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BB17 – Episode 38 [SPOILERS]

16 Sep


Vanessa said Austin was her best friend in the game, knew he would jave beat her in the game

Vanessa is crying, Liz not even listening, so shocked

seven minutes before eviction, John said he was blind-siding someone, but it wouldn’t be him

Vanessa tells Steve to look nervous before the eviction

John said that he would take out Steve, and Austin fist-bumps him

John wante to win the comp so bad, thinks he will be evicted, never won HoH and being in Final Four

Liz is livid of Steve winning the HoH

Vanessa and Liz talking now, Vanessa says hardest decision to make in the game, Liz says was sad the way it happened, Vanessa understands, Vanessa telling her to switch her game, Liz can’t stand Steve and John is “whatever”, Liz has to work with Vanessa even if it sickens her because she’s all she’s got. Vanessa offering a final two deal

Vanessa and John talking, they said they need Steve to play, he can’t throw it. Vanessa saying she’s taking John to the finals

John agrees to deal to make her feel 100% safe with him

Nom Ceremony

Steve noms John and Vanessa

Liz points out that the Vanessa has never been on the screen before

Steve says moves were strategic

everyone relaxed with the noms lol because all depends on the Veto

Steve doesn’t want Vanessa to stay in the house, doesn’t trust her


Jury House

everyone thinks that Vanessa will walk in through the doors

Meg does not understand why Julia is here and not Liz

Julia has no animosity towards Steve

everyone thinks everyone left are deserving

Austin walks in and everyone like WHAAAAAAAAAAT

they’re like who voted you out? Steve?



everyone blown away


Shelli says that she knows that he’s hurt but she has played a very good game

Austin thinks that it was a flawed game

Shelli says she knew how to stay in the house, Ā it’s amazing

Meg and Jackie never expected the final four

Brendan and Rachel are here with Julie!

what has surprised Rachel the most?

Rachel: no floaters at the end! even John is there!

Brendan, you and John both evicted. but you stayed at Jury.

Brendan: John rep. well. he maneuvered way through game when he needed to. he needs to win Fianl comp to convince the Jury

let’s talk romance, first two HG’s to get married, let’s talk Liz and Austin

Rachel: I think they have a shot outside house, Austin will take a shot 1000%, really like each other, brings a special bond (her voice sounds higher)

Brendan: they got a shot, but also to get half a million

big news?

there is a #BrenchelBaby! “No-one getting between me and my man”

Julie has Team Brenchel onsie!


Veto Comp



BB Dojo

Martial Smarts

events that happened in BB house, what day it arrived

two strikes are out of comp

Vanessa wants to go to Final Three with Vanessa

Steve wants to use Veto on Johnny

Liz has a strike for ringing in last

Liz rang in last again, eliminated

Liz is beyond frustrated

John feels pretty good

John remembers the day well he got zinged and eliminated

Steve is striked once

Steve striked twice, eliminated

Steve thought he was too comfortable with his HoH and said being too confident did not have head secure in game


John gets strike

Vanessa wins Veto

Liz feels she is going to Final Three but has a bit of doubt


Live finale one week from tonight!

Vanessa uses Veto on herself, Liz goes on block

John says it has been an awesome summer, he’s had fun, he knows that some people are too discreet to be excited, looks at Liz, so that’s a given that Vanessa will vote for Liz to stay?!

Vanessa evicts John. šŸ˜¦ that’s terrible. I don’t wanna watch anymore I am rooting for Steve only reason I will watch URGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH JOHN YOU’RE THE ROCKSTAR


I think he may be the favourite

the HG’s heard the audience

Steve thought he was the twist

John is not surprised to sit with Julie, would have evicted Vanessa lol

didn’t know what he was doing the whole time, he should have evicted Steve? get the showmance out?

thinks Austin is probably fine

says good luck to them, that’s it

he expects to see Vanessa and Steve in the F2


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BB15: Episode 32 [SPOILERS]

8 Sep

“I am a drinker with writing problems.Brendan Behan”

[Hasn’t put in a quote in AGES, apologies!]

