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BB18 – Episode 2 [SPOILERS]

23 Jun

EEP Freakazoids – who will go home? I’m sad… the whole team seems great. :c

Nicole thinks last twenty-four hours were more stressful than her whole season.

James assuring the their team that they will be okay.

Da’vonne talks with Tiffany, tying to gain trust. Tiffany is embarrassed. Tells Da’vonne that she is Vanessa’s sister. Now Veterans have newbie on their side

Paul still on board to get rid of veterans

Corey not so sure that that is what he wants to do.

Paul thinks that all the old people are working together

James thinks floors are sticky. Talks with Frank. Discuss if newbies are all working together. Da’vonne joins in. They decide that if Nicole, Tiffany stay, are all good.

Nicole talking with Corey. If they both win, Nicole wants to be HoH, asks him if he feels comfort putting people up. Corey says that he feels that she is more wise to be HoH.

Third round of Hit the Road

stranded on stranded island. put coconuts from tree onto “SOS”. steps move island. person who fails goes home.

Tiffany’s strategy: stay close to tree trunk.

Paul wants anyone but Nicole to win, none of housemates cheering on veteran, Frank notices

Tiffany leading right now

Corey careful…

Nicole almost done!! one more!! :00000

OH EM GEE PLZ LORDY YES SHE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“somebody up there saw my SOS and saved me” tehe

Commercial break 

Tiffany glad Nicole won, wants to be there too

thinks there is a coconut conspiracy lol

Tiffany won, too!

Glenn feels like he’s in Matrix lol





Glenn is going home 😦 he was great, though.

Da’vonne wants Nicole to be HoH

Tiffany offers, who got off island first? Nicole says yes, why not LOL

both promise not to put her up, swear on everything

Nicole is first HoH!! Frank is so happy, wants to throw her up in air LOL

Paul is pissed poo you Paul

Glenn says his bye’s :(( he was great

Everyone walks back in house, face already B&W

Bronte thinks veterans out for blood

Paul corners Corey, is mad


Nicole and James can’t believe they’re sitting next to each other, Paulie can’t believe he’s in the same room lol Nicole thinks Paulie could be an asset but Cody did vote her out twice

newbies want to know what is Nicole’s head, Victor goes to ask Nicole, what is strategy; “don’t have one”.. he takes off his shirt… says everyone is after her, says Jose is after veterans, telling whole game plan lol Nicole thinks thanks for nominee ahahah


James walks in, asks who is there, Nicole asks who it is, James says is Victor LOL “do you have a problem with me?… coming in here to make you mad? you know we’re coming after you.” “all of you” “all of us” “What do you want me to say” “This is James, not Victor” “Oh my God, James” LOL

BB Slop is in the house, Have-Not room: is a funhouse with hopcorn, clowns, lights, bearded lady is Paul says Da’vonne lol

Jozea talking with Da’vonne. says is the Messiah for newbies Da’vonne shocked, says he sealed his fate

Jozea says Da’vonne doesn’t need to worry, he wants to get rid of Nicole, then James, then Frank. Da’vonne says he is stupid, he is talking as if in hair salon and she getting curl

Da’vonne goes to tell Nicole all she heard, Nicole so stressed, clear that he is on her list now

Nicole asks Corey opinion. Tells him what she heard from Da’vonne. Putting up Paulie to play POV so Jozea will stay on block. Nicole says only okay with it if Paulie is okay with it. Corey agrees (advises otherwise not good).


Nicole asking Paulie now, Paulie said would put up Jose. Nicole hinting to put him up, Frank asks if up for bat. He says he could, but if he loses he will be next to Jose. Da’vonne assures him that he will be protected. Nicole sees how he is nervous, pawns sometimes go home…

Nomination Ceremony:

Jozea, Paulie

to be fair: pick strong player from each team. Paulie hopes he will be safe, doesn’t want to hear it from brother. Jozea thinks is snake. Da’vonne “acclaimed Messiah on the block”

Thanks, guys! I’m so sorry for abandoning this blog. :c I hope to be more active! BB YAY!!

