18 Sep


The two-hour live season finale!

Let’s beginnn! Woo. I don’t want Andy to win. he has been bugging me erghh. but he did play the Game with sneaky moves. hm ksdfkjds let’s just… see what happens, yeah?

THE LAST BB NIGHT OF THIS YEAR! Until the next year (it’s been renewed, BB!).

The show is beginning with some re-caps!

Spencer is having a lot of difficulties in the HoH! and then he falls down. I think someone should take Spencer with them in the Final Two, they could potentially win against him.

In the HoH comp, they are now going backwards

Foam is now falling down!

Andy looks like he’s about to fly off

now, he’s getting a little bit better, and now Ginamarie is getting a little sticky on her feet.

and Andy falls off!

Ginamarie won P1! I felt like she’d win the HoH! She could actually potentially win this game… now she just moves onto Part 3.

It is now P2! They have to find all of the HG’s who left in the Summer in the correct order, and then enter in their answer. if it’s wrong, they have to try again. Try to have the quickest time.

Andy is first.

He’s looking for the Candice crab, after “nineteen years”, he finds it, and it’s wrong. and then he has to has to change it. Now it’s right.

It is Spencer’s time next. Spencer thinks that this is the hardest competition.

Andy’s time was 21:54 minutes/seconds. He said that he was sweater.

Spencer was 36.11 minutes/seconds.

So, Andy won P2.

Andy tells Ginamarie that he will take her to the F2.

Andy said that he was playing second place to her.

Ginamarie said, Jury-vote wise, he could potentially beat him. She’s crying in the DR now, and she says that everyone loves him, and she doesn’t know what to do.

Now we’re going to the Jury! DR. WILL, Helen is so excited, awwh

He is talking to them.

They said that Andy should arrive in the Jury, Elissa says McCrae.

Juror #8 is McCrae.

Amanda said that she not mad at anyone

Candice says that she doesn’t like Amanda.

Aaryn and Candice have actually gotten pretty well well in the House, apparently

Did Ginamarie make the biggest move of the Summer?  Judd wanted to do it, Elissa said that she had “guts”. Amanda said that she didn’t really play the game, and Aaryn says that you couldn’t manipulative

Candice is voting basically on personal move.

Judd tells them to vote on the gameplay… who played the best game.

McCrae says that Andy is very-well spoken, says that Andy has played a very tactful game.

Amanda said that she probably would have won against McCrae.

Spencer never got blood on his hands. He was the biggest pawn, and he didn’t go home. He hasn’t really done very much. He has had to fight from the beginning, Helen says.

They have to come up with questions for the F2, now.

Commercial break

HoH head-to-head: R3

Ginamarie vrs. Andy. They have to answer questions about the BB Jury.

It will be an A or B answer. Most points by 8 questions. They are each standing on a side of the scale.

Candice’s most shocking moment in the house… when Aaryn flipped her mattress. They both got it right.

Jessie’s most irritating moment in the house, was… when Helen didn’t go through the plan to evict Amanda.

Helen’s most uncomfortable moment was… watching Judd plead for his life.

Andy = 2 Ginamarie 4

Aaryn said that if she had to spend a romantic meeting with a HG, it’d be… Judd, because he has manners (other romantic meeting was David)

What Amanda is afraid to have her family see in the house is.. every single one.

Andy = 4 Ginamarie = 2

Elissa’s whose HG’s behaviour that she was most shocked by was Aaryn, because she looked cute and friendly, but her personality was not.

Andy = 4 Ginamarie 3

Judd’s biggest regret in the game, was… not working closer with Helen.

Last question… Andy is ahead by one point

McCrae the best thing about being in the house was… free food lol

Andy is the Final HoH.

Commercial break

Andy is about to choose his F2 partner!

Spencer is being evicted from the BB House… the last person to be evicted. Andy chose to keep Ginamarie!

Spencer is not really shocked by Andy’s decision, I think. I can’t hear this, the audio is kinda low when he’s speaking?

