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19 Aug


I was attending a friend’s birthday dinner today and I have missed the first half-hour of the show. I will update it tomorrow, though, no worries! currently writing from where I turned on the T.V. 🙂

Otev Veto; Liz wins the VETO, apparently Austin was going to get a make-out from Liz if he won, Meg was the third-last to go out, so it was between Austin and Liz

Becky loses the VETO comp, and so does John, John just wants to lay low now


“Is that the winner winner chicken dinner?” – Vanessa to Liz

Liz thinks that Becky is more of a threat to her

Liz thinks that Vanessa is very insecure, “Audrey #2”

Austin thinks that Vanessa is too paranoid, doesn’t think that she’s as trustworthy

Liz and Austin talking of how paranoid she is, all the questions she’s asking, thinks that Vanessa will put Austin up

Meg fell and hit her head and smacked it hard during the VETO Comp

John says it’s looking good for him because there are bigger targets than him in the house

Austin says the connection is growing that they’re cuddling and making fun, now making out and then a stop “that’s it second make-out sessions is up”

Julia asking Liz what she has on her neck, it’s a hickey, she hasn’t had one on her neck since middle-school

“He’s not the kind of guy you bring home to Mom and Dad” – Liz

Steve is underneath Vanessa’s hammock, Vanessa crying saying she has no-one in the house, feeling super lonely, Steve had no idea that she felt that way, he suggested to put on his clothes and play chess, Liz walks in and Steve goes to put on clothes, Vanessa says she feels so lonely, Liz said she’s always plying the victim, she’s taking it with a grain of salt, she’s sick of the show

Liz in HoH room and talking to Austin, tells him how Vanessa thought that Austin was mad at her or something, it scares her that she could flip on Austin, thinks she could take him out if she remains in the game one week later, wants to put her up on the block so she can go cry in Jury


John says the black chairs are uncomfortable, blue are better, and he doesn’t want to talk to Julie on Thursday

Liz doesn’t use the Veto.

Vanessa bigger target than her and her sister so better for the twins for her to stay

Becky going to be strategic. John said that they were the first two to be nominated in the BB, and now the journey will end

Thanks, guys! Will be updated.

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BB17 – Episode 22 [SPOILERS]

12 Aug

Hello !

Day 51

Becky wants Vanessa to go home this week

Steve doesn’t know what Becky’s problem is, wants to target her next week

Vanessa stressed that Becky did not accept a deal,

Becky and Shelli talking, Becky still saying that she wants to take out Vanessa, she wants blood on her hands and it’s her plan

Steve thinks that every word that Becky said was incorrect, he’s been sayin gfor weeks that he wants to get rid of Becky, juggling balls in cabana room talking to camera

Vanessa talking to Shelli, Vanessa saying she doesn’t trust anyone else except for Shelli, she’s gonna try to help her, Shelli wants to be careful to look out for her own game, Vanessa said that she will use the Veto on her if she wins

Jackie’s service in the BB Brotherhood is over, she can now take off her armour lol “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” everywhere

James showered with her clothing and excited lol

Steve talking with Vanessa, Vanessa asking him if he gets HG Choice, to pick her for Veto, she tells him to be tight-lipped, Shelli agreed to pick her, too, apparently

Shelli and John talking about the plan, John says he believe that really is the plan, John wants to make sure that he’s still close with Shelli because he doesn’t have very many allies, Shelli doesn’t know who she should pick for Veto, should she pick him or Vanessa, John says he will Veto her, if Steve wins, she’s gonna be scared of death being put against Vanessa, she really needs John in the house now that Clay is gone because she trusts him

John and Steve talking, John telling him that they’re onto Vanessa, and gonna send her home, saying that she’s the backdoor, Steve tells him to pick him for the Veto if he get HG Choice, Steve asks him if he will use the Veto on him, he says no lol, John saying Steve hasn’t won anything, John thinks that he thinks he’s a super guy, saying that nobody is coming after him, they are trusting each other, John saying they have the smartest person out of the game if the plan works

Steve: “My two closest allies hate each other” (talking to camera, has no idea what to do) “Mom, I need you”



Liz and Austin lying down and kissing each other’s hands, Liz feels like she may like him more, his personality has grown on her, she wants him to cut of fhis beard, Julia “Get off of her”

Veto Players

Becky – Austin

Shelli – HG Choice Vanessa

Steve – Meg

John and Steve talking, Steve is so confused

Shelli calls John from her bed, she tells him that if she did not say his name, it would be suspicious, she apologizes

Sheli notices that he looks unhappy, Shelli says it is the best chance to save herself


James walked into Jackie in the washroom, wished it was Meg LOL


BB Comics

have to match the comics to the ones in the window “The Blanket” LOL IS AUDREY

Meg is Big Apple

Meg staring at pretty-boy’s face (Clay), it’s the PANTS

finishes !

