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19 Aug


I was attending a friend’s birthday dinner today and I have missed the first half-hour of the show. I will update it tomorrow, though, no worries! currently writing from where I turned on the T.V. 🙂

Otev Veto; Liz wins the VETO, apparently Austin was going to get a make-out from Liz if he won, Meg was the third-last to go out, so it was between Austin and Liz

Becky loses the VETO comp, and so does John, John just wants to lay low now


“Is that the winner winner chicken dinner?” – Vanessa to Liz

Liz thinks that Becky is more of a threat to her

Liz thinks that Vanessa is very insecure, “Audrey #2”

Austin thinks that Vanessa is too paranoid, doesn’t think that she’s as trustworthy

Liz and Austin talking of how paranoid she is, all the questions she’s asking, thinks that Vanessa will put Austin up

Meg fell and hit her head and smacked it hard during the VETO Comp

John says it’s looking good for him because there are bigger targets than him in the house

Austin says the connection is growing that they’re cuddling and making fun, now making out and then a stop “that’s it second make-out sessions is up”

Julia asking Liz what she has on her neck, it’s a hickey, she hasn’t had one on her neck since middle-school

“He’s not the kind of guy you bring home to Mom and Dad” – Liz

Steve is underneath Vanessa’s hammock, Vanessa crying saying she has no-one in the house, feeling super lonely, Steve had no idea that she felt that way, he suggested to put on his clothes and play chess, Liz walks in and Steve goes to put on clothes, Vanessa says she feels so lonely, Liz said she’s always plying the victim, she’s taking it with a grain of salt, she’s sick of the show

Liz in HoH room and talking to Austin, tells him how Vanessa thought that Austin was mad at her or something, it scares her that she could flip on Austin, thinks she could take him out if she remains in the game one week later, wants to put her up on the block so she can go cry in Jury


John says the black chairs are uncomfortable, blue are better, and he doesn’t want to talk to Julie on Thursday

Liz doesn’t use the Veto.

Vanessa bigger target than her and her sister so better for the twins for her to stay

Becky going to be strategic. John said that they were the first two to be nominated in the BB, and now the journey will end

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BB15: Episode 24 [SPOILERS]

21 Aug

Hello, everyone! How are you all doing? I hope that you’re all doing well!

It’s BB Night!

Aaryn speech was very “strategic”. She wants Helen to think that her power-duo is Ginamarie.

Apparently, Elissa is the pawn, and Helen is the one that should go home this week.

Helen says that her and Elissa won’t turn against each other, she’s gonna tell Elissa to push hard.

Helen thinks that Spencer would go up with one of them won the VETO.

Helen and Andy are now talking [cabana room]. Helen told Elissa “no ore mistakes”. Andy doesn’t want to lose Elissa or Helen, and he’s crying. He says that the moment is really “heart-breaking” for him, and he has to lie to her in-order to save his alliance.

Helen says that it’s critical that Spencer goes home. Andy says that he will see what he can do.

Amanda and McCrae are making out when Elissa enters the room. She is now lying on one of the beds. Amanda says that they were just “making out”, and Elissa is like “Yeah…”

Elissa says that she feels that Helen is blaming her for going up, and Amanda agrees with her (of course). And Amanda tells Elissa about Helen crying the other day. Elissa said that if Helen threw her under the bus, Elissa thinks: 1.) Amanda is super-manipulative, 2.) or if Helen actually threw her out of the bus, then she will be very “nervous” because if Helen isn’t there, then she’s her only person.

Andy tells Spencer that Helen is fighting for him to go home. And Andy tells him to win the Veto if he gets picked to play.


Playing: Aaryn, Helen, Elissa, Ginamarie (lol so happy, Aaryn drew that), Spencer (Helen drew that), HG choice (Elissa drew this); Andy (lol Andy didn’t want to be picked).

Elissa doesn’t think that she has a good option, but to win.

Helen asks Andy if Ginamarie will use it, and then she asks him to be honest, if anyone wants her to go home, and Andy says “no”.

Andy is now heading upstairs to talk to people about it.

Amanda says that the Veto is so important. Aaryn is also in the room, and Andy. Andy says that this is the one week where he didn’t want to play in the Veto, and that he doesn’t want to win it. If Andy wins it, Helen will be mad at him, and if he throws it, everyone will be upset.