Spencer “kinda saw it coming”, Andy skirted around his answer… was the pawn eight times, survived! It was an “amazing experience” for him, being in the BB House. His “favourite T.V. show”.

Commercial break

THE JURY IS COMING OUT only two guys in the Jury!

Helen thinks that Andy will have the most votes, Andy would be the wisest choice to be out of the House.

and Spencer walks out, revealing that he is the ninth member of the Jury!

The Jury is now asking the F2 HG’s questions!

Amanda:- Ginamarie, What’s her biggest gamemove other than getting out Amanda. Her biggest game move was to getting Amanda out. lol other than Amanda and Ginamarie said that her biggest gamemove was Amanda.

Elissa asks Andy the same question: Andy says that his biggest gamemove was aligning with Amanda and McCrae.

Helen: Ginamarie’s biggest obstacle?

She says her biggest obstacle was having Nick leave, really “heart-breaking”.

McCrae asks about Andy’s backstabbing.

Andy said that he wouldn’t have been a bitter Jury member. He says that he’s not a “terrible person”.

Candice: Ginamarie, who should they give her the money (even when they called all of them “cockroaches”).

The money would change her life, her family’s life, she always tries to have a “smile on people’s faces”.

Jessie’s question to Andy: Why did he lie to so many Juror’s unnecessarily?

Andy says that he apologizes, he didn’t want people upset with him, he kept people in the dark, and they left, he would’ve been safe, and his butt would’ve been saved.

Spencer’s question was directed to Andy, and Andy says that he has proved his loyalty… didn’t put Ginamarie/Amanda up? don’t quite remember. I’m sorry!

Commercial break

Ginamarie says that she feels like she’s made a “special connection” to everyone. She appreciates everyone, they will all get a nice “parting gift” from her… hmm.. bribery? Possibly

Andy says that he played the game with his heart/mind. He always made sure that he wasn’t a target. Everywhere Andy went, and because he played both sides, people went home because of him. He loves everyone, he would respect the decision for them to vote for him to win


Candice: is proud to cast the vote for someone she loves and respects (which is Andy, obviously)

Jessie: voting for the person she thinks played the most consistent game

Helen: both are winners in her book. Voting on the best game that she wishes that she could’ve played.

Aaryn: Congrats, person has always been there for them, she has to be there for them (so obviously Ginamrie)

Amanda: best person, best player in the game

Elissa: the person who had a flawless social game, and decisions which ultimately led them to the F2

Judd: The best to the Exterminator!

McCrae: Whoever wins, hope you buy drinks

Spencer: Best game, honour playing with you.


Commercial break

David, Nick, Howard, Kaitlin, and Jeremy are here, now!

Julie asks her who the the MVP was… Amanda thinks that the MVP was America. The first three weeks was Elissa, last three weeks was America.

Amanda hearing the 50% “boo”‘s when she came out made her think of the MVP.

Howard on the shocking moment of the show… the racial things were so persistent, seeing it for himself… he felt bad for his cast-members. He hopes that they can change.

Spencer’s reaction, that it is “unfortunate on the language and comments” in the house. He asks Julie on her opinion

Jeremy didn’t realize that Helen using the Mom thing, the crying, it shocked him the most. Helen says that they were actually real tears. She said that Jeremy evoked the most tears out of her. She shed some fake waterworks.

Julie will announce the Top 3 favourite HG’s in a littel bit.

500% increase in fan votes.

lol Ginamarie screams out, “HI, NICK! NICHOLAAAAAAAS!” a tad before the commercial break!

Commercial break

Spencer votes for Andy

McCrae votes for Andy

Judd votes for Ginamarie

Elissa votes for Andy

Amanda votes for Andy

Aaryn votes for Ginamarie

Helen votes for Andy, the BB winner is ANDY.

Oh, there you go!

Ginamarie is so happy to see Nick, awh, their hug is awfully cute, though. They’re standing over by themselves in the chair area and it looks really cute. Oh, Nickk !