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P.S. took me all episode to spell Jozea’s name LOL thought was Jose


BB17 – Episode 24 [SPOILERS]

16 Aug

Hello ,

Meg says that it was a blindside, Jackie going home, Becky doesn’t know why, she wanted to go to the end with her, James doesn’t know why, either

Steve did not want the HoH was in really good shape, was on good sides, Steve says that he just lost BB

Meg and James talking, James feels like they’re fighting the whole house

James doesn’t think that Steve just came up with that, thinks someone might have gotten to his ear

Austin walks in, says he’s sorry, Austin feels like the Sixth Sense has a shift in power with Jackie going home

Meg doesn’t understand, says Steve doesn’t talk with her at-all

Meg says he didn’t even have conversation with Jackie after nominating, Meg doesn’t feel bad for him at-all

Liz (Julia?) hugging Steve, actually both the twins kept him safe, they will keep him safe if they win HoH, they say he shouldn’t feel bad, he’s crying, they say it’s BB, it’s the first HoH, he’s really upset with everything that happened

Steve can’t talk right now, they’re telling him to relax

Steve was 50% ACTING

Meg says she has to keep calm with him, wants to bite his head off

Becky says they need help, there’s only three

John walked in, said if he used the Veto when Steve didn’t want him to, then he could’ve been a replacement nominee or one of the other three

Becky says that Vanessa needs Steve close

Everyone is trying to get Steve to be on their side, they don’t know which side he’s on, they have to be nice to him because he can be a vote

Steve walks in with Becky and Meg, Steve asks Meg if he wants to talk, Steve says that Jackie was the only person who he heard was going to go after him, Meg and Becky say that she never had a thing against him, Becky said it’s easier to have no hard feelings, Becky says it’s a good idea for him for the others to think that they’re mad at him, they want to blow the hatchet, Meg will stop crying to win HoH for revenge for Jackie


HoH Comp

There are emojis, there is Nicole and Jocasta and etc.

Tournament style, there are questions with three possible answers, last player in tournament HoH

James vrs. Meg

Austin vrs. John

Vanessa vrs. Julia

Becky vrs. Liz

Meg wins, John wins, Julia wins, Liz wins

Meg vrs. John

Julia vrs. Liz

John wins, Liz wins

John vrs. Liz


Liz “Did I just pull a Julia?” Liz just won !

James wants them to remember that he never put them on the block

Becky thinks she should be packing now, knows Vanessa will get in her ear

Austin is Liz’s first lady

Becky feels that if Liz made decision herself, they’d be safe, but Vanessa

Becky says Vanessa is a chess-player

Liz tells Steve just to sleep

John walks in to the twins and Vanessa, they all stop talking

Austin used to have dreams of getting lost in sleep, James worst fear is getting lost in the ocean, they’re talking of Titanic “Never let go” “the best movie ever” “you could’ve alternated” “That was kinda greedy of her, they could’ve rotated” LOL

The twins and Austin and Vanessa, thinking Meg and John, then Becky as backdoor, doesn’t want to put up Steve

They say you can make a deals with John, not Meg?

Austin’s Angels is the new alliance

Becky talking with the twins and Austin, saying how fast Vanessa switched sides with Clelli, Vanessa was planning Austin’s demise, Austin feels sick, Liz cannot believe the things about Vanessa, feels sick to her stomach, doesn’t know what to do now


John hits Meg in the head with the ball lol in the back

James says Steve has grown on him, different people, Steve likes books, James like beer, they shower side by side, wearing flowery hats, brishing teeth together, two guys hanging out BROMANCE

Liz wants Vanessa think that she’s good, the twins and Steve and Austin and Vanessa are the Scamper Squad

John asking Vanessa if he’s going on the block, Vanessa tells him that he’s not the main target, she wants to work with him in the future

John thinks he’s going up, Vanessa thinks that he has something against her, Vanessa asking if they’re on the same page, he says yeah, John thinks she’s a bully? John doesn’t like it when she cries and yells, but she’s trying to pull into an alliance, she says he doesn’t have to worry about that

Vanessa reports to twins and Austin in HoH quickly, John walks in and thinks that it looks fishy that she’s up there now, he leaves, Liz doesn’t know what to trust what she’s saying, Vanessa thinks that he’s playing the “dumb” card, says he’s a doctor he knows what’s going on


Nom Ceremony

Becky and John are nominated :((

John coming after Vanessa next week, Liz doesn’t know who the pawn and target is right now


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BB17 – Episode 21 [UPDATE COMPLETE]

9 Aug


I’m so sorry about the delay, but I really need to finish my Assignment for class. As much as I love BB, school is really important and I love it, too. I will update with spoilers tomorrow; thank-you for understanding! Enjoy your night.

