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BB17 – Episode 24 [SPOILERS]

16 Aug

Hello ,

Meg says that it was a blindside, Jackie going home, Becky doesn’t know why, she wanted to go to the end with her, James doesn’t know why, either

Steve did not want the HoH was in really good shape, was on good sides, Steve says that he just lost BB

Meg and James talking, James feels like they’re fighting the whole house

James doesn’t think that Steve just came up with that, thinks someone might have gotten to his ear

Austin walks in, says he’s sorry, Austin feels like the Sixth Sense has a shift in power with Jackie going home

Meg doesn’t understand, says Steve doesn’t talk with her at-all

Meg says he didn’t even have conversation with Jackie after nominating, Meg doesn’t feel bad for him at-all

Liz (Julia?) hugging Steve, actually both the twins kept him safe, they will keep him safe if they win HoH, they say he shouldn’t feel bad, he’s crying, they say it’s BB, it’s the first HoH, he’s really upset with everything that happened

Steve can’t talk right now, they’re telling him to relax

Steve was 50% ACTING

Meg says she has to keep calm with him, wants to bite his head off

Becky says they need help, there’s only three

John walked in, said if he used the Veto when Steve didn’t want him to, then he could’ve been a replacement nominee or one of the other three

Becky says that Vanessa needs Steve close

Everyone is trying to get Steve to be on their side, they don’t know which side he’s on, they have to be nice to him because he can be a vote

Steve walks in with Becky and Meg, Steve asks Meg if he wants to talk, Steve says that Jackie was the only person who he heard was going to go after him, Meg and Becky say that she never had a thing against him, Becky said it’s easier to have no hard feelings, Becky says it’s a good idea for him for the others to think that they’re mad at him, they want to blow the hatchet, Meg will stop crying to win HoH for revenge for Jackie


HoH Comp

There are emojis, there is Nicole and Jocasta and etc.

Tournament style, there are questions with three possible answers, last player in tournament HoH

James vrs. Meg

Austin vrs. John

Vanessa vrs. Julia

Becky vrs. Liz

Meg wins, John wins, Julia wins, Liz wins

Meg vrs. John

Julia vrs. Liz

John wins, Liz wins

John vrs. Liz


Liz “Did I just pull a Julia?” Liz just won !

James wants them to remember that he never put them on the block

Becky thinks she should be packing now, knows Vanessa will get in her ear

Austin is Liz’s first lady

Becky feels that if Liz made decision herself, they’d be safe, but Vanessa

Becky says Vanessa is a chess-player

Liz tells Steve just to sleep

John walks in to the twins and Vanessa, they all stop talking

Austin used to have dreams of getting lost in sleep, James worst fear is getting lost in the ocean, they’re talking of Titanic “Never let go” “the best movie ever” “you could’ve alternated” “That was kinda greedy of her, they could’ve rotated” LOL

The twins and Austin and Vanessa, thinking Meg and John, then Becky as backdoor, doesn’t want to put up Steve

They say you can make a deals with John, not Meg?

Austin’s Angels is the new alliance

Becky talking with the twins and Austin, saying how fast Vanessa switched sides with Clelli, Vanessa was planning Austin’s demise, Austin feels sick, Liz cannot believe the things about Vanessa, feels sick to her stomach, doesn’t know what to do now


John hits Meg in the head with the ball lol in the back

James says Steve has grown on him, different people, Steve likes books, James like beer, they shower side by side, wearing flowery hats, brishing teeth together, two guys hanging out BROMANCE

Liz wants Vanessa think that she’s good, the twins and Steve and Austin and Vanessa are the Scamper Squad

John asking Vanessa if he’s going on the block, Vanessa tells him that he’s not the main target, she wants to work with him in the future

John thinks he’s going up, Vanessa thinks that he has something against her, Vanessa asking if they’re on the same page, he says yeah, John thinks she’s a bully? John doesn’t like it when she cries and yells, but she’s trying to pull into an alliance, she says he doesn’t have to worry about that

Vanessa reports to twins and Austin in HoH quickly, John walks in and thinks that it looks fishy that she’s up there now, he leaves, Liz doesn’t know what to trust what she’s saying, Vanessa thinks that he’s playing the “dumb” card, says he’s a doctor he knows what’s going on


Nom Ceremony

Becky and John are nominated :((

John coming after Vanessa next week, Liz doesn’t know who the pawn and target is right now


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BB17 – Episode 6 [SPOILERS]

5 Jul

Hello !