Becky wants to get the men done first before the women

“Trainiac” is Becky


Shelli memorizes four at a time in order, she’s the “puma” lol

her super power is attention to detail but first try is wrong

way behind, Clay’s shorts are the colour of Texas A&M

Austin utilizes athleticism “Austin the Barbarian”

“The Bro” forgot what Jace looked like

Steve plan to get people in right places first before detail

“The Engineer”

he wants Becky to let him go lol, Steve got it on the first try ?! but not feeling good about his time

Vanessa wants to get order down, then detail


Liz gladly takes the Evil Twin

James was scared of Audrey’s comic “she’s going undercover”

James was Captain Camo

Meg- 15:37

Becky 17:02

Shelli- 25:31

I think Steve would win

Austin- 21:20

Steve- 13:57 :))

Vanessa- 21:44


Becky ecstatic

Vanessa worried about going on block, doesn’t see John going up

James and Vanessa talking, asking if Becky is sticking to the plan, James is unsure, James says that he is being serious, he has not heard anything new of the plan, James wants to get out of the room A.S.A.P.

James telling Jackie and Meg about the encounter he had with Vanessa, they’re like SERIOUSLY?

Vanessa telling Becky all about the blood on the hands, Becky thinks that Vanessa is telling her that she owns her stuff

Becky telling her she’s not going up, Vanessa says she will keep fighting


Vanessa asking Jackie and Meg and Austin and James, ensuring about a deal, she is paranoid, but thinks that she is staying another week



Steve uses VETO on himself

Becky chooses Vanessa

Vanessa is hurt, says was treated disrespectfully

Double-eviction tomorrow !



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BB17 – Episode 16 [SPOILERS]

29 Jul

Hello, I’m so sorry that this Post has arrived late! Marking it on the 29th on the calendar, but was posted on the 30th.

Shelli is not prepared for Clay being on the block

Jackie says Becky and Clay look so defeated

Vanessa says everyone needs to keep their mouths shut

James trying to tell Becky and Clay that he tried to throw the comp, Becky says he’s good, as long as he tried to help the group

John telling Clay not to freak out

Clay says it’ll be alright to John

Liz saying that she did that entire thing by herself, hoping that he didn’t throw it, talking to Austin

Austin freaking out, thinking Liz was being targeted all along

Austin talking with Vanessa, saying that Liz swore that James threw it, saying that everyone is so quiet, wondering it trying to set up Liz, she said, doesn’t think so, Austin tells her to talk to Vanessa

Liz and Austin are in bed, Liz says she and him are besties, but doesn’t see him in a romantic way, but says Austin is getting more flirty “BBnomance”


she did not expect it, hates him now (but not really)

Players for Veto ;

Vanessa – HG Choice; Shelli

Clay – John “like getting called in for work on the weekend”

Becky – Liz

Vanessa is worried, Liz doesn’t know about the plan to back-door him

Becky, Shelli, Jackie, Vanessa talking in HoH room

Shelli wants to tell Liz after PoV about Austin, not before just in-case she reacts badly


Steve aww so cute, looking at camera actively following him HE WAS IN A HEART SO CUTE

Veto Comp

“Get Nutty”

the players are dressed as squirrels so cute

Shelli’s tail is driving Clay crazy

the nut goes up the ramp, then down, you have to catch it before it touches the ground, 250 nuts have to be reached, if it touches ground, you have to start all over again at 0

Clay cannot drop the ball on this one, literally

Clay and Becky are doing well! above 25

Clay said he’s done lots of physical work-outs for football and this matches it

Clay at 119

John at 130

Becky at 120

Clay now at 209

Becky said she’s a better winner

Clay slowing down

Becky drops ball at 135 shoot

Steve is happy watching her crack

Clay has 225, now 250 ! John was behind him, don’t remember the score, though


Becky says it’s frustrating to see him win, she’s proud of him, but upset about herself


“Clay, you won something”

“I know, finally”

Jackie talking with Becky, Becky feels so defeated

Vanessa wants to tell Liz about Austin, Shelli in HoH room too, Vanessa telling him about how Austin told people that the twin twist was real, how he made a deal with Jason, throwing Julia under the bus

Liz doesn’t like him, says that she believes that he wasn’t being cruel, Shelli asking why she’s trusting his allegiance over theirs

Austin now in HoH room

Vanessa telling him that Liz is the biggest target, being in a showmance and twinmance

Vanessa asking why she talked to Jason, Austin said he trusted her

Vanessa crying, Austin saying he’s sorry, Austin asking him if he’ll be put up, Vanessa doesn’t say anything, he begs not to go up, said he’ll never put her up, she thinks he’s an idiot that acted emotionally but is a good person, Vanessa saying she’ll put him up because she promised the entire house, Austin begging her, Vanessa said she doesn’t want to do it


