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BB17 – Episode 30 [SPOILERS]

30 Aug


Steve is afraid that Jackie would take him out

Julia doesn’t want John back in the game because they said they would work with him and didn’t

Vanessa knows she played a part on all of the Juror’s exit, so, wants to win

Becky wants to see Vanessa leave the house

Meg doesn’t want the hand to get fresh with her, “keep it above the belt”

James got smacked by the hand, “feels like Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball”

Julia falls, is humiliated

Steve’s arms are on fire, falls

Meg falls

James doesn’t want Shelli to come back in the house so she can send him home for sending Clay home

Apparently James is a monkey

Shelli’s target is James

James doesn’t now how much longer he can stay on, falls

Jackie thinks it’s funny that Vanessa is holding on for dear life because she knows that if any of the Jurors win, she’ll probably be on the block

Liz falls

Jurors left and Vanessa

Jackie falls

I think Becky may win aww she falls 😦 but knows gave comp all

Shelli falls

John is back in the house, !! Shelli wants him in the game

“Doctor Drill is back in the house and this could be dangerous”


John starting to slip off, John knows he’s safe I think he made a deal with Vanessa, Vanessa is HoH

John says she is the biggest liar but will be loyal to him because she’s at bottom of totem pole with Angels

James is nervous that Vanessa is HoH

John’s photo relights


Liz is pissed because she thinks that John has a vengeance against him for “no reason” uh ni

Liz doesn’t think that he should unpack

Vanessa is happy

James’ butt cheeks are puckered, he thinks that they should get out the twins and Austin, Meg agrees, he says if they get through one more week, it’ll be good

Steve is really excited that John is back in the house, they agree to be distant since people know they’re working together

John said that he did fall, Vanessa said that he’s good

Vanessa needs other options in the house to survive, a three person side-alliance with John and Steve

Steve thinks that the Scamper Squad is the Detonator of the season

Steve apologized to Vanessa earlier

Vanessa said she and Steve are partners, says Steve’s opinion matters more than anybody’s

Target is currently James, and wants to see how loyal Austin is to take her to F5



Very precious responsibility

“get the defibrillator, her heart!”

“getting used to new technology!”

We see Vanessa’s girlfriend

James looking for her Mom

Girlfriend still loves her

Vanessa saying she feels safer with Steve and John even though Austin and the twins prefer James and Meg

Vanessa said that James said that he loved the twins and Austin but it’s the game

Liz feels fooled and wants them out


Austin wearing no glasses, talking to Liz at a table fancy lighting “Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes, I will be your girlfriend, you’re so awkward I love it” – Liz

Said he can’t have two girlfriends though, #Liztin

Julia trying to prank Austin lol because pranking James is too hard

There’s a loud crash, he screams, and he’s like “WHAT THE F—“, said pranking him was easy

Vanessa has doubt about Austin, asking about any information

Meg confused why everyone was trying to get Vanessa out the last week, she said she was not in on it, or James, but Meg trying to

Vanessa asks them about being pawns, Meg says they’ve been James volunteering himself, Meg says “NO” says more of a shot him staying than James, she says to put her up, crying I TEARED UP

Vanessa thinks acting like a married couple need to be put up

James said there would be no front door or back door, has no problem with putting up twins and Austin

Meg wanted to be damsel in distress

James said he will be shocked if they’re on the block, he thinks that Vanessa thought they were nuts, thinks gonna do what’s best for her game, should keep them because they’ll do the dirty work, he says she’s only one person, the game is never gonna end “Welcome to Big Brother”


When James was HoH, she said that if she wasn’t put up, that he and one other person would be safe if not put up, from Final 7 OOH GOOD KEY MEMORY but he doesn’t say anything 😦 to anyone except Meg

Nom Ceremony

Meg and James nominated 😦

“a king isn’t worth much without his queen”

Meg feels super played, game is falling apart

Austin thinks they are getting what they deserved

James regret not telling the deal “darned if you do, darned if you don’t”

BUT WHYYYYYYYY oh my gosh could’ve saved yourselves maybe : (((((((

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BB17 – Episode 29 [SPOILERS]

27 Aug


John thinks that Steve could be a target for Vanessa since she’s mad at him

Steve feels tense because she got mad at him in the entire house, he wants to stay rational

James wants both of them to go home

Vanessa is crying, says not mad at the twins and Austin, but mad at Steve, Liz is trying to smooth things over