Favourite HG is next!

Commercial break

Andy won 7-2 !

Top 3: Judd, Elissa, and Howard for favourite HG


and she’s so excited and happy and her expression!

Woooo ! I liked how those three were standing beside each other, too.

This whole cast looks awkward beside each other.

Thanks for sticking with me this whole season! I’m excited for next season… hope that it won’t be like this year’s, where so much was really terrible :/

Have a great night, everyone! Let me know YOUR thoughts on this season this year! I might give my input soon!

I appreciate you guys sticking with me! Have a great one, you guys!

– Louise

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BB15: Episode 35 [SPOILERS!]

15 Sep

Hello, everyone! How are you all doing today?

It’s BB Night! Second-to-last episode! 😮

Five hours before the

McCrae now realizes that he was right about Andy voting out Amanda… in the DR he said that he got “played so hard” (when the Exterminators told him about them being an alliance).

Andy says that McCrae is very “level-headed”

Andy wont’ be happy to see Elissa and Amanda

McCrae says that Amanda will be pissed

He said that he shouldn’t have trusted Andy… he got stabbed in the back by Andy, might be a bitter Jury member…

It’s just like a reminiscing episode. Spencer is telling them how the MC was created

Now they are reminiscing about the wine episode with Jeremy… I’m sure that everyone remembers that!

Commercial break

Now they are talking about Elissa. About Elissa being Rachel’s sister.

Now, “hook-up’s” Jeremy and Kaitlin. How Kaitlin used the Veto on herself.

Howard and Candice.

Aaryn and David.

Amanda and McCrae.

Amanda goes to visit the pizza-boy because he makes her feel more at home, or whatever. This is back when McCranda first started to sleep on the same bed.

McCrae calls her a “man-eater”.

Oh, now they are kissing.

McCrae says that he’s a weirdo, but Amanda said that she liked him.

Now Amanda and McCrae are getting married, and there are bridesmaids lol Amanda

Amanda is wearing a bedsheet for her gown

They are now getting married, the power invested in Andy, as they put on rings

“Mr. and Mrs. Olsen”

Judd says that he and Jessie have a real flirty relationship. lol and now they’re kissing.

Judd and Aaryn kissed after hugging and when Aaryn said that she wanted to be friends after.

Now Judd is in bed with Aaryn and they are kissing in the bed. Aaryn knows about him and Jessie, but Jessie might not know about him and Aaryn.

Now we’re talking about Ginamarie and Nick, when she went crazy after Nick

Commercial break

Now they’re talking about Candyland. (Candice). Candice vrs. Spencer

Amanda torturing Elissa, now… ersh, this scene was just painful to watch,

lol talking about crying in the DR

Judd, Elissa, Andy, and Ginamarie

Elissa wants to go home “is there a process to go home, to be eliminated”

McCrae crying

Kaitlin crying

Amanda crying

Helen crying

Jessie “ALL OF THEM LIED TO MY FACE” she hated all of the people in the house she never “lost a lot of weight”

Candice crying

Aaryn crying

David “Dude this is lame”

I’m sorry that I laughed, but if you guys see that compilation…

Commercial break

Spencer says that the best fight was between Ginamarie and Amanda

I don’t really know how this fight started…

They’re calling each other nicknames

lol Ginamarie is playing Jenga

Judd goes to split them up when they get up in each other’s faces

Ginamarie “apologizes for telling the truth” “I’ll give you my first-born” “Bring out the waterworks”

and Amanda goes off to cry, McCrae is just sitting there, playing with something

Now McCrae goes to sit with Amanda in the room. Amanda says that he just sat there, but he said that he was playing a game.

McCrae is telling her, “look at the position that you’re in right now”!

Amanda, “might as well have grabbed some popcorn and watched it like a movie” to McCrae on him not helping her out.

