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BB17 – Episode 40 (FINALE NIGHT!) [SPOILERS]

23 Sep








HoH Comp: Part 1

Powdered sugar, dipped in red, the whole bundle. quick cream. creepy voice talking to the final three. now they have to sit on just the apples than the disc.

Steve falls! his thighs didn’t have the strength. hopes Part 2 is more mental than physical.

Vanessa says she doesn’t move, that’s as physical as she’s going to get. won’t move from her spot. tells Liz can win Part 2. Liz falls after Vanessa confirms she will take her to Final 2.

Steve eats popcorn.



HoH Comp: Part 2

Steve so happy that he sees puzzle because he does this for mechanical things.

it’s a crossword puzzles meant to be solved. you have to climb a ladder to access the

“Expect the _________” if you don’t know the answer to this, you are watching the wrong show. “Expect the unexpected #Big Brother”.

forgot he had a letter in the bag, found it!

Steve finishes!

Liz’s turn.

OTEV Dairy Product” – “What, yeast? OH BUTTER BUTTER”

Steve: 28:27

Liz: 31:11

Steve won Part 2!

knows John will respect him if he takes out Vanessa.

Jury debates with Dr. Will!

Austin wants to see Vanessa in the Jury so he will chop off his pony-tail braid.

and in walks John!

Julia so excited that her sister is in

John tells Austin that Vanessa brain-washed Liz lol Austin doesn’t understand why Liz trusts Vanessa again, it is pissing him off

Austin would have let the two girls battle it out and decide if he was in the final three

Jackie thinks that Vanessa’ gameplay has been really good, Shelli agrees, James agrees, says she went to work everyday, he respects Vanessa, Meg says she has won comps. when she hasn’t fooled people, she has won, Becky says she has swore under a lot of things and Austin agrees shouldn’t have done it. Steve is doing something right because Shelli says he threw a comp to not get bloods, he wins when he needs it to happen. he was personally connected with everyone. Meg agrees. John thinks Steve is a rat, did not like his games, had protection from him and the twins. said Steve went to a lot of advice for him. Julia said he could not own up to his decisions. Jackie thinks that Liz has gotten a lot of blood on her hands, John thinks Liz should not win, thinks she just dragged someone (Austin) along, Meg thinks she was just protecting her alliance, Becky thinks Austin was strategic and Liz was competitor, Dr. Will asks what would happen if Vanessa was eliminated. Julia will vote for her sister no matter what, can do no wrong


HoH Part 3

“Scales of Just Us” – Vanessa vrs. Steve

prove how well you know the members of the Jury (8)

how did the Juror complete the sentence?

Shelli: My favourite moment was winning HoH Duh! or meeting Clay! Duh!

answer: winning HoH! Steve 1 Vanessa 0 (S, V)

Jackie: the most annoying thing about the house was the mess OR constant paranoia!

the constant paranoia!

S 1 V 0

Becky: the biggest lie told this summer was everything that came out of Audrey’s mouth, me saying that I was hit by a train, gotcha!

Steve 2 V 1

Meg: who needs a reality check the most; Clay, who gives up half million for a girl? or Austin, one word: Judas: lame!


3 2

James: strongest competitor: me! OR Johnny-Mac


3 2

Julia: respected Austin’s gameplay the most because he’s been watching the show since S1, OR Shelli always kept word and comp beast


4 3

Austin:  most embarrassing moment was Zingbot mentioning my girlfriend OR I stink


4 4

John: best thing about being in house; not having to go into people’s mouths or getting ripped!






Steve thoroughly convinced Vanessa is the strongest female gameplayer in the game, can talk way in the Jury, was said to make move to justify, he evicts Vanessa and is very sorry

Liz says “Oh my gosh Steve thank-you so much!” wasn’t expecting it doesn’t have anything prepared, has no words to thank him, needs the money so bad

Vanessa says wasn’t out of the realm of possibility, never fully trusted him, not sure if he made the right move for his game, would not have taken Steve to Final Two so doesn’t blame him, gave it everything she had, is crying?



JURY members walking out! Aww everyone looks so pretty! The cheers are amped for John and James!

Julia says she has no guesses to ninth jury member, Austin guesses Vanessa

and Vanessa walks out! Becky is shocked! Austin is very happy to see that Steve made an excellent decision. “The boy became a man.” John “I’m really glad to see my best friend again!”

Three questions are to be asked to the Final 2!

John asks: Steve; I was your good friend in this game. but in my perspective you relied on Vanessa and myself this whole game. why?

audio problem.

