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BB17 – Episode 21 [UPDATE COMPLETE]

9 Aug


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Shelli would target James if she won

Steve does not want Becky to win the comp because they have not made a good connection; he thinks she may see him as a threat

Liz is scared because her and Julia are the next power couple.

Austin thinks coming back up the ramp is difficult, he sees Liz falling and hope that she’s falling hard for him

Becky is winning so far, Julia behind

James “I think I saw a turtle pass you”

Meg “I seem to be the grandma in this competition”

James “Meg looks like an eighty-year old grandma who just got hip surgery and doesn’t wanna fall”

John says this is the most important HoH for him, he went from a floater, under the radar, then a big target. five hours before the eviction, James said it wasn’t fair to give the game up for love, talking with John.

John and Clay talking. John said he will send him home, but it’s not best for his game. Clay asks why, and John said that he thinks that Vanessa is getting to Shelli’s head, he has observed her and said that everytime something blew up, she was involved. Clay said that she has been kind of sketchy lately. Clay feels loyalty towards Vanessa, wants her to talk to John, Clay says John thinks that he is the next target for Vanessa (talking with her now), said James told him

Vanessa confronts James and asks him if he has a problem, asking about the getting into Shelli’s head and James says that he did not say it, swears on his little girl, Vanessa wonders who is lying, James said he would lie to her, Vanessa tells him that Clay said that

James talking to Clay, Clay tells him to shut up, Vanessa talking with Vanessa, she asks him if James told him if Vanessa was gunning after him, he says no, Clay and James are about to have a fight, “don’t come at me like that again” – Clay, Meg telling them to calm down, Vanessa approaches saying that she heard that he had told John that he was gunning after her and getting into Shelli’s head, John said that he came up with the theory of her gunning after him, Vanessa said that Clay said that, John said that he did not, she’s saying that it’s not possible, Vanessa said it seems like he’s lying (Clay), John said that “water-falls falling down her face, nothing new, sixth time this has happened”Vanessa telling Shelli, Shelli laughs saying that Clay would not do that, Vanessa still freaking out

John telling Clay that he did not tell anyone anything, did not tell James anything, Clay said that there was just a very big misunderstanding. John saying that Vanessa threw their names under the bus, it sent Audrey, Jeff, Jason, and one of them home. Clay said he’s going home. John said she’s good, she’s gonna take everyone out, Shelli said, “Proceed with caution”

back to HoH Comp, John wants to take out Vanessa


Shelli hoping that her or Julia wins

Meg is playing against Austin to see who is the slowest

James knows that Shelli would be put him up

Becky almost done, Shelli wants to win for Clay

Becky gets the Never-Not, the $5000, and the HoH! wow !

Becky ready to take out a big fish, Steve is really nervous, feels like he is a big target to her

Shelli doesn’t know the side Becky’s on


Shelli doesn’t see Clay in the bed, sees his black and white picture, feels completely alone for the first time in the game, she’s a big target, says the game sucks for her right now, Meg is hugging her right now, Meg says it’s so annoying in the DR

Becky feels like she trusts Jackie and James and Meg more right now.

Shelli says she’s never been a guy who has cried over a guy. Liz or Julia? said she cried, too. Wondering how far Texas and Georgia are from each other, New York and somewhere else, they’d have a place to stay with Meg

Liz says she’s seeing white, Austin gets her a water, Liz feels like her and her sister will be good, and thinks that Vanessa will go up, is scary because she’s like the men of the alliance

John and Steve talking, John telling him not to worry, John says he will bring up Vanessa’s name, Steve is really close with John and Vanessa, not comfortable with the two fighting, Steve doesn’t want to take Vanessa to the end, Steve wants John to promise him that if he and Becky are in Jury, he has to go for it with Vanessa? “Game first”, hands shake

Becky’s HoH room, her best friend Lindsey, James said he has a good looking two-piece ahah, she has a healthy basket with fruit and vegetables, kale, brussel sprouts, lettuce, James would rather eat slop

Shelli asking Vanessa who Becky will put up, she thinks Steve, Shelli saying she has ran the house for four weeks, and now it’s their turn

Vanessa said she’s not necessarily with them, Vanessa said as long as her or Shelli aren’t on the block together, it’ll be fine

Vanessa just put spray disinfectant on LOL INSTEAD OF HAIRSPRAY

Becky wants to put up Shelli and Steve. It’s not gonna be Shelli, though, it’s gonna be Vanessa. Tell them that Shelli has got to go, tells them that Vanessa has sent people people and has pissed many people off, Jackie feels safer with Shelli and Vanessa, James thinks Vanessa is a snake, Becky says they must not say the “V” word (Vanessa), and no-one should flip, Becky works Black Friday, knows how to deal with Vanessa, if people say “V” then she will figure it out like a snake in water ?