Austin talking with Clay and Shelli in cabana room, wants them to sympathize with them

says he doesn’t care about the money, saying that Jason betrayed him, Clay says he’s worried that he’s too emotional, Austin says he won’t go against them

Austin feels like he has a chance with them

Shelli saying not in best interest to see him go

Liz, James, Vanessa going to have steak dinner, allowed to bring one guest along

Vanessa – Becky

Liz – Austin

James – Clay lol Meg is like “Oh Jamesie don’t go crawling back to me when Clay doesn’t give out”

James is gonna steal Clay away from Shelli

Clay says he’ll put a steak in his pants for her lol

Shelli is like “the house is so boring now”, Meg is like, “Are we boring you, Shelli?”

James wants a kiss, Clay goes up then smiles backs off

dinner is done, Vanessa Shelli Clay, Clay says odds are better with Austin, but Vanessa’s are worse, she still wants to backdoor Austin

Shelli says either big blow-up or one more number is Austin goes up or doesn’t

Vanessa says that James is into chicks, Meg is T.V. host, Jason is the strategic, either Austin or Jason


VETO Meeting

Austin says he broke his word and made her upset, hopes Vanessa won’t put him up

Clay saves himself

Vanessa puts up Jason, says he’s a good person, would be friends with them outside the house

Meg and James and Jason and Jackie look blind-sided, Jackie has no idea what is going on

Meg says he’s been her best friend in the house, they were all played

Jason says it’s biggest back-door of BB17, not going to lie down and die

Thank-you, and once again, very sorry for the late Post !

Thank-you for the 2405 HITS

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BB17 – Episode 13 [SPOILERS] [updated]

22 Jul




very, very sorry.


Day 30

Shelli’s mind is starting to change from Jason as target to another

James really happy is safe, says he and Jackie earned it, just gonna eat cereal now

Shelli says there’s still a chance for Jason to be saved (to him)

Becky says she’s worried about John, they’re in bed together hangin’ #FightWinLive

Audrey says she’s pissed about Shelli because she threw her under the bus about Jason whilst talking to James, and that she’s actually be loyal to her and Clay, but says that they’re “dumb to think that there’s another single person that would work to help them in this game”, thinks they’re naive that no-one will throw separate them

James doesn’t know why she’s telling her this stuff, says he won’t tell them but tells Clay and Shelli in HoH room, says was talking negatively about them

Clay says she drives him crazy, digging her own grave

Shelli says she makes her paranoid, Clay says she’s ruining Shelli’s game

Clay and Audrey talking now, Audrey crying about why she was thrown under the bus, Clay says he shouldn’t doubt her, Audrey says she’s alone because everyone has a pair in the house, wondering what happens if he gets the Veto, asking him if he will swear on his life that she won’t be put up as a replacement nom, Clay just trying to comfort her to not blow up their game

Vanessa and Shelli talking in HoH game, Shelli says she word-vomited, messed up talking with Jason, Clay up there now, saying she’s crying, and paranoid, on a personal level, Shelli likes her, but game level, can’t level her at-all

Shelli says she’s pulling away ? Clay wants to say some things to her


Liz Jason John getting into the Liz Business, J-Don, Mac-Attack… WHACKSTREET BOYS, white outfits

“chin-strap really working for me” – John

lol you can really hear Shelli

Jackie loves the Whackstreet Boys, says John is the sexi est, Jason isn’t wearing hat because he “doesn’t deserve one”

Veto Players being picked

Shelli doesn’t want Audrey to be picked because may be replacement nominee

Shelli picks Vanessa “yay, I wanna play”

John picks Meg

Jason picks HG Choice, picks James

Host: Stevie

Jason thinks 50% people may take him off, other 50% could be convinced

Meg talking if Shelli and Clay in HoH, Meg says she would be up Audrey if came off

James rang the doorbell to enter, Vanessa says everyone should be aligned who is playing the PoV

Audrey and James talking, James says Shelli and Clay haven’t talked of replacement nominees, she says she isn’t worried, James says he will try to win, hates throwing comps, Audrey says that whoever takes Jason off, the replacement will probably go home

Shelli crying in kitchen, then goes to HoH room, says she’s gotta be helped through this, wants to make the right choice, Clay with her, she doesn’t want to regret her choice, she wants to trust Audrey, wants her to take trust, she doesn’t want to send Audrey out the door, really respects her as a person, Clay tells her if she doesn’t feel comfortable, don’t do it, if he wins, he’ll do it for sure


VETO Comp “Saved by the Smell”

Austin tempted to shove Steve in a locker because he looks like a “science geek”

“Time out, time in” (freeze, unfreeze)

they have to pour the correct chemical in the flask(?)