Steve starts over answer: was not tailing off him or Vanessa. it was the friendships.

audio problem again!

Steve starts again: as above, and said he wanted to split the twintwist and the showmance, and Jackie, thought was most competent of the Meg and James and such

Becky: Liz; when it came to gametalk, Austin influence all your strategy. what was your own?

Liz: came in with twist, held her own, did own campaigning

James: Steve; you’re sitting next to someone who played hard since Day. floated through game half the time. why say it not?

Steve: had layers of people who had protection, did not float. built layers to get where he was.

Julia: Liz; what was biggest game move in comp?

Liz: aligning with strong competitors, aligning with Vanessa, Austin

Jackie: Steve; several people feel you didn’t talk strategy with them at-all. biggest function as votes.

Steve: had tiff with Austin with Scamper Squad, protected his alliance

Austin: Liz; why do you deserve to win the money over Steve?

Liz: came in with huge disadvantage, did a lot to stay in house, tried to be less of a threat, even though Steve is huge superfan


Why do you deserve to win BB?

Liz: not a huge superfan not a big gamer, miracle able to survive 85 days, great attitude, strong personality

Steve: Zingbot: awkward nerdy trombonist. said Liz had an advantage of having someone always on her side. won four full HoH games, made moves not copying someone else. just got out Vanessa. Liz follows Vanessa, Liz won two, three and a half. Thank-you so much.


Shelli: love you both so much, really hard to make the decision, voting with heart

Jackie: congratulations! so proud of both. both played amazing games, going to vote for person who has dreamed of it their entire life LOL OBVIOUS

Becky: one person that I will extremely glad to cast my vote for, may best man or woman win

Meg: you guys look hot! giving credit to big moves in game. hard decision.

James: amazing job, loves the haircut, you need another one Steve, let Jesus take the wheel on this one kinda like Carrie Underwood GOSH JAMES

Julia: (falls) vote really obvious, loves them both

Austin: the heart wants what it wants – in the poet’s hands of Selena Gomez LOL

John: the worst alliance member or twin thing I couldn’t come up with a good insult for you… good job both!

Vanessa: no hard feelings Steve, picking the best that represents what this season stands for, both played great games

and first six evicted join live!


Audrey’s hair is like Shelli’s!

Da’vonne: most surprising: Austin you spoke a lot about Judas how he was going to dominate, where ge at?

Austin: you got me! was supposed to be cool in my own weird way but ended up liking people too much, disassociated with his personality

Vanessa: 90% what I said was the truth, is a DJ, a prof. poker player, won $4.1/2 million. one of the top in the world

Jason: everything surprised me, how well Vanessa maneuvered through you Dr. Will’d it, Derek’d it, Dan’d it. just sort of cried and didn’t own to anything but did it all.

Audrey: how was it to return home after making history? having time of life, emotional thing, it’s huge, overwhelming response from whole country, feels like a winner because changed lives


WHO WON? VOTES Julie wants to know how Vanessa voted so starting backwards

Vanessa – Liz

John – Steve

Austin – Liz

Julia – Liz

James – Steve

Meg – Steve

Becky – Steve

Jackie – Steve

I AM SO HAPPY STEVE HAS WON BB17 :’) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Shelli also voted for Steve! won 6-3!!








Thanks for keeping with me this summer! what a hilarious season filled with hilarious people. hope that you all enjoyed the ride and ’till next time!!

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BB17 – Episode 17 [SPOILERS]

30 Jul


Jackie feels like a total idiot

Meg is angry and upset about Jason being on block

Becky going to lay low

Jason says this is his life, means more to him than others do

Austin’s dreams just came true, says the blindside was beautiful

Meg asking Clay if he knew about the blindside, he said he did not know, Clay says he thinks that Austin made a deal with Austin

Meg talking with Vanessa in HoH room, she’s saying she’s so hurt today, said was very excited with her, but now feels like a “dumb girl”, Vanessa said she would not have done it if everyone didn’t want it

Jackie talking with Vanessa, Vanessa said it comes up to who she trusts, Shelli says she doesn’t want Jason to go, Vanessa asking her if she’s behind her back, Jackie knows that Shelli was on plan with this because she freaked out when she asked her if she knew about Jason

Meg says she’s livid, talking with Jackie, Jackie says they’re all working together, says they’ve all been hanging together during eviction, Jason now in cabana room, and James