A night of BB !

Day 15

Clay trusts Shelli the most

Da’vonne not happy that Shelli and Becky won

Vanessa feels pretty good, knows that Audrey said that she was the head of an all-girl alliance

Vanessa talking to Audrey and Da’vonne, Da’vonne said that she never said that, said “Game on” to Audrey

Da’vonne decides to call a house meeting

Jason is nervous but ready for it

Da’vonne saying that Audrey woke up people to tell them that Vanessa was the head of a girl alliance

Vanessa tells her “f— you”, Jason says she’s pathological, says that she has only been loyal to herself, says she’s overplayed the game, the mistrust is all planted by Audrey apparently, this is all going down in the Have-not room

Vanessa did not want her to be the most hated in the house, but she said a big target is better for everyone

Audrey said that it could’ve been much worse, right now her “back is against the wall”, strategy is to lie down and play dead

Jeff is asking Da’vonne if she can side with Shelli, James says maybe Becky

Da’vonne feels like she could be put on the block

Commercial break

Da’vonne doesn’t want to see their HoH room

There are baby pictures, Clay’s heart melted

Becky got a letter from her sistrs

Shelli got one from parents

Becky and Shelli talking now, Becky says elephant in house is Audrey, Shelli is uncomfortable with her in the house, but personally doesn’t want her to be hurt. Becky doesn’t know her very well. They need four pawns, and want Audrey wants to be a backdoor. Shelli doesn’t want Clay up

Becky telling Jason that Audrey is going home, Jason said he would expect it that he , Becky telling Austin that he’s not the target, Becky says that she likes him, but doesn’t know where he stands in the game, telling John that there needs to be a pawn, Becky talking with Steve now, wants attention to stay on Audrey, Clay talking with Jeff now, telling her not to trust you, says that she won’t go after him, himself, Shelli, and Clay says that Da’vonne could be the next to go, Meg walks in now, talking with them, Audrey walks in now and says that she has no-one, says that she will not target anybody in the room, except the one that started all the trouble, Jeff thinks that she’s using him as a puppet

Shelli telling Clay, says that Becky wants Audrey out, and she says that it’s too easy. Clay telling her that Da’vonne has no f—— trust in her or himself, and she’s on board, Shelli wants her to go home, says she will never put him on the block, Clay wants him to go up on the block with Da’vonne to throw the PoV, Shelli said that John could possibly go up, Clay offers Steve but she says Steve will not go up because he will not throw a comp.

They have John in the room (cabana), John says he wants to keep Becky and Jeff in the room, Shelli saying that they trust him, Clay says that they want him to throw it and he will not go home, he will do everything in his power to keep him in the game even throw his own game to keep his word, John doesn’t want to be the pawn, lol “I don’t even play chess”, Clay and Jeff and Shelli are going to keep their word, hands were shook

Commercial break

Jackie and Liz (or Julia) said that they used to be so afraid to talk to people, Becky said that she got hit by a train last year when she was walking, she had her hood up, right at the corner, there was a van, and her head whipped, the whole front of the train hit her face and landed fifteen feet away, a lip had to be sewn back on, out of week three weeks, full recovery, no surgery, Jason said that she is superhuman, Becky has spent more time with family, started going back to Church, works at same store, said that she’s a “basic b—-“, Jackie wants to work with her

Steve going to sleep in same bed with

Da’vonne kinda wants to be nominated today

Audrey on edge of seat, will never feel completely safe

James feels went from Bel-Air to trailer park

Steve feels like he might be put up by Becky because of “awkward air”

Jason says she could put him up because he put her up

Nomination !

Shelli – John and Da’vonne

Becky – Jason, Steve (BUT STEVEEEEEEEE )

Audrey thinks someone could have secret agenda to backdoor her, Shelli wants her plan to work

Clay says Da’vonne’s biggest threat to his and Shelli’s game

Commercial break

James asking Jason and Da’vonne why Audrey wasn’t up, and they say that they’re the targets

Becky telling Steve and Jason that Audrey is target

Audrey talking with Shelli and Clay now, asks if there’ll be a Plan B if Steve and Jason throw it, Shelli says won’t talk game

Da’vonne asks John, “I can trust you, right?”