Commercial break

Andy and the moth incident. He was trying to catch a moth, or something, and he fell into the pool instead.

and lol he jumped and fell backwards into the pool, or something

People are laughing lol

They are doing an Exterminators, “one two three”.

lol they’re in like a disco room now, out in the backyard, and music makes me think of Enzo dancing lol and Hayden lol lol (BB12)

This is Part 1 of the three part comp!

It’s called “The Greatest Game”.

They have to hold onto a railing thing while on rollar-skates

9:30PM over for the West side, and like 8:30PM or something for the East?


I’ll talk to you all later! but ‘yo that’s kinda late… that’s a school night and I need to go to bed, lol and it’s two hours

Well, hopefully I’ll be able to post!

Bye, everyone! Thanks for reading this.

– Louise

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BB15: Episode 9! [SPOILERS COMING YOUR WAY] + Happy Birthday!

17 Jul

Hey, everybody! How are you all doing?

It’s my sister’s birthday today. The “Sweet As Whole” one? Mm-hmm, happy birthday to her! I hope that she is having a good time eating dinner right now, yaay

the cake she chose was alright, a lemon raspberry 😮

I hope that her day goes great.

and NOW!

It’s BB time!

I wonder who the MVP is!

Helen has a bigger threat in mind!

Kaitlyn thinks that it’s awkward that she’s up on the block!

Jeremy and Katilyn think that Jeremy is going to be the MVP

Oops, nevermind. Jeremy thinks that if Elissa gets it, she’ll put him up. Which is more than likely.

(Sorry that I’m typing slow, my sister is practising slings on me)

Helen is discussing who should be the third nominee with her side of the house. She told McCrae and Amanda that they need Jeremy up. They want to backdoor him.

Amanda wants to backdoor Jeremy. She thinks the second biggest threat in the house is Howard. McCrae comfirms that Howard was IN the MC.

Helen wants to talk to Spencer to see if he’ll tell her the truth about everything that he has done.

Spencer is spilling the beans to Helen about the MC.

Helen thinks that she looks like an idiot in-front of America because she trusted Howard?

She says that when she cries, her boys do things her way, so she’s using the waterworks on the boys lol

Spencer is telling Howard that Helen knows everything. “She knows that you lied” Spencer to Howard. “Her feelings are hurt”

Howard doesn’t know if he can fix this, now! He’s lied to her again.




Elissa wants to put up Howard. She thinks that it’s lame to put him up.

Amanda and McCrae are telling her to put up Howard, so she left the room and she felt frustrated.

Howard has entered Helen’s HoH Room!

Howard is saying that he was a part of MC, and that he was “extremely loyal”. He said that [Jeremy] was a “bully”, and he apologized for that, and “learned with the wrong people”.

He doesn’t people to be “bullied no more” and he is with them now.

Helen is crying again.

Elissa wants to talk to Elissa by herself.

Helen thanks Howard for telling her the truth.

Elissa and Helen are like best friends. “This is both of ours HoH”- Helen

Helen wants to backdoor Jeremy

“The only way Jeremy wins… the chip comes out Jeremy and he wins” – Helen

Elissa doesn’t know who to nominate… Howard or Spencer?

They now have Amanda and McCrae in the room, and Andy

Elissa has put up all the strong guys, and thinks that all of the boys will be gunning for her.

Elissa doesn’t like Amanda and McCrae’s “agenda”. She doesn’t like that they’re “villianizing” Howard.

Amanda thinks that Howard is a big threat to her and McCrae.

“You can’t ask me to do something that I’m not comfortable with” – Elissa

Amanda is really, really, REALLY wants Howard up. “He will ruin our game”

She thinks that Spencer is not a physical or mental(?) threat.

Amanda is angry about this,

and Elissa has to think of what is better for her own game, and she feels like she’s under a whole lot of pressure.

Commercial break

and Elissa nominated for the third nominee… Spencer!

“Aapparently Howard did a better job than I did” – Spencer on smoothing things over with Helen and Elissa on the MC

She wanted to put up Spencer because she wasn’t comfortable with the pressure that Amanda had put her under

Ginamarie is playing!