Meg keeps crying, Jackie crying, Jackie feels like she let Jason down, they say that they’re all so stupid, Meg wants them to stop putting up their people

Vanessa talking with Clay and Shelli, Shelli says the target is her and Clay because people keep asking them if they knew about the blindside, Vanessa sparks a bit of a doubt in her trust in Shelli and Clay because they denied knowing about the blindside


Jason and allies know who stabbed him in the back

Jackie wants Jason to stay, Jason says Steve and John, or Clelli, or Liz and Austin could keep him, Jackie feels like Clelli won’t vote for him, need to convince them that Becky will go after them, but Liz hates him

Jason talking with Clelli, first part of plan: make them paranoid, says he could be more loyal to them than Becky, says Becky will put them up next week, second part: will going to give them whatever they want. says when Julia comes in, Liz Austin and Julia will be a three-headed monster

John #DrMac

Maria is his office manager, says he’s very professional at work, seeing very different side of him, he’s very good with patients, his patients miss him, Josh, a patient, totally trusts him,

Frank, his Dad, says he was a very good kid, health-class made him sick to his stomach so he wanted to be a dentist

Jordan is his younger brother, says his strategy was to get everyone to like him, then stab each one in the back

No-one knows the real Johnny-Mac, is an enigma



Becky is basic, Jason is wild, he is good at cooking

Austin – Jason

Meg – Becky

Liz – Jason

James – wearing squirrel hat, Becky

Steve – strong dislike for Becky, but votes for Jason

Jackie – Jason

Shelli – Jason

Clay – Jason

John – Jason

Vote 7-2, Jason evicted : ( gonna miss that personality

Jason doesn’t want them to be lazy farts, telling them to play hard when he watches at home, the audience is loud as he exits the house !

Meg is crying 😦

Jason feels that Clelli betrayed them the most, thinks that they’re running it, thinks Vanessa has more soul and good game-player

Jason says it’s probably his downfall for just gossiping about the twist

Jason says Meg has a jello leg, thinks Meg could go far

“Oh my lanta”

Shelli telling him about the Sixth Sense, says he will be missed in the house

Jackie says he should’ve won the game

Liz says have fun watching in Mom’s basement

Meg says she misses him so much already, doesn’t know what she will do without him

Jason knew the twins were evil, knew Meg was one of the sweetest girls in the world, knew Shelli couldn’t be trusted, says he knew everything from the beginning


Julia finds out that she’s entering the house, enters the house, ahh

everyone gathering in living room

Liz super excited, goes to greet her with a hug

James is like “woah”

switched places 14 times, game is resetting, twin twist is over, BoB is over, one HoH only

battle of endurance, first solo HoH game of the summer


HoH Comp – “On the Edge”

have to hang on the cliff, last one on wins

the wall tilts, there’s a storm, rain falls on everyone


They are being hit by eagles with loud noises oh

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BB17 – Episode 16 [SPOILERS]

29 Jul

Hello, I’m so sorry that this Post has arrived late! Marking it on the 29th on the calendar, but was posted on the 30th.

Shelli is not prepared for Clay being on the block

Jackie says Becky and Clay look so defeated

Vanessa says everyone needs to keep their mouths shut

James trying to tell Becky and Clay that he tried to throw the comp, Becky says he’s good, as long as he tried to help the group

John telling Clay not to freak out

Clay says it’ll be alright to John

Liz saying that she did that entire thing by herself, hoping that he didn’t throw it, talking to Austin

Austin freaking out, thinking Liz was being targeted all along

Austin talking with Vanessa, saying that Liz swore that James threw it, saying that everyone is so quiet, wondering it trying to set up Liz, she said, doesn’t think so, Austin tells her to talk to Vanessa

Liz and Austin are in bed, Liz says she and him are besties, but doesn’t see him in a romantic way, but says Austin is getting more flirty “BBnomance”


she did not expect it, hates him now (but not really)

Players for Veto ;

Vanessa – HG Choice; Shelli

Clay – John “like getting called in for work on the weekend”

Becky – Liz

Vanessa is worried, Liz doesn’t know about the plan to back-door him

Becky, Shelli, Jackie, Vanessa talking in HoH room

Shelli wants to tell Liz after PoV about Austin, not before just in-case she reacts badly


Steve aww so cute, looking at camera actively following him HE WAS IN A HEART SO CUTE

Veto Comp

“Get Nutty”

the players are dressed as squirrels so cute

Shelli’s tail is driving Clay crazy

the nut goes up the ramp, then down, you have to catch it before it touches the ground, 250 nuts have to be reached, if it touches ground, you have to start all over again at 0

