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BB18 – Episode 2 [SPOILERS]

23 Jun

EEP Freakazoids – who will go home? I’m sad… the whole team seems great. :c

Nicole thinks last twenty-four hours were more stressful than her whole season.

James assuring the their team that they will be okay.

Da’vonne talks with Tiffany, tying to gain trust. Tiffany is embarrassed. Tells Da’vonne that she is Vanessa’s sister. Now Veterans have newbie on their side

Paul still on board to get rid of veterans

Corey not so sure that that is what he wants to do.

Paul thinks that all the old people are working together

James thinks floors are sticky. Talks with Frank. Discuss if newbies are all working together. Da’vonne joins in. They decide that if Nicole, Tiffany stay, are all good.

Nicole talking with Corey. If they both win, Nicole wants to be HoH, asks him if he feels comfort putting people up. Corey says that he feels that she is more wise to be HoH.

Third round of Hit the Road

stranded on stranded island. put coconuts from tree onto “SOS”. steps move island. person who fails goes home.

Tiffany’s strategy: stay close to tree trunk.

Paul wants anyone but Nicole to win, none of housemates cheering on veteran, Frank notices

Tiffany leading right now

Corey careful…

Nicole almost done!! one more!! :00000

OH EM GEE PLZ LORDY YES SHE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“somebody up there saw my SOS and saved me” tehe

Commercial break 

Tiffany glad Nicole won, wants to be there too

thinks there is a coconut conspiracy lol

Tiffany won, too!

Glenn feels like he’s in Matrix lol





Glenn is going home 😦 he was great, though.

Da’vonne wants Nicole to be HoH

Tiffany offers, who got off island first? Nicole says yes, why not LOL

both promise not to put her up, swear on everything

Nicole is first HoH!! Frank is so happy, wants to throw her up in air LOL

Paul is pissed poo you Paul

Glenn says his bye’s :(( he was great

Everyone walks back in house, face already B&W

Bronte thinks veterans out for blood

Paul corners Corey, is mad


Nicole and James can’t believe they’re sitting next to each other, Paulie can’t believe he’s in the same room lol Nicole thinks Paulie could be an asset but Cody did vote her out twice

newbies want to know what is Nicole’s head, Victor goes to ask Nicole, what is strategy; “don’t have one”.. he takes off his shirt… says everyone is after her, says Jose is after veterans, telling whole game plan lol Nicole thinks thanks for nominee ahahah


James walks in, asks who is there, Nicole asks who it is, James says is Victor LOL “do you have a problem with me?… coming in here to make you mad? you know we’re coming after you.” “all of you” “all of us” “What do you want me to say” “This is James, not Victor” “Oh my God, James” LOL

BB Slop is in the house, Have-Not room: is a funhouse with hopcorn, clowns, lights, bearded lady is Paul says Da’vonne lol

Jozea talking with Da’vonne. says is the Messiah for newbies Da’vonne shocked, says he sealed his fate

Jozea says Da’vonne doesn’t need to worry, he wants to get rid of Nicole, then James, then Frank. Da’vonne says he is stupid, he is talking as if in hair salon and she getting curl

Da’vonne goes to tell Nicole all she heard, Nicole so stressed, clear that he is on her list now

Nicole asks Corey opinion. Tells him what she heard from Da’vonne. Putting up Paulie to play POV so Jozea will stay on block. Nicole says only okay with it if Paulie is okay with it. Corey agrees (advises otherwise not good).


Nicole asking Paulie now, Paulie said would put up Jose. Nicole hinting to put him up, Frank asks if up for bat. He says he could, but if he loses he will be next to Jose. Da’vonne assures him that he will be protected. Nicole sees how he is nervous, pawns sometimes go home…

Nomination Ceremony:

Jozea, Paulie

to be fair: pick strong player from each team. Paulie hopes he will be safe, doesn’t want to hear it from brother. Jozea thinks is snake. Da’vonne “acclaimed Messiah on the block”

Thanks, guys! I’m so sorry for abandoning this blog. :c I hope to be more active! BB YAY!!