Steve approaches Vanessa, and she says to just leave her alone

Austin thinks that John did nothing to help himself by exposing the alliance

Liz going to approach John, asking why he exposed the alliance, John thinks that they went back on the alliance when he went up on the block, John doesn’t think that he will stay, Liz likes him, but mad about him blabbing his mouth, John can say whatever he wants because they were alliance members, feels like they’re working with James and Meg, he apologizes

John and Vanessa talking, going to be brutally honest. Wants to be trusted more than Steve. John wants her to vote with James and Meg, she says the twins will want her to vote with them

Steve and Vanessa talking, Steve saying that they were planning to take her out this week, she’s like, “Am I in the twilight zone?”, Steve thinks she’s very intimidating, John says they made the five-person vote last week, Vanessa says he’s shady, John feels great about this, now Vanessa crying, says is hurt

John talking with the twins, they say that they will probably vote with Vanessa, Liz wants to make sure that he won’t come after them, John says if he wins HoH, he wants to know when they want to vote out, they don’t want to be pawns

Vanessa and twins are talking, they say he’s a floater, Meg wins nothing, Liz says that he saved them during double-eviction, if Jackie comes back, she will be after Steve, might feel bad because he’s a super-fan


Captain Camo friends: he likes to go fishing, hunting, “hillbilly Asian”

Can’t fall asleep around James, otherwise will be a victim, keeps house alive, he’s up to no good when wearing the hat, he stole the cat hat from Liz, Gizmo is a cat, looks like a dog, doggy-paddles in water, he will watch chick flicks, is big hearted, one of the girls, they think he has a crush on Meg, social game is best in the house, gonna be nice, he needs to play a smart game and someone stronger than Meg, owes Brett $20 needs him to win BB

Could he win favourite ?

Steve got to play T&D and Spin the Bottle for first time, with awkward kiss with Meg


Meg – John

James – John

Vanessa – John

Julia – John

Liz – John

Aww, Johnnyyy-Mac



The HG noticed and said he was lovable and a dentist

John thinks Austin and the twins are good, but over being put up

Says a lot of people don’t take him seriously

John would’ve tried to work with Vanessa

Messages – Austin wanted to align with him since beginning

Vanessa – wanted them to stay together, fought for him to stay

Liz – wanted to work with him, coolest rock star dentist

Steve – knew could always trust him

“Aw Steve’s so adorable”

If back in, would go after Meg, thinks people will keep aligning with them



Jackie thinks Becky might come to Jury

Becky said Liz came after her, and got an infection on her toe

See Meg fall during Otev “OH HONEY”

Becky knows that people will be afraid to see her back in the house, might be after twins or Vanessa, Jackie will align back with James and Meg

The four Jurors go back in the house, SO MUCH SCREAMING HUG


HoH Comp


Last person standing is HoH, if Juror, stay in game and HoH


Next Thursday – double eviction

Steve, Julia, Meg out

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BB17 – Episode 28 [SPOILERS]

26 Aug


Austin put Steve and John up for the least risk

John doesn’t feel safe

Steve is frustrate on being back on the alliance, he gives credit to Vanessa

Steve telling John that he is not the target? John doesn’t think they’ll use the Veto on him, they decide they both want to win VETO

Vanessa apologizing to the alliance, says has integrity

Austin just telling her what she needs to hear

Steve walks in to the HoH room, Austin tells Steve that he’s not going home

Steve asking who the target is, Austin says it’s John

Austin says that if Steve goes off the block, she may go up


Julia hears a noise, knocks, a crash? John thinks that James is there, she says he isn’t, he opens the closet door, they think the room is haunted, there is a huge crash, Julia runs screaming, “OH MY GOSH YOU GOT ME”

Picking players for Veto

Steve wants Meg and Julia to play, thinks they’re weak players

Austin – Vanessa

John – Meg (was hoping for her)

Steve picks Julia after complaining never getting picked lol

Steve hugs Vanessa wants to rebuild

Liz tells Austin that she’s worried about playing all sides of the house, Austin says they have to, Liz thinks that John and Steve need to be separated, saying she’s always been on their side, wants to get John out



Is newly single, got an upgrade, 9000 instead of 3000

James – I heard Meg is going to take you someplace very very special after the show, the friendzone

James – “Go zing yourself”