Clay cannot drop the ball on this one, literally

Clay and Becky are doing well! above 25

Clay said he’s done lots of physical work-outs for football and this matches it

Clay at 119

John at 130

Becky at 120

Clay now at 209

Becky said she’s a better winner

Clay slowing down

Becky drops ball at 135 shoot

Steve is happy watching her crack

Clay has 225, now 250 ! John was behind him, don’t remember the score, though


Becky says it’s frustrating to see him win, she’s proud of him, but upset about herself


“Clay, you won something”

“I know, finally”

Jackie talking with Becky, Becky feels so defeated

Vanessa wants to tell Liz about Austin, Shelli in HoH room too, Vanessa telling him about how Austin told people that the twin twist was real, how he made a deal with Jason, throwing Julia under the bus

Liz doesn’t like him, says that she believes that he wasn’t being cruel, Shelli asking why she’s trusting his allegiance over theirs

Austin now in HoH room

Vanessa telling him that Liz is the biggest target, being in a showmance and twinmance

Vanessa asking why she talked to Jason, Austin said he trusted her

Vanessa crying, Austin saying he’s sorry, Austin asking him if he’ll be put up, Vanessa doesn’t say anything, he begs not to go up, said he’ll never put her up, she thinks he’s an idiot that acted emotionally but is a good person, Vanessa saying she’ll put him up because she promised the entire house, Austin begging her, Vanessa said she doesn’t want to do it


Austin talking with Clay and Shelli in cabana room, wants them to sympathize with them

says he doesn’t care about the money, saying that Jason betrayed him, Clay says he’s worried that he’s too emotional, Austin says he won’t go against them

Austin feels like he has a chance with them

Shelli saying not in best interest to see him go

Liz, James, Vanessa going to have steak dinner, allowed to bring one guest along

Vanessa – Becky

Liz – Austin

James – Clay lol Meg is like “Oh Jamesie don’t go crawling back to me when Clay doesn’t give out”

James is gonna steal Clay away from Shelli

Clay says he’ll put a steak in his pants for her lol

Shelli is like “the house is so boring now”, Meg is like, “Are we boring you, Shelli?”

James wants a kiss, Clay goes up then smiles backs off

dinner is done, Vanessa Shelli Clay, Clay says odds are better with Austin, but Vanessa’s are worse, she still wants to backdoor Austin

Shelli says either big blow-up or one more number is Austin goes up or doesn’t

Vanessa says that James is into chicks, Meg is T.V. host, Jason is the strategic, either Austin or Jason


VETO Meeting

Austin says he broke his word and made her upset, hopes Vanessa won’t put him up

Clay saves himself

Vanessa puts up Jason, says he’s a good person, would be friends with them outside the house

Meg and James and Jason and Jackie look blind-sided, Jackie has no idea what is going on

Meg says he’s been her best friend in the house, they were all played

Jason says it’s biggest back-door of BB17, not going to lie down and die

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BB17 – Episode 15 [SPOILERS]

26 Jul

Hi !

Day 36

Jackie wants to prove that she’s not a pawn, but a queen

Vanessa thinks she’ll be a target because she put up Jeff two weeks ago (?)

Clay is glad that it isn’t girls vrs. guys, feel like they are being squished beneath heels, James thinks a guy will go home this week

Austin talking to Liz about how Jason knows about the twins

switch #13 ; Liz was like “Austin almost kissed me” Julia’s like “ew”

Austin goes to Jason and confirms the twin twist, tells them their name, “it has a name, its name is Julia”, Jason is like, how is this good for your game telling me this ?

thinking of taking Liz to top and Julia to jury

Jason lying in bed with Meg and telling her that the twist is official, that Austin wants to take out Julia

Meg and Jason telling Shelli the other twin’s names, Shelli is like “shut up”, now Shelli is like “that was our little secret”

Vanessa enters, tells her about the twin twist, not okay with him selling out their alliance

Shelli telling Clay in HoH room that Austin told Jason about the twin twist

Shelli wants to tell the twins about Austin telling, Vanessa wondering if alliance will be “blown up”

Vanessa and Jackie giving word to not back-door each other

Jackie decides to put up Liz because she put her up last week, also thinking Steve

Jackie wants to stay HoH, Vanessa has no problem


HoH room

there are pictures of Jackie and her brother, James saw love at first sight at Vanessa’s Mom