Steve is eating, he spaces out a lot, his head becomes detached, he dances, he talks to himself, does some strange things that he doesn’t understand, he is a strange person, he is feeling a cucumber, drinking like mouth wash, put a nut in a vase

Becky and Shelli talking, Shelli wants to know where they are, Becky says that she is safe, says that Vanessa is the target, hopes that Shelli will have the trust, Shelli said she will not throw her under the bus, but Becky said that she has, says that Vanessa must be a back door, tells her that it will be her and Steve, says everything makes perfect sense, if things don’t work, then Shelli would probably go home, Becky tells her to be pissed at her and cry

Vanessa and Austin and Becky in HoH room, says her best target would be Shelli, would put John up if Shelli or Steve go off, Vanessa says she is very isolated at this point, would like to make a deal with her, Becky said that she is DONE with deals, DONE with alliances, she doesn’t want to hear those words in her life

Becky can see right through Vanessa, her words mean nothing to her, Becky said she is organic, short-term here is an action plan, she does not want a deal or an alliance, doesn’t like it #BasicBecky

Vanessa asking her to not tell Shelli that she knows

Vanessa thinks that she is a target of hers “in some fashion”


John and Becky are hugging, she asks him if he is happy about staying in the house, Becky tells him that she will put up Shelli and Steve, wants to backdoor Vanessa, she f——- hates her, John says since Week 1 has not liked her, tells him how Vanessa told him about her word, she does not trust it, blows up people’s game, says she wants Vanessa out more than anyone else

Nom Ceremony

Becky nominates Shelli and Steve, tells Steve to gets his hands dirty, he is a superfan, that he needs to be social

Shelli wants to win the Veto just in-case, doesn’t want to go on Jury because Clay isn’t waiting on her

Steve doesn’t like that she broadcasted his game? and is gunning after her

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BB17 – Episode 9 [SPOILERS]

12 Jul



Austin on being an HoH – “with great power comes Judas” Judas has other targets other than Audrey this week

Audrey thinks Vanessa is a wild-card because of bad blood, wouldn’t be surprised if on her radar

Vanessa’s closest ally is Austin

before, fifteen hours before the comp, Liz is talking with Vanessa and confirming that she does indeed have a twin, Vanessa is really excited, Liz telling Vanessa that she’s Julia, she’s another “J” lol

Vanessa says she’ll protect her, one sleeps more than the other, one is goofier and flirtier, needs to eat more, is skinny, and Julia likes “I know!” and they’re discussing bringing Shelli into an alliance

Vanessa talking with Clay and Shelli, telling them that they have a twin, “can’t wait to talk to Juliz” – Shelli lol

they want to be a part of the thing, so they’re all talking with each ther. telling them that they need to survive five weeks, Clay telling Julia that he’ll try ot keep her safe, they’re soroity sisters “Zeta”

Vanessa talking with Austin lol about the twin thing and he’s like “what? a twin?” and he’s like, “is that true? why does it matter if she’s a twin?” lol “everyone will evict her” – Vanessa. “have they switched already?” lol Vanessa is like “they switch every three days”


Austin felt that he and Liz had a good connection and that she disappeared sometimes and now he knows lol

eight hours before eviction, Austin talking with Shelli and Clay lol Clay was like “YOU DIDN’T KNOW?!” Clay thinks that he’s just doing binge-press all the way

The Twin Twist could establish a six-person alliance !

Day 22 (current day), the best scenario for the twins, feels safe, Vanessa excited for people to see her girlfriend

Meg wants Audrey to be on the block, Jason thinks he’ll be an easy person to go up, Jeff and James join the conversation and talking about who Austin will put up and Jeff is like “Austin? I thought that it was Vanessa” and the other three are like, “… there’s two of them” LOL JEFF OH MY GOODNESS

“There’s two HoH’s buddy” “I don’t know!” – Jeff

Clay asking Julia when they’re switching and she says tonight, gonna tell Liz to talk to all of them

Julia asking Austin, if he knew, and he said that there was something different with the connections, says she fooled him

James says that Austin will put up a pawn if he wants her to go home, knows it won’t be Liz, Vanessa, must be one of them, he’s shaking in his boots

Vanessa talking with Austin, saying that they have a great position, that they have a 90% chance to be in the Top 6, wants her to do the Math because he doesn’t want to, Austin thinks that he’ll be the next biggest target after Audrey, Vanessa thinks that Jeff is a big target, says he’s very sociable, Vanessa can’t stand James, doesn’t like him, Vanessa thinks that it’ll be best for her to be in the power, to be the remaining HoH, Austin says he’ll try to stay buddy-buddy with Jeff.

