good time, but nom coming up and they need to be focussing


Vanessa telling John that she doesn’t know who to put up, caught between two romances, John in the DR says he hasn’t made-out with Steve

John telling her to put the him and Steve up

Vanessa asking him if there will be any hard feelings. he says no

Vanessa nominates Steve and John

Vanessa says she adores Steve, says she has respect for John, he was a runner-up to HoH’s, won BoB, won three Vetos, knows in her gut that the only loyalty they have is to each other

Thanks !

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BB17 – Episode 33 [SPOILERS]

6 Sep


I’m very sorry that I haven’t updated the last episode, hopefully hope to soon. Going through some things right now

Steve did not see the double eviction coming, relief to see James go

John is ready for a bloodbath between the twins and Austin

Liz felt so bad, but Austin says it’s okay

Austin doesn’t know who to put up if he wins, says he doesn’t want to put Steve up so might have to put up Julia as a pawn

Austin asks Vanessa what John and Steve would do if he were on the block, Vanessa doesn’t want Austin to be the HoH

Vanessa telling Steve that Austin might throw the competition, and Vanessa wants to get the twins and Austin out, Steve calls them twins, idiots for keeping John, Steve will put the twins up

HoH Comp

HG trading cards, look for the missing player, last player to correctly solve puzzle in each round will be eliminated


Steve was first, Julia was second, John was third, Austin, Vanessa eliminated

John is first, Julia second, Steve third, Austin eliminated

Steve first, John second, Julia eliminated

Vanessa really happy

Liz wants Steve to win because put up John twice and was evicted once

John wants to play next week, lets Steve win, Steve is ready to make big moves

Julia is happy that Steve won, can trust him 100%

Austin feels close to Steve but knows that he’s a numbers guy and thinks that maybe Austin and the twins working together might not be the best thing


Steve wants a picture of Harrison, his nephew

Vanessa hugs Steve, Steve said he won this week because the comps change next week and he couldn’t do it

Austin says that he will help out Steve whenever he wants, Steve says that he is at the bottom of the totem pole of the Scamper Squad, Austin realizes that he will go on the block or the twins, Austin has to remember that he is an individual, Austin says that he will not put up him if he wins HoH, offers to shake, but Steve says that he didn’t do that when he put up John, Steve thinks the deals are too good to be true

Liz feels like Steve will put up Austin, Austin says that he might up the twins or John, and Liz thinks something is going on between Austin and Steve

Liz says that no-one else is going to have her back except for her sister now, she says she has no problem cutting him off now, including the ponytail beard, Julia says that Austin has never been on the block

HoH Room

John noticing that the twins are all about Steve, was the saledictorian, Steve, father of our babies, lady charm not going to work on Steve

Vanessa asking Steve what he wants, Steve says the twins, Vanessa says it’s a bad idea; that if Austin wins, he will take down the one of the twins, says to leave the weakest of the three out of the block, so that would be Julia, Vanessa says that if Julia wins she could try to convince her not to use the VETO to keep her and her sister safe, they cannot let the replacement nom win


The twins ask Steve if he has ever been in love, he says yes, has never said to anyone, he loves his Mommy in the Mommy way, not the Sigmund Freud way, Liz is like who is that? Is that Sigmund and Freud? Actually Sigmund and Freud the

Liz says that Austin’s not the best kisser, he likes to make-out a lot, Julia asks does he ever chafe your cheeks? It’s all with the lips and tongue, he doesn’t know what to do with the tongue, the hair looks like Jesus

John says best move is Austin and Liz to Steve, thinks it’s better for Austin to go up, John would rather go up against the twins in an HoH, John thinks that Vanessa could align with Austin if he stays

Steve says he’s right of Austin targeting him because of Vanessa

Steve wants to warn Austin that it might not go as planned, but he is sleeping, it has been fifteen minutes, now twenty, as soon as Steve sits on a bed, Austin wakes

Steve takes Austin to the cabana room, Steve says he can’t put the twins up together, he feels it’s too much of a slap in the face, Steve says he has to votes to keep Austin safe, Steve doesn’t know who the target is if he and Liz goes up, Steve says he doesn’t want Austin going home, Austin feels that he has to look out for himself now, Steve says that he has talked to Vanessa, the votes are there, Steve says he wants him to stay, he gives his word? Austin hasn’t been on the block yet, Austin says he is still good for next week


Julia knows that if someone from the Scamper Squad is put up that it shows that he is more loyal to John

Liz thinks that she will be put up next to sister

Noms: Austin, Liz

Steve says that he is making a move best for his game, apologizes, Liz apologizes and walks away to cry before meeting adjorned

Austin says that Steve will have to look out for himself next week

Steve not going to attribute to an alliance that does not benefit him

Vanessa says will have greater chance at final three


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3 Sep


I missed the first half :((( WILL UPDATE TOMORROW


Meg was evicted :((((((

Liz was HoH, put James and John on the block :((((

everyone but Vanessa was picked for VETO

Veto Comp “Boomerang”

Steve has a score of 0

John has a score of 0

Austin gets a 6, then a 9

Liz gets a 15, then a 0

Julia gets a 13, then a 4

James gets a 0, then a 0, then a 0

Julia wins the Veto


Julia doesn’t use Veto



Austin – James

Julia – James

Vanessa – James

Steve – James

😦 James is evicted

I really wish James had brought up being not on the block with a friend when Vanessa was HoH last week

James knew he was a huge threat to the game, knew he would be the next one out after Meg