Boo-yah berry is the first scent

John has “good short-term memory”, they all got the correct colour, was purple

Vanessa chose to remember the first letter of each colour

Meg made songs in her head to remember

James’s concoction exploded, oh dear eliminated

R3, scent

Shelli throwing the comp so blood doesn’t get on her hands

Shelli explosion, exploded into the audience ! eliminated


Meg exploded, eliminated !


Jason surprising himself with how smart he is

John not getting vibe that someone is smarter than him with the mental comp

Vanessa won !

Jason knows that if Veto isn’t used on him, there is nothing that he could say s he might as well pack up his bags


Shelli loves the Whackstreet Boys

update complete for first half of show: July 23rd, 11:10

Meg, “You’re whack !”

John says attendance for the shows have been lower and lower, Jackie was like the only one watching at one point of performance

John, Jason, and Liz are dancing, their band?! What is the name I couldn’t hear it mann

the Backstreet Boys?


sporting white white clothing, hats

Liz is the groupie apparently !

Audrey talking with Audrey and Austin, says she says everyone has someone, is not paranoid, Clay doesn’t believe it, was just jumproping when approached, Audrey offended because he said that she drives people away by not trusting them or something(?), she says that he makes her feel ungrateful

Audrey is not paranoid, Clay says she is, says that if she doesn’t trust people, she’s driving people away. Audrey is offended by this, she says she has been loyal to Shelli, Clay wondering why she questions her loyalty, “So you swear on your life that she won’t put me up as a replacement?” she claim she did not say this but Clay dumbfounded that she denies it, 1000% says she said that, she says he has an A-Type personality in DR, Clay is pissed off because she said that word-for-word, she swears on her life that she didn’t say it, Clay bets everything in the game that she said that, says people lying to him is like spitting on your hand and slapping him in the face

Clay telling Shelli about how she always plays the victim in HoH room, now Audrey is in there, and Vanessa is, Audrey saying her feelings are hurt, Shelli says she should be happy, “dancing through Broadway”, they have protected her, and she’s not feeling protected even though protected by them, offends Shelli that no-one has put themselves in her shoes which she’s done. Audrey s crying. thinks she’s making this about himself, he cornered her outside, Clay is like WHAT, calls her a liar, Clay leaves. Shelli asks her if she trusts Vanessa, Audrey says Vanessa’s an amazing manipulator, says the Jeff thing was an act, Vanessa says she had no reason to put him up until then, and asks her if she was in the room when it happened, and Audrey keeps swearing on her own life… Audrey is way too paranoid right now



Audrey not participating… Vanessa won the VETO

Jason and John are the nominees, John : “the best kinds of Vetos are the ones used on me” lol

Vanessa uses it on Jason

Shelli names Audrey as nominee,

John’s best move is “to do nothing”

Jason is like “it’s about da– time” that Audrey is on the block, but feels a bit bad because it’s hard on her

Clay feels good about it, but knows that she’ll probably pull a moves to make it through the house but says has been carried? floated? through the house

Thank-yah !

Will try to update, and, again, VERY sorry about missing the first half- will try to update soon !

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BB15: Episode 27 [SPOILERS]

28 Aug

Hello, everyone! How are you all?

It’s BB Night!

Elissa nominated McCrae and Amanda

Ginamarie says that she has to be on Elissa’s good side this week.

Amanda wants to punch Ginamarie “so hard with brass knuckles”.

Ginamarie tells Aaryn that McCrae and Amanda “lie to everyone”. She tells her to keep cool with “Amanda McCrae, otherwise, they’ll throw” her under the bus.

Elissa asks Amanda if they are going to “retaliate” against her next week, and Amanda says “no”.

Amanda tells Elissa that Ginamarie and Elissa look like they are working together.

Elissa says that she saw an evil side to Amanda, and she really wants Amanda to go home after going into the DR to share with us. After seeing what happened between her and Helen last day..

Elissa tells Judd about wanting to get out Amanda, to back-door her, and he agrees readily.

And now Aaryn and Elissa are talking. Aaryn is a little freaked out, but goes up.

Elissa tells Aaryn that they “seriously need to work together”. She said that she didn’t see the”big picture” when she elected Helen to go home, and Aaryn says that she understands that. Elissa tells her that Amanda leaving is supposed to happen, or something.

Aaryn says that she will pick Judd if she pulls HG’s Choice for Veto.

Commercial break


Aaryn, Elissa, McCrae, Amanda, Ginamarie, JUDD (HG Choice) YAAY

Amanda questions Aaryn’s choice on Judd. “Why not pick Andy?”

Elissa says that she is going to be in “Veto Comp overdrive”.