– Louise

P.S. took me all episode to spell Jozea’s name LOL thought was Jose


BB17 – Episode 20 [SPOILERS]

6 Aug

Hello, who is going home?! might be Shelli because of what I said last Post


[Day 47]

Clay said that there was no stronger bond than he and Shelli has, strong trust but

Liz says there’s awkwardness

James says that Shelli is the target, hopes his team will vote the way he wants them to

Clelli have four days together, Shelli says he has Vanessa, says she will miss him so much

Vanessa feels terrible right now, her personal preference is to keep Shelli, thinks the alliance has a better way of staying together with her left in the house

Shelli is not going to hurt him while trying to stay in the house

James telling Austin about how Shelli and Clay told them about Judas and Audrey and putting him instead of Liz as a replacement nom, Austin says the move that Clelli made was “classless”

Austins says the twins are on Jame’s side

Austin talking with Vanessa and Liz, telling them what James told him, Vanessa said it was really “stupid”, they blew up their game, calls them fools

Vanessa is pissed and disappointed that they were sold out, but her own thing to deal with is to mend fences

Shelli and Vanessa talking, Shelli telling her that James was put up instead of Liz but she did not reveal the alliance, Shelli says she is more strategic, Vanessa says she’ll campaign for her

Shelli says she needs to clear the air with the Sixth Sense alliance, she’s talking with most of them, says she was squeezed by James, she says that she owns up when she does something wrong, Austin is not happy about this, but is not going to ruin the alliance by something small, Vanessa says they can move forward if they “let by-gones be by-gones”

Liz says she saved her butt, will never forget what she did

Shelli thinks that she could be saved this week


SoundOff; a guy is hoping that Meg will win, another hopes John will, Da’vonne hopes for Jackie


Shelli says she gets more mad about a lie than what the lie is, says honesty is the best policy, Clay says that a lie is the best policy

she says that they want to keep the relationship out of the house, too

First kiss. WORTH THE WAIT

lol then Liz or Julia waltzes into the backyard making them stop lol

James asking people if Clelli know where they’re going, James says he wants people to be on board to vote Shelli out, they say Shelli is a bigger comp than Clay, James says the scorn of a woman is more wrathful than a man lol

James says to send Clay home next week

Meg saying why would she want to keep someone in the game that is a threat

James says he sees Shelli more as a threat than Clay

Jackie says Vanessa isn’t playing to send Shelli home at-all

Jackie says Vanessa is planning something, James says he would be pissed if Shelli stayed, Jackie feels like this is a repeat of being a fast-ball situation, they don’t want Shelli to stay

The twins are torn, one of them can’t stand Clay, says they have no relationship to him, says that Shelli talks to her, but the other twin says that they can get rid of a really strong player

Vanessa thinks that the other side of the house will work with Clay, but a twin says why not get Shelli out when the opportunity is right there, Austin brings up throwing the comp and selling everyone out, Austin is torn


Derrick has made attention for family, Cody was the runner-up and arrives in a white car

THE HITMEN, says Derrick is his brother, they see each other once a month, talk everyday

People recognize Derrick, and tuition fund started for Tenley, and a hot-tub bought and deck

Cody has jumped into modelling, lots of exciting stuff

Derrick is proud of James, Derrick likes John’s style, but rooting for James

Cody says the deal between Shelli and John was classic, Derrick says he owes them nothing

Cody likes how he put the showmance up

Cody says Shelli looks good, that Meg is a cutie, Becky looks good can’t believe she was hit by a train

if the Hitmen were running the house this season, “no-one would stand a chance”


Clay says to vote for Shelli to stay

Shelli says she is his heart, can’t wait to live in the real world with him


Vanessa – Clay

Meg – Clay

Austin – Clay

Jackie – Clay


Liz – Clay

Julia – Clay

Steve – Clay

Becky – Clay (says she will do what he wants)

John – Clay (says it’s been a weird day) (the audience is laughing lol)

Clay is evicted, 9-0 😦 Clelli kissed and everyone claps

big scream for Clay when he exits

Shelli crying when his picture is black and white

Clay says it’s been a dream being on the show, he says she deserves playing in the house, Clay thinks that it could be the real deal between them, outside of the house as well because she’s been there for him game-wise and personally

“Do you love her?”

