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BB18 – Episode 2 [SPOILERS]

23 Jun

EEP Freakazoids – who will go home? I’m sad… the whole team seems great. :c

Nicole thinks last twenty-four hours were more stressful than her whole season.

James assuring the their team that they will be okay.

Da’vonne talks with Tiffany, tying to gain trust. Tiffany is embarrassed. Tells Da’vonne that she is Vanessa’s sister. Now Veterans have newbie on their side

Paul still on board to get rid of veterans

Corey not so sure that that is what he wants to do.

Paul thinks that all the old people are working together

James thinks floors are sticky. Talks with Frank. Discuss if newbies are all working together. Da’vonne joins in. They decide that if Nicole, Tiffany stay, are all good.

Nicole talking with Corey. If they both win, Nicole wants to be HoH, asks him if he feels comfort putting people up. Corey says that he feels that she is more wise to be HoH.

Third round of Hit the Road

stranded on stranded island. put coconuts from tree onto “SOS”. steps move island. person who fails goes home.

Tiffany’s strategy: stay close to tree trunk.

Paul wants anyone but Nicole to win, none of housemates cheering on veteran, Frank notices

Tiffany leading right now

Corey careful…

Nicole almost done!! one more!! :00000

OH EM GEE PLZ LORDY YES SHE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“somebody up there saw my SOS and saved me” tehe

Commercial break 

Tiffany glad Nicole won, wants to be there too

thinks there is a coconut conspiracy lol

Tiffany won, too!

Glenn feels like he’s in Matrix lol





Glenn is going home 😦 he was great, though.

Da’vonne wants Nicole to be HoH

Tiffany offers, who got off island first? Nicole says yes, why not LOL

both promise not to put her up, swear on everything

Nicole is first HoH!! Frank is so happy, wants to throw her up in air LOL

Paul is pissed poo you Paul

Glenn says his bye’s :(( he was great

Everyone walks back in house, face already B&W

Bronte thinks veterans out for blood

Paul corners Corey, is mad


Nicole and James can’t believe they’re sitting next to each other, Paulie can’t believe he’s in the same room lol Nicole thinks Paulie could be an asset but Cody did vote her out twice

newbies want to know what is Nicole’s head, Victor goes to ask Nicole, what is strategy; “don’t have one”.. he takes off his shirt… says everyone is after her, says Jose is after veterans, telling whole game plan lol Nicole thinks thanks for nominee ahahah


James walks in, asks who is there, Nicole asks who it is, James says is Victor LOL “do you have a problem with me?… coming in here to make you mad? you know we’re coming after you.” “all of you” “all of us” “What do you want me to say” “This is James, not Victor” “Oh my God, James” LOL

BB Slop is in the house, Have-Not room: is a funhouse with hopcorn, clowns, lights, bearded lady is Paul says Da’vonne lol

Jozea talking with Da’vonne. says is the Messiah for newbies Da’vonne shocked, says he sealed his fate

Jozea says Da’vonne doesn’t need to worry, he wants to get rid of Nicole, then James, then Frank. Da’vonne says he is stupid, he is talking as if in hair salon and she getting curl

Da’vonne goes to tell Nicole all she heard, Nicole so stressed, clear that he is on her list now

Nicole asks Corey opinion. Tells him what she heard from Da’vonne. Putting up Paulie to play POV so Jozea will stay on block. Nicole says only okay with it if Paulie is okay with it. Corey agrees (advises otherwise not good).


Nicole asking Paulie now, Paulie said would put up Jose. Nicole hinting to put him up, Frank asks if up for bat. He says he could, but if he loses he will be next to Jose. Da’vonne assures him that he will be protected. Nicole sees how he is nervous, pawns sometimes go home…

Nomination Ceremony:

Jozea, Paulie

to be fair: pick strong player from each team. Paulie hopes he will be safe, doesn’t want to hear it from brother. Jozea thinks is snake. Da’vonne “acclaimed Messiah on the block”

Thanks, guys! I’m so sorry for abandoning this blog. :c I hope to be more active! BB YAY!!

– Louise

P.S. took me all episode to spell Jozea’s name LOL thought was Jose


BB17 – Episode 40 (FINALE NIGHT!) [SPOILERS]

23 Sep








HoH Comp: Part 1

Powdered sugar, dipped in red, the whole bundle. quick cream. creepy voice talking to the final three. now they have to sit on just the apples than the disc.