Updating right now.

Updated 5:39P.M. Aug. 10th, setting this Post as the 9th to correspond with episode airing.

Thanks, guys!

Shelli would target James if she won

Steve does not want Becky to win the comp because they have not made a good connection; he thinks she may see him as a threat

Liz is scared because her and Julia are the next power couple.

Austin thinks coming back up the ramp is difficult, he sees Liz falling and hope that she’s falling hard for him

Becky is winning so far, Julia behind

James “I think I saw a turtle pass you”

Meg “I seem to be the grandma in this competition”

James “Meg looks like an eighty-year old grandma who just got hip surgery and doesn’t wanna fall”

John says this is the most important HoH for him, he went from a floater, under the radar, then a big target. five hours before the eviction, James said it wasn’t fair to give the game up for love, talking with John.

John and Clay talking. John said he will send him home, but it’s not best for his game. Clay asks why, and John said that he thinks that Vanessa is getting to Shelli’s head, he has observed her and said that everytime something blew up, she was involved. Clay said that she has been kind of sketchy lately. Clay feels loyalty towards Vanessa, wants her to talk to John, Clay says John thinks that he is the next target for Vanessa (talking with her now), said James told him

Vanessa confronts James and asks him if he has a problem, asking about the getting into Shelli’s head and James says that he did not say it, swears on his little girl, Vanessa wonders who is lying, James said he would lie to her, Vanessa tells him that Clay said that

James talking to Clay, Clay tells him to shut up, Vanessa talking with Vanessa, she asks him if James told him if Vanessa was gunning after him, he says no, Clay and James are about to have a fight, “don’t come at me like that again” – Clay, Meg telling them to calm down, Vanessa approaches saying that she heard that he had told John that he was gunning after her and getting into Shelli’s head, John said that he came up with the theory of her gunning after him, Vanessa said that Clay said that, John said that he did not, she’s saying that it’s not possible, Vanessa said it seems like he’s lying (Clay), John said that “water-falls falling down her face, nothing new, sixth time this has happened”Vanessa telling Shelli, Shelli laughs saying that Clay would not do that, Vanessa still freaking out

John telling Clay that he did not tell anyone anything, did not tell James anything, Clay said that there was just a very big misunderstanding. John saying that Vanessa threw their names under the bus, it sent Audrey, Jeff, Jason, and one of them home. Clay said he’s going home. John said she’s good, she’s gonna take everyone out, Shelli said, “Proceed with caution”

back to HoH Comp, John wants to take out Vanessa


Shelli hoping that her or Julia wins

Meg is playing against Austin to see who is the slowest

James knows that Shelli would be put him up

Becky almost done, Shelli wants to win for Clay

Becky gets the Never-Not, the $5000, and the HoH! wow !

Becky ready to take out a big fish, Steve is really nervous, feels like he is a big target to her

Shelli doesn’t know the side Becky’s on


Shelli doesn’t see Clay in the bed, sees his black and white picture, feels completely alone for the first time in the game, she’s a big target, says the game sucks for her right now, Meg is hugging her right now, Meg says it’s so annoying in the DR

Becky feels like she trusts Jackie and James and Meg more right now.