“Uhum, that’s a big word.”

he’s okay with her being in the game, if she wins, he feels like he wins, Clay says that he has full responsibility  of sending Jason home, doesn’t regret it

John says that Clelli was adorable as a couple, sorry that it went that way that he was out

Austin said voting him out was really tough, hoping to be boys outside of the house

Meg says she’s gonna miss his pretty face, gonna miss him doing his hair for five hours

Shelli says he has been her light, looking forward for first date

Julie brings up the tipsy Meg and the touching lol, says there’s been a fair share of showmances that she’s had in the house, not with him, but with others


HoH Comp

from on now, every evicted nom will be in Jury, just because you’re evicted doesn’t mean that you’re out of the game, necessarily

“Midway Midhem”

fill gas tank so balls go to top, win HoH, or $5000, or never a Have-Not, a person can win all three but if someone chooses HoH, game ends

it appears slippery on the track


Favourite moment of season for this week’s BBSoundoff

Meg is moving very slowly

Thank-yah !

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BB17 – Episode 17 [SPOILERS]

30 Jul


Jackie feels like a total idiot

Meg is angry and upset about Jason being on block

Becky going to lay low

Jason says this is his life, means more to him than others do

Austin’s dreams just came true, says the blindside was beautiful

Meg asking Clay if he knew about the blindside, he said he did not know, Clay says he thinks that Austin made a deal with Austin

Meg talking with Vanessa in HoH room, she’s saying she’s so hurt today, said was very excited with her, but now feels like a “dumb girl”, Vanessa said she would not have done it if everyone didn’t want it

Jackie talking with Vanessa, Vanessa said it comes up to who she trusts, Shelli says she doesn’t want Jason to go, Vanessa asking her if she’s behind her back, Jackie knows that Shelli was on plan with this because she freaked out when she asked her if she knew about Jason

Meg says she’s livid, talking with Jackie, Jackie says they’re all working together, says they’ve all been hanging together during eviction, Jason now in cabana room, and James

Meg keeps crying, Jackie crying, Jackie feels like she let Jason down, they say that they’re all so stupid, Meg wants them to stop putting up their people

Vanessa talking with Clay and Shelli, Shelli says the target is her and Clay because people keep asking them if they knew about the blindside, Vanessa sparks a bit of a doubt in her trust in Shelli and Clay because they denied knowing about the blindside


Jason and allies know who stabbed him in the back

Jackie wants Jason to stay, Jason says Steve and John, or Clelli, or Liz and Austin could keep him, Jackie feels like Clelli won’t vote for him, need to convince them that Becky will go after them, but Liz hates him

Jason talking with Clelli, first part of plan: make them paranoid, says he could be more loyal to them than Becky, says Becky will put them up next week, second part: will going to give them whatever they want. says when Julia comes in, Liz Austin and Julia will be a three-headed monster

John #DrMac

Maria is his office manager, says he’s very professional at work, seeing very different side of him, he’s very good with patients, his patients miss him, Josh, a patient, totally trusts him,

Frank, his Dad, says he was a very good kid, health-class made him sick to his stomach so he wanted to be a dentist

Jordan is his younger brother, says his strategy was to get everyone to like him, then stab each one in the back

No-one knows the real Johnny-Mac, is an enigma



Becky is basic, Jason is wild, he is good at cooking

Austin – Jason

Meg – Becky

Liz – Jason

James – wearing squirrel hat, Becky

Steve – strong dislike for Becky, but votes for Jason

Jackie – Jason

Shelli – Jason

Clay – Jason

John – Jason

Vote 7-2, Jason evicted : ( gonna miss that personality

Jason doesn’t want them to be lazy farts, telling them to play hard when he watches at home, the audience is loud as he exits the house !