Steve falls! his thighs didn’t have the strength. hopes Part 2 is more mental than physical.

Vanessa says she doesn’t move, that’s as physical as she’s going to get. won’t move from her spot. tells Liz can win Part 2. Liz falls after Vanessa confirms she will take her to Final 2.

Steve eats popcorn.



HoH Comp: Part 2

Steve so happy that he sees puzzle because he does this for mechanical things.

it’s a crossword puzzles meant to be solved. you have to climb a ladder to access the

“Expect the _________” if you don’t know the answer to this, you are watching the wrong show. “Expect the unexpected #Big Brother”.

forgot he had a letter in the bag, found it!

Steve finishes!

Liz’s turn.

OTEV Dairy Product” – “What, yeast? OH BUTTER BUTTER”

Steve: 28:27

Liz: 31:11

Steve won Part 2!

knows John will respect him if he takes out Vanessa.

Jury debates with Dr. Will!

Austin wants to see Vanessa in the Jury so he will chop off his pony-tail braid.

and in walks John!

Julia so excited that her sister is in

John tells Austin that Vanessa brain-washed Liz lol Austin doesn’t understand why Liz trusts Vanessa again, it is pissing him off

Austin would have let the two girls battle it out and decide if he was in the final three

Jackie thinks that Vanessa’ gameplay has been really good, Shelli agrees, James agrees, says she went to work everyday, he respects Vanessa, Meg says she has won comps. when she hasn’t fooled people, she has won, Becky says she has swore under a lot of things and Austin agrees shouldn’t have done it. Steve is doing something right because Shelli says he threw a comp to not get bloods, he wins when he needs it to happen. he was personally connected with everyone. Meg agrees. John thinks Steve is a rat, did not like his games, had protection from him and the twins. said Steve went to a lot of advice for him. Julia said he could not own up to his decisions. Jackie thinks that Liz has gotten a lot of blood on her hands, John thinks Liz should not win, thinks she just dragged someone (Austin) along, Meg thinks she was just protecting her alliance, Becky thinks Austin was strategic and Liz was competitor, Dr. Will asks what would happen if Vanessa was eliminated. Julia will vote for her sister no matter what, can do no wrong


HoH Part 3

“Scales of Just Us” – Vanessa vrs. Steve

prove how well you know the members of the Jury (8)

how did the Juror complete the sentence?

Shelli: My favourite moment was winning HoH Duh! or meeting Clay! Duh!

answer: winning HoH! Steve 1 Vanessa 0 (S, V)

Jackie: the most annoying thing about the house was the mess OR constant paranoia!

the constant paranoia!

S 1 V 0

Becky: the biggest lie told this summer was everything that came out of Audrey’s mouth, me saying that I was hit by a train, gotcha!

Steve 2 V 1

Meg: who needs a reality check the most; Clay, who gives up half million for a girl? or Austin, one word: Judas: lame!


3 2

James: strongest competitor: me! OR Johnny-Mac


3 2

Julia: respected Austin’s gameplay the most because he’s been watching the show since S1, OR Shelli always kept word and comp beast


4 3

Austin:  most embarrassing moment was Zingbot mentioning my girlfriend OR I stink


4 4

John: best thing about being in house; not having to go into people’s mouths or getting ripped!






Steve thoroughly convinced Vanessa is the strongest female gameplayer in the game, can talk way in the Jury, was said to make move to justify, he evicts Vanessa and is very sorry

Liz says “Oh my gosh Steve thank-you so much!” wasn’t expecting it doesn’t have anything prepared, has no words to thank him, needs the money so bad

Vanessa says wasn’t out of the realm of possibility, never fully trusted him, not sure if he made the right move for his game, would not have taken Steve to Final Two so doesn’t blame him, gave it everything she had, is crying?



JURY members walking out! Aww everyone looks so pretty! The cheers are amped for John and James!

Julia says she has no guesses to ninth jury member, Austin guesses Vanessa

and Vanessa walks out! Becky is shocked! Austin is very happy to see that Steve made an excellent decision. “The boy became a man.” John “I’m really glad to see my best friend again!”

Three questions are to be asked to the Final 2!

John asks: Steve; I was your good friend in this game. but in my perspective you relied on Vanessa and myself this whole game. why?

audio problem.

Steve starts over answer: was not tailing off him or Vanessa. it was the friendships.

audio problem again!