Austin admits to the twin twist, says Jason says he doesn’t want to target them yet, Vanessa knows he isn’t giving all the details, and sold out Julia, not Jason, telling him to not lie, he agrees, doesn’t want to be yelled at

James telling Vanessa that his Mom is gorgeous, she says “too bad she’s married”

Vanessa telling Austin not to tell Jackie that he and her are working together

Vanessa thinks he’s playing an emotional game now

Vanessa and Julia are now in the HoH room now, Julia says Liz probably doesn’t like Austin, Vanessa tells her about the Austin telling Jason and how Jason told her

“she’s doesn’t even like you, so, ha, joke’s on you” – Julia, blood is boiling, she loathes him


Vanessa and Clay and Shelli talking in HoH room, Vanessa telling them about her thoughts about Austin (?), in DR calls Austin and Liz “Liztin” and Shelli and Clay “Clelli”, Vanessa moving to Clelli side at Austin’s expense

Jackie wants to put up Austin or Liz, wants to put up Liz for sure, Clay said he’ll go up beside Becky

Jackie talking with Becky, Becky agrees only because Clay will show up on winning side

Vanessa tells Meg and Jason and James, Vanessa says Austin is a backdoor target, Jason gets the concept, Vanessa says that James put up Jackie before, Jackie agrees and James okay with it

They want to be called the Dark Moon ( Vanessa, Jason, James, Meg, Jackie ), Vanessa loves it wants to get a tattoo of it


Vanessa telling Austin that Liz will go up, probably with Steve, then tells him her plan, says it’s suspicious that Clay hasn’t gone up so has to put him up, Austin thinks that they’ll win though

Jackie puts up James and Liz

Vanessa puts up Clay and Becky

Austin says he will trust in Vanessa’s plan

Becky – “John, congratulations – I’m happy for you”

John – “Do I just sit here?”

Vanessa tells Julia that she wants to make it to the end with her

Julia chooses to not tell Liz that Austin sold her out, tells her that this is a good week for her because Austin will fight for her


BoB Comp, the picture wall had the guests from last season !

they have to throw paint on walls to unscramble names from BB HG’s, letters will show up and even on clothing

the winning team will receive an award !

in a BB newsroom

Liz says she has to be the brains in the comp

the comp was close, James and Liz won !

the three winners will get an Outback steakhouse meal

Thank-yah !

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BB17 – Episode 14 [SPOILERS]

23 Jul



will Audrey show up tonight for the eviction?!

apparently Audrey spoke negatively of Shelli and Clay? James told (yesterday’s episode)

Day 33

Shelli says that the past few days have been up and down, says best decision for everyone for Audrey to go on block

John hugged everyone

Steve says she made BB History

people are wondering if she’ll show up for the eviction

James thinks she just didn’t want to show up for the VETO meeting

Vanessa notices that she wasn’t in good shape

Audrey in DR just lying under blanket, been in there for like an hour-and-a-half

Vanessa thinks she’s having a meltdown

Steve has no issues with Audrey as a person, no-one does, “some people’s pride is worth more than money”

Austin is angry, before VETO meeting, and now he is pissed off with her being in the DR for three hours despite doing the same to other people regarding attitude

Two hours before VETO meeting, Jason wants Audrey to go out with her head held high despite their differenes

Audrey has come out of the DR !

Julia feels like she’s just seen a ghost

James doesn’t know if she can play the game any further

James made something for Audrey in the kitchen AWH a sweetheart. made her an omelette and OJ. he’s so kind. she’s eating it after he left the Have-Not room

Audrey still wrapped in her blanket, going back in the DR

Austin is wondering is she’s staying or going, if he’s ever gonna see her again

Audrey is still in house, is in the nominee seat

oh my GOSH BRITNEY IS COMING TO TALK WITH JULIE BB LIFE MADE like my favourite HG ever. + Donny


Whackstreet Boys took the country by storm !

the Backstreet Boys tweeted: “Hey Jason, Liz, and John, we’re definitely fans of your moves.” so cool !

first Whackstreet Boys live performance, fans clamoring for it. gonna dance in front of living room !

