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BB18 – Episode 2 [SPOILERS]

23 Jun

EEP Freakazoids – who will go home? I’m sad… the whole team seems great. :c

Nicole thinks last twenty-four hours were more stressful than her whole season.

James assuring the their team that they will be okay.

Da’vonne talks with Tiffany, tying to gain trust. Tiffany is embarrassed. Tells Da’vonne that she is Vanessa’s sister. Now Veterans have newbie on their side

Paul still on board to get rid of veterans

Corey not so sure that that is what he wants to do.

Paul thinks that all the old people are working together

James thinks floors are sticky. Talks with Frank. Discuss if newbies are all working together. Da’vonne joins in. They decide that if Nicole, Tiffany stay, are all good.

Nicole talking with Corey. If they both win, Nicole wants to be HoH, asks him if he feels comfort putting people up. Corey says that he feels that she is more wise to be HoH.

Third round of Hit the Road

stranded on stranded island. put coconuts from tree onto “SOS”. steps move island. person who fails goes home.

Tiffany’s strategy: stay close to tree trunk.

Paul wants anyone but Nicole to win, none of housemates cheering on veteran, Frank notices

Tiffany leading right now

Corey careful…

Nicole almost done!! one more!! :00000

OH EM GEE PLZ LORDY YES SHE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“somebody up there saw my SOS and saved me” tehe

Commercial breakĀ 

Tiffany glad Nicole won, wants to be there too

thinks there is a coconut conspiracy lol

Tiffany won, too!

Glenn feels like he’s in Matrix lol





Glenn is going home šŸ˜¦ he was great, though.

Da’vonne wants Nicole to be HoH

Tiffany offers, who got off island first? Nicole says yes, why not LOL

both promise not to put her up, swear on everything

Nicole is first HoH!! Frank is so happy, wants to throw her up in air LOL

Paul is pissed poo you Paul

Glenn says his bye’s :(( he was great

Everyone walks back in house, face already B&W

Bronte thinks veterans out for blood

Paul corners Corey, is mad


Nicole and James can’t believe they’re sitting next to each other, Paulie can’t believe he’s in the same room lol Nicole thinks Paulie could be an asset but Cody did vote her out twice

newbies want to know what is Nicole’s head, Victor goes to ask Nicole, what is strategy; “don’t have one”.. he takes off his shirt… says everyone is after her, says Jose is after veterans, telling whole game plan lol Nicole thinks thanks for nominee ahahah


James walks in, asks who is there, Nicole asks who it is, James says is Victor LOL “do you have a problem with me?… coming in here to make you mad? you know we’re coming after you.” “all of you” “all of us” “What do you want me to say” “This is James, not Victor” “Oh my God, James” LOL

BB Slop is in the house, Have-Not room: is a funhouse with hopcorn, clowns, lights, bearded lady is Paul says Da’vonne lol

Jozea talking with Da’vonne. says is the Messiah for newbies Da’vonne shocked, says he sealed his fate

Jozea says Da’vonne doesn’t need to worry, he wants to get rid of Nicole, then James, then Frank. Da’vonne says he is stupid, he is talking as if in hair salon and she getting curl

Da’vonne goes to tell Nicole all she heard, Nicole so stressed, clear that he is on her list now

Nicole asks Corey opinion. Tells him what she heard from Da’vonne. Putting up Paulie to play POV so Jozea will stay on block. Nicole says only okay with it if Paulie is okay with it. Corey agrees (advises otherwise not good).


Nicole asking Paulie now, Paulie said would put up Jose. Nicole hinting to put him up, Frank asks if up for bat. He says he could, but if he loses he will be next to Jose. Da’vonne assures him that he will be protected. Nicole sees how he is nervous, pawns sometimes go home…

Nomination Ceremony:

Jozea, Paulie

to be fair: pick strong player from each team. Paulie hopes he will be safe, doesn’t want to hear it from brother. Jozea thinks is snake. Da’vonne “acclaimed Messiah on the block”

Thanks, guys! I’m so sorry for abandoning this blog. :c I hope to be more active! BB YAY!!

– Louise

P.S. took me all episode to spell Jozea’s name LOL thought was Jose