Steve starts again: as above, and said he wanted to split the twintwist and the showmance, and Jackie, thought was most competent of the Meg and James and such

Becky: Liz; when it came to gametalk, Austin influence all your strategy. what was your own?

Liz: came in with twist, held her own, did own campaigning

James: Steve; you’re sitting next to someone who played hard since Day. floated through game half the time. why say it not?

Steve: had layers of people who had protection, did not float. built layers to get where he was.

Julia: Liz; what was biggest game move in comp?

Liz: aligning with strong competitors, aligning with Vanessa, Austin

Jackie: Steve; several people feel you didn’t talk strategy with them at-all. biggest function as votes.

Steve: had tiff with Austin with Scamper Squad, protected his alliance

Austin: Liz; why do you deserve to win the money over Steve?

Liz: came in with huge disadvantage, did a lot to stay in house, tried to be less of a threat, even though Steve is huge superfan


Why do you deserve to win BB?

Liz: not a huge superfan not a big gamer, miracle able to survive 85 days, great attitude, strong personality

Steve: Zingbot: awkward nerdy trombonist. said Liz had an advantage of having someone always on her side. won four full HoH games, made moves not copying someone else. just got out Vanessa. Liz follows Vanessa, Liz won two, three and a half. Thank-you so much.


Shelli: love you both so much, really hard to make the decision, voting with heart

Jackie: congratulations! so proud of both. both played amazing games, going to vote for person who has dreamed of it their entire life LOL OBVIOUS

Becky: one person that I will extremely glad to cast my vote for, may best man or woman win

Meg: you guys look hot! giving credit to big moves in game. hard decision.

James: amazing job, loves the haircut, you need another one Steve, let Jesus take the wheel on this one kinda like Carrie Underwood GOSH JAMES

Julia: (falls) vote really obvious, loves them both

Austin: the heart wants what it wants – in the poet’s hands of Selena Gomez LOL

John: the worst alliance member or twin thing I couldn’t come up with a good insult for you… good job both!

Vanessa: no hard feelings Steve, picking the best that represents what this season stands for, both played great games

and first six evicted join live!


Audrey’s hair is like Shelli’s!

Da’vonne: most surprising: Austin you spoke a lot about Judas how he was going to dominate, where ge at?

Austin: you got me! was supposed to be cool in my own weird way but ended up liking people too much, disassociated with his personality

Vanessa: 90% what I said was the truth, is a DJ, a prof. poker player, won $4.1/2 million. one of the top in the world

Jason: everything surprised me, how well Vanessa maneuvered through you Dr. Will’d it, Derek’d it, Dan’d it. just sort of cried and didn’t own to anything but did it all.

Audrey: how was it to return home after making history? having time of life, emotional thing, it’s huge, overwhelming response from whole country, feels like a winner because changed lives


WHO WON? VOTES Julie wants to know how Vanessa voted so starting backwards

Vanessa – Liz

John – Steve

Austin – Liz

Julia – Liz

James – Steve

Meg – Steve

Becky – Steve

Jackie – Steve

I AM SO HAPPY STEVE HAS WON BB17 :’) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Shelli also voted for Steve! won 6-3!!








Thanks for keeping with me this summer! what a hilarious season filled with hilarious people. hope that you all enjoyed the ride and ’till next time!!

Thanks for the 3405 HITS

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BB17 – Episode 8 [SPOILERS]

9 Jul



asked John, Vanessa, Audrey, Jason to keep her safe


Switch #7; Julia needs to tan lol

Da’vonne thinks that there’s a twin, thinks it’s Liz

Jason knows that there’s a twin twist this season, telling Jeff now “heavy” ”

skinny” twin what…

Meg and James and Jackie listening

Shelli and Clay watching from upstairs, going to look to see what everyone is looking at, the faces, everyone knows now

Da’vonne talking with Julia, saying she has a twin, saying she wants Da’vonne to stay, Da’vonne knows she’s lying

Commercial break

Da’vonne now revealing who will not vote, told by Julie : Becky, Jeff, Jackie

Meg promises to work on knock-knock jokes, thinks everyone looks


Jason – Meg

Clay – Da’vonne

John – Da’vonne

Audrey – Meg…

Commercial break

Austin – Da’vonne

Julia – Da’vonne THANK-YOU

Vanessa – Da’vonne THANK-YOU


Steve – Da’vonne


Da’vonne got round of applause when picture went black

Julie tells her that the twist is the twin

Da’vonne thinks everyone are cowards, says no-one want to nominate Audrey because transgender

thinks her vulnerability cost the game and why evicted


Clay – wants to see her out of house

Audrey- “bye bye”