Meg is crying 😦

Jason feels that Clelli betrayed them the most, thinks that they’re running it, thinks Vanessa has more soul and good game-player

Jason says it’s probably his downfall for just gossiping about the twist

Jason says Meg has a jello leg, thinks Meg could go far

“Oh my lanta”

Shelli telling him about the Sixth Sense, says he will be missed in the house

Jackie says he should’ve won the game

Liz says have fun watching in Mom’s basement

Meg says she misses him so much already, doesn’t know what she will do without him

Jason knew the twins were evil, knew Meg was one of the sweetest girls in the world, knew Shelli couldn’t be trusted, says he knew everything from the beginning


Julia finds out that she’s entering the house, enters the house, ahh

everyone gathering in living room

Liz super excited, goes to greet her with a hug

James is like “woah”

switched places 14 times, game is resetting, twin twist is over, BoB is over, one HoH only

battle of endurance, first solo HoH game of the summer


HoH Comp – “On the Edge”

have to hang on the cliff, last one on wins

the wall tilts, there’s a storm, rain falls on everyone


They are being hit by eagles with loud noises oh

Thank-yah !

Thank-yah for the 2427 HITS

– Louise

BB17 – Episode 11 [SPOILERS]

16 Jul


Vanessa happy with her choice

Jeff saying that he would be good to be kept, talking to Austin, says he will fight for him and James won’t

Clay talking with Jason, says close with both of them, Jason says James is more trustworthy, so dos Clay, they think that Jeff will just backtrack and lie

Meg says that James would win the game, says Jeff would never win against the three of them, says he is a bigger target, James is sociable

Clay telling Jeff that he needs to change his game, Jeff says he needs to play differently, Clay believes in second chances but unsure because he breached his and Shelli’s trust

Jeff talking with Shell, wondering what she is thinking about, promises he will play the game he started Day 1, Shelli said that she would have done anything for him and would have taken him far but he threw it away, he is apologizing, says he messed up, not far to Jackie, Shelli doesn’t want to send him home, hugs him

Jeff and Jackie talking, tells her that Shelli is emotional and tells her that he had to pull the emotional strings


Liz and Austin have a great relationship, better than he and Julia

“Easy there, Steve” – Austin

“Well, you’re the one in bed with her” – Steve

Austin is a very romantic person

Jeff wants a cuddle-date with Liz

Jeff telling her that he knows more about her than she knows, he knows she has a twin, they’re under the covers, Austin walks in uh “What is going on?”

Austin telling Audrey that he’s attacking Liz right now, rage inside

now talking with Vanessa, enraged that she’s under the covers with him

talking with Clay, Liz walks in, Clay leaves, Austin says is emotional by nature, wants to sacrifice game for emptiness in heart

Liz feels like she can control him more with flirting, thinks that Austin is manipulating him, could use Jeff to her advantage


James says Meg looks like a smoke-bomb !

Jeff loves everybody !


Jackie – James

Austin – Jeff

John – James

Meg – Jeff


Clay – Jeff

Shelli – Jeff

Steve – James

Liz – James

Jason – Jeff

Becky – Jeff

Audrey – Jeff

Jeff evicted ! gave long hug to Jackie

gonna miss Jeff’s cluelessness

Jeff wants Jackie to win the game, wanted to create allusion

Julie thinks Jackie is floating by like a pit stop on ‘the Amazing Race

Jeff says that Austin was creepy lol what

“Wow Steve pulled out the fast one for me!” on him voting for James to go home

“gonna kick butt on team JJ” – Jackie

reaction to twin: not shocked, studied them for the week, one kept touching his butt


HoH Comp


“Bustin’ Moves” watch two 90’s dance performances, questions will be asked about the videos, true or false

Q1: eight dancers in performance?

false, seven dancers, Jason, Steve, Clay, James out

Q2: three of them men?

true, Meg and Austin out

Q3: dancer in orange plaid shirty first to place boombox on floor?

false, Liz and Shelli won !

wow killing it, second HoH for Shelli !


