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BB17 – Episode 38 [SPOILERS]

16 Sep


Vanessa said Austin was her best friend in the game, knew he would jave beat her in the game

Vanessa is crying, Liz not even listening, so shocked

seven minutes before eviction, John said he was blind-siding someone, but it wouldn’t be him

Vanessa tells Steve to look nervous before the eviction

John said that he would take out Steve, and Austin fist-bumps him

John wante to win the comp so bad, thinks he will be evicted, never won HoH and being in Final Four

Liz is livid of Steve winning the HoH

Vanessa and Liz talking now, Vanessa says hardest decision to make in the game, Liz says was sad the way it happened, Vanessa understands, Vanessa telling her to switch her game, Liz can’t stand Steve and John is “whatever”, Liz has to work with Vanessa even if it sickens her because she’s all she’s got. Vanessa offering a final two deal

Vanessa and John talking, they said they need Steve to play, he can’t throw it. Vanessa saying she’s taking John to the finals

John agrees to deal to make her feel 100% safe with him

Nom Ceremony

Steve noms John and Vanessa

Liz points out that the Vanessa has never been on the screen before

Steve says moves were strategic

everyone relaxed with the noms lol because all depends on the Veto

Steve doesn’t want Vanessa to stay in the house, doesn’t trust her


Jury House

everyone thinks that Vanessa will walk in through the doors

Meg does not understand why Julia is here and not Liz

Julia has no animosity towards Steve

everyone thinks everyone left are deserving

Austin walks in and everyone like WHAAAAAAAAAAT

they’re like who voted you out? Steve?



everyone blown away


Shelli says that she knows that he’s hurt but she has played a very good game

Austin thinks that it was a flawed game

Shelli says she knew how to stay in the house,  it’s amazing

Meg and Jackie never expected the final four

Brendan and Rachel are here with Julie!

what has surprised Rachel the most?

Rachel: no floaters at the end! even John is there!

Brendan, you and John both evicted. but you stayed at Jury.

Brendan: John rep. well. he maneuvered way through game when he needed to. he needs to win Fianl comp to convince the Jury

let’s talk romance, first two HG’s to get married, let’s talk Liz and Austin

Rachel: I think they have a shot outside house, Austin will take a shot 1000%, really like each other, brings a special bond (her voice sounds higher)

Brendan: they got a shot, but also to get half a million

big news?

there is a #BrenchelBaby! “No-one getting between me and my man”

Julie has Team Brenchel onsie!


Veto Comp



BB Dojo

Martial Smarts

events that happened in BB house, what day it arrived

two strikes are out of comp

Vanessa wants to go to Final Three with Vanessa

Steve wants to use Veto on Johnny

Liz has a strike for ringing in last

Liz rang in last again, eliminated

Liz is beyond frustrated

John feels pretty good

John remembers the day well he got zinged and eliminated

Steve is striked once

Steve striked twice, eliminated

Steve thought he was too comfortable with his HoH and said being too confident did not have head secure in game


John gets strike

Vanessa wins Veto

Liz feels she is going to Final Three but has a bit of doubt


Live finale one week from tonight!

Vanessa uses Veto on herself, Liz goes on block

John says it has been an awesome summer, he’s had fun, he knows that some people are too discreet to be excited, looks at Liz, so that’s a given that Vanessa will vote for Liz to stay?!

Vanessa evicts John. 😦 that’s terrible. I don’t wanna watch anymore I am rooting for Steve only reason I will watch URGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH JOHN YOU’RE THE ROCKSTAR


I think he may be the favourite

the HG’s heard the audience

Steve thought he was the twist

John is not surprised to sit with Julie, would have evicted Vanessa lol

didn’t know what he was doing the whole time, he should have evicted Steve? get the showmance out?

thinks Austin is probably fine

says good luck to them, that’s it

he expects to see Vanessa and Steve in the F2


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BB17 – Episode 24 [SPOILERS]

16 Aug

Hello ,

Meg says that it was a blindside, Jackie going home, Becky doesn’t know why, she wanted to go to the end with her, James doesn’t know why, either

Steve did not want the HoH was in really good shape, was on good sides, Steve says that he just lost BB

Meg and James talking, James feels like they’re fighting the whole house

James doesn’t think that Steve just came up with that, thinks someone might have gotten to his ear

Austin walks in, says he’s sorry, Austin feels like the Sixth Sense has a shift in power with Jackie going home

Meg doesn’t understand, says Steve doesn’t talk with her at-all

Meg says he didn’t even have conversation with Jackie after nominating, Meg doesn’t feel bad for him at-all