Amanda is pissed off at Aaryn, and Amanda doesn’t think that it’s the best move, why not choose an alliance member, or something.

Ginamarie tells Aaryn to not let Amanda get into her head.

Aaryn tells Elissa about her choice, and Elissa tells her that she is using Aaryn to make all of her decisions. Elissa tells Aaryn that she not going home this week.

Ginamarie tells Elissa that “Amanda is the female version of Jeremy”, lol.

Amanda tells Spencer, McCrae, and Judd, that Elissa and Ginamarie are “100% working together”. Amanda calls them out on it, because every single that that she walks by, they stop talking.

Ginamarie and Amanda are arguing with each other.

Elissa tells Ginamarie to stop.

McCrae is telling her to “chill out”, and Amanda says that it was “not a good decision” to do that.

McCrae wants her to do some damage control with Elissa.

Amanda tells Elissa that Ginamarie talks about her even more than Aaryn.

Elissa tells Amanda that she hasn’t thought about it.

Amanda tells her Amanda that she needs to know if she could be a potential person on the block.

Elissa laughs hard, and Amanda asks her why she is laughing, and Elissa said that she had such a good relationship with everyone (like, why should she be worried, or whatever?).

Amanda is now crying and Elissa started to laugh but is now listening. Amanda tells her that she has always had her back, and Elissa said that she had such a good relaitonship with everyone.

Commercial break


McCrae: “I finally understand why you’re always wearing shorts. Because Amanda wears the pants” lol Ginamarie thought that it was so funny.

Ginamarie: Nick since first meeting has felt swept away in a fatal attraction

Andy: Ghost in BB House? It has a high-pitched wail, pasty white, loves to float, that’s Andy.

Aaryn: Acting mean and nasty in the beginning of the game, but it disagrees. That wasn’t acting!

Amanda: Don’t worry, you can visit McCrae using your giant tramp stamp, mail yourself to Minnesota.

Elissa: Like to impersonate the Zingbot, much better at being a cheap imitation of your sister.

No Judd?! Aw


The baby Zingbot is one year old so CUTE AWH

Energy charger, throw the ball, and catch it.

Every time you catch it and crosses the line or something, you score a point. Reach 250 power units to win the POV.

If it drops, you have to start all over again.

McCrae, Elissa, Aaryn, and Ginamarie went to zero,

Amanda is winning so far

Judd is dizzy right now. And he drops the ball :/

I have a feeling that Amanda is gonna win.

Yep, Amanda won

Andy does not want to be the next person on the block



Commercial break

Amanda hopes that Elissa will put up Ginamarie. Andy feels like he is going to be the replacement nominee.

Judd thought that Amanda was never going to win. Elissa says that she is going to go home now, because everyone who goes against Amanda “goes home”. She “hates her”.

Elissa calls Amanda the “grossest person in the world”.

Judd asks about Andy, and Elissa says that Andy is so annoying and “drives her insane”.

She wants to make sure that her nomination is going to effect the “McCranda” alliance.

Elissa is telling them that they were “throwing the comp”, and Amanda goes and goes off on her, saying that her and the Zingbot are “both made out of plastic”.

Amanda is going to “torture” her and then Andy is going to console her, or whatever.

“The Elissa Show”, and Amanda is now bullying and tormenting Elissa, and everyone can hear her from the outside.

and Elissa is now like, “is this real”?

Judd says that how she is acting shows that she is a “vile person”, and it shows what kind of a person that she is. and now Amanda says that she cannot wait to send her home next week.

Ginamarie says talking to Amanda is like “talking to a wall”. Ginamarie says that Amanda is just making “herself look stupid”. Amanda is now saying that it’s not nice to isolate herself. and now she is knocking on her door.

Elissa says that her intimidation is not going to work on her, and she doesn’t like bullies, and thinks that she is “psychotic”, I think.

Commercial break

Amanda now tells the others outside that “she won’t come out”. Andy goes up to talk to her.

Elissa says “thank-you” for coming up to talk to her. Elissa says that she is crazy.


Amanda tells Elissa that no-one comes between her and HER man, like what Rachel would say. Elissa tells Amanda that Rachel would be not impressed that she used that line and people laugh lol woo!

Here is Rachel’s response on Twitter:



and Aaryn is happy, I think

Amanda says to Elissa, “sit down, tra_h”. :O HOW RUDE. Amanda is just a flipping bully, so, please, just STOP BULLYING EVERYONE AND TAKE A LOOK AT HOW YOU TREAT EVERYONE, WOULD YAH? THANKS.

Andy says that she is not going home.

Thanks for reading this, you guys! Amanda is mean and a big bully.

Go Elissa! (Elissa says that she knows that Aaryn and Andy have been working with Amanda, so now either Alliance member can home. 3AM is officially done.)