Liz – I’m confused, suddenly you’re less attractive, intelligent, charming, oh wait, that’s just Julia ouch

Julia – “got the same SAT score”

Steve – what’s less cool than a trombonist that cries for his mommy? Nothing

Steve – “I’m a nerd trombonist that likes my mom, if you considered being nice, you would get a girl”

Would someone please get the trash? It stinks in here. Oh wait that’s just Austin

Meg – your New York attitude is very sex in the city, too bad your gameplay is what sucks in the city

John – 5/5 dentists agree the only thing less attractive than your laugh is your back hair

John –“what’s the matter, you afraid of it? You can’t grow any? You’re stupid”

Vanessa – you have been playing a masterful game. Assuming that game is the crying game

Liz – you’ve become such an important part of Austin’s life- are you more excited to meet his Mom, his Dad, or his girlfriend

Liz knew that he had a girlfriend, says it’s not her problem, she’s single, Austin with his girlfriend for two years, Austin says she’s her ex? Liz says he sticks, she’s “hooking up with a guy that has a girlfriend, whatever”


James and Liz get to eat popcorn and watch the VETO

Veto Comp

Have to pick the HG’s (three) that the app has displayed with a face (morphed)

Lol James and Liz are so close to T.V.

“AUSTIN OH THAT’S SO SCARY” “perfect teeth oh that’s Jace”

4:45 for Julia

Steve – “a mole” “it’s Becky will you please leave me alone”

Steve is out

Austin – “What is that? Oh my gosh”

“I’m so pissed he doesn’t even know me” – Liz

“I just wanted to press your name”

Austin is out


“Are those your eyes James?” – Austin

“Yeah those are mine can’t you tell?” – James

2:51 is Vanessa

John is out : ( feels like he’s dead

Meg “that’s a boy nose” lol it’s hers

Vanessa won the Veto


Vanessa and John talking, important question: are you over the thing with Becky and Clay? He says yeah, John says he has lost friends, he feels like everyone is going to keep Steve, he feels alone, she says he hasn’t been an enemy?  John says down for working forward, Vanessa wants to work with him, wants to see where Austin’s head is at, wants to use the Veto, would love to

Vanessa and Austin talking, says they’re “dumb” if keeping Meg and James, can keep John in backpocket, she suggests putting up Meg, Austin says she to James is like him to Liz, he says that if she goes home and Jackie comes back, she and James will be together like glue and says that James will be irrational, says move is selfish in DR

Vanessa says to John that he doesn’t want her to use it

John saying that they had a five-person alliance to get her out, including him and Steve and Austin and the twins, says he was after him, Vanessa doesn’t understand

Liz is confronted, she says no, but then yes, and then says it was Steve’s idea, says he orchestrated it, says he and John are working together

Steve senses Vanessa is pissed, leaves

The two talk, Steve says the alliance was true but he didn’t start the idea

Vanessa starting to cry…?

Says “good-bye”


John knows it would hurt Vanessa’s game if she used it

Steve feels that Scamper Squad is breaking

Vanessa feels alone and that if the Veto had not been won by her, would be on block

John on the Veto – a gazelle asking a tiger to hang out, not good idea for Vanessa

Vanessa targeting Steve, says he gave her a hug saying he was happy, not using Veto

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BB17 – Episode 27 [SPOILERS]

23 Aug

Hello, late start but.

Steve had a false start with his right hand

It is James and Austin left, and it sucks because Austin has longer arms and legs

Vanessa trusts Austin and said best case scenario, Austin is wondering if time to betray someone, might bring out Judas


The twins didn’t want him to win, because getting more blood on hands but glad to be safe

Steve walks in and says “thank-you”

James says “good job” to Austin, Austin and the twins are aligned with everyone, Austin’s Angel, Scamper Squad, an alliance with John and Steve, alliance with James and Meg

Austin says that he will be loyal to Meg and James, also love hanging out with Meg and James, Austin will say that he made a deal with James and Meg to not put them up during nomination? Austin will have to put John, Vanessa, or Steve up

John feels safe because of the deal

Austin says in DR that Vanessa is not running his HoH

Austin says that he will not put up James and Meg to the twins, he knows that keeping them is keeping another duo and puts them less at risk

Vanessa says to not put John on the block, with Steve right next to him, Vanessa thinks that Steve is really loyal to John, Vanessa says that Clelli told her that John had told them that Steve and John had a Final 2 deal, he feels that Vanessa is lying or not telling him everything in the story, but not surprised