James felt like the whole house ganged up against him and Meg

he made big moves in the game, kicked back in when not in power, noticed aggressive players were the ones being picked out and learned in military knew how to mind

James doesn’t think he’ll get it with Meg, trying for 75 days, gonna throw in the towel

they have to figure whose stuff is James’, “it’s all the boy stuff except mine and Steve’s” – Johm


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BB – Episode 31 [SPOILERS]

2 Sep


Vanessa nominated James and Meg because they’re a strong couple and less blood on their hands

Meg is sitting next to a best friend once again on the block, is the worst of the worst, hardest week so far

James says it sucks to be on the block, but wants to play hard for the Veto to get revenge

Austin says “good luck”

Vanessa said that she is happy to talk details with James, said it was her move and nothing personal, James said she is good

Vanessa thinks it’s awkward

James says to Meg that they Clay and Shelli’d them, said Vanessa had no clear target, Meg said one of them must win Veto because she doesn’t want to sit next to him on Veto

Meg says one of them is going home, says funny that they kept her over Shelli

Vanessa talking to them now, she says is solo in the game, to move up on totem pole. Says they are a tight alliance, says she is the bottom of the totem pole, says has never been able to rely on someone. Meg said that she was never going to target her, says fought to save her, Vanessa practically runs from the room

James and Meg hug, Meg says he has to win P.O.V.

Vanessa asking if Meg has come out of Have-Not room, Steve says no, Vanessa saying if James won P.O.V., it would be Steve, John, or Austin on the block, Vanessa wants him to understand that she has played a pivotal role in every single eviction, has so much blood on her hands

Veto Players

Vanessa – Julia

James – Liz

Meg – Austin

Meg and James talk in Have-Not room, say they will not use the Veto on them, James says he deserves to go home if he doesn’t win the comp, James is dressing like Audrey lol blanket and sunglasses ahah

James feels like the odds are in his favour to win the Veto, their butts are against the wall


James has a daughter Bailey, she came into the world unexpectedly, he had a bit of a wild night, got someone pregnant lol, and has a daughter, the head popped out, holy crap, this is James’s baby, it looked like he saw a ghost, he said he had a little girl, he just found out two hours ago and staff at the hospital were like “ohhhhh”

Veto Comp

The twins are ‘90’s kids? How old are they, again?!

Hide a Veto card, search through the house to find the VETO card, they all look the same so you don’t know who’s you have found, only two minutes to hide “Hide & Go Veto”

Meg wants it to be the most bad—- game of hide and go seek ever played, hides in front bedroom in a nook and cranny under a mattress

Austin hides it in the duvet cover of the day bed

James hides it under the rug

Julia hides it in the parlour room

Liz puts it in the kitchen in a pizza box, Steve isn’t playing the game and only eats the pizza

Vanessa puts it in a sofa cushion

I would put it in the trash like Britney !

Meg, Austin, James, Julia, Liz don’t find anything

Vanessa finds a Veto card in a pizza box, it’s Liz’s

Austin doesn’t find anything, Liz broke the mattress floor

James keeps messing the house lol throwing cereal, doesn’t find anything

Julia finds Vanessa’s

Liz doesn’t want to play the game anymore, it’s giving her anxiety, she has OCD and hates messes, doesn’t find anything

Meg finds JULIA’S

James and Meg and Austin’s are left

Vanessa thinks that James hid his under a lot of stuff, puts stuff all over it to hide his card more and to prevent it being lifted

James finds Meg’s oh dear

Julia doesn’t find anything, so over it, Austin doesn’t find anything, James doesn’t find anything, Vanessa…?


Vanessa finds James’s card 😦

Wait, James won the game? HE WON

Vanessa does not know what to do now, and she was the one who found the card

“Who threw the cereal? That wasn’t even relevant” – Julia ? lol, it was James who did it

Vanessa knows that James is gunning for her, if he wins HoH next week, she will go up on the block she knows

James said that they did not deserve to go up, Meg said it was the best case scenario for them for James to win

James says that Vanessa is a sitting duck next week, he says that he will go after her?

Vanessa feels like crying, Julia is so pissed, asks who she will put up

Vanessa knows that Meg will have votes in Jury, the votes will flip, says she sucks and it would be a bad move to take out Meg because John would be gunning for them


James says that Vanessa should watch her back, James is telling Austin that he will tell Vanessa that he will put her up, was put up twice, was put up against Meg, James said that he gotta protect Meg and Austin has to protect Liz,  Vanessa says that she has to take out Meg now, it boils her blood that he is throwing her name out there

Liz is so pissed, Vanessa says that her options are Liz or Austin, only feasible option is Julia, knows that she would have the votes, Julia feels like she is a huge target, too, because they are a threesome, Vanessa said that Meg gives James a boat, more powerful with her, Vanessa said the only smart pawn option is Julia, Liz and Austin have won too many comps, Liz says she is not scared of Meg, but scared of John because he can beat her, they can beat Meg 130% in an intellectual position, Vanessa said she is going to float her way to the finals, Vanessa is questioning her initial position

James goes to talk to Vanessa in HoH room, Vanessa said not in best mood, Vanessa said that they could they could have worked together, James says that she plays the game too hard, Vanessa thinks that she is insulting him, James says that it is a respect thing, Vanessa said that there was nothing to be personal until before the conversation, basically locking Meg’s fate


Veto  Meeting

James uses Veto on himself

Vanessa congrats James, puts Julia on the block

Everytime someone has been on the block with Meg, they have been sent home, James wants to break up the Austin twin-threat trio, first time a twin has ever been on the block eviction night


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