– Louise


P.P.S. This is my 111th Post! I just wanted to say that, because triple-same-number digits! Woo!

BB15: Episode 21 [SPOILERS]

14 Aug

Hello! How are you all?


Let’s begin!

Andy said that Jessie has gone after his allies, and her being on the block next to Spencer will ensure her to go home.

Jessie says that Andy should put up Amanda (like the rest of America says).

Amanda says that Jessie “HAS to go home”.

Helen is really disappointed in Andy’s choices, and she wants to know if he’s with her, or McCranda.

Andy and Spencer are talking 😮

Andy is telling Spencer that he is “fine”. “Don’t worry”.

Spencer doesn’t trust anyone in the house at all.

Andy and Jessie are talking. He is telling Jessie that she is not a target for him. and she’s relieved. Andy feels really terrible about it. He adores her, but for his game, he needs to “blindside” him. Jessie wants to work with him.

He is telling her to keep everything calm.

Amanda and Aaryn are talking. Amanda is telling Aaryn that Jessie needs to go.

Amanda says that they cannot let anyone know anything… they want to do the Final Four deal. “Easy A’s and McCrae” because of the A A A lol what that was McCrae’s idea

Triple “Am’s

Triple A’s and the Mastermind

They are coming up with their alliance name


Helen and Andy are talking. Helen said that he made the “safe move”. She’s worried about Andy, and her “ability to trust him”. He doesn’t want to go there yet. she thinks that Andy’s decision is suspicious? He’s playing both sides of the house, is he going to the 3 A.M.’s side?

Helen and Elissa are talking

She is saying that it’s not a big game move

Did Elissa dye her hair?

Helen is saying that he’s palying “really safe”

Elissa asked Helen if he should backdoor Helen and McCrae

She says that Andy isn’t up to it

She doesn’t know if she’s loyal to them or the 3AM’s

They’re saying that they’re screwed if Andy is playing with them

Andy is telling Amanda and McCrae that Helen wants to get rid of big targets. Amanda assumes that it means her and McCrae. Amanda is wondering about Helen’s loyalty, like she wouldn’t put up her own alliance members, right?

There is vacuuming happening in the house right now, can’t hear much at the moment!

Commercial break

McCrae is making a fake alliance with Helen.

McCrae is saying that it’s Helen’s game at the end

He is saying that Amanda has a relation to every person in the house, and she feels that she won’t win against Amanda in the end

McCrae wants it to be between him and her at the Final Two? He wants to make a deal with her and Andy. They’ve been playing “similar games”. What about Elissa?

Helen would be really “open-minded” for that.

Helen says that Amanda is the best in the game, and McCrae agrees

Helen is buying this.

VETO Comp!

Jessie says that if Amanda or McCrae win the VETO, she will stay on the block

Andy, Jessie, Spencer, Helen, Elissa (yaay), and Amanda are playing in the Veto !

McCrae is the host, he jumps around, and Amanda is like “So embarrassing”

Aaryn’s eyebrows…

Andy and Helen are talking, along with McCrae

Helen is telling Andy that he her and McCrae can’t beat Amanda

Andy says that Helen is “buying everything, hook, line, and sinker”

McCrae says that she’s weak at the competitions, and he can take her out then.

Amanda enters the room and it was slightly awkward

Elissa has entered!

McCrae says that the counting competition hasn’t happened yet, Helen says that she’s strong in numbers. Amanda says that Helen should win, and everyone else folds, if it’s the number comp. today. He’s a big BB fan.

Andy is now telling Spencer to fold, they want Helen to be against Andy. Spencer is “agreeing”, but he thinks that their idea is silly and he won’t play to their ways, because he’s on the block.

Commercial break

They are to earn three movie tickets

Write down the correct amount

Lock it in, or fold

If you stay, and it’s the wrong answer, and not closest to the actual answer, you are eliminated


like BB12

Spencer doesn’t trust the house game, and wants to keep himself safe

Counting bats

Helen = 300

Amanda = 479

Jessie 305

Spencer 460

Elissa 248

Andy 177


Helen won and Ginamarie was excited

Amanda says that she would’ve gotten it, and Spencer says, “no, you wouldn’t have”

They are counting brains, now

105 – Helen

57 –

72 –

57 – Spencer

80 – Elissa

70 – Andy

lol everyone folded again.

Elissa would’ve won it if she stayed

Counting coins

Helen – 775

3179 – Amanda

425  Jessie

1550 – Elissa

1014 – Andy

2580 – Spencer

Spencer stays this time

Spencer wins the ticket

Helen is out of the game!