Liz (Julia?) hugging Steve, actually both the twins kept him safe, they will keep him safe if they win HoH, they say he shouldn’t feel bad, he’s crying, they say it’s BB, it’s the first HoH, he’s really upset with everything that happened

Steve can’t talk right now, they’re telling him to relax

Steve was 50% ACTING

Meg says she has to keep calm with him, wants to bite his head off

Becky says they need help, there’s only three

John walked in, said if he used the Veto when Steve didn’t want him to, then he could’ve been a replacement nominee or one of the other three

Becky says that Vanessa needs Steve close

Everyone is trying to get Steve to be on their side, they don’t know which side he’s on, they have to be nice to him because he can be a vote

Steve walks in with Becky and Meg, Steve asks Meg if he wants to talk, Steve says that Jackie was the only person who he heard was going to go after him, Meg and Becky say that she never had a thing against him, Becky said it’s easier to have no hard feelings, Becky says it’s a good idea for him for the others to think that they’re mad at him, they want to blow the hatchet, Meg will stop crying to win HoH for revenge for Jackie


HoH Comp

There are emojis, there is Nicole and Jocasta and etc.

Tournament style, there are questions with three possible answers, last player in tournament HoH

James vrs. Meg

Austin vrs. John

Vanessa vrs. Julia

Becky vrs. Liz

Meg wins, John wins, Julia wins, Liz wins

Meg vrs. John

Julia vrs. Liz

John wins, Liz wins

John vrs. Liz


Liz “Did I just pull a Julia?” Liz just won !

James wants them to remember that he never put them on the block

Becky thinks she should be packing now, knows Vanessa will get in her ear

Austin is Liz’s first lady

Becky feels that if Liz made decision herself, they’d be safe, but Vanessa

Becky says Vanessa is a chess-player

Liz tells Steve just to sleep

John walks in to the twins and Vanessa, they all stop talking

Austin used to have dreams of getting lost in sleep, James worst fear is getting lost in the ocean, they’re talking of Titanic “Never let go” “the best movie ever” “you could’ve alternated” “That was kinda greedy of her, they could’ve rotated” LOL

The twins and Austin and Vanessa, thinking Meg and John, then Becky as backdoor, doesn’t want to put up Steve

They say you can make a deals with John, not Meg?

Austin’s Angels is the new alliance

Becky talking with the twins and Austin, saying how fast Vanessa switched sides with Clelli, Vanessa was planning Austin’s demise, Austin feels sick, Liz cannot believe the things about Vanessa, feels sick to her stomach, doesn’t know what to do now


John hits Meg in the head with the ball lol in the back

James says Steve has grown on him, different people, Steve likes books, James like beer, they shower side by side, wearing flowery hats, brishing teeth together, two guys hanging out BROMANCE

Liz wants Vanessa think that she’s good, the twins and Steve and Austin and Vanessa are the Scamper Squad

John asking Vanessa if he’s going on the block, Vanessa tells him that he’s not the main target, she wants to work with him in the future

John thinks he’s going up, Vanessa thinks that he has something against her, Vanessa asking if they’re on the same page, he says yeah, John thinks she’s a bully? John doesn’t like it when she cries and yells, but she’s trying to pull into an alliance, she says he doesn’t have to worry about that

Vanessa reports to twins and Austin in HoH quickly, John walks in and thinks that it looks fishy that she’s up there now, he leaves, Liz doesn’t know what to trust what she’s saying, Vanessa thinks that he’s playing the “dumb” card, says he’s a doctor he knows what’s going on


Nom Ceremony

Becky and John are nominated :((

John coming after Vanessa next week, Liz doesn’t know who the pawn and target is right now


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BB17 – Episode 18 [SPOILERS]

2 Aug

Hello ,

Liz promised Austin a kiss if he wins HoH

James offers to make deals, no-one says anything

It’s been twenty minutes, Austin says he’s in trouble because he is in pain

now it’s twenty-five minutes, Austin trying to shut out pain, he and Steve don’t look too good

Steve and Austin fall off

Julia and Meg fall off

Fifty-two minutes, Jackie fighting through it for Jason

Rain and eagles and paint splatters are on everyone !

Liz’s legs are hurting

Jackie’s arms are about to fall off, she falls down

Liz falls

James trying to play mind-games with Clay by saying that his arms hurt

Becky is dangling, falls

Clay doesn’t have much left up in him, James telling him to hang in there, Clay falls

Shelli is the only one left of Sixth Sense on wall

James doesn’t trust Shelli, and John is a wild-card… he says he will have to be peeled off the wall to fall off

hmm, kinda rooting for James, so he could put up someone like Austin


James is seeking revenge

Meg doesn’t want any of her peeps to go home this week

Shelli is getting really tired, doesn’t know if winning HoH for third week will be good for her, she makes deal with James to not be put up as a nom or backdoor, her or Clay or John can’t be put up, Vanessa sees that she isn’t high on Shelli’s important totem pole

John falls off, Shelli falls off


Shelli thinks that James is someone who could stay true to his word

James is really happy that he controls the game now

Julia is on the picture board !