Liz feels beyond excited, excited for a letter from Dad

Shelli looking excited for more pictures and letter and puppy !

James, happy to be here

Jason, favourite party. least favourite falling shower floor

John, missing guitar from home (live music during finale?)

Audrey, who is the most messiest? James! enjoys messing it up

Clay, crazy and hectic in house, more disgusting showers than locker room during football

90’s will continue to roll in house !

Thank-yah !

and thank-yah for 2244 HITS

– Louise

BB17 – Episode 8 [SPOILERS]

9 Jul



asked John, Vanessa, Audrey, Jason to keep her safe


Switch #7; Julia needs to tan lol

Da’vonne thinks that there’s a twin, thinks it’s Liz

Jason knows that there’s a twin twist this season, telling Jeff now “heavy” ”

skinny” twin what…

Meg and James and Jackie listening

Shelli and Clay watching from upstairs, going to look to see what everyone is looking at, the faces, everyone knows now

Da’vonne talking with Julia, saying she has a twin, saying she wants Da’vonne to stay, Da’vonne knows she’s lying

Commercial break

Da’vonne now revealing who will not vote, told by Julie : Becky, Jeff, Jackie

Meg promises to work on knock-knock jokes, thinks everyone looks


Jason – Meg

Clay – Da’vonne

John – Da’vonne

Audrey – Meg…

Commercial break

Austin – Da’vonne

Julia – Da’vonne THANK-YOU

Vanessa – Da’vonne THANK-YOU


Steve – Da’vonne


Da’vonne got round of applause when picture went black

Julie tells her that the twist is the twin

Da’vonne thinks everyone are cowards, says no-one want to nominate Audrey because transgender

thinks her vulnerability cost the game and why evicted


Clay – wants to see her out of house

Audrey- “bye bye”

Jason – one and only love

Liz and Julia – “blew up game gotta go now”

Da’vonne gives Audrey that she was loyal lol

Commercial break

BB TAKEOVER -Bob Brancowski Superbowl winner (?) no have-nots in his party

Commercial break

HoH comp, score ball in cup

Julia got 23, Jackie got 0

John – 0, James – 23

Audrey – 17

Clay – 6

Jeff – 14

Becky – 0

Austin – 28

Jason – 0

Meg – 1

Steve – 0

Vanessa – 23 THREE- WAY TIE

shootout, between Liz, James, Vanessa

Liz – 22 James – 35 Vanessa – 52 WOW

Vanessa and Austin are the HOH !


Thank-yah for 2167 HITS

– Louise

BB16 – Episode 11 [SPOILERS!]

17 Jul

Hey, everyone!

Hope that you are all doing well! Tonight is an exciting episode, I’m sure- Devin is on the blockk

“One, is obsessed with power, and one is obsessed with a girl.” – Julie on tonight’s noms; Devin and Caleb

“The guy who looks like the Rock, is on the block!”

Jeff Schroeder visits Donny’s family and friends this episode :O !

Taking Jacosta off the block was a no-brainer for Donny.

Caleb had volunteered to put himself on the block.

Devin is a fighter, he says.

Jacosta is still so thankful, and she will return the favour towards him for as long as she can. She is “so happy”, and wants to be together with him at the end!

So at night, Caleb keeps putting blankets on Amber, and is talking to Hayden about this. and lol Hayden is like, “What!” at the xamera. 

Cody says that Caleb is not really a competitor, like he says that he is, and his game is so “blurred” by Amber that he doesn’t really make decisions. 

Donny thinks that they should get Caleb out of the house as soon as possible; agrees with Cody. Donny says that whoever says that they’re going to protect themselves as much as they can,

lol Victoria walks out and Cody and Hayden are hootin’, yelling out and whistling lol “What’s your name, girl?!” and Hayden in the DR is like, “No, seriously- what’s your name?”

Amber was waiting for Cody to do stuff to her knees? like do that tickling thing, I’m thinking. Cody says that Caleb keeps “looking for her, to see if she is around”, and is always around.