Jeremy thinks that the whole house is backdooring him

Candice is playing!




Spencer now knows that they’re going after Jeremy and not him!

Jeremy thinks that he’s gonna get backdoored!

Aaryn thinks that they could shift the power

Kaitlyn is telling Ginamarie that she doesn’t want Jeremy to go home. She doesn’t know whether to use the Veto on herself, or on Aaryn. Kaitlyn doesn’t want Jeremy to be backdoored. Aaryn and Kaitlyn are her friends, and she doesn’t know what to do. Aaryn might be pissed at her if she doesn’t use the Veto…

Commercial break

Kaitlyn is talking to Amanda now…

“If you don’t take yourself off the block, you’re gonna be going home” – Amanda

Aaryn is less of a threat, apparently. Amanda is telling her to play for herself.

Veto Comp!

They have to peek over the wall and look at the artwork and hang it on the wall to match it to the Jone’s(?) in the shortest amount of time to win the Veto. Each competitor individually goes up. They have to jump on a trampoline, and they’re famous people, the “Helen Lisa” lol, “Jeremy” as George Washington “Jeremy as president would really suck” lol Candice (Candice is first).

She had the Angel’s mixed up, and the wrong heads on the wrong body.

Second try, and she’s done!

Aaryn is up now!

First try, she didn’t get it right

Second try, no

Third, no

“The whole thing” is pissing her off, she wants to rip off all of the Jone’s off the walls!

Fourth, no

Fifth, yes!

Ginamarie is next!

“I see some guy on the wall with arms… IT’S NICK it gives me so much drive and inspiration!” LOL “Can I get that picture in wallet size?”

First- no

Second- yes!

Spencer is next.

First try, no

Second(?), yes

He wants that picture of him in the frame, lol

Kaitlyn is next

First, no

Two, no

Third, no

Fourth, yes

and Helen is up!

First, no

Second (?), yes


Candice- 8:46

Ginamarie- 8:56

Spencer- 12:19

Aaryn- 9:50

Kaitlin (I found that I spelt her name wrong the whole time, oops, sorry! This is awkward… I’m sorry!)- 7:09 wow 😮

Helen- 8:55 Woah, Kaitlin won the PoV!

Will she take herself off, and risk them sending her home? She doesn’t know what she’s gonna do

“It’s like he has nine lives” – Helen on Jeremy

Commercial break

Jeremy is impressed with Kaitlin, and he just wants to make love to her right now

He doesn’t want to get backdoored…

… Kaitlin wants Howard to go home, she thinks that he’s sketchy as heck.

Kaitlin is talking to Helen now in the HoH room with Andy

Helen thinks that if she doesn’t put up Howard, the rest of the house that she will be gunned after

She says that Jeremy hurt her feelings

“He would owe you everything” – Kaitlin, on keeping him in the house

Kaitlin got sick to her stomach because she knew that there was no way to keep him

“I’m walking out of here with my head held high” – Jeremy

She doesn’t want to be in the house without Jeremy

She is now thinking to not use the Veto, and she thinks that Spencer and Aaryn could be bigger threats than her.

Commercial break


She’s using the Veto on herself.


Meeting is adjourned.

She wants to campaign to keep Jeremy.

Aaryn says that Jeremy is “really good at talking his way out of things”.

Jeremy laughs in the face of danger

Jeremy, Aaryn, or Spencer? Who do YOU guys want out?

This is a toughie… Jeremy is a physical competitor, a big threat… Aaryn is a racist and is really rude… and Spencer is just Spencer, I’m like 99.9% no-one will vote for him. But maybe it’d be better to get a big threat out of the house out before Aaryn… but I don’t want Aaryn to escape the Block and slowly manoeuvre (did I even spell that right?) her way to the Jury House… GAH HARD DECISION

What are your guy’s opinions, thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

– Louise

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8 Sep

“Writing is a struggle against silence.Carlos Fuentes”

Hiya! 🙂 It’s Louise! :O :O :O



Soo I haven’t posted for like what, three days? Maybe less, maybe more? :O

That sucks. 😦

Anywhoos, I don’t really wanna talk about BB on Thursday because I missed it, Rookie Blue was on, instead of BB so I couldn’t get it, but apparently it was at 9:00PM but it just didn’t show me? Silly. 😦


I read the Re-Cap, though, and Frank went home, followed by Joe, since it was a Double Eviction.