Audrey’s parents live in a really really tiny town, Marc is her Dad. all the photos they have are Audrey as Audrey

Mireya is her Mom, they both fell in-love with the name

Audrey likes the word female, not transgender… feels like it’s transitioning

her Mom says she’s been playing the game from the get-go

Dalton, Audrey’s friend

they think that Audrey’s tears are real, genuine

Marc says she has done all that she has wanted to do so far in the game, but she can’t win the game with a party of 1


Audrey has a penalty by eating regular food instead of Have-Not vote

Audrey can be found online for her fans, really powerful that her transgender has been “Merry Christmas” because people have been wanting her out for a while

“If you wanna keep me, if not, cool” – John


Clay – Audrey

James dressed with a tie – Audrey

Austin – John, Judas wanted John out

Jason – for Da’vonne, Audrey

Vanessa – Audrey

Becky – Audrey (can’t break-up the band)

Jackie – Audrey

Steve HE SO HAPPY – Audrey

Julia – Audrey

Meg – Audrey

Audrey – 9 + 1 penalty vote , John – 1

Audrey is evicted

Audrey: “IS THIS REAL? IS IT REALLY REAL” before exiting, Vanessa gives her a hug


Julie asking about acceptance through the house for her transgender come as a surprise, Audrey was absolutely overwhelming, made her feel, no words for it, a spectacle moment able to re-watch

Audrey was a big fan of the game, thought it was tougher to play the game, says it was an emotional incubator, didn’t do anything that she said she was going to do

Audrey says her allies Shelli and Clay and Vanessa, says Vanessa’s reasons are all justified, thought that she was trying to place seeds of doubt of Vanessa, but was true

Shelli says she loves her forever, wishes her the best

John says she’s a very good person, says she played the game too hard

Jason says she’s been such a fighter, game-fighter, says he hopes Da’vonne is throwing confetti

Steve says she’s given a lot of encouragement for everyone, will talk to her soon

HoH Comp

“Pop ‘Till You Drop”

a pop song will describe a comp, either Hoh, BofB, or Veto, choose correct answer to eliminate HG

Steve, Jason – Jason won

John, Austin – Austin won

Jackie, Becky – Jackie won

Liz, Vanessa – Vanessa won


Jackie, Meg – Jackie won

Austin, James – James won wild-guess was correct !

Vanessa, Clay – Vanessa won

James, Jackie – Jackie won, first HoH ! James took another wild-guess

Vanessa, Jason – Vanessa won, second HoH of comp and second-time being HoH !



Britney looks so pretty ! wearing red dress

she has two kids ! she loves being a Mom, what she was meant to do

says it’s one of her favourite seasons, she’s really into it, her favourites are Jason they could’ve been the twin twist, she likes Vanessa as a player, is really smart, “who doesn’t love Johnny-Mac, we don’t know what he is, is he human, what is he”

the twin-twist went differently, surprised with it being an advantage

pick to win whole game : Vanessa has a great shot, either Shelli or Clay (one will go soon), maybe a floater, Jackie is a floater, just won HoH “just saw her for the first time ever”

don’t forget Jeff hosts a livechat !

Thank-yah for reading ; will update Episode 13 now EPISODE 13 UPDATED! Very sorry about it , THANK-YAH ALL FOR THE PATIENCE

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BB17 – Episode 13 [SPOILERS] [updated]

22 Jul




very, very sorry.


Day 30

Shelli’s mind is starting to change from Jason as target to another

James really happy is safe, says he and Jackie earned it, just gonna eat cereal now

Shelli says there’s still a chance for Jason to be saved (to him)

Becky says she’s worried about John, they’re in bed together hangin’ #FightWinLive

Audrey says she’s pissed about Shelli because she threw her under the bus about Jason whilst talking to James, and that she’s actually be loyal to her and Clay, but says that they’re “dumb to think that there’s another single person that would work to help them in this game”, thinks they’re naive that no-one will throw separate them

James doesn’t know why she’s telling her this stuff, says he won’t tell them but tells Clay and Shelli in HoH room, says was talking negatively about them

Clay says she drives him crazy, digging her own grave

Shelli says she makes her paranoid, Clay says she’s ruining Shelli’s game

Clay and Audrey talking now, Audrey crying about why she was thrown under the bus, Clay says he shouldn’t doubt her, Audrey says she’s alone because everyone has a pair in the house, wondering what happens if he gets the Veto, asking him if he will swear on his life that she won’t be put up as a replacement nom, Clay just trying to comfort her to not blow up their game

Vanessa and Shelli talking in HoH game, Shelli says she word-vomited, messed up talking with Jason, Clay up there now, saying she’s crying, and paranoid, on a personal level, Shelli likes her, but game level, can’t level her at-all

Shelli says she’s pulling away ? Clay wants to say some things to her


Liz Jason John getting into the Liz Business, J-Don, Mac-Attack… WHACKSTREET BOYS, white outfits