Zach and Cody are talking, and Zach is listening to what Cody is saying. Zach says that Caleb hates Cody because Amber likes her. Zach also says that no-one likes Caleb.

Nicole and Hayden are cuddling. he’s pretty happy that he has a girl to cuddle with. he needs a kiss with her… calling her “sugar-lips”. he feels like he’s getting warmer with her, and he just wants a kiss from her ol :B Nicole says that she is one of the nicest guys in the world.

Victoria pops in, and is like, “Are you guys making out?”, then asking if she can go sleep now. and Hayden is like “Are you really sleeping now?”

Devin wants to finish his degree to help provide for his daughter. Cody is getting a new-found respect for Devin, he still thinks that he is a good person that got caught up in the craziness of the game.

Cody is now talking to Zach, saying that he is not a bad person, and Zach agrees. lol and Zach is like, “I had a dream that Caleb went home”. They say that Devin is really alone in the house, but Caleb is a beast. 

Frankie is saying that they don’t need Caleb at all whilst talking to Zach.

Frankie is talking to Christine, and Christine is asking if they’re sending Caleb home.

Frankie is now talking to Derrick… Derrick says that as long as Devin remains in the house, he remains the biggest target. Frankie says that Caleb is so blinded by Amber, that he has no idea that people want him out of the house.

Commercial break

 Jeff visits Donny’s Mom and Dad, they don’t watch him on the show. Donny’s Dad never got interested in the son. Donny’s Mom never saw him in shorts, but now JEff is going to show them some clips from the show.

Jeff asks what their first taste of BB is, and Donny’s Mom doesn’t like it :B

Donny ate the sticker off the fruit in one of the clips :B

Donny’s positivity comes from how he was raised. Came from a family that never gives up.

Donny’s brother is a school-teacher, and doesn’t have a left arm, I think?

Donny got called a rat, and his sisters are like, 

Donny has a girlfriend c:

Every morning, Donny gets up, eats a poptart, is a groundskeeper, Jeff is telling them to vote Donny out while wearing Donny’s outfit, sitting between his parent,s and doing a crossword :B

Julie notices that Jacosta is feeling better, and is talking to her about the sickness.

Julie asks Zach about what is most surprising in the house, says that there are people in the house that he doesn’t like, and people in the house are “extremely annoying” lol :B

Hayden says that there is no worst part about a Have-Not Room; “Is ‘Survivor’ still hiring?”

Julie says that there will be no Have-Nots this week? I think. the people who are Have-Nots will be selected by America, I think… will be selected based on the BBTracker :B

Commercial break

Caleb’s speech: Caleb says that he has never been a liar, a cheater, a back-stabber, if you want a beast-mode cowboy, then keep him in the game.

Devin’s speech: Would most definitely do some things differently. Has already made a Final Two pact for Amber, wants to admit his faults, provens that he is a mental and physical monster, and will carry anyone to the Final Two. Says that he won’t eat all the storage room food, and says that Nicole is the best looking frog.


Jacosta: Devin

Donny: Devin (as he strokes his beard)

Nicole: “happily” votes to evict Devin

Hayden: Devin

Caleb is a nice guy, I’d be sad to see him go… who will go home?! I don’t know s:

Commercial break


Currently: 0 for Caleb, 4 for Devin.

lol “Will Zach’s dream be Caleb’s nightmare?” – Julie

Zach: Devin

Cody: Devin 😮

Victoria: “happily” evicts Devin

Frankie: Devin

Amber: Devin

Christine: Devin

Brittany: Devin

11 votes = Devin is out of the house; he smiled and saluted to the camera

Brittany says, “Bye, Devin!” and gives him something; don’t know what it is 😮 

Everyone says “good-bye”, and he has left… everyone is freaking out lol “We’ve been freed again!”

Interview with Julie:

Brittany had given him a heart made of tin-foil, and he laughs about her not giving her a vote despite that.