Austin wants to take James and Meg to the final five, Austin thinks that John is least likely to come back if eliminated, Meg wants to put up Vanessa, taking out Vanessa is a tough decision, he feels that she is really working with him, numbers-wise, might not be best thing, he feels that John may be an easier target, but he feels the more they talk of her, the more he should take her out, James said it would be the “meltdown of the century”


Vanessa would be a pawn against John, but Steve would have to vote against John

Steve doesn’t feel good about pawns, he doesn’t understand what is wrong with Vanessa, he doesn’t want to be in the position

John would be on the block

Steve and Austin now talking alone, Austin says she’s good, says he is not losing Steve and not going to play her game, he says she comes up with new information every week that she does not share until it’s needed, telling him about how she told him of the final two deal, Steve says they don’t have a final two deal with John, Steve did not agree to go to the final two with John, Austin is aligned with everyone in the house but not my choice, he wants to be Judas and put up Vanessa, Steve says that he does not want to go up, Austin knows that John will be put up, but he does’t know about the pawn

Vanessa and Julia are back, Austin says that Steve doesn’t want to go up, Steve says he and John don’t have a final two with him, Vanessa says they all need to be a pawn and it shows the alliance of trust, Austin is laughing inside because she doesn’t want to be a pawn, either. Vanessa says that she strategized to keep Austin safe in the house, had hired James to flop the BotB Comp, Liz thought that James threw it, they will never know if James will throw the comp, he knows that Vanessa is lying, he can’t trust her anymore, she wants to talk to him privately, Austin says no more and just wants to talk to Liz, once she leaves, Austin jumps up and whisper-shouts “liar!” and Steve hops up from the couch too, Austin said that he deserved to be backdoored because he lied to her? Or something and now he is livid at Vanessa and he is in the most awkward HoH of the season, Imaginarium is waiting for Vanessa


Liz “I like you because you cook delicious omelettes”

“… that’s it?” – Austin

“I like him 93%” “I like that you don’t have back hair”

Austin wondering to put up Vanessa now or for a backdoor

Steve says that if he needs to be a pawn, he doesn’t want to be up next to John, would rather be next to Vanessa

Steve doesn’t think that he is as tight with Austin right now, Austin is really frustrated right now

Austin says it will not be him next to John

Liz thinks that Steve is lame, just wants to put him up

Liz says to Vanessa that she is so pissed at Steve, Vanessa said that she will never go against Austin

Austin said that Steve will not go up, Vanessa says to send Steve home and keep John because he’s more loyal

Vanessa said that willing to be a pawn but this is not the spot for it

Vanessa and Austin talking to each other, asks if he knew if James was the thrower with Liz, she said “Yes”, she thought that he lied to her, was confused and working against her, felt terrible, made a mistake, says is loyal to him, understands whatever move is made


Nom Ceremony

John and Steve are nom

Judas says that he is thinking of Liz now, says that the noms are just victims

James thinks that he lost his mind, he needs to go the puzzle factory

Steve is in awe that Vanessa is not nominate, applauses for being a brilliant player

Austin’s option for Vanessa to be backdoored only determined by numbers



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BB17 – Episode 26 [SPOILERS]

20 Aug


Liz says she wants someone else to take out Vanessa

Vanessa s relieved, said Becky should go home instead before more threatened

Becky said Liz is terrified to take out a target

Liz and Austin thought that Becky’s speech was awkward

Becky and John are hanging out, Becky thinks that Austin and Liz don’t like her

John is going for the dead-fish strategy to just lay there on the table and not do anything

James and Meg are getting married, are in-love, he’s important for her sanity lol

“your lipstick looks luscious” – James to Meg lol Liz or Julia told him to say that

he thinks that Meg has a crush on him

James is pranking, scaring people, he is saran-wrapping clothes together to a have-not chair to STEVE’S?

Steve goes to his bed and doesn’t see his basket, and sees it’s saran-wrapped to the bed hee

James felt a little bad, but he loved it and gonna keep doing it lol

James – “I had to keep the freshness in!”

