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BB17 – Episode 28 [SPOILERS]

26 Aug


Austin put Steve and John up for the least risk

John doesn’t feel safe

Steve is frustrate on being back on the alliance, he gives credit to Vanessa

Steve telling John that he is not the target? John doesn’t think they’ll use the Veto on him, they decide they both want to win VETO

Vanessa apologizing to the alliance, says has integrity

Austin just telling her what she needs to hear

Steve walks in to the HoH room, Austin tells Steve that he’s not going home

Steve asking who the target is, Austin says it’s John

Austin says that if Steve goes off the block, she may go up


Julia hears a noise, knocks, a crash? John thinks that James is there, she says he isn’t, he opens the closet door, they think the room is haunted, there is a huge crash, Julia runs screaming, “OH MY GOSH YOU GOT ME”

Picking players for Veto

Steve wants Meg and Julia to play, thinks they’re weak players

Austin – Vanessa

John – Meg (was hoping for her)

Steve picks Julia after complaining never getting picked lol

Steve hugs Vanessa wants to rebuild

Liz tells Austin that she’s worried about playing all sides of the house, Austin says they have to, Liz thinks that John and Steve need to be separated, saying she’s always been on their side, wants to get John out



Is newly single, got an upgrade, 9000 instead of 3000

James – I heard Meg is going to take you someplace very very special after the show, the friendzone

James – “Go zing yourself”

Liz – I’m confused, suddenly you’re less attractive, intelligent, charming, oh wait, that’s just Julia ouch

Julia – “got the same SAT score”

Steve – what’s less cool than a trombonist that cries for his mommy? Nothing

Steve – “I’m a nerd trombonist that likes my mom, if you considered being nice, you would get a girl”

Would someone please get the trash? It stinks in here. Oh wait that’s just Austin

Meg – your New York attitude is very sex in the city, too bad your gameplay is what sucks in the city

John – 5/5 dentists agree the only thing less attractive than your laugh is your back hair

John –“what’s the matter, you afraid of it? You can’t grow any? You’re stupid”

Vanessa – you have been playing a masterful game. Assuming that game is the crying game

Liz – you’ve become such an important part of Austin’s life- are you more excited to meet his Mom, his Dad, or his girlfriend

Liz knew that he had a girlfriend, says it’s not her problem, she’s single, Austin with his girlfriend for two years, Austin says she’s her ex? Liz says he sticks, she’s “hooking up with a guy that has a girlfriend, whatever”


James and Liz get to eat popcorn and watch the VETO

Veto Comp

Have to pick the HG’s (three) that the app has displayed with a face (morphed)

Lol James and Liz are so close to T.V.

“AUSTIN OH THAT’S SO SCARY” “perfect teeth oh that’s Jace”

4:45 for Julia

Steve – “a mole” “it’s Becky will you please leave me alone”

Steve is out

Austin – “What is that? Oh my gosh”

“I’m so pissed he doesn’t even know me” – Liz

“I just wanted to press your name”

Austin is out


“Are those your eyes James?” – Austin

“Yeah those are mine can’t you tell?” – James

2:51 is Vanessa

John is out : ( feels like he’s dead

Meg “that’s a boy nose” lol it’s hers

Vanessa won the Veto


Vanessa and John talking, important question: are you over the thing with Becky and Clay? He says yeah, John says he has lost friends, he feels like everyone is going to keep Steve, he feels alone, she says he hasn’t been an enemy?  John says down for working forward, Vanessa wants to work with him, wants to see where Austin’s head is at, wants to use the Veto, would love to

Vanessa and Austin talking, says they’re “dumb” if keeping Meg and James, can keep John in backpocket, she suggests putting up Meg, Austin says she to James is like him to Liz, he says that if she goes home and Jackie comes back, she and James will be together like glue and says that James will be irrational, says move is selfish in DR

Vanessa says to John that he doesn’t want her to use it

John saying that they had a five-person alliance to get her out, including him and Steve and Austin and the twins, says he was after him, Vanessa doesn’t understand

Liz is confronted, she says no, but then yes, and then says it was Steve’s idea, says he orchestrated it, says he and John are working together

Steve senses Vanessa is pissed, leaves

The two talk, Steve says the alliance was true but he didn’t start the idea

Vanessa starting to cry…?

Says “good-bye”


John knows it would hurt Vanessa’s game if she used it

Steve feels that Scamper Squad is breaking

Vanessa feels alone and that if the Veto had not been won by her, would be on block

John on the Veto – a gazelle asking a tiger to hang out, not good idea for Vanessa

Vanessa targeting Steve, says he gave her a hug saying he was happy, not using Veto

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