I honestly think that A.) Dan should’ve gone home in-place of Frank, followed by Danielle in place of Joe.


Just my opinions.

BB is making me mad right now. and lately I’ve been bored with it. 😦

Suuc. ky.

I finished my homework, just gotta get a Notebook for YRBK, a sketch-book for Art, and a few more dividers for English.

Ohh and a memorable, nostalgic, maybe? object (I’m thinking my teddy-bear) for Art, too.

and I gotta memorize some terms.

But I love school. :]

I hope you guys have a good weekend, just wanted to say, “HI!” :-B

Hope you’re all doing well! 🙂

– Louise =]

2 OR 3 HITS TODAY, I THINK! :’) I very much appreciate it! :’)

P.P.S. My friend Emily and I are thinking of watching the BB Finale together. Which we SHOULD. I need someone to talk to while the Final Two take place. :]

P.P.S. I didn’t want to post this at the Top of the Post because I thought it’d make you guys sad.

Ronan” by Taylor Swift, written for StandUp2Cancer.

Big Brother 14, Sunday’s Episode: Contains SPOILERS

2 Sep

“There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.W. Somerset Maugham”

Hey guys! 🙂 It’s Louise.



45 Minutes Elapsed, Ian and Shane

1 Hour Mark, Ian and Shane.

So, I love that Ian won HoH ❤ :’)

DAN JUST GET THE FLIP OFF. SERIOUSLY. YOU’RE SUCH A POO, I CAN’T EVEN HANDLE IT. You’re gonna play both sides of the House?

Yeah, okay. Watch yourself get evicted once someone like Ian finds out.

and DaniELLE. Needs to leave NOW. I can’t even stand her; UGH. 😡

Backdooring Danielle would be something that I’d like to do… put Dan and Danielle against each other once the Veto has already been in play.

Or put Frank and Dan together once the Veto has already been in play.

Jenn can just go, too. Don’t like her.

Joe, I don’t even know. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

I am just so pissed and saddened that Britney left the House. 😡

GEEZ, lady! Stop bothering Shane while he’s showering! It can wait!

Shane called you his BEST FRIEND…

It was “I gotta vote between my Coach and BEST FRIEND”, not “Girlfriend” you poo. Stop spreading lies. Danielle is just ugh. Jenn is just ugh.




I am not pleased with BB this Season!


I was fascinated by Ian’s Bismuth ;-B

Danielle needs to go Danielle needs to go Danielle needs to go, Jenn needs to go, Dan needs to go, those are the main people I am disliking right now…


I loved Ian in the Pandora’s Box, enjoyed him opening presents HE’S SO ADORABLE “Inflatable dinosaurs!”

“There’s one more gift. $1000!  Sweet!” AWESOME. 🙂 ❤

Jessie taking away their junk food LOL ugh him in his Speedo… “BACON!”

“Little chocolateies FATNESS”

“You guys think I’m making you Have-Nots? I’m making you Health-Nuts.”

“On the twelfth-day of Christmas, Mr. Pectacular made you all a little less fat.” Oh my.

LOL “Pectacular”… oh Jessie…

awh “I think he deserves a week off, at-least” – whatta sweet guy Ian is!


Man. These people.

You are all seriously getting on my nerves!


That’s it for today, school starts on TUESDAY for me, so starting then, or around then, Daily Posting? Probs won’t happen. and I’m very sorry for that. 😦

Thanks for reading, guys! :] Enjoy your night!

and Happy Birthday to anyone who has their birthday today! :]

– Louise =]

P.S. My Music Blog?

I posted the FIRST Music-Review thinger on August. 31st.