Commercial break


“BB Studio”

Shots must match correctly to the ones on screen

“BB Game Props” (?)

the nominees have to wear a shirt and pants connected by each other

Jason and Steve strategy to look at two shots at a time, Da’vonne wants to look at them all, John thinks that it’s the “dumbest strategy”, she is throwing it for him lol, Jason said this is simple, Da’vonne says he isn’t doing anything, just dragging him along, Shelli thinks her master-plan may come together because the strategy is so bad


Jason now trying to save Da’vonne

Becky got powdered in the face

John literally did nothing tot throw it, he is happy

lol. What did yah all think of the episode ?



– Louise


BB17 – Episode 3 [SPOILERS]

28 Jun

Hi, everyone!

Another night of BB!


Da’vonne thinks that it could be $5000 for sitting out the comp. Vanessa bets that it’l lbe something good.

Meg’s glasses are funky !

Jace says that Austin is his male version of Romeo and Juliet; his yin to his yang- #BroCode

“if bro sees another bro that is equally gorgeous, bro is not intimidated by bro”?

Time to see the HoH rooms !

Round sofa, big bed, robes, slippers, two rooms, fish under a table, tub, Jace wants to take over the tub room with girls

Jason and JAMES WOW MESSED UP HIS NAME LAST POST VERY SORRY ABOUT THAT! are now talking with each other in the HoH room.

Jason doesn’t think that dentist guy is a dentist guy, and they are both worried about Steven. They say that Jace has a good social game, and they don’t want to set themselves up for the “worst gameplay ever”.

Jackie is cool with James and Jason (she almost forgot his name)

Jeff and Jackie have a bit of a shaky relationship, she wanted more but… ?

They know that they have a target on their back based on the fact that they have experiences together. so Jeff suggest that they break apart from each other to minimize the target

The guys are coming up with pick-up lines for Liz lol “Are those space pants? ‘Cause your butt is out of this world !”

Phil is now announcing the “Fast Forward” (AR), he’s bringing in the twist BB Fast-forward. Their game will now fast-forward to next week; they can’t be nominated or evicted this week (Da’vonne and Vanessa). They each get one HG with them that can’t be nominated or evicted. Da’vonne is now worried about having to make a choice.

Vanessa is now moving to the hammock room for someone to talk to about her decision. she will pick someone likely to be HoH.

Vanessa is talking to Shelli now, Clay, Audrey- all three are really likeable so won’t be put up ? Feels like her and Austin are a good combination.

Da’vonne won’t put up Shelli and Audrey so it won’t shine on their alliance.

Steven is talking with Da’vonne and saying that James is avoiding him. tells him that he gives off the “Ian” vibe

Da’vonne talking with Liz now, she gives people her word and will keep her safe

now asking if he’s really a dentist

Da’vonne choosing to save Liz

Vanessa choosing Austin, and will choose to be loyal with her as long as no-one else persuades him

Commercial break

Austin and Jace are calling each other on shell phones with puns… #shelltown pop. 2

Austin says that Jace has a big mouth, and a big target, will take fall before him

Clay and Shelli are talking, she was divorced, she feels very safe with him

Da’vonne says that Shelli is making her very nervous, because of Clay, and teSlls this to Audrey

Audrey feels very good with Jason being HoH, they’re bonded by culture, says he wants to go for big targets

“the boy with the hair” is Jace

Audrey doesn’t trust Jace, says that he’s a beast and is an issue

Jason talking with Audrey now, saying that he and James had great conversation, says that Audrey wasn’t mentioned, but Jace was

Audrey says that he was very “obnoxious” during the challenge

Commercial break

Steve wants to work with Da’vonne, she doesn’t think that it’s

HE SAID “Love you, too” when she was like “later” or something ?

Jason says that he won’t put Audrey up

Da’vonne says that Audrey and James and Jason are a “good vibe”, and Audrey says that it “couldn’t be more diverse”

James and Jason don’t like Jace, and thinking of backdooring him so he can’t compete in Battle of the Block

Jackie wants to take pictures in the Photo Booth

James says that she’s not the target this week, there’s a backdoor plan, telling her to be prepared, and says that she’s not sacred

Jason tells John not to be afraid that he could be a pawn, not comfortable with it but he’ll just roll with it

James and Jason telling Meg that she could be a possible pawn

they’re telling Becky that she could be okay

Steve is strongly against being a pawn, the two HoH say that he should be safe but he doens’t want to be, he says that pawns go home and that they know that

Commercial break

Nomination time !