Commercial break 


OTEV , the Broken-Hearted Beaver, is crying

like in BB12, the clam? I think?

He will recite love letters. and they have to find who it was addressed to.

the first one is Jeremy.

Helen finds it first. Elissa (second) also scans other love letters for future rounds!

Aaryn (third)

Spencer (third)

Andy (fourth)

Ginamarie is still hunting, and then finds it

Ginamarie just wanted to hear a Nick rhyme

the next one is “Grizzly-bear shirt” JUDDDD JUDD JUDD

“Superwoman Elissa” takes the last stop!

lol Elissa submerges through the water lol and beats Helen to the chase

Amanda is secretly celebrating

the third is Candice

Andy is going really slow

Helen “can’t watch this”

lol Elissa beats him to the chase, and Elissa is the “gigantic football player who tackles [him] out of the way” lol Andy feels like a “wimpy girl”

“Elissa Enzo-ed me” lol Andy

the fourth is Howard (chisled through stone)

Elissa barges her way through!

Elissa is first!

Aaryn is the last

The fifth

Elissa vrs. Spencer

Jessie is the fifth!





Helen is so happy! and proud!

“I guess I’m good in the mud” – Elissa lol

Commercial break

Elissa is super pumped that her and Helen could be saved this week! Helen says that this Veto was the hardest of all. Elissa says that she can’t be safe unless Spencer is up. and Helen says that she will make sure that Spencer goes up.

Helen says that Andy isn’t fighting for her to stay, because he practically threw the Comp.

Elissa is asking Amanda what will happen, and she says that Helen will go home. Amanda says this because she wants another person in her pocket, and she wants Elissa to trust her. Elissa doesn’t like feeling threatened by Amanda, but if she doesn’t listen to her, she will be turned against by the whole house. :/

Elissa wants to warn Helen that she has a strong possibility of going home this week, but she is scared of Amanda gunning for her.

Elissa thinks that Amanda is trying to get her out when Helen asks. Helen knows that it’s obvious that Amanda is trying to get her out. Elissa is trying to say that Helen is the target. and Helen gets it that she is pretty much tight lipped about this because Amanda has threatened her.

Helen goes to talk to Aaryn, and says that Amanda has been trying to get her to pit Aaryn against her, Helen. She says that her, Ginamarie, Aaryn, and Elissa should work together to get Amanda and McCrae out, because they’re like controlling the house. Aaryn says that Amanda has deals with everyone in the house, and same with Andy. Helen tells her about how he played the Veto. and Aaryn thinks that Amanda and McCrae could be playing the whole house. If Helen finds out that Andy has been playing against her, it’ll be the “biggest betrayal”.

Aaryn is getting scared. Helen tells her that the game-changing move is to get Amanda out of the house.

Commercial break

They are now talking about the wine incident with drinking it all, happened Day 10.

Amanda tells them that they should check “people’s mouths”

and Aaryn says that it’s “rude”

and Amanda is now arguing with her

Oooh, Amanda is gonna be in trouble…

… Amanda says that Aaryn is on defensive mode with her

she thinks that she is so much better than Aaryn in the game

Amanda says that when Aaryn drinks, she gets really “feisty”

Aaryn and Andy and Amanda are in the room

Andy wants to self-evict from the game lol if Amanda goes up because everything that he has been working for, will be gone

Aaryn is crying, Amanda doesn’t want to argue anymore, and leaves the room.

She’s talking to Andy.

Aaryn says that Amanda and McCrae will go to the end because they wanted Howard out, he’s gone. and now Helen is up because she’s gone.

Amanda has won nothing in the game, and Aaryn is angry that she thinks that she can act the way that she does. She says that it’s the “Amanda and McCrae” game, not “BB” anymore. Aaryn says that she can put Amanda up, because she’s the HoH, based on the way that she is acting.

(I want Amanda to go, she has becoming more demanding and controlling and ugh so argumentative ALL THE FLIPPING TIME)

Commercial break

aand Aaryn puts Spencer up, since Elissa obviously used it on herself. Aaryn said, that she was being “pushed into a corner” to make that move. Amanda says that Aaryn did “exactly” what she wanted her to do (of course, being Demanda).

Ughh. I hope that Spencer goes home, I’m sorry, but I don’t mind Helen.

Thanks for reading, guys!

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