John asking Steve what position they’re in in the game, they need some protection, they should buddy up in a group, Steve thinks John has an opnion, Steve would go with James and Meg and John thinks twins and Austin, thinks the twins and Austin would be less of a threat to join than James and Meg

Liz and Julia saying that she wants to work with him, they want to take out Vanessa? they have confirmed the craziness of Vanessa, so an alliance is being formed

John wants to put Vanessa on the block

Becky saying James and Meg would probably like her to stay, she wants to know where Austin and Julia are at, everyone knows her target, it’s not even a question


Austin planned a snap for everyone to do when Julie appears

lol James pranking Liz or Julia?

James appears under the table LOL

James in the bed and scares one of the twins lol, Julia

they replay Meg’s head bounce on the comp aww

Steve missing his family so much, talking to his Mom once a day

Steve telling his Mo not to worry, health is doing good

his Mom has been watching S1, started violin, then piano, then trombone

spent a lot of time with studies

he missed the big picture, he knows who is listening

there is a STEVE MOSES DAY

Gouvenour? has big support for him, more cow then people

Mom is happy and thrilled



Shelli in Jury house, would be happy to see Vanessa to walk through the door, believes that she was the reason for the demise, sees Jackie walk through the door, and finds out Steve evicted her “NO WAY”

Jackie thinks that someone was in her ear, Jackie wants to get of Vanessa if she gets back in the game

Shelli says Vanessa will keep doing it, Jackie knows whole house wants to get rid of her

John says Becky does amazing fruit bowl decorations, cleans, does nails, highlights, but really wants to stay lol


Steve – Becky

Vanessa – Becky

Meg – Becky

Austin – Becky “even though her breakfast is made with real fruit”

Julia – Becky

James – Becky


Becky evicted

Becky didn’t even pretend to give her the time of day for a deal lol  (Vanessa)

Becky thinks Steve has some tricks up his slevve

John really sad, losing number one ally to take thing to the end

Liz thought of her as a big competitor, good luck in Jury

Steve loved her gameplay, wishes best of luck

Vanessa said is a wonderful person but game level pitted against each other, not sorry to see her go

Becky thinks she can play well, might want to work with Vanessa, or Liz? if get back in game








ahh the Zingbot


HoH Comp

“Ready Set Whoa”

track meet, hit buzzer the fastest I WANT TO DO THIS COMP will be decoy words that rhyme with GO

six races

Meg buzzed in last, eliminated


During the next elimination, Jurors get to compete to get back in game






19 Aug


I was attending a friend’s birthday dinner today and I have missed the first half-hour of the show. I will update it tomorrow, though, no worries! currently writing from where I turned on the T.V. 🙂

Otev Veto; Liz wins the VETO, apparently Austin was going to get a make-out from Liz if he won, Meg was the third-last to go out, so it was between Austin and Liz

Becky loses the VETO comp, and so does John, John just wants to lay low now


“Is that the winner winner chicken dinner?” – Vanessa to Liz

Liz thinks that Becky is more of a threat to her

Liz thinks that Vanessa is very insecure, “Audrey #2”

Austin thinks that Vanessa is too paranoid, doesn’t think that she’s as trustworthy

Liz and Austin talking of how paranoid she is, all the questions she’s asking, thinks that Vanessa will put Austin up

Meg fell and hit her head and smacked it hard during the VETO Comp

John says it’s looking good for him because there are bigger targets than him in the house

Austin says the connection is growing that they’re cuddling and making fun, now making out and then a stop “that’s it second make-out sessions is up”

Julia asking Liz what she has on her neck, it’s a hickey, she hasn’t had one on her neck since middle-school

“He’s not the kind of guy you bring home to Mom and Dad” – Liz

Steve is underneath Vanessa’s hammock, Vanessa crying saying she has no-one in the house, feeling super lonely, Steve had no idea that she felt that way, he suggested to put on his clothes and play chess, Liz walks in and Steve goes to put on clothes, Vanessa says she feels so lonely, Liz said she’s always plying the victim, she’s taking it with a grain of salt, she’s sick of the show

Liz in HoH room and talking to Austin, tells him how Vanessa thought that Austin was mad at her or something, it scares her that she could flip on Austin, thinks she could take him out if she remains in the game one week later, wants to put her up on the block so she can go cry in Jury


John says the black chairs are uncomfortable, blue are better, and he doesn’t want to talk to Julie on Thursday

Liz doesn’t use the Veto.