Helloo! How are you all today?

It’s BB Night!

Andy asked McCrae if he voted to evict Amanda. Kind-of a silly question… you know that he would’ve wanted to keep her.

McCrae, after winning the Hoh, had to go and

Andy is now pleading to McCrae, and he’s like, “You have to trust me”, Andy is kinda ticking me off…

… Elissa is talking to McCrae, asking him to not put her up.

McCrae felt that Andy had “flipped”, he could tell on his face, but he put up Elissa because she wanted to make as few waves as possible.

Andy is so “relieved” that he wasn’t put up on the block.

Elissa is telling him to not vote her out. He says that she has no idea, Andy says.

She asks Spencer if he is voting her out, and he says “yes”.

Elissa keeps on asking Judd to not vote her out.

I feel SO bad for Elissa. šŸ˜¦

McCrae says, “good riddance to bad rubbish” to Elissa leaving.

McCrae is now crying after this double-eviction, but he says that he won’t “roll-over” with this, with Amanda being gone.

Ginamarie is excited with the results and is did a little dance in the kitchen.

McCrae hopes that everyone “underestimates” him, because he’s ready to play the game, and he hasn’t really been since Amanda basically controlling everything.

Commercial break

HoH Comp

The winner gets to give each HG a special gift.

McCrae always feels like he’s going to be in jeopardy.

They have to guess the pixelled tiles, which comp that one was in, and they are supposed to choose who won that competition.

Judd rings in first, Spencer is second, Ginamarie is third, and Andy is now eliminated.

Ginamarie rings in first,

Judd is like angrrrrrrry pissed, couldn’t fit Aaryn’s hair, lol. He is eliminated.

lol “Aaryn screwed me up again with her danged hair”.

McCrae would rather Spencer win than Ginamarie.

Spencer vrs. Ginamarie.

Spencer wins the HoH competition! First time, cool, cool.

McCrae says that he has to start playing the game right now.

Commercial break

McCrae got the gift of friendship from Spencer… attached with Ginamarie for 24 hours, lol

Andy gets the gift of wealth, can win $5000 sometime in the next 24 hours.

Judd gets the gift of health, and he has to do exercises.

Ginamarie says that McCrae is like the “dirtiest person”.

Spencer and Ginamarie think that Judd is kinda shady.

Spencer trusts Ginamarie more than Judd.

McCrae and Ginamarie are now tied with bracelets.

Andy says that it’s super adorable to see these two together. Says that they’re “really cute”.

We get to see Spencer’s HoH room, now

Spencer has a girlfriend named Marilyn. We see Spencer without a beard.

He got a letter from his girlfriend.

While reading his letter, Judd has to do 15 jumping jacks lol

McCrae is asking Ginamarie if she knows what Spencer is going to do.

McCrae says to Ginamarie that he can see her in the Final Two. He thinks that he could beat her in the Final Two.

McCrae says that he can see himself pulling her off the block, if need be, I think

McCrae says that he feels like the Exterminators have a Final Four, Ginamarie says that he definitely needs to be exterminated, now.

Commercial break

lol Judd doing squats in the shower

If Andy wins the $5000 challenge, he will have a target on his back…

… he has to pick three piggybanks. His first is $85. His second is $9. He has $94 dollars, now? His third is $0.83 cents lol

Ginamarie and Spencer are coming to talk to Spencer. McCrae is trying to talk to talk to Spencer, and he’s sitting outside, can’t hear them outside the door.

Ginamarie tells him about his Final Two deal, and Spencer knows to put up McCrae, but who to put up next to him is a hard decision.

Commercial break

Spencer says that he’s going to put up McCrae to his face, but he is telling her that is going to put up Ginamarie, but he wants to vote her out. McCrae still feels like the guys are working together, excluding him.

The table soo small

During the Nom Ceremony, Judd has to do 17 squats aww

Judd is safe

Andy is safe

McCrae and Ginamarie say that they’re going to fight hard.

That’s it!


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