Elissa is a total Math whiz, take the ratio, estimnate the given ratio of how many proporations of the ratio

a lot of Math

Elissa says 977

Andy, Elissa, and Amanda say

Andy wins the movie ticket

Amanda is eliminated

she feels pissed, and doesn’t know if she wants Jessie to go until now

Jessie’s strategy is to guess high

Everyone but Spencer stays

Elissa earns a ticket!

Jessie is eliminated

Spencer, Elissa, and Andy are next.

Commercial break

620 – Spencer

477 -Elissa

714 – Andy

Elissa folded, between Spencer and Andy. lol Elissa should’ve stayed, last round


He’s quite happy about it!

Jessie is really “disappointed” in herself.

Amanda says that Spencer needs to watch his “hairy back” lol what

Helen is thinking if Andy will use the Veto to get rid of a strong player

Andy says that Spencer can trick you

and Jessie is really readable.

Spencer asks Amanda if she’s pissed at him

Spencer says that he is the most stressed out in the Veto

He says that it’s really key to “smooth things over”

Spencer says that he would not have used the Veto, and Amanda is like, “Woah, what”

Andy says that they need to keep an eye on Spencer

She says that he just put a huge target on his back

Andy and Jessie are talking now.

Jessie is trying to tell him that Spencer and Helen and Elissa and her will be so appreciative if she stays, and put up Amanda or McCrae.

Helen and McCrae are talking

McCrae says that Amanda should go home before the Final 4, and he sees to see Helen getting out before that

Amanda asks McCrae if there is anything new

and she asks him what is new

Amanda doesn’t respond (commercial break)

Commercial break

Amanda and Aaryn are talking

and McCrae has joined

they always crawl into the bed

and now Andy is going inside the HoH room, too

Amanda says that Helen should go home

Andy doesn’t know what to do

They are on-board with Helen leaving


Jessie would love it if he used it on her

Spencer would love it if he used it on him

he says that Andy hasn’t done anything intelligent this week, and he isn’t expecting it

and I’m like, “uhm, Spencer, you’re on the block”

McCrae, I think, said, “Did that just happen?” lol

Andy is not using the power of VETO!


Andy says that Spencer needs to check his jokes because he’s walking on a very thin line

Jessie is not giving up

Helen wants to find the opportunity to get out Amanda

Next week, they want to get rid of Helen, or Spencer… “depends how I feel like” Amanda it is not your decision…

Thanks for reading! I’m sorry that it’s scrambled.

– Louise

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BB15: Episode 9! [SPOILERS COMING YOUR WAY] + Happy Birthday!

17 Jul

Hey, everybody! How are you all doing?

It’s my sister’s birthday today. The “Sweet As Whole” one? Mm-hmm, happy birthday to her! I hope that she is having a good time eating dinner right now, yaay

the cake she chose was alright, a lemon raspberry 😮

I hope that her day goes great.

and NOW!

It’s BB time!

I wonder who the MVP is!

Helen has a bigger threat in mind!

Kaitlyn thinks that it’s awkward that she’s up on the block!

Jeremy and Katilyn think that Jeremy is going to be the MVP

Oops, nevermind. Jeremy thinks that if Elissa gets it, she’ll put him up. Which is more than likely.

(Sorry that I’m typing slow, my sister is practising slings on me)

Helen is discussing who should be the third nominee with her side of the house. She told McCrae and Amanda that they need Jeremy up. They want to backdoor him.

Amanda wants to backdoor Jeremy. She thinks the second biggest threat in the house is Howard. McCrae comfirms that Howard was IN the MC.

Helen wants to talk to Spencer to see if he’ll tell her the truth about everything that he has done.

Spencer is spilling the beans to Helen about the MC.

Helen thinks that she looks like an idiot in-front of America because she trusted Howard?

She says that when she cries, her boys do things her way, so she’s using the waterworks on the boys lol

Spencer is telling Howard that Helen knows everything. “She knows that you lied” Spencer to Howard. “Her feelings are hurt”

Howard doesn’t know if he can fix this, now! He’s lied to her again.




Elissa wants to put up Howard. She thinks that it’s lame to put him up.

Amanda and McCrae are telling her to put up Howard, so she left the room and she felt frustrated.

Howard has entered Helen’s HoH Room!

Howard is saying that he was a part of MC, and that he was “extremely loyal”. He said that [Jeremy] was a “bully”, and he apologized for that, and “learned with the wrong people”.

He doesn’t people to be “bullied no more” and he is with them now.

Helen is crying again.

Elissa wants to talk to Elissa by herself.

Helen thanks Howard for telling her the truth.

Elissa and Helen are like best friends. “This is both of ours HoH”- Helen

Helen wants to backdoor Jeremy

“The only way Jeremy wins… the chip comes out Jeremy and he wins” – Helen

Elissa doesn’t know who to nominate… Howard or Spencer?