Vanessa bigger target than her and her sister so better for the twins for her to stay

Becky going to be strategic. John said that they were the first two to be nominated in the BB, and now the journey will end

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BB17 – Episode 24 [SPOILERS]

16 Aug

Hello ,

Meg says that it was a blindside, Jackie going home, Becky doesn’t know why, she wanted to go to the end with her, James doesn’t know why, either

Steve did not want the HoH was in really good shape, was on good sides, Steve says that he just lost BB

Meg and James talking, James feels like they’re fighting the whole house

James doesn’t think that Steve just came up with that, thinks someone might have gotten to his ear

Austin walks in, says he’s sorry, Austin feels like the Sixth Sense has a shift in power with Jackie going home

Meg doesn’t understand, says Steve doesn’t talk with her at-all

Meg says he didn’t even have conversation with Jackie after nominating, Meg doesn’t feel bad for him at-all

Liz (Julia?) hugging Steve, actually both the twins kept him safe, they will keep him safe if they win HoH, they say he shouldn’t feel bad, he’s crying, they say it’s BB, it’s the first HoH, he’s really upset with everything that happened

Steve can’t talk right now, they’re telling him to relax

Steve was 50% ACTING

Meg says she has to keep calm with him, wants to bite his head off

Becky says they need help, there’s only three

John walked in, said if he used the Veto when Steve didn’t want him to, then he could’ve been a replacement nominee or one of the other three

Becky says that Vanessa needs Steve close

Everyone is trying to get Steve to be on their side, they don’t know which side he’s on, they have to be nice to him because he can be a vote

Steve walks in with Becky and Meg, Steve asks Meg if he wants to talk, Steve says that Jackie was the only person who he heard was going to go after him, Meg and Becky say that she never had a thing against him, Becky said it’s easier to have no hard feelings, Becky says it’s a good idea for him for the others to think that they’re mad at him, they want to blow the hatchet, Meg will stop crying to win HoH for revenge for Jackie


HoH Comp

There are emojis, there is Nicole and Jocasta and etc.

Tournament style, there are questions with three possible answers, last player in tournament HoH

James vrs. Meg

Austin vrs. John

Vanessa vrs. Julia

Becky vrs. Liz

Meg wins, John wins, Julia wins, Liz wins

Meg vrs. John

Julia vrs. Liz

John wins, Liz wins

John vrs. Liz


Liz “Did I just pull a Julia?” Liz just won !

James wants them to remember that he never put them on the block

Becky thinks she should be packing now, knows Vanessa will get in her ear

Austin is Liz’s first lady

Becky feels that if Liz made decision herself, they’d be safe, but Vanessa

Becky says Vanessa is a chess-player

Liz tells Steve just to sleep

John walks in to the twins and Vanessa, they all stop talking

Austin used to have dreams of getting lost in sleep, James worst fear is getting lost in the ocean, they’re talking of Titanic “Never let go” “the best movie ever” “you could’ve alternated” “That was kinda greedy of her, they could’ve rotated” LOL

The twins and Austin and Vanessa, thinking Meg and John, then Becky as backdoor, doesn’t want to put up Steve

They say you can make a deals with John, not Meg?

Austin’s Angels is the new alliance

Becky talking with the twins and Austin, saying how fast Vanessa switched sides with Clelli, Vanessa was planning Austin’s demise, Austin feels sick, Liz cannot believe the things about Vanessa, feels sick to her stomach, doesn’t know what to do now


John hits Meg in the head with the ball lol in the back

James says Steve has grown on him, different people, Steve likes books, James like beer, they shower side by side, wearing flowery hats, brishing teeth together, two guys hanging out BROMANCE

Liz wants Vanessa think that she’s good, the twins and Steve and Austin and Vanessa are the Scamper Squad

John asking Vanessa if he’s going on the block, Vanessa tells him that he’s not the main target, she wants to work with him in the future

John thinks he’s going up, Vanessa thinks that he has something against her, Vanessa asking if they’re on the same page, he says yeah, John thinks she’s a bully? John doesn’t like it when she cries and yells, but she’s trying to pull into an alliance, she says he doesn’t have to worry about that

Vanessa reports to twins and Austin in HoH quickly, John walks in and thinks that it looks fishy that she’s up there now, he leaves, Liz doesn’t know what to trust what she’s saying, Vanessa thinks that he’s playing the “dumb” card, says he’s a doctor he knows what’s going on


Nom Ceremony

Becky and John are nominated :((

John coming after Vanessa next week, Liz doesn’t know who the pawn and target is right now


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