Jason – one and only love

Liz and Julia – “blew up game gotta go now”

Da’vonne gives Audrey that she was loyal lol

Commercial break

BB TAKEOVER -Bob Brancowski Superbowl winner (?) no have-nots in his party

Commercial break

HoH comp, score ball in cup

Julia got 23, Jackie got 0

John – 0, James – 23

Audrey – 17

Clay – 6

Jeff – 14

Becky – 0

Austin – 28

Jason – 0

Meg – 1

Steve – 0

Vanessa – 23 THREE- WAY TIE

shootout, between Liz, James, Vanessa

Liz – 22 James – 35 Vanessa – 52 WOW

Vanessa and Austin are the HOH !


Thank-yah for 2167 HITS

– Louise

BB17 – Episode 7 [SPOILERS]

8 Jul

Hi, everyone !

lol Jason calling him and Steve Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Steve won’t argue with Jason being called Tweedledum

Becky said being dethroned isn’t bad for her, Shelli will do her dirty-work

Da’vonne says that everyone makes her sick, positive that John was throwing it. so pissed off that the house is working as a unit trying to get her out of there

John with Clay and Shelli, John: “I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING” lol

Clay says he would go home before him, tells him he won’t be another extendable pawn

Clay and Shelli really likes him

Jason feels bad for Da’vonne, though, Audrey can hear through the walls, that the people in there are trying to make a plan, saying that Shelli will backdoor Audrey, James doesn’t think that Da’vonne will go home before Audrey

Julia and Liz are talking, lol Liz is happy that Da’vonne is up, Liz is now in the house and not Julia

Liz trying to get a clean dish and can’t breathe, it smells, Jason shows up and says woken up for DR at like 7A.M., Liz says she was called twenty-minutes ago, “running on fumes”


Shelli picks – HG choice: Clay

“Hercules and the princess are both playing” – Jason LOL

John – Meg

Da’vonne wants to pick Jason – Steve

Host is: Jackie

Da’vonne is not pleased

Audrey and C;ay talking, saying they won’t throw each other under the bus, Audrey wants to work with someone, reassuring her that he’s safe

Da’vonne says that the people in the house are cowards, talking with James

Commercial break


Becky still thinks that Audrey is being back-doored

you have to see what is missing in the picture and pick the right item, five rounds played

John is picked, wants to go against Da’vonne (is pissed) for R1!

John remembers that she wanted a unicycle

John won the round, Da’vonne is out !

Da’vonne wants him to use Veto so Audrey can go in his place

Steve and Clay are doing R2

Clay knows it’s the rubber ducky, knocks everything over lol was having flashbacks in University

Steve didn’t want to win the comp, anyways! already won two.

Meg is throwing the comp, going against Shelli, very believeable that she should win because is interior designer “good with the details”

Shelli grabbing the microphone, but needed a somebreo

Meg is annoyed lol “IT WAS THE SOMEBREO”

John and Meg are going against each other

John won with the corn starch, Meg didn’t even move lol but happy with it

now John vrs. Clay

John knows is giraffe

Da’vonne is pleased, John won !

Shelli knows that she has to put up a replacement nominee

Commercial break

Clay wants John to not use the VETO, wants everyone to know that he will be safe if not using VETO

Shelli talking with Becky, telling her that Da’vonne needs to get out

Becky trusts them, “best of luck!”, says the game is in their hands

Da’vonne says “won’t roll over and die”, knows will fight

Vanessa talking with Shelli and Clay, Vanessa knows that John will use the VETO but Shelli says trying to make him keep it

Vanessa telling her it has to be a girl for a back-up person, says Jackie, Shelli says no, says Becky, says no because she earned HoH, maybe Meg?