They now have Amanda and McCrae in the room, and Andy

Elissa has put up all the strong guys, and thinks that all of the boys will be gunning for her.

Elissa doesn’t like Amanda and McCrae’s “agenda”. She doesn’t like that they’re “villianizing” Howard.

Amanda thinks that Howard is a big threat to her and McCrae.

“You can’t ask me to do something that I’m not comfortable with” – Elissa

Amanda is really, really, REALLY wants Howard up. “He will ruin our game”

She thinks that Spencer is not a physical or mental(?) threat.

Amanda is angry about this,

and Elissa has to think of what is better for her own game, and she feels like she’s under a whole lot of pressure.

Commercial break

and Elissa nominated for the third nominee… Spencer!

“Aapparently Howard did a better job than I did” – Spencer on smoothing things over with Helen and Elissa on the MC

She wanted to put up Spencer because she wasn’t comfortable with the pressure that Amanda had put her under

Ginamarie is playing!

Jeremy thinks that the whole house is backdooring him

Candice is playing!




Spencer now knows that they’re going after Jeremy and not him!

Jeremy thinks that he’s gonna get backdoored!

Aaryn thinks that they could shift the power

Kaitlyn is telling Ginamarie that she doesn’t want Jeremy to go home. She doesn’t know whether to use the Veto on herself, or on Aaryn. Kaitlyn doesn’t want Jeremy to be backdoored. Aaryn and Kaitlyn are her friends, and she doesn’t know what to do. Aaryn might be pissed at her if she doesn’t use the Veto…

Commercial break

Kaitlyn is talking to Amanda now…

“If you don’t take yourself off the block, you’re gonna be going home” – Amanda

Aaryn is less of a threat, apparently. Amanda is telling her to play for herself.

Veto Comp!

They have to peek over the wall and look at the artwork and hang it on the wall to match it to the Jone’s(?) in the shortest amount of time to win the Veto. Each competitor individually goes up. They have to jump on a trampoline, and they’re famous people, the “Helen Lisa” lol, “Jeremy” as George Washington “Jeremy as president would really suck” lol Candice (Candice is first).

She had the Angel’s mixed up, and the wrong heads on the wrong body.

Second try, and she’s done!

Aaryn is up now!

First try, she didn’t get it right

Second try, no

Third, no

“The whole thing” is pissing her off, she wants to rip off all of the Jone’s off the walls!

Fourth, no

Fifth, yes!

Ginamarie is next!

“I see some guy on the wall with arms… IT’S NICK it gives me so much drive and inspiration!” LOL “Can I get that picture in wallet size?”

First- no

Second- yes!

Spencer is next.

First try, no

Second(?), yes

He wants that picture of him in the frame, lol

Kaitlyn is next

First, no

Two, no

Third, no

Fourth, yes

and Helen is up!

First, no

Second (?), yes


Candice- 8:46

Ginamarie- 8:56

Spencer- 12:19

Aaryn- 9:50

Kaitlin (I found that I spelt her name wrong the whole time, oops, sorry! This is awkward… I’m sorry!)- 7:09 wow 😮

Helen- 8:55 Woah, Kaitlin won the PoV!

Will she take herself off, and risk them sending her home? She doesn’t know what she’s gonna do

“It’s like he has nine lives” – Helen on Jeremy

Commercial break

Jeremy is impressed with Kaitlin, and he just wants to make love to her right now

He doesn’t want to get backdoored…

… Kaitlin wants Howard to go home, she thinks that he’s sketchy as heck.

Kaitlin is talking to Helen now in the HoH room with Andy

Helen thinks that if she doesn’t put up Howard, the rest of the house that she will be gunned after

She says that Jeremy hurt her feelings

“He would owe you everything” – Kaitlin, on keeping him in the house

Kaitlin got sick to her stomach because she knew that there was no way to keep him

“I’m walking out of here with my head held high” – Jeremy

She doesn’t want to be in the house without Jeremy

She is now thinking to not use the Veto, and she thinks that Spencer and Aaryn could be bigger threats than her.

Commercial break


She’s using the Veto on herself.


Meeting is adjourned.

She wants to campaign to keep Jeremy.

Aaryn says that Jeremy is “really good at talking his way out of things”.

Jeremy laughs in the face of danger

Jeremy, Aaryn, or Spencer? Who do YOU guys want out?

This is a toughie… Jeremy is a physical competitor, a big threat… Aaryn is a racist and is really rude… and Spencer is just Spencer, I’m like 99.9% no-one will vote for him. But maybe it’d be better to get a big threat out of the house out before Aaryn… but I don’t want Aaryn to escape the Block and slowly manoeuvre (did I even spell that right?) her way to the Jury House… GAH HARD DECISION

What are your guy’s opinions, thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

– Louise

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