Liz is freaked out, was gunning after him

Meg is so happy with James !

Jackie says it’s amazing that he won

Austin and Vanessa are talking, Vanessa says she could go home

Julia doesn’t believe that Austin didn’t mean it, Liz is defending him, Austin walks in, Julia asking Austin why he told Jason that her name was Julia, Liz keeps defending him, he’s trying to do some damage control, Julia tells him that she has ill-will to him, she doesn’t trust one word that he says, wouldn’t trust him “with a ten foot pole”, she will forgive him but won’t forget

FUDGE  I am so mad at myself, wrote up great piece and it got deleted and couldn’t undo it. FUDGE

Basically, Shelli brought Vanessa into HoH room, saying that she was upset, she couldn’t say to save Vanessa too, and Vanessa said that she made the right choice, but Vanessa feels like she’s not that important despite knowing that Clelli are a pair that can’t be broken, Shelli doesn’t want to twins to go, Clay walks in, Vanessa leaves, Austin walks in and says that Julia is mad at him, asking them to go and talk to her for them, Shelli says that she will, he leaves, Clay says that they should suggest for James to put up Austin or the twins, and Shelli feels like it would be her fault if one of their people went home, Clay says that she shouldn’t feel that way because she is playing her game for herself, and says that her decision not to be HoH was the best decision that she had made


John thinks that Clay got hit too much on the football field lol people don’t know what Clay’s saying “I’m a furless bat”

lol James just scared Steve upon exiting the bathroom

Meg thinks that Clelli is running the house, Jackie says that Shelli needs to go, Becky saying that James can’t play next week though

James is going to put her on the block, Meg suggests putting up Liz, Becky says that’s good, Austin’s name is thrown into the air

ugh now I’m mad at James, he should keep his word to Shelli so he can have safety next week


Becky talking with Clelli in the cabana room, telling them if they act happy, they might put up Vanessa and Austin, Clay asks who suggested putting them up, says all three of them, she tells them to act happy or both of them will be put up, she leaves

Clay is pissed off, and so is Shelli, he suggests to go talk to James, thinks that Vanessa to save herself would put target on them

Vanessa talking with James in HoH room, she’s saying that she had nothing to do with Jason going home because everyone wanted it, she’s kinda throwing Clelli under the bus, because she’s vulnerable before

James thinks making a deal with her could be a good thing

Happy faces, Clay and Shelli go upstairs to talk to James, Clay says they feel like they’re being targeted, Clay telling them that they were going between Jason or Austin, Shelli telling him that Austin started campaigning once finding out that he was going up, say that he started this whole thing

James can’t sleep, says he will put up Clay and Shelli, he’s talking with Meg, calls them Brendon and Rachel, pretty set on the decision

I am now mad at James DON’T DO IT PLEASE


Nom Ceremony

puts up Clelli

Shelli telling him that they had nothing to do with Jason, saying if anyone wants to get the truth, “fair game”, she looks at Vanessa, Vanessa is thrown under the best, Clay thinks that he’s naive, maybe. Shelli says that people can see that his word is not to be trusted because he made the public statement, she is really pissed

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BB17 – Episode 14 [SPOILERS]

23 Jul



will Audrey show up tonight for the eviction?!

apparently Audrey spoke negatively of Shelli and Clay? James told (yesterday’s episode)

Day 33

Shelli says that the past few days have been up and down, says best decision for everyone for Audrey to go on block

John hugged everyone

Steve says she made BB History

people are wondering if she’ll show up for the eviction

James thinks she just didn’t want to show up for the VETO meeting

Vanessa notices that she wasn’t in good shape

Audrey in DR just lying under blanket, been in there for like an hour-and-a-half

Vanessa thinks she’s having a meltdown

Steve has no issues with Audrey as a person, no-one does, “some people’s pride is worth more than money”

Austin is angry, before VETO meeting, and now he is pissed off with her being in the DR for three hours despite doing the same to other people regarding attitude

Two hours before VETO meeting, Jason wants Audrey to go out with her head held high despite their differenes

Audrey has come out of the DR !