Shelli says she’s never been a guy who has cried over a guy. Liz or Julia? said she cried, too. Wondering how far Texas and Georgia are from each other, New York and somewhere else, they’d have a place to stay with Meg

Liz says she’s seeing white, Austin gets her a water, Liz feels like her and her sister will be good, and thinks that Vanessa will go up, is scary because she’s like the men of the alliance

John and Steve talking, John telling him not to worry, John says he will bring up Vanessa’s name, Steve is really close with John and Vanessa, not comfortable with the two fighting, Steve doesn’t want to take Vanessa to the end, Steve wants John to promise him that if he and Becky are in Jury, he has to go for it with Vanessa? “Game first”, hands shake

Becky’s HoH room, her best friend Lindsey, James said he has a good looking two-piece ahah, she has a healthy basket with fruit and vegetables, kale, brussel sprouts, lettuce, James would rather eat slop

Shelli asking Vanessa who Becky will put up, she thinks Steve, Shelli saying she has ran the house for four weeks, and now it’s their turn

Vanessa said she’s not necessarily with them, Vanessa said as long as her or Shelli aren’t on the block together, it’ll be fine

Vanessa just put spray disinfectant on LOL INSTEAD OF HAIRSPRAY

Becky wants to put up Shelli and Steve. It’s not gonna be Shelli, though, it’s gonna be Vanessa. Tell them that Shelli has got to go, tells them that Vanessa has sent people people and has pissed many people off, Jackie feels safer with Shelli and Vanessa, James thinks Vanessa is a snake, Becky says they must not say the “V” word (Vanessa), and no-one should flip, Becky works Black Friday, knows how to deal with Vanessa, if people say “V” then she will figure it out like a snake in water ?


Steve is eating, he spaces out a lot, his head becomes detached, he dances, he talks to himself, does some strange things that he doesn’t understand, he is a strange person, he is feeling a cucumber, drinking like mouth wash, put a nut in a vase

Becky and Shelli talking, Shelli wants to know where they are, Becky says that she is safe, says that Vanessa is the target, hopes that Shelli will have the trust, Shelli said she will not throw her under the bus, but Becky said that she has, says that Vanessa must be a back door, tells her that it will be her and Steve, says everything makes perfect sense, if things don’t work, then Shelli would probably go home, Becky tells her to be pissed at her and cry

Vanessa and Austin and Becky in HoH room, says her best target would be Shelli, would put John up if Shelli or Steve go off, Vanessa says she is very isolated at this point, would like to make a deal with her, Becky said that she is DONE with deals, DONE with alliances, she doesn’t want to hear those words in her life

Becky can see right through Vanessa, her words mean nothing to her, Becky said she is organic, short-term here is an action plan, she does not want a deal or an alliance, doesn’t like it #BasicBecky

Vanessa asking her to not tell Shelli that she knows

Vanessa thinks that she is a target of hers “in some fashion”


John and Becky are hugging, she asks him if he is happy about staying in the house, Becky tells him that she will put up Shelli and Steve, wants to backdoor Vanessa, she f——- hates her, John says since Week 1 has not liked her, tells him how Vanessa told him about her word, she does not trust it, blows up people’s game, says she wants Vanessa out more than anyone else

Nom Ceremony

Becky nominates Shelli and Steve, tells Steve to gets his hands dirty, he is a superfan, that he needs to be social

Shelli wants to win the Veto just in-case, doesn’t want to go on Jury because Clay isn’t waiting on her

Steve doesn’t like that she broadcasted his game? and is gunning after her

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BB17 – Episode 18 [SPOILERS]

2 Aug

Hello ,

Liz promised Austin a kiss if he wins HoH

James offers to make deals, no-one says anything

It’s been twenty minutes, Austin says he’s in trouble because he is in pain

now it’s twenty-five minutes, Austin trying to shut out pain, he and Steve don’t look too good

Steve and Austin fall off

Julia and Meg fall off

Fifty-two minutes, Jackie fighting through it for Jason

Rain and eagles and paint splatters are on everyone !