View it by going to my louiselistens site! :] Thanks! 🙂 Guess who the first artist it is that I reviewed? lol should be no big guess.


New Year’s Eve, the Movie!

1 Sep

“There is creative reading as well as creative writing.Ralph Waldo Emerson”

Hey guys, it’s Louise! 🙂

How are you all today? Good? Awesome. Bad? I hope it gets better soon.

So right now I am watching “New Year’s Eve”, the movie 🙂 and it’s hilarious and sad and good… I am enjoying it.

Josh Duhamel making a speech right now, remembering his Dad.


This movie is great, I nearly cried, if my sister wasn’t there I’d probably have tears streaming down my cheeks, but she was there, so I kept it at a minimum and just let them settle in my eyes, occasionally checking to wipe away the waterworks.

Wow. So school starts on the 4th for me!

Excited and stressed. I am missing French from my schedule and I believe that it is not offered online.

Which sucks majorly! :/

Are any of you guys starting school/University/College/Work, etc.? If you are, GOOD LUCK and HAVE A BLAST.

Study hard, work hard, play hard. You can do it! 🙂

That’s all for today, sorry for such a short Post… but yeah! Reminder that Posts won’t be daily once I start school!

I hope you guys understand, and have a great night and a great rest of the weekend! 🙂

– Louise =]

P.S. There SHOULD be a Post tomorrow, sorry that that line made it sound like I wasn’t… and if there isn’t I apologize!


28 Aug

“The desire to write grows with writing.Desiderius Erasmus”

Hey guys! 🙂 Louise here.

So when I first clicked the WordPress site just now, my reaction was “Woah.” :O

The thinger home-pager CHANGED!

and I was like, “Where do I log in?! This looks really modern now, but I did like the old version, but still, the upgrade is pretty.” 🙂

and then I found the “Log In” button and it had a key beside it. The Log-In Button is now a Royal Blue.

So how are you guys today? 🙂 Good? Bad? Okay? Lemme know in the comments below, if you’d like.

I’d like to say a nice THANK-YOU for 157 HITS! :’) I really do appreciate it.

It may sound annoying for me to say that over and over again, but I wanna make you guys feel like the amazing and fantastic people are for visiting me and reading my silly Posts :-B

I get really excited when I see even just ONE new HIT, and then I look at the little bar thinger at the Top of my page and I see that there was 5 VIEWS in the last 48 HOURS which is super cool, I appreciate it.

So for the past two days? I have been watching BB11 and can I just say that Ronnie NEEDS to go and Chima is such an UGH and Russell keeps his word, which is great for Jordan and Jeff 🙂

I was sad with the nominations during the first few weeks. ** SPOILS ** Taking away Jeff and Jordan’s allies 😦 I really liked ’em. ** END OF SPOILER **

You guys should watch it! It’s an intense, hilarious, addicting Season which I think you guys will enjoy. 🙂

Of course, if you’ve already seen it, feel free to chat about with me ! Without any Spoilers, if possible? I dunno if that is haha


Oh, so today I went to go get my French Block because that’s what I’m missing from my schedule and IT DIDN’T HAPPEN.

My schedule is, for the moment, un-changeable, and if I changed Math for French, I would have nowhere to put my Math and there is NO WAY I am taking Math online.

It seems that I hafta do French online :/ Which sucks, because I get distracted while online and I really wanna do well. : ( I hope something opens up that I can work my Schedule around, I really do.

So that’s all for today, might be heading somewhere tomorrow (HOORAYS! I haven’t gone anywhere ALL Summer so it’s gonna be great) soo gotta make sure I have room on my camera to take photos! 🙂

Have a great night everyone, and HERE’S TO A POST AT 9:32PM WOOO EARLIER THAN USUAL, A TREAT FOR YOU ALL! (lol I was tempted to use “y’all”, seemed like the appropriate time to use it :-B)

Thanks for reading, guys! 🙂

Talk to yah all tomorrow! 🙂

– Louise =]