Julia feels like she’s just seen a ghost

James doesn’t know if she can play the game any further

James made something for Audrey in the kitchen AWH a sweetheart. made her an omelette and OJ. he’s so kind. she’s eating it after he left the Have-Not room

Audrey still wrapped in her blanket, going back in the DR

Austin is wondering is she’s staying or going, if he’s ever gonna see her again

Audrey is still in house, is in the nominee seat

oh my GOSH BRITNEY IS COMING TO TALK WITH JULIE BB LIFE MADE like my favourite HG ever. + Donny


Whackstreet Boys took the country by storm !

the Backstreet Boys tweeted: “Hey Jason, Liz, and John, we’re definitely fans of your moves.” so cool !

first Whackstreet Boys live performance, fans clamoring for it. gonna dance in front of living room !

Audrey’s parents live in a really really tiny town, Marc is her Dad. all the photos they have are Audrey as Audrey

Mireya is her Mom, they both fell in-love with the name

Audrey likes the word female, not transgender… feels like it’s transitioning

her Mom says she’s been playing the game from the get-go

Dalton, Audrey’s friend

they think that Audrey’s tears are real, genuine

Marc says she has done all that she has wanted to do so far in the game, but she can’t win the game with a party of 1


Audrey has a penalty by eating regular food instead of Have-Not vote

Audrey can be found online for her fans, really powerful that her transgender has been “Merry Christmas” because people have been wanting her out for a while

“If you wanna keep me, if not, cool” – John


Clay – Audrey

James dressed with a tie – Audrey

Austin – John, Judas wanted John out

Jason – for Da’vonne, Audrey

Vanessa – Audrey

Becky – Audrey (can’t break-up the band)

Jackie – Audrey

Steve HE SO HAPPY – Audrey

Julia – Audrey

Meg – Audrey

Audrey – 9 + 1 penalty vote , John – 1

Audrey is evicted

Audrey: “IS THIS REAL? IS IT REALLY REAL” before exiting, Vanessa gives her a hug


Julie asking about acceptance through the house for her transgender come as a surprise, Audrey was absolutely overwhelming, made her feel, no words for it, a spectacle moment able to re-watch

Audrey was a big fan of the game, thought it was tougher to play the game, says it was an emotional incubator, didn’t do anything that she said she was going to do

Audrey says her allies Shelli and Clay and Vanessa, says Vanessa’s reasons are all justified, thought that she was trying to place seeds of doubt of Vanessa, but was true

Shelli says she loves her forever, wishes her the best

John says she’s a very good person, says she played the game too hard

Jason says she’s been such a fighter, game-fighter, says he hopes Da’vonne is throwing confetti

Steve says she’s given a lot of encouragement for everyone, will talk to her soon

HoH Comp

“Pop ‘Till You Drop”

a pop song will describe a comp, either Hoh, BofB, or Veto, choose correct answer to eliminate HG

Steve, Jason – Jason won

John, Austin – Austin won

Jackie, Becky – Jackie won

Liz, Vanessa – Vanessa won


Jackie, Meg – Jackie won

Austin, James – James won wild-guess was correct !

Vanessa, Clay – Vanessa won

James, Jackie – Jackie won, first HoH ! James took another wild-guess

Vanessa, Jason – Vanessa won, second HoH of comp and second-time being HoH !



Britney looks so pretty ! wearing red dress

she has two kids ! she loves being a Mom, what she was meant to do

says it’s one of her favourite seasons, she’s really into it, her favourites are Jason they could’ve been the twin twist, she likes Vanessa as a player, is really smart, “who doesn’t love Johnny-Mac, we don’t know what he is, is he human, what is he”

the twin-twist went differently, surprised with it being an advantage

pick to win whole game : Vanessa has a great shot, either Shelli or Clay (one will go soon), maybe a floater, Jackie is a floater, just won HoH “just saw her for the first time ever”

don’t forget Jeff hosts a livechat !

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BB17 – Episode 9 [SPOILERS]

12 Jul



Austin on being an HoH – “with great power comes Judas” Judas has other targets other than Audrey this week

Audrey thinks Vanessa is a wild-card because of bad blood, wouldn’t be surprised if on her radar

Vanessa’s closest ally is Austin

before, fifteen hours before the comp, Liz is talking with Vanessa and confirming that she does indeed have a twin, Vanessa is really excited, Liz telling Vanessa that she’s Julia, she’s another “J” lol

Vanessa says she’ll protect her, one sleeps more than the other, one is goofier and flirtier, needs to eat more, is skinny, and Julia likes “I know!” and they’re discussing bringing Shelli into an alliance