Liz’s legs are hurting

Jackie’s arms are about to fall off, she falls down

Liz falls

James trying to play mind-games with Clay by saying that his arms hurt

Becky is dangling, falls

Clay doesn’t have much left up in him, James telling him to hang in there, Clay falls

Shelli is the only one left of Sixth Sense on wall

James doesn’t trust Shelli, and John is a wild-card… he says he will have to be peeled off the wall to fall off

hmm, kinda rooting for James, so he could put up someone like Austin


James is seeking revenge

Meg doesn’t want any of her peeps to go home this week

Shelli is getting really tired, doesn’t know if winning HoH for third week will be good for her, she makes deal with James to not be put up as a nom or backdoor, her or Clay or John can’t be put up, Vanessa sees that she isn’t high on Shelli’s important totem pole

John falls off, Shelli falls off


Shelli thinks that James is someone who could stay true to his word

James is really happy that he controls the game now

Julia is on the picture board !

Liz is freaked out, was gunning after him

Meg is so happy with James !

Jackie says it’s amazing that he won

Austin and Vanessa are talking, Vanessa says she could go home

Julia doesn’t believe that Austin didn’t mean it, Liz is defending him, Austin walks in, Julia asking Austin why he told Jason that her name was Julia, Liz keeps defending him, he’s trying to do some damage control, Julia tells him that she has ill-will to him, she doesn’t trust one word that he says, wouldn’t trust him “with a ten foot pole”, she will forgive him but won’t forget

FUDGE  I am so mad at myself, wrote up great piece and it got deleted and couldn’t undo it. FUDGE

Basically, Shelli brought Vanessa into HoH room, saying that she was upset, she couldn’t say to save Vanessa too, and Vanessa said that she made the right choice, but Vanessa feels like she’s not that important despite knowing that Clelli are a pair that can’t be broken, Shelli doesn’t want to twins to go, Clay walks in, Vanessa leaves, Austin walks in and says that Julia is mad at him, asking them to go and talk to her for them, Shelli says that she will, he leaves, Clay says that they should suggest for James to put up Austin or the twins, and Shelli feels like it would be her fault if one of their people went home, Clay says that she shouldn’t feel that way because she is playing her game for herself, and says that her decision not to be HoH was the best decision that she had made


John thinks that Clay got hit too much on the football field lol people don’t know what Clay’s saying “I’m a furless bat”

lol James just scared Steve upon exiting the bathroom

Meg thinks that Clelli is running the house, Jackie says that Shelli needs to go, Becky saying that James can’t play next week though

James is going to put her on the block, Meg suggests putting up Liz, Becky says that’s good, Austin’s name is thrown into the air

ugh now I’m mad at James, he should keep his word to Shelli so he can have safety next week


Becky talking with Clelli in the cabana room, telling them if they act happy, they might put up Vanessa and Austin, Clay asks who suggested putting them up, says all three of them, she tells them to act happy or both of them will be put up, she leaves

Clay is pissed off, and so is Shelli, he suggests to go talk to James, thinks that Vanessa to save herself would put target on them

Vanessa talking with James in HoH room, she’s saying that she had nothing to do with Jason going home because everyone wanted it, she’s kinda throwing Clelli under the bus, because she’s vulnerable before

James thinks making a deal with her could be a good thing

Happy faces, Clay and Shelli go upstairs to talk to James, Clay says they feel like they’re being targeted, Clay telling them that they were going between Jason or Austin, Shelli telling him that Austin started campaigning once finding out that he was going up, say that he started this whole thing

James can’t sleep, says he will put up Clay and Shelli, he’s talking with Meg, calls them Brendon and Rachel, pretty set on the decision

I am now mad at James DON’T DO IT PLEASE


Nom Ceremony

puts up Clelli

Shelli telling him that they had nothing to do with Jason, saying if anyone wants to get the truth, “fair game”, she looks at Vanessa, Vanessa is thrown under the best, Clay thinks that he’s naive, maybe. Shelli says that people can see that his word is not to be trusted because he made the public statement, she is really pissed

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BB17 – Episode 12 [SPOILERS]

19 Jul

Hello !

Clay is so proud of Shelli

Shelli is so excited that her and Liz are the new HoH’s !