“chin-strap really working for me” – John

lol you can really hear Shelli

Jackie loves the Whackstreet Boys, says John is the sexi est, Jason isn’t wearing hat because he “doesn’t deserve one”

Veto Players being picked

Shelli doesn’t want Audrey to be picked because may be replacement nominee

Shelli picks Vanessa “yay, I wanna play”

John picks Meg

Jason picks HG Choice, picks James

Host: Stevie

Jason thinks 50% people may take him off, other 50% could be convinced

Meg talking if Shelli and Clay in HoH, Meg says she would be up Audrey if came off

James rang the doorbell to enter, Vanessa says everyone should be aligned who is playing the PoV

Audrey and James talking, James says Shelli and Clay haven’t talked of replacement nominees, she says she isn’t worried, James says he will try to win, hates throwing comps, Audrey says that whoever takes Jason off, the replacement will probably go home

Shelli crying in kitchen, then goes to HoH room, says she’s gotta be helped through this, wants to make the right choice, Clay with her, she doesn’t want to regret her choice, she wants to trust Audrey, wants her to take trust, she doesn’t want to send Audrey out the door, really respects her as a person, Clay tells her if she doesn’t feel comfortable, don’t do it, if he wins, he’ll do it for sure


VETO Comp “Saved by the Smell”

Austin tempted to shove Steve in a locker because he looks like a “science geek”

“Time out, time in” (freeze, unfreeze)

they have to pour the correct chemical in the flask(?)

Boo-yah berry is the first scent

John has “good short-term memory”, they all got the correct colour, was purple

Vanessa chose to remember the first letter of each colour

Meg made songs in her head to remember

James’s concoction exploded, oh dear eliminated

R3, scent

Shelli throwing the comp so blood doesn’t get on her hands

Shelli explosion, exploded into the audience ! eliminated


Meg exploded, eliminated !


Jason surprising himself with how smart he is

John not getting vibe that someone is smarter than him with the mental comp

Vanessa won !

Jason knows that if Veto isn’t used on him, there is nothing that he could say s he might as well pack up his bags


Shelli loves the Whackstreet Boys

update complete for first half of show: July 23rd, 11:10

Meg, “You’re whack !”

John says attendance for the shows have been lower and lower, Jackie was like the only one watching at one point of performance

John, Jason, and Liz are dancing, their band?! What is the name I couldn’t hear it mann

the Backstreet Boys?


sporting white white clothing, hats

Liz is the groupie apparently !

Audrey talking with Audrey and Austin, says she says everyone has someone, is not paranoid, Clay doesn’t believe it, was just jumproping when approached, Audrey offended because he said that she drives people away by not trusting them or something(?), she says that he makes her feel ungrateful

Audrey is not paranoid, Clay says she is, says that if she doesn’t trust people, she’s driving people away. Audrey is offended by this, she says she has been loyal to Shelli, Clay wondering why she questions her loyalty, “So you swear on your life that she won’t put me up as a replacement?” she claim she did not say this but Clay dumbfounded that she denies it, 1000% says she said that, she says he has an A-Type personality in DR, Clay is pissed off because she said that word-for-word, she swears on her life that she didn’t say it, Clay bets everything in the game that she said that, says people lying to him is like spitting on your hand and slapping him in the face

Clay telling Shelli about how she always plays the victim in HoH room, now Audrey is in there, and Vanessa is, Audrey saying her feelings are hurt, Shelli says she should be happy, “dancing through Broadway”, they have protected her, and she’s not feeling protected even though protected by them, offends Shelli that no-one has put themselves in her shoes which she’s done. Audrey s crying. thinks she’s making this about himself, he cornered her outside, Clay is like WHAT, calls her a liar, Clay leaves. Shelli asks her if she trusts Vanessa, Audrey says Vanessa’s an amazing manipulator, says the Jeff thing was an act, Vanessa says she had no reason to put him up until then, and asks her if she was in the room when it happened, and Audrey keeps swearing on her own life… Audrey is way too paranoid right now



Audrey not participating… Vanessa won the VETO

Jason and John are the nominees, John : “the best kinds of Vetos are the ones used on me” lol

Vanessa uses it on Jason

Shelli names Audrey as nominee,

John’s best move is “to do nothing”

Jason is like “it’s about da– time” that Audrey is on the block, but feels a bit bad because it’s hard on her

Clay feels good about it, but knows that she’ll probably pull a moves to make it through the house but says has been carried? floated? through the house

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BB17 – Episode 12 [SPOILERS]

19 Jul

Hello !