Vanessa talking with Clay and Shelli, telling them that they have a twin, “can’t wait to talk to Juliz” – Shelli lol

they want to be a part of the thing, so they’re all talking with each ther. telling them that they need to survive five weeks, Clay telling Julia that he’ll try ot keep her safe, they’re soroity sisters “Zeta”

Vanessa talking with Austin lol about the twin thing and he’s like “what? a twin?” and he’s like, “is that true? why does it matter if she’s a twin?” lol “everyone will evict her” – Vanessa. “have they switched already?” lol Vanessa is like “they switch every three days”


Austin felt that he and Liz had a good connection and that she disappeared sometimes and now he knows lol

eight hours before eviction, Austin talking with Shelli and Clay lol Clay was like “YOU DIDN’T KNOW?!” Clay thinks that he’s just doing binge-press all the way

The Twin Twist could establish a six-person alliance !

Day 22 (current day), the best scenario for the twins, feels safe, Vanessa excited for people to see her girlfriend

Meg wants Audrey to be on the block, Jason thinks he’ll be an easy person to go up, Jeff and James join the conversation and talking about who Austin will put up and Jeff is like “Austin? I thought that it was Vanessa” and the other three are like, “… there’s two of them” LOL JEFF OH MY GOODNESS

“There’s two HoH’s buddy” “I don’t know!” – Jeff

Clay asking Julia when they’re switching and she says tonight, gonna tell Liz to talk to all of them

Julia asking Austin, if he knew, and he said that there was something different with the connections, says she fooled him

James says that Austin will put up a pawn if he wants her to go home, knows it won’t be Liz, Vanessa, must be one of them, he’s shaking in his boots

Vanessa talking with Austin, saying that they have a great position, that they have a 90% chance to be in the Top 6, wants her to do the Math because he doesn’t want to, Austin thinks that he’ll be the next biggest target after Audrey, Vanessa thinks that Jeff is a big target, says he’s very sociable, Vanessa can’t stand James, doesn’t like him, Vanessa thinks that it’ll be best for her to be in the power, to be the remaining HoH, Austin says he’ll try to stay buddy-buddy with Jeff.

Commercial break

HoH room! we see Austin’s brother and Dad, Triscuits, Clay Aiken lol, touches something deep inside of Austin but he likes it lol, Vanessa’s girlfriend, and her dog !

Liz and Julia switching now, and Julia telling Liz that she told Vanessa and Austin and Clay and Shelli, Julia literally loves Shelli, Julia telling Liz that she needs to lose weight and that she, herself, needs to gain weight

telling her to stay away from Jason, James, Jeff, telling her Vanessa and Austin will tell her everything

Liz is on Cloud 10 that her two besties are HoH

Clay walks in, asking her if she’s Liz, and he gets all excited, they’re giving them all their word, this is damage control week, “no more gummy words” because she needs to be skinnier

Shelli walks in and is so excited, notices the difference in the voice, Julia has fake teeth?

the alliance will be called “Sixth Sense” lol

Commercial break

Steve and Clay talking about the hammock, Steve surprised by how much it moves lol and they just fell into the hammock and off it

Jackie swears that there’s only one Liz, John said that it looked like she got a crown on number nine, on like the first few days, says that there’s a different smile on both of them, he wants to take a closer look at the two of them, Jeff is like so there’s only one and everyone is like… uhum… no, two

they all intrude now, John “taking pictures” with his hands, she’s not having it, she’s onto Jeff, says he’s acting weird, “mcshadesters”, John couldn’t get close enough, but convinced that there’s something different f

Jeff bringing up an identical twin with Austin lol and he acts shocked, saying thata they could use it to their advantage. Jeff thinks that one has a crush on him and the other doesn’t lol and Jeff is like YES, one that doesn’t has a crush on him has it on him, telling Austin about the crown on the tooth that John noticed and Austin is like WHAT

Austin says that this is making Jeff a bigger target because he has to keep Liz safe at all costs

Austin thinks that they should backdoor James or Jeff… “frontdoor” lol Vanessa wants them to put up someone that could throw the competition, on her side, and the other one off the block, and two other pawnish people on the other side that could win the comp, John for Vanessa but Liz says he’s been up every time, says that Meg should go up on Austin’s side, Vanessa wants to offer him protection, talking to John now, wants him to throw the comp, offers no backdoor, vote for eviction, one week into Jury, John is like the block veteran “let’s go”, he’s okay with it, he’s just gotta do it

Commercial break

NOM Ceremony

Austin – Meg, Jason, says there’s a “bigger design”