Audrey happy that there are two people in the house not gunning after her

Jackie feeling alone now that Jeff is gone

Austin and Liz are hugging,

Austin says that there are shady people there, Liz voted for James because had connection with Jeff

Austin thinks that Steve is so smart, that he does music for a living

Steve thinks that he is a complete idiot, did not throw the HoH comp, thinks there are rumours floating around

Jason feels alone in the game, afraid to be nominee, no-one going to fight and defend him

Audrey thinks that Liz thinks that thinks it’s a joke, the twin

Shelli says that Clay will get the endurance comps

thinks that the four votes came from Becky or Steve

HoH Room

Shelli’s dog is in a photo, there are photos

John looking for the crown #9 tooth it didn’t grow in yet in the photo aww

Shelli’s letter from her dog

Liz’s letter from her Mom, says she is an “ugly crier”

John thinks that the letter “lacks heartfeltness”

what there is a musical happening “IS THIS REAL” “Tell m that this is my life”

Clay: “Yes, this is real”


Liz is so nervous, Shelli is freaked out doesn’t know what to do

Clay walks in, suggests going after someone who would go against them, they think Jason, Meg, James

they have no relationship with Jackie, Liz thinking of Jackie and Audrey, but they think that Audrey are a backdoor, could be extra vote, but Shelli thinks that people will connect the dots because she wasn’t put up by Vanessa or Becky, they think that the fourth vote was Becky


Steve is ironing so cute, had a bit of trouble closing the board

Jackie wants to tell Austin that what happened with Jeff is not associated with her, he says that she could be a pawn, but would be safe, Austin really likes her, doesn’t want her to go, Jackie doesn’t know the game he’s playing

Shelli says that her and Jackie both play the simple quiet game, Jackie says that Liz might put her up and that Austin told her that, and Shelli is like, what? she says it’s not cool in the DR, it’s freaking her out, doesn’t know about Austin

Shelli talking with Vanessa, says everytime she finds out new info, wants to tell her, tells her what Jackie told her, to be careful around Austin, Shelli doesn’t trust some things about him, same with Vanessa, they have to be careful with him in the room and verbalize carefully

Shelli worried about being dethroned, doesn’t want Liz to have her game ran by Austin

Shelli doesn’t want to put John back up

Clay talking with John, Meg calls him lady-girl

Jason knows that John is not the target

Clay asking John about being put up next to Jason, are they allowed to win it, he hates asking him to throw it, telling him he doesn’t need to do it if he doesn’t need to… John has been put up three times


Audrey talking with Shelli, giving advice, suggests Jason because is major threat to her game

Nom Ceremony

Liz – James, Jackie

Shelli – Jason, John

if the show was called “Get Nominated”, John would win he says

Jason is angry

Jackie talking with Liz, Liz tells her that she is not the target

Liz says that Jackie has balls to ask her who the main target was, talking with Austin

Jason asking Shelli why he was put up, Shelli tells Jason that Audrey told him that he was going after him, telling him that she doesn’t want him to go home, wants to be dethroned, wondering how long that she can keep Audrey in the game if she told him not the truth


Switch #11, Liz telling her that Austin is a strong competitor so just keep flirting with him

Jason hoping that John won’t throw the comp, because Clay asked to talk with him earlier

Audrey thinks that Jason knows that she had a hand in him going up

Shelli says she will stick up for Audrey until she has a reason not to… and has a bit of a reason to, Audrey’s fear is that he could go after her after going after herself


Battle of the Block comp

Clay wearing wig

people have to wear flannel, 90’s grunge

Screaming Trees, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, Sound Board (?), must take Alice (?) to Nirvana

losing team and HoH gets punishment all week

John wants to win the comp for control of his own game

find four coloured keys for the four locks

Jason finds first key quickly in Pearl Jam

John finds key quickly in Screaming Trees just lying there

James finds key in Screaming Trees

Jason ready to rage in the squash pit in Smashing Pumpkins

“it’s rude” to smash the pumpkin – John

everyone is tied at three keys

James and Jackie found the fourth key. unlocking

but so have the other team !

James and Jackie won BofB !

Shelli still HoH, pretty happy about it and pondering bigger target ?

punishment for Liz, Jason, John – they have a new band, need to perform when pager rings for them

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BB15: Episode 33 [SPOILERS] and 9/11, Take a Moment

11 Sep

Hello, everyone! How are you all doing tonight?

9/11, take a moment.