Clay is so proud of Shelli

Shelli is so excited that her and Liz are the new HoH’s !

Audrey happy that there are two people in the house not gunning after her

Jackie feeling alone now that Jeff is gone

Austin and Liz are hugging,

Austin says that there are shady people there, Liz voted for James because had connection with Jeff

Austin thinks that Steve is so smart, that he does music for a living

Steve thinks that he is a complete idiot, did not throw the HoH comp, thinks there are rumours floating around

Jason feels alone in the game, afraid to be nominee, no-one going to fight and defend him

Audrey thinks that Liz thinks that thinks it’s a joke, the twin

Shelli says that Clay will get the endurance comps

thinks that the four votes came from Becky or Steve

HoH Room

Shelli’s dog is in a photo, there are photos

John looking for the crown #9 tooth it didn’t grow in yet in the photo aww

Shelli’s letter from her dog

Liz’s letter from her Mom, says she is an “ugly crier”

John thinks that the letter “lacks heartfeltness”

what there is a musical happening “IS THIS REAL” “Tell m that this is my life”

Clay: “Yes, this is real”


Liz is so nervous, Shelli is freaked out doesn’t know what to do

Clay walks in, suggests going after someone who would go against them, they think Jason, Meg, James

they have no relationship with Jackie, Liz thinking of Jackie and Audrey, but they think that Audrey are a backdoor, could be extra vote, but Shelli thinks that people will connect the dots because she wasn’t put up by Vanessa or Becky, they think that the fourth vote was Becky


Steve is ironing so cute, had a bit of trouble closing the board

Jackie wants to tell Austin that what happened with Jeff is not associated with her, he says that she could be a pawn, but would be safe, Austin really likes her, doesn’t want her to go, Jackie doesn’t know the game he’s playing

Shelli says that her and Jackie both play the simple quiet game, Jackie says that Liz might put her up and that Austin told her that, and Shelli is like, what? she says it’s not cool in the DR, it’s freaking her out, doesn’t know about Austin

Shelli talking with Vanessa, says everytime she finds out new info, wants to tell her, tells her what Jackie told her, to be careful around Austin, Shelli doesn’t trust some things about him, same with Vanessa, they have to be careful with him in the room and verbalize carefully

Shelli worried about being dethroned, doesn’t want Liz to have her game ran by Austin

Shelli doesn’t want to put John back up

Clay talking with John, Meg calls him lady-girl

Jason knows that John is not the target

Clay asking John about being put up next to Jason, are they allowed to win it, he hates asking him to throw it, telling him he doesn’t need to do it if he doesn’t need to… John has been put up three times


Audrey talking with Shelli, giving advice, suggests Jason because is major threat to her game

Nom Ceremony

Liz – James, Jackie

Shelli – Jason, John

if the show was called “Get Nominated”, John would win he says

Jason is angry

Jackie talking with Liz, Liz tells her that she is not the target

Liz says that Jackie has balls to ask her who the main target was, talking with Austin

Jason asking Shelli why he was put up, Shelli tells Jason that Audrey told him that he was going after him, telling him that she doesn’t want him to go home, wants to be dethroned, wondering how long that she can keep Audrey in the game if she told him not the truth


Switch #11, Liz telling her that Austin is a strong competitor so just keep flirting with him

Jason hoping that John won’t throw the comp, because Clay asked to talk with him earlier

Audrey thinks that Jason knows that she had a hand in him going up

Shelli says she will stick up for Audrey until she has a reason not to… and has a bit of a reason to, Audrey’s fear is that he could go after her after going after herself


Battle of the Block comp

Clay wearing wig

people have to wear flannel, 90’s grunge

Screaming Trees, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, Sound Board (?), must take Alice (?) to Nirvana

losing team and HoH gets punishment all week

John wants to win the comp for control of his own game

find four coloured keys for the four locks

Jason finds first key quickly in Pearl Jam

John finds key quickly in Screaming Trees just lying there

James finds key in Screaming Trees

Jason ready to rage in the squash pit in Smashing Pumpkins

“it’s rude” to smash the pumpkin – John

everyone is tied at three keys

James and Jackie found the fourth key. unlocking

but so have the other team !

James and Jackie won BofB !

Shelli still HoH, pretty happy about it and pondering bigger target ?

punishment for Liz, Jason, John – they have a new band, need to perform when pager rings for them

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