Vanessa – James, John

Jason is upset that he’s next to “princess pretty pawn”, he’s pissed

John is pissed because he wasn’t the first picture up in the nom lol

James says it’s a bad situation, doesn’t want to campaign against Johnny-Mac

Meg is so pissed, accidentally hit Clay, Jason telling her that she’ll be okay

Austin talking with Meg and Jason, telling them the target is Audrey, telling them that Vanessa agrees, telling them that they hope they’ll wait, the most feminine weaklings, says they’d do better “cooking a fruitata” lol Meg

Jason doesn’t trust anyone with a pen–

James says that he and John could be a good team, he’s gonna try to screw up the comp in the DR says he’s good but doesn’t know what he’s good at (James doesn’t know)

Commercial break

There’s a foam party happening, Battle of the Block comp ! they need ten party people in the V.I.P. section, have to find one item in the lost and found and return it to the correct party-goer in the foam, bring them to V.I.P.

hidden in the foam is a maze,so, might be hard

Meg is starving to win the comp

James found a person, Jason really lost, ran into a wall, but made it out, one partier each per team right now

John says yah can’t breathe through the foam, Austin seeing that he’s throwing it, finds a person, brings back, now 2-1

only pattern Jason knows is camo, Meg finds guy with a murse, good to go

2-2 now !

Jason is “a deer in headlights right now”

Jason and Meg communicating well, he is used to pulling men out lol

John thinks that James is throwing the comp lol, lack of skill is throwing comp for him John finds himself in another comp like that (like, Da’vonne)

Jason says that they’re killing the comp, John wants them to do it, so he doesn’t need to do anything

Meg and Jason won ! Vanessa stays HoH !

Austin splashed with foam !

James bummed that he lost, hoping that Audrey is still comp

John says that he’s getting good at this, but might come after those making him do it


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BB17 – Episode 3 [SPOILERS]

28 Jun

Hi, everyone!

Another night of BB!


Da’vonne thinks that it could be $5000 for sitting out the comp. Vanessa bets that it’l lbe something good.

Meg’s glasses are funky !

Jace says that Austin is his male version of Romeo and Juliet; his yin to his yang- #BroCode

“if bro sees another bro that is equally gorgeous, bro is not intimidated by bro”?

Time to see the HoH rooms !

Round sofa, big bed, robes, slippers, two rooms, fish under a table, tub, Jace wants to take over the tub room with girls

Jason and JAMES WOW MESSED UP HIS NAME LAST POST VERY SORRY ABOUT THAT! are now talking with each other in the HoH room.

Jason doesn’t think that dentist guy is a dentist guy, and they are both worried about Steven. They say that Jace has a good social game, and they don’t want to set themselves up for the “worst gameplay ever”.

Jackie is cool with James and Jason (she almost forgot his name)

Jeff and Jackie have a bit of a shaky relationship, she wanted more but… ?

They know that they have a target on their back based on the fact that they have experiences together. so Jeff suggest that they break apart from each other to minimize the target

The guys are coming up with pick-up lines for Liz lol “Are those space pants? ‘Cause your butt is out of this world !”

Phil is now announcing the “Fast Forward” (AR), he’s bringing in the twist BB Fast-forward. Their game will now fast-forward to next week; they can’t be nominated or evicted this week (Da’vonne and Vanessa). They each get one HG with them that can’t be nominated or evicted. Da’vonne is now worried about having to make a choice.

Vanessa is now moving to the hammock room for someone to talk to about her decision. she will pick someone likely to be HoH.

Vanessa is talking to Shelli now, Clay, Audrey- all three are really likeable so won’t be put up ? Feels like her and Austin are a good combination.

Da’vonne won’t put up Shelli and Audrey so it won’t shine on their alliance.

Steven is talking with Da’vonne and saying that James is avoiding him. tells him that he gives off the “Ian” vibe

Da’vonne talking with Liz now, she gives people her word and will keep her safe

now asking if he’s really a dentist

Da’vonne choosing to save Liz

Vanessa choosing Austin, and will choose to be loyal with her as long as no-one else persuades him

Commercial break

Austin and Jace are calling each other on shell phones with puns… #shelltown pop. 2

Austin says that Jace has a big mouth, and a big target, will take fall before him

Clay and Shelli are talking, she was divorced, she feels very safe with him

Da’vonne says that Shelli is making her very nervous, because of Clay, and teSlls this to Audrey

Audrey feels very good with Jason being HoH, they’re bonded by culture, says he wants to go for big targets

“the boy with the hair” is Jace

Audrey doesn’t trust Jace, says that he’s a beast and is an issue

Jason talking with Audrey now, saying that he and James had great conversation, says that Audrey wasn’t mentioned, but Jace was

Audrey says that he was very “obnoxious” during the challenge

Commercial break

Steve wants to work with Da’vonne, she doesn’t think that it’s

HE SAID “Love you, too” when she was like “later” or something ?