Commercial break

HoH room! we see Austin’s brother and Dad, Triscuits, Clay Aiken lol, touches something deep inside of Austin but he likes it lol, Vanessa’s girlfriend, and her dog !

Liz and Julia switching now, and Julia telling Liz that she told Vanessa and Austin and Clay and Shelli, Julia literally loves Shelli, Julia telling Liz that she needs to lose weight and that she, herself, needs to gain weight

telling her to stay away from Jason, James, Jeff, telling her Vanessa and Austin will tell her everything

Liz is on Cloud 10 that her two besties are HoH

Clay walks in, asking her if she’s Liz, and he gets all excited, they’re giving them all their word, this is damage control week, “no more gummy words” because she needs to be skinnier

Shelli walks in and is so excited, notices the difference in the voice, Julia has fake teeth?

the alliance will be called “Sixth Sense” lol

Commercial break

Steve and Clay talking about the hammock, Steve surprised by how much it moves lol and they just fell into the hammock and off it

Jackie swears that there’s only one Liz, John said that it looked like she got a crown on number nine, on like the first few days, says that there’s a different smile on both of them, he wants to take a closer look at the two of them, Jeff is like so there’s only one and everyone is like… uhum… no, two

they all intrude now, John “taking pictures” with his hands, she’s not having it, she’s onto Jeff, says he’s acting weird, “mcshadesters”, John couldn’t get close enough, but convinced that there’s something different f

Jeff bringing up an identical twin with Austin lol and he acts shocked, saying thata they could use it to their advantage. Jeff thinks that one has a crush on him and the other doesn’t lol and Jeff is like YES, one that doesn’t has a crush on him has it on him, telling Austin about the crown on the tooth that John noticed and Austin is like WHAT

Austin says that this is making Jeff a bigger target because he has to keep Liz safe at all costs

Austin thinks that they should backdoor James or Jeff… “frontdoor” lol Vanessa wants them to put up someone that could throw the competition, on her side, and the other one off the block, and two other pawnish people on the other side that could win the comp, John for Vanessa but Liz says he’s been up every time, says that Meg should go up on Austin’s side, Vanessa wants to offer him protection, talking to John now, wants him to throw the comp, offers no backdoor, vote for eviction, one week into Jury, John is like the block veteran “let’s go”, he’s okay with it, he’s just gotta do it

Commercial break

NOM Ceremony

Austin – Meg, Jason, says there’s a “bigger design”

Vanessa – James, John

Jason is upset that he’s next to “princess pretty pawn”, he’s pissed

John is pissed because he wasn’t the first picture up in the nom lol

James says it’s a bad situation, doesn’t want to campaign against Johnny-Mac

Meg is so pissed, accidentally hit Clay, Jason telling her that she’ll be okay

Austin talking with Meg and Jason, telling them the target is Audrey, telling them that Vanessa agrees, telling them that they hope they’ll wait, the most feminine weaklings, says they’d do better “cooking a fruitata” lol Meg

Jason doesn’t trust anyone with a pen–

James says that he and John could be a good team, he’s gonna try to screw up the comp in the DR says he’s good but doesn’t know what he’s good at (James doesn’t know)

Commercial break

There’s a foam party happening, Battle of the Block comp ! they need ten party people in the V.I.P. section, have to find one item in the lost and found and return it to the correct party-goer in the foam, bring them to V.I.P.

hidden in the foam is a maze,so, might be hard

Meg is starving to win the comp

James found a person, Jason really lost, ran into a wall, but made it out, one partier each per team right now

John says yah can’t breathe through the foam, Austin seeing that he’s throwing it, finds a person, brings back, now 2-1

only pattern Jason knows is camo, Meg finds guy with a murse, good to go

2-2 now !

Jason is “a deer in headlights right now”

Jason and Meg communicating well, he is used to pulling men out lol

John thinks that James is throwing the comp lol, lack of skill is throwing comp for him John finds himself in another comp like that (like, Da’vonne)

Jason says that they’re killing the comp, John wants them to do it, so he doesn’t need to do anything

Meg and Jason won ! Vanessa stays HoH !

Austin splashed with foam !

James bummed that he lost, hoping that Audrey is still comp

John says that he’s getting good at this, but might come after those making him do it


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