Shelli talking with John, asking him not to use VETO, guarantee votes will be a-okay, and understands if he’s uncomfortable

Austin talking with Shelli, and asks him to get Liz

wants to maybe put up Liz

telling plan to get Da’vonne this week, and Audrey next week

Shelli wants Liz to go up instead of John, did not want to do this, Shelli telling her that no-one will vote her out

Liz talking with Becky now, and telling her she’s sad, Becky telling her to take a nap, says she’s not threatening to anyone in the house

Austin needs to make sure that Liz can’t go on the block because she’s his friend

Becky telling them to keep this super quick

Liz is only thinking about Julia, doesn’t want to go home, pretending not upset right now

Commercial break

everyone is on Meg’s bed at 5A.M. lol Austin wants to stir the plate, saying Meg going on block instead of Liz

Vanessa says will tell Shelli, telling Shelli now, Austin and Clay in room

Austin saying could her in the walls, concern is that they have seven people down there

Shelli says that Austin brings a good point, no-one will take out MEG

Audrey and Clay talking, saying he doesn’t trust her but won’t be eliminated this week, but she is telling him things that he doesn’t like

Audrey feels completely abandoned, telling her whole house wants her out

Clay teling Shelli she is pissing him off, her game is their game because only reason she is there because of them

Shelli says is good because hasn’t picked replacement nominee

Commercial break


John using VETO to save himself

Shelli picks Meg

Meg knew there was going to be a pawn, hoped it wasn’t, her, she knows she’s put up so Da’vonne has no fighting chance”

right the last laugh will come into play

Shelli crying in bed

John eating an apple

Clay adjusting sunglasses

Da’vonne crying

Thanks for reading!

Thanks so much for the 2142 HITS

enjoy the night !

– Louise

BB17 – Episode 6 [SPOILERS]

5 Jul

Hello !

A night of BB !

Day 15

Clay trusts Shelli the most

Da’vonne not happy that Shelli and Becky won

Vanessa feels pretty good, knows that Audrey said that she was the head of an all-girl alliance

Vanessa talking to Audrey and Da’vonne, Da’vonne said that she never said that, said “Game on” to Audrey

Da’vonne decides to call a house meeting

Jason is nervous but ready for it

Da’vonne saying that Audrey woke up people to tell them that Vanessa was the head of a girl alliance

Vanessa tells her “f— you”, Jason says she’s pathological, says that she has only been loyal to herself, says she’s overplayed the game, the mistrust is all planted by Audrey apparently, this is all going down in the Have-not room

Vanessa did not want her to be the most hated in the house, but she said a big target is better for everyone

Audrey said that it could’ve been much worse, right now her “back is against the wall”, strategy is to lie down and play dead

Jeff is asking Da’vonne if she can side with Shelli, James says maybe Becky

Da’vonne feels like she could be put on the block

Commercial break

Da’vonne doesn’t want to see their HoH room

There are baby pictures, Clay’s heart melted

Becky got a letter from her sistrs

Shelli got one from parents

Becky and Shelli talking now, Becky says elephant in house is Audrey, Shelli is uncomfortable with her in the house, but personally doesn’t want her to be hurt. Becky doesn’t know her very well. They need four pawns, and want Audrey wants to be a backdoor. Shelli doesn’t want Clay up

Becky telling Jason that Audrey is going home, Jason said he would expect it that he , Becky telling Austin that he’s not the target, Becky says that she likes him, but doesn’t know where he stands in the game, telling John that there needs to be a pawn, Becky talking with Steve now, wants attention to stay on Audrey, Clay talking with Jeff now, telling her not to trust you, says that she won’t go after him, himself, Shelli, and Clay says that Da’vonne could be the next to go, Meg walks in now, talking with them, Audrey walks in now and says that she has no-one, says that she will not target anybody in the room, except the one that started all the trouble, Jeff thinks that she’s using him as a puppet

Shelli telling Clay, says that Becky wants Audrey out, and she says that it’s too easy. Clay telling her that Da’vonne has no f—— trust in her or himself, and she’s on board, Shelli wants her to go home, says she will never put him on the block, Clay wants him to go up on the block with Da’vonne to throw the PoV, Shelli said that John could possibly go up, Clay offers Steve but she says Steve will not go up because he will not throw a comp.

They have John in the room (cabana), John says he wants to keep Becky and Jeff in the room, Shelli saying that they trust him, Clay says that they want him to throw it and he will not go home, he will do everything in his power to keep him in the game even throw his own game to keep his word, John doesn’t want to be the pawn, lol “I don’t even play chess”, Clay and Jeff and Shelli are going to keep their word, hands were shook

Commercial break

Jackie and Liz (or Julia) said that they used to be so afraid to talk to people, Becky said that she got hit by a train last year when she was walking, she had her hood up, right at the corner, there was a van, and her head whipped, the whole front of the train hit her face and landed fifteen feet away, a lip had to be sewn back on, out of week three weeks, full recovery, no surgery, Jason said that she is superhuman, Becky has spent more time with family, started going back to Church, works at same store, said that she’s a “basic b—-“, Jackie wants to work with her

Steve going to sleep in same bed with

Da’vonne kinda wants to be nominated today

Audrey on edge of seat, will never feel completely safe

James feels went from Bel-Air to trailer park

Steve feels like he might be put up by Becky because of “awkward air”

Jason says she could put him up because he put her up

Nomination !