Jason is nominating first, then James

Jason has nominated: John and Becky

James has nominated: Steve and Jackie

Jackie says her safety was guaranteed

Jace was not worried that he’d be nominated

Audrey super happy that plan is executed

Steve and Jackie are talking, she said that they’re planning to backstab them. she says to just kill the competition, he says to be confident but not cocky

Becky went in with “too much confidence”, and she is talking with Jason now, she says that she was blindsided, says no-one will be sad if John goes, he’s trying to do damage control now, Becky thinking of putting him on the block next week

Commercial break



Teams have to add to skyline by building skyscraper, if they fall off, have to return to platform

26 building blocks need to go on a rotating beam, dodge wrecking ball

John wants someone to be hit by the ball in the face so he can get more money from being dentist

they feel like they’re in a videogame

Steve keeps falling off, ensures his centre of mass

they’re neck-in-neck, the teams

Jeff doesn’t want to show enthusiasm

Becky and John won !

Jason dethroned from HoH !

Thanks for watching !

Next one Wednesday 8/7c !

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– Louise

BB15 Episode 5 (SPOILERS)! and Apologies.

7 Jul

Hey everybody!

I’m sorry that I never posted! For three days! I really didn’t mean to, but it just totally swept my mind. I was originally going to post yesterday and the day before, but guess what- I forgot. Silly me. Except not really.

I’m really sorry that I never posted! But I hope this Post makes up for it!

… and BB15 commentating begins now!

“They made it personal after they went after David” and then she says that she doesn’t trust anyone after talking about randomly drawing Jeremy. Well, gee, Aaryn, I still don’t like you. I’m sorry. You say you don’t trust anyone but then you  were happy that Jeremy was your partner for the HoH comp? Uhum, okay?

Ginamarie is back! She kinda disappeared for two episodes or so! So, Nick and Ginamarie are “close-alliances”? Alright! I wonder who Spencer’s “close-alliance” is? 😮

HoH Comp

I really hope that Elissa and Andy win this HoH comp!

lol “I thought right away that we needed the big scooper because I was with Spencer” oh Helen.

Everyone is slipping and sliding bah

LOL AMANDA “The good thing about crawling on all-fours is a.) I can’t fall, and b.) I won’t pop an implant”.

“She’s breathing heavy and I’m having a little bit of a moment right now” – McCrae… some things you just don’t want to know, eh?

Sweet! Judd and Nick won the big scooper! I hope that they can catch up! It’d be great! and same with Howard and Jessie.

It’s been an hour so far. Who will win? Jeremy and Aaryn are like half-way through the small-scooper jug?

Elissa and Andy are now neck-in-neck with Aaryn and Jeremy.


Oh, please

‘oh, dear. I think that


I hope that Jeremy and Aaryn don’t win.

I think that Jeremy can almost reach the ball, but Andy can’t. Crap!

Commercial Break








This is intense





“I got that ball, baby” yeah, okay. Cool, Jeremy.

“We did this for David” yeah, okay, Aaryn.Aaryn is going to be HoH. Uhum. Okay.

Jeremy, I wish that he was HoH instead of her because he’s a part of the Moving Company and the Moving Company would have helped influence his decisions.

After the HoH Comp

“Who voted for David to be evicted”? Aaryn? Why would you ask this?  “He’s not my boyfriend”.

She voted Elissa, Andy, Helen, and Candice. Y’know, Aaryn was being homophobic and rascist. Yep, those feeds are on YouTube. So I know she had a reason behind this, she is such a poo. That’s my suspicion. she’s like never even TALKED to Helen or Andy or Candice. Ugh. Is it because she hangs around Elissa that she targeted Helen as a Have-Not for the second week in a row? and Andy?

Maybe Spencer’s side-alliance is Candice?

Helen and Elissa! They seem like great friends.

I agree with Helen- I hope that neither her or Elissa go home before Aaryn!

“I’m keeping my friends close and my Aaryn’s closer” LOL ANDY

Aaryn’s HoH Room

“This is Clowny, my first stuffed animal” – Aaryn

“… supposed to be cute on the outside

it is really scary and it may come to life at night

and kill people” – Amanda, this girl makes me laugh!

“Some people in here have no heart and I feel like everyone is lying” – Aaryn… oh, Aaryn, Aaryn, Aaryn… if only you knew what people think of you.

“and if it’s you Nick, I’m gonna come after you in your sleep” – Uhum, yeah, okay, Aaryn, don’t try to be a serial killer in the house, okay?

Commercial Break

“Liver and Lima-Beans” is the Have-Not Menu!

sndfdls ew. Lima-beans I think would be alright, but liver…

“She makes rascist remarks, too” Good for you, Amanda! For bringing it to the public! and Howward!