Jason says that he won’t put Audrey up

Da’vonne says that Audrey and James and Jason are a “good vibe”, and Audrey says that it “couldn’t be more diverse”

James and Jason don’t like Jace, and thinking of backdooring him so he can’t compete in Battle of the Block

Jackie wants to take pictures in the Photo Booth

James says that she’s not the target this week, there’s a backdoor plan, telling her to be prepared, and says that she’s not sacred

Jason tells John not to be afraid that he could be a pawn, not comfortable with it but he’ll just roll with it

James and Jason telling Meg that she could be a possible pawn

they’re telling Becky that she could be okay

Steve is strongly against being a pawn, the two HoH say that he should be safe but he doens’t want to be, he says that pawns go home and that they know that

Commercial break

Nomination time !

Jason is nominating first, then James

Jason has nominated: John and Becky

James has nominated: Steve and Jackie

Jackie says her safety was guaranteed

Jace was not worried that he’d be nominated

Audrey super happy that plan is executed

Steve and Jackie are talking, she said that they’re planning to backstab them. she says to just kill the competition, he says to be confident but not cocky

Becky went in with “too much confidence”, and she is talking with Jason now, she says that she was blindsided, says no-one will be sad if John goes, he’s trying to do damage control now, Becky thinking of putting him on the block next week

Commercial break



Teams have to add to skyline by building skyscraper, if they fall off, have to return to platform

26 building blocks need to go on a rotating beam, dodge wrecking ball

John wants someone to be hit by the ball in the face so he can get more money from being dentist

they feel like they’re in a videogame

Steve keeps falling off, ensures his centre of mass

they’re neck-in-neck, the teams

Jeff doesn’t want to show enthusiasm

Becky and John won !

Jason dethroned from HoH !

Thanks for watching !

Next one Wednesday 8/7c !

Thank-ya h for the 2066 HITS; MUCH APPRECIATED

– Louise

BB16 – Episode 6 [SPOILERS!]

6 Jul

Hey, everyone!

If any of you noticed that I had no posts on Wednesday (episode 4) and Thursday (episode 5)- I am SO so sorry. I thought that Friday was Wednesday and turned on the T.V. only to find some other show. Then I realized that wow moley- I had missed TWO NIGHTS OF BB! jnfpisdfsdfsoo soo upset with myself. I do hope that you guys found another way to find out about what happened, as I didn’t get to 😦 very sorry about that! 😦

I also apologize for no Canada Day Post 😦 I hope that all you Canadians had a WONDERFUL Canada Day.

but, enjoy today’s play-by-play!



Joey was eliminated this week!

Cody was disqualified from the last HoH comp

Cody calls Devin a “ticking time-bomb”, hoping that he doesn’t go power-crazy

Frankie is happy that Devin won because he is part of the alliance, but he doesn’t really trust Devin

Zach is telling Cody not to worry about being disqualified, Cody wanted to see photos of his parents. Zach is telling him, “high-spirits, high-spirits”!

Amber is so happy to see pictures of her Mom and her sister.

Devin was here to “better” his daughter’s life. he wants to play with as much “honesty and integrity” as he can… uhum – Donny?!

Caleb says that Amber is the kind-of girl that he’d like to take home to his Mom and Dad- she amazes him “more and more each day”.

Devin is thinking of his daughter and now is feeling really bad about Donny, and feeling really really bad about it. Him and Donny are now talking. Devin told his family and friends that he’d play with honesty and integrity, and then tells Donny about him telling the house that he is dangerous. Donny says that Devin won’t get his trust back 100% (in the DR). Zach is meanwhile, dreaming about “jellybeans and unicorns, spilling the beans about everything”. Donny appreciates him telling him.

Now Devin is going to talk to everybody else during a House Meeting, and is now talking about Donny to everyone. he’s getting emotional. I think that he is crying. Devin is now telling them that he forced Caleb to put up Donny, and told them that Donny “is the kindest man in the world, and he may not have enough to give physically”, but he is a good person. Everyone is now clapping, and Devin walks away.

Brittany thinks that this was interesting. Figured out that they didn’t nominate people based on them falling off first.

Derrick says that he does not want to work with Devin long-term.

Dvin is now meeting with some key members of the Squad, they are a team “all the way to the end”. Caleb says that Devin kind-of made him look like a liar, throwing him under-the-bus, by saying that he had forced Caleb to put up Donny.

Frankie says that this is BB, “stop telling the truth”.

Devin says that Brittany twisting his words does not make him very happy- she is now a target for him, “whether she realizes it or not”.