It’s BB Night… and, Eviction Night? Er. uhum wait did I miss something? Is it Wednesday or Thursday? lksdfkls

Ginamarie is acting this up, I think maybe crying? After the noms. Acting to make McCrae think that she’s the target so he won’t play as hard in the VETO.

Andy does not want McCrae to win the VETO, of course.

Spencer tells Judd that he will be the replacement nominee if McCrae wins the Veto, and Spencer says that Ginamarie will probably go home.

McCrae and Ginamarie are now no longer tied together!

Spencer is now talking to McCrae, trying to ease him into having nothing to worry about in the Veto competition. He’s safe, no matter what, or whatever.

Andy says that he and McCrae and Spencer could be the Final Three.

McCrae doesn’t trust anyone, and he wants to take himself off the block and win the Veto.

Commercial break


People are in spandex


lol Ginamarie said that he looks better in person

The magnets only last for twenty seconds, and you have to press the button that magnetizes it. When the button goes off, your puzzle will fall off from the magnet board, and if you don’t go back to press the button with the -seconds that you have, then you will be out of the Comp.

This is so intense: Andy vrs. McCrae, pretty much. McCrae could’ve won it, but the colours weren’t right, first.


I REALLY hope that Judd won’t be the replacement nominee! Why not Andy? Please, he has been ticking me off a lot these past few episodes.

Commercial break

Spencer wants Ginamarie to stay. He trusts her way more than Judd.

Spencer says that he has her back.

Judd says that he’s going home to Spencer. Spencer tells him that he wants Spencer to go home. Judd is asking him to put up Andy, and Judd says in the DR that Andy had put  up Spencer just a few weeks ago.

Judd is so mad about the situation. Knowing that he could be evicted again, makes him so mad. He is fingering the camera.

Now he is hitting the walls with his shirt, now walking along shirtless.

Veto Meeting

Judd is on the block

Before McCrae finishes the Veto Meeting,

Judd says that he is still after McCrae, and he won’t go after the rest of the house. Only McCrae. So he probably just lost McCrae’s vote.


“Wowzers”. – McCrae.

Veto Meeting is adjourned.


Commercial break


Judd said that he’s after McCrae, but would appreciate his vote LOL and then his smile after, oh gosh, so cute

Andy ; Judd … is Andy crying again?

McCrae ; Judd

😦 Juddy. Judd the Studd. 😦

I think that Judd gave McCrae his Bible, keep it to himself?

Tells them all before he leaves, “Good luck, keep Andy and Spencer around”


Judd had left him (McCrae) a message in the Bible, hopes that he will do well. He hopes for Ginamarie to win out of the group, lol. He had really underestimated her, and has seen that she’s really loyal.

Judd does not regret working with Elissa. He says that working with her is so hard, and her mind changes like every fie minutes lol

“Exterminator” -action sweep-

Judd thinks that Andy voted him out because they trusted them more than him, and they should trust her more lol


Ginamarie – You’re a stud

Spencer – “Sorry”

McCrae – “Sorry, wanted to keep you, needs to work with them in the future, take care”

Andy – is crying. “best friend”

lol Judd is laughing at Andy lol, “never seen a guy cry that much”

Commercial break

“Before or After” is the HoH Comp.

Q1: Everyone is right, one point apiece

Q2: Ginamarie has two points, the guys have one point, still

Q3: Everyone is right

Q4: Everyone is right

Q5: Everyone is right

Q6: McCrae got it right, Andy has four, Ginamarie and McCrae have five each

Q7: lol Andy got it right, three-way tie

NUMBER ANSWER: In seconds, how long was the super-Veto comp from the starting horn, to McCrae pressing his buzzer for the win?

McCrae – 2010


Andy is the HoH oh my gosh lol my sister must be soo pissed right now, she doesn’t like Andy and I don’t really much, either


I don’t know how to feel like I am just like, uhum

… but good job for him, but I’m not a fan of his much…

Commercial break

NEXT WEDNESDAY is the BB Finale, I thinkkk

Thanks for reading this, you guys! How did you guys react to Andy winning?