Shelli – John and Da’vonne

Becky – Jason, Steve (BUT STEVEEEEEEEE )

Audrey thinks someone could have secret agenda to backdoor her, Shelli wants her plan to work

Clay says Da’vonne’s biggest threat to his and Shelli’s game

Commercial break

James asking Jason and Da’vonne why Audrey wasn’t up, and they say that they’re the targets

Becky telling Steve and Jason that Audrey is target

Audrey talking with Shelli and Clay now, asks if there’ll be a Plan B if Steve and Jason throw it, Shelli says won’t talk game

Da’vonne asks John, “I can trust you, right?”

Commercial break


“BB Studio”

Shots must match correctly to the ones on screen

“BB Game Props” (?)

the nominees have to wear a shirt and pants connected by each other

Jason and Steve strategy to look at two shots at a time, Da’vonne wants to look at them all, John thinks that it’s the “dumbest strategy”, she is throwing it for him lol, Jason said this is simple, Da’vonne says he isn’t doing anything, just dragging him along, Shelli thinks her master-plan may come together because the strategy is so bad


Jason now trying to save Da’vonne

Becky got powdered in the face

John literally did nothing tot throw it, he is happy

lol. What did yah all think of the episode ?



– Louise


BB17 – Episode 5 [SPOILERS]

2 Jul

Hi, everyone !

A night of BB eviction and twin reveal…

Frankie is in the audience

James feels very good with his nomination, not afraid to have blood on his hands

Jackie wants to be chill and not cause drama

Clay telling Jace to keep his cool

Audrey feels like he’s going to get off the block (gut feeling)

Jace thinks it’s worse than “Y2K” – what is that ?!

Austin wants to make sure that he’s not the next target

Jace didn’t expect to get blindsided in the first week of the game

Jace now talking with James, James telling him strategically he can’t compete with him, and that it’s not personal, but Jace says it’s personal

James asking him if he knows what game it is. Jace says he put his faith in him for absolutely nothing

Audrey talking with James, saying that she had nothing to do with it, swearing on it, says she has a clean conscience, Jace says he she betrayed him, thinks she could “chomp everyone out” before winning game

Jace says he’s ready to fight, and a warrior, not going home. going to rally votes

Jace talking with Clay, saying that Clay will go further. Clay says he’ll try to keep him safe without jeopardizinghis game, but Clay said the ship has sailed

Jace says that all Jackie brings is boobs to John…

Liz saying that she’ll keep Jace, and so will Vanessa, and Steve says that he needs Jace

Jace believes that Audrey is the reason if he goes home

Jace says that Audrey is a master manipulator

They’re talking with each other, Meg and Jason watching on the couch in the backyard

Commercial break

The twin player IS Liz- the twin is Julia !

Liz only have ten-fifteen minutes to talk to download information into each other THEY’VE HAD FOUR SWITCHES SO FAR IN THE HOUSE

They will vote together in the room, then switch places live !

that really fun


Jeff – Jace

Da’vonne – Jace

Jason – Jace

Audrey – Jackie (what wait)

Steve – Jace (“good friend”)

Commercial break

Liz and Julia – Jace

Austin and his alter-ego “regrettably” – Jace

Meg – Jace

John – Jace (sadly)

Clay -Jace (sadly)

Becky – Jace

Shelli – Jace (sadly)

Vanessa – Jace

Total – 12 votes to evict, Jace evicted

Once he left the house, he did a somersault, he’s doing a shout-out to seeing Frankie in the crowd

Jace told his friends not to vote against him, Jace says that he should not have been himself, but, it was not possible

Jace thinks that Audrey voted for Jackie, he was correct,

Messages :

Jason not sorry to see him go, sees him as a ticking time bomb

Steve really sorry to see him go

Da’vonne – Bro code #1 don’t step on her toes

Austin – says that he’ll fight