Devin was not surprised that he was booted out of the house today.

Devin got paranoid, thought that the alliance was leaving him, so he decided to do something about it.

Devin had a lot of “mixed emotions” coming into the game, and he saw a game where the favourite game-players of his had played. 

lol Julie asks Devin’s thoughts on what kind of occupation that Donny has, and Devin thinks that he did something with Harvard because of that medical tee :B and Julie tells that that he is a groundskeeper and he laughs.

Good-bye Messages:

Jacosta says that the army that he created turned against him, but now he gets to see his daughter!

Caleb says that he had blown the alliance up, and h 

Zach says that he was the worst player in BB history.

Donny says that he did wrong in the first week, but did right in the second week. Hopes that he has a good summer with his daughter.

The HoH’s need to form a team of two; the winning pair will be the HoH’s of the week! They drew numbers to be paired off.

Victoria and Christine are paired together

Caleb and Nicole are paired together

Brittany and Jacosta are paired together, and they’re so excited :B

Amber and Zach are paired together

Donny and Hayden are paired together

Cody and Frankie are paired together!

They may not be with their preferred partner, but Julie says that this is bound to be the most “heated HoH of the Summer”!

Commercial break

“Devilled Eggs”

They have to maneuver their eggs to the other side of the slot.

If you guys saw Season 12, where the Final Four was, it’s the one where Brittany kept breaking all the ornaments :B with Hayden, Lane, and Enzo! It’s like that game, but is with partners and not on a Christmas tree and with eggs and such.

TeamAmerica’s second secret mission? We’re finding out next!

Commercial break

Someone they believe is a physical threat is the next task for Team America to complete!

Amber and Zach and Frankie have one egg in their slot!

Ashes are now falling from the sky because there is fire (the painted flames on the side of their sections that separate each pair from each other).

And that’s it! I hope that you guys liked this Post; definitely longer than yesterday’s, as I was a bit distracted yesterday… and I deeply apologize for that!

Wow, you guys, thanks so so much for the 1590 HITS! sjdfidsoo that’s amazing! I really appreciate it :’o

Have a nice night, everyonee! 🙂

– Louise



BB16 – Episode 8 [SPOILERS!]

10 Jul

Hey, everyone!

How are all you all? : ) Hope that you are all doing nicely c:



Brittany wants to say something, and Zach wants to say something next.

Brittany is making it clear about what she said last week, she said that Paola had backstabbed her, lied to her face, and threw the comp.

Paola would rather put her head in a toilet bowl and drown than stay in the house with him for another week. saying it to Devin.

Donny was “tickled to death”!

Nicole and Hayden were mentioned in Devin defending himself.

Zach is telling Paola that she is bad at everything, Zach calls out Devin that he is a liar, says that he smiles with his fake smile, and now just ranting, and Devin’s response is: “Best of luck to you, bud.”

Devin could care less about what the two said he said

Cody is so pissed off at Devin, stating that Devin putting up a member of the Bomb Squad is showing that he is “disloyal”.

Someone said that that was “wonderful”!

Caleb is now gunning after Zach, because he threw the Bomb Squad under the bus.

Zach and Frankie are having a talk, and Frankie is telling him that he should always have his back 200 percent.

Zach’s apology is sincere, Frankie doesn’t know if he can trust him again.

Zach and Paola are yelling at each other, “How do you feel about me?”

Zach calls her a liar, saying that she threw the comp.

Derrick really wants Zach to stay.

Devin wants Zach to go home, and he wants to replace Zach with someone.

Devin thinks that Hayden is the perfect member to replace him, saying that he does not get “over-zealous”.


Hayden says that Devin is revealing the golden bomb squad to him, and he feels that Devin is basically forcing him, to join… “join or die”. his number one goal is to blow up the Bomb Squad, but he said “yes” to join it to his face (not really meaning it aha).

Commercial break

Derrick is telling Zach to stay level-headed. Derrick is on the hammock while Zach is talking to him. Derrick is giving him advice. “This isn’t a street-fight; it’s a chessboard.”