“Go make some rice” That’s so rascist!  Aaryn! Disrespectful!

Howard! Thank-you, BB, CBS, for making this open in the public eye! She’s so rascist. Ugh.

Helen is putting together pieces- “What if Spencer is working with Jeremy?”

“I think Nick is the one to watch.” Same with Candice! “A boy super-group and we don’t know about it. Jeremy, Nick, and Spencer… Howard could be in it, too. but then how does Crae-Crae fall into the picture?” It’d be pretty neat if they figured it out.

What would you guys vote for the Have-Nots next week?

A.) Coconuts and Cabbage

B.) Grapefruit and Guacamole

C.) Mincemeat and Marshmellows

You can vote until the 13th? I think? I don’t know if I heard correctly.

These choices aren’t half-bad. I actually wouldn’t mind them, except maybe the Coconut and maybe possibly Guacamole.

Commercial Break

Jessie wants a lover in the house. He’s walking away from her

“Why do you hate me?”

“I don’t…” lol Nick is so tired about it.

Why does Jessie keep on following him around? Uhum. Okay. “I’m serving you in your natural habitat?”

“Talk about Stage-5 Clinger!” lol Nick.

No conversation is made. He feels awkward. Jessie joined him on the bed. No conversation still. Ginamarie is lying there.

Helen is talking with Aaryn.

… everyone talks game with the HoH, it’s kinda like one of the things that peopel do when they feel in danger.

Noo! Don’t go after Amanda! I think she’s hilarious and she could do a lot of things in the game, if she wanted to. She’s strong-minded and she really stands up for what she thinks isn’t right either in the DR or to people’s faces like last episode, I think it was.

Ah. Such hard choices to make.

Commercial break

Back! Aaryn is choosing who to nominate.

Elsisa with no make-up. Woah. 😮 Or at-least very little. Yeah.

Candice’s earrings are BIG

Nomination Ceremony:

Jeremy is safe

Kaitlin is safe

Andy is safe

Nick is safe

Judd is safe

McCrae is safe

Ginamarie is safe

Spencer is safe

Jessie is safe

Amanda is safe (Yay!)

Howard is safe

Candice is safe

Helen and Elissa are nominated. Surprise, surprise.

“I think that David deserved to be here more than you” – Aaryn.

David was more here for the showmance…

… lol it’d be great if Elissa won the MVP.








I can’t wait to see Tuesday’s episode! Woo-hoo!

I’ll be talking to you guys later! Maybe tomorrow, I hope! If not, then Tuesday!

Thanks for reading this, you guys! Let me know your thoughts and opinions down below!

– Louise

P.S. Thank-you soo much for the 355 HITS! I really appreciate it! It’s really nice of you guys!

I Haven’t Used My Laptop in Like a Century (but not really)!

15 Jul

“Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers. Isaac Asimov”

Helloooo everybody! 🙂

I apologize for the RS again… I didn’t want to turn on the computer again (it was off) so I used the Mac.

Anyways, how’re you all doing? 🙂 Good?

I got my laptop back and it feels WEIRD.

I have gotten SO used to using the computer mouse instead of my finger :-B and the typing sounds so much quieter than the other keyboard. It feels strange on my fingers. Ah.

Big Brother is currently playing right now… while that is happening I shall Edit yesterday’s Post and fill you in on what happened last day at my friend’s house 🙂

All-in-all it was a great, fun day! 🙂

For BB, lol Ian was acting kinda… weird… LOL LOL LOL what was he doing under the couch? What? I was so confused ahaha

and I’m sad that Shane is the Have-Not 😦

Willie has a hard decision to make, but I don’t think he should back up on the deal he made with Frank, because Frank looks like he’s gonna keep his word, for Joe lol I don’t think he should go home because he’s on Janelle’s team and they made a deal as well, and Ian just had a frog on his head what

Huh gosh. I have no idea what he’s gonna do. He’s creating the Nominations right now. I think Britney ain’t gonna be very happy with his Nominations (I saw a Post regarding the BB Spoilers a few days again).

Ooh he’s making the Nominations!

Let’s see what happens.




Are you flippin’ kidding me?

I am pissed at these Nominations! What!

Never mind. Britney is happy with the Nominations. I lied.


That’s all I call.


– Louise =]

P.S. For reference, may follow… http://shutteredintentions.wordpress.com/