Commercial break

Nicole is hoping that her Mom is okay, saying that her Mom is a “worry-wart”. Zach is letting Hayden and Nicole flirt a little bit while he goes brushes his teeth.

Hayden says that he has a little bit of a school-book crush, and Nicole says that she is a hopeless romantic. Hayden says that he will take her on a date, she says that she flirts and that is as good as it goes.

Nicole is telling Christine about wanting to work with Hayden, because they need him physically. Christine thinks that he could be a “good asset to their alliance”.

lol Hayden comes into the storage room and the two girls are staring at him, and they want to be in an alliance with him. Telling him that it’s a secret. and he agrees to be in their alliance. he thinks that they’re good people, and that they’ll save each other. Christine says that she is “genius” or going to be “destroyed very soon” because she is in two alliance :B

Hayden calls this the strangest alliance of all time lol their handshake

Devin says that he’ll always curl up with Caleb because he loves cuddling- just “the thought of holding somebody”. Devin is telling him that he will always be there for him. Caleb is crying. Devin is telling him that he is a “good man”; would sing him a song if he could lol.

Devin is thinking of putting up Brittany and Paola.

Amber doesn’t want to do six girls, based on the alliance- two girls six guys.

Devin is thinking of putting up an alliance member, so it won’t be very suspicious?

Derrick is telling them that Nicole is scared of Devin, she’s playing a “floater game”.

Caleb is calling Lacosta the “biggest floater”.

Commercial break

Devin finds Brittany’s hand lotion, and is telling Frankie, Lacosta, and Brittany that he is pissed off with how dirty the kitchen is. Brittany says that he is a “hot-head”. says that it could turn the “house bad really fast”.


Devin is nominating first, then Amber. She thinks that the whole house will be really shocked with her decisions, but says that these two people honestly do not deserve to go home.


Devin’s first HG nominated: Paola, and Paola says that he “sucks”- says that she is a

second HG nominated: Brittany, Brittany sends him kisses, Devin says that he does not want someone like her in the house, and she says “ditto”. feels that Brittany had questioned his integrity after the House Meeting, and says that she is making the game personal.

Amber nominates Hayden and Nicole- calls them “very strong people”, chose one guy and one girl.

Brittany says that Devin feels threatened by her.

Hayden is trying to act really sad, but during comp time- “go hard!”.

Devin is now telling Nicole that her and Hayden are not going home this week, tells her to meet him upstairs in the HoH in a few seconds and ask why she was put up, and Hayden should be up there as well.

Commercial break

Brittany and Paola are talking, Brittany says that it’s not Amber; it’s Devin who is controlling her? she doesn’t want to go home by the hands of Devin.

Devin is telling Hayden that he is a beast, Nicole is an intellect.

Devin is telling them to trust him, and that he has a plan to make Paola throw the comp

Zach says that he is straight, calls Frankie one of the greatest people that he has ever met- says that the bond that him and Frankie share is so “genuine and pure”- “Zrankie” lol Zach follows him everywhere and they cuddle and make up dances and go in the pool lol Frankie says that it is “lovely for now”.

Devin is asking Paola if she would throw a comp. If she throws the comp, he will make sure that she is safe for the next week, I think, he will try to keep her safe as possible. Paola says that Brittany just causes drama.

Devin would tell her if he wanted her to go home, and Paola is not sure if she wants to work with him, pinky-swearing that he will keep her safe… she says that working with him is like “a gamble”.

Commercial break

Battle of the Block comp has arrived at like 5:10 in the morning lol – “We Did What?”

Derrick is hosting.

Brittany guessed wrong and now Nicole and Hayden have a point.

Hayden wants Brittany to wear beer goggles for the rest of the game, and she can’t see anything now :S

Paola saw a cat

Pizza, soya, and hot milk? hot sauce? Hayden says that it’s not bad aha

Brittany guesses wrong

Nicole and Hayden have it 2-1, Brittany has to do the cannonball lol Cody would do mouth-to-mouth on her if she had hit the canoe in the pool.

Paola guesses wrong, Paola has to wear the beer helmet

Brittany guesses right, Hayden does the swirly, he had to put his hair in the toilet bowl

Hayden guesses correctly, Hayden and Nicole win the comp c:

Devin is still the HoH now

Paola threw the comp

Brittany doesn’t like that he remains HoH, she is not going down “without a fight”.

So Paola and Brittany are the official two nominees this week.

We find out who are the other two people in Team America on Wednesday, I think!


Thanks for reading, everyone!

and again- I am sorry that I never posted on Wednesday or Thursday… I’m so disappointed.

Have a great night!

– Louise