Team America are discussing, Donny calls Paola is her best little friend, but he won’t hesitate to send her home. They will vote the same, I think.

Derrick is talking with Caleb. Caleb says that the sweet tea is amazing.

Zach doesn’t mind Caleb, he wants to get rid of Devin, as long as Devin in the house, Devin will be gunned after Zach. their best case scenario to make it another week is to vote for Zach to stay… kinda a bigger target than Paola.

Frankie wants to be the one to tell Devin that Zach is staying. Zach has the votes to stay. telling him that they are a nine-person alliance. Devin then says that he is not a part of the alliance anymore. this is a solo game. anyone can go up on the block now. he wants to pick everyone out of the house one-by-one.

Commercial break


Julie asks them about the week- in one word?

Lacosta describes it as “crazy”. Frankie describes it as “insanity”.

Scale of 1-10, how would he rate his reign- he says 4/12 / 10.

Paola says that Devin has five different personalities and they all suck. Paola says that her and Zach compete at the same level lol she will leave like a boss if she has to

Zach feels very blessed to be here. without his family, he wouldn’t be half the person he is today. it is the best interest to keep him because he will evict Devin. So “WHEN YOU WALK INTO THE DIARY ROOM, vote Paola” lol that shouting

Jacosta? Is that her name?! :O OOPS I’M SO SORRY she votes for Zach

Brittany votes for Pao-Pao

Derrick votes for Paola

Donny votes for Zach… Donny I though that Bomb Squad was voting the same 😥

Commercial break

Caleb votes for Paola! :O

Amber votes for Pao-Pao

Hayden votes for DJ PAOLA SHAY (“As in Paola”? – lol Julie)

Cody evicts Pao-Pao

Frankie, says that Julie looks “fierce”. votes for DJ PAOLA SHAY

Nicole votes for Paola

Christine votes for Paola

Victoria votes for the “crazy Pao-Pao”

10-2 vote for Paola to leave the BB HOuse. Such a quiet leave 😮 and right when I write that, Paola shouts loud lol

Paola’s interview with Julie!

Paola blames Devin for her eviction. she can’t stand him. she says that Devin made a lot of deals with everyone. she doesn’t know why she had risked her safety for throwing the comp. she has no idea with what happened there.

Paola is rooting for Donny and Jacosta :B

Good-bye messages

Zach calls Paola a huge liar. “Good luck with the rest of your life”

Jacosta can’t wait to see Paola in New York, and can’t wait for Paola to visit her in Georgia

Devin wanted to help Paola as much as he could. he was sorry that he couldn’t keep his word.

Donny loves her energy and spirit, always makes him laugh. tells her that she has been his best friend in the house, and he can’t wait to see her.

“Who would’ve thought that I’d be best friends with a 42-year old man in the house?” – Paola LOL saying that they have absolutely “nothing in common”

I am happy that Zach is still in the house kfodspfspo

Commercial break


“Underwater Polo”

They have to step up and hit a single polo ball down the ramp labelled from 1-29. if it does not hit a slot, then they get a score of zero. the two players with the highest scores will be the two new HOH’s.

Amber is first; scores a 17.

Cody scores a 17!

Caleb scores a 21!

Frankie scores a 24!

Christine scores a 4.


Victoria scores a 12.

Brttany scores a 16.

Zach scores an 8 :/

Donnyyyy scores a 20!

Hayden shoot forgot what he scored but he doesn’t make it in.

Jacosta scores a 22?

Derrick scores a 28!

Derrick and Nicole are the two new HoH’s !

Wireless activity trackers of each HG- they are all wearing bracelets aha so you can track their physical activity!


Commerical break

Nicole is so excited. not sure what she wants to do. Excited to see her family!

Derrick is excited for a letter from his wife and his daughter.

Donny says that from watching the game, playing the game is “very different and very exciting”.


Thanks for reading, everyone! I am sorry if some bits seem a bit different than what I usually write; I was distracted nklofdso

Have a nice night c:

– Louise

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