Talk to you guys later 😮


– Louise

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BB15: Episode 32 [SPOILERS]

8 Sep

“I am a drinker with writing problems.Brendan Behan”

[Hasn’t put in a quote in AGES, apologies!]

Helloo! How are you all today?

It’s BB Night!

Andy asked McCrae if he voted to evict Amanda. Kind-of a silly question… you know that he would’ve wanted to keep her.

McCrae, after winning the Hoh, had to go and

Andy is now pleading to McCrae, and he’s like, “You have to trust me”, Andy is kinda ticking me off…

… Elissa is talking to McCrae, asking him to not put her up.

McCrae felt that Andy had “flipped”, he could tell on his face, but he put up Elissa because she wanted to make as few waves as possible.

Andy is so “relieved” that he wasn’t put up on the block.

Elissa is telling him to not vote her out. He says that she has no idea, Andy says.

She asks Spencer if he is voting her out, and he says “yes”.

Elissa keeps on asking Judd to not vote her out.

I feel SO bad for Elissa. 😦

McCrae says, “good riddance to bad rubbish” to Elissa leaving.

McCrae is now crying after this double-eviction, but he says that he won’t “roll-over” with this, with Amanda being gone.

Ginamarie is excited with the results and is did a little dance in the kitchen.

McCrae hopes that everyone “underestimates” him, because he’s ready to play the game, and he hasn’t really been since Amanda basically controlling everything.

Commercial break

HoH Comp

The winner gets to give each HG a special gift.

McCrae always feels like he’s going to be in jeopardy.

They have to guess the pixelled tiles, which comp that one was in, and they are supposed to choose who won that competition.

Judd rings in first, Spencer is second, Ginamarie is third, and Andy is now eliminated.

Ginamarie rings in first,

Judd is like angrrrrrrry pissed, couldn’t fit Aaryn’s hair, lol. He is eliminated.

lol “Aaryn screwed me up again with her danged hair”.

McCrae would rather Spencer win than Ginamarie.

Spencer vrs. Ginamarie.

Spencer wins the HoH competition! First time, cool, cool.

McCrae says that he has to start playing the game right now.

Commercial break

McCrae got the gift of friendship from Spencer… attached with Ginamarie for 24 hours, lol

Andy gets the gift of wealth, can win $5000 sometime in the next 24 hours.

Judd gets the gift of health, and he has to do exercises.

Ginamarie says that McCrae is like the “dirtiest person”.

Spencer and Ginamarie think that Judd is kinda shady.

Spencer trusts Ginamarie more than Judd.

McCrae and Ginamarie are now tied with bracelets.

Andy says that it’s super adorable to see these two together. Says that they’re “really cute”.

We get to see Spencer’s HoH room, now

Spencer has a girlfriend named Marilyn. We see Spencer without a beard.

He got a letter from his girlfriend.

While reading his letter, Judd has to do 15 jumping jacks lol

McCrae is asking Ginamarie if she knows what Spencer is going to do.

McCrae says to Ginamarie that he can see her in the Final Two. He thinks that he could beat her in the Final Two.

McCrae says that he can see himself pulling her off the block, if need be, I think

McCrae says that he feels like the Exterminators have a Final Four, Ginamarie says that he definitely needs to be exterminated, now.

Commercial break

lol Judd doing squats in the shower

If Andy wins the $5000 challenge, he will have a target on his back…

… he has to pick three piggybanks. His first is $85. His second is $9. He has $94 dollars, now? His third is $0.83 cents lol

Ginamarie and Spencer are coming to talk to Spencer. McCrae is trying to talk to talk to Spencer, and he’s sitting outside, can’t hear them outside the door.

Ginamarie tells him about his Final Two deal, and Spencer knows to put up McCrae, but who to put up next to him is a hard decision.

Commercial break

Spencer says that he’s going to put up McCrae to his face, but he is telling her that is going to put up Ginamarie, but he wants to vote her out. McCrae still feels like the guys are working together, excluding him.

The table soo small

During the Nom Ceremony, Judd has to do 17 squats aww

Judd is safe

Andy is safe

McCrae and Ginamarie say that they’re going to fight hard.

That’s it!


Thanks for reading!

– Louise

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