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Short, but Still Posting for Today!

4 Sep

“Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money.Jules Renard”

Hey guys! πŸ™‚ Louise here.

Soo today I had school, but not official school, noo, that’s tomorrow.

( Sorry if I gave you the wrong idea or anything D: )

I left the house at like 11:AM and met up and walked with three of my friends; and got there at a nice time with some time to hang around, meet some new people and chat up with old, give big hugs and get really nice compliments (I’ll get to that, later)!

Soo all the things started at 12:PM for the Gr. 11’s and 12’s, and at 12:PM we got our PHOTOS TAKEN! :O :O :O Y’know, for our stuffs.

aand I had my hair like a waterfall braid, slightly curly from putting my hair up into two buns (my sisters made fun of me looking like that, but oh wells, the end result was very pretty), and I then there was a little side braid just hanging Β from the right side of my head.

It looked nice, but I wanted to secretly take out the side braid :-B

I also wore a nice Rayon-fabric Grey MS10 Cardigan that I got from Ross (ha, ha) and I thought it was a very pretty cardigan. πŸ™‚

Anywhoos, my friends gave me some really nice compliments, and I don’t get those often, so it was really nice to hear and I was very happy :’)

And then we went to Homeroom after that, some people got switched around so one of my friends got switched out and into a different Homeroom ( made me sad 😦 ), and got our Planners.

After that, it was a 11/12 Assembly and then we hadta leave near the end because the principal wanted to talk to the Gr. 12’s in private so we left :-B

OH I met this German exchange student; his name is Mike :O He seems very friendly and he’s in my Art class! πŸ™‚ COOL!

That’s all for today, I loved seeing everybody again, even the people that I don’t really like, but school is officially beginning tomorrow and I’m a bit nervous and excited and happy and curious as to how these classes will turn out! πŸ™‚


Thanks again for everything! :’)

– Louise =]

P.S. As for posting on my thereadsoflouise Blog (the other Main Blog), I don’t think I will today because I’m tired of posting “Editing later!” or whatever, I feel like it’s some lame excuse so I’m not gonna do that today.

I really want to read a new book, and rate that one and Review it, because I’d like to finish so many books.

So until then, I’ll Review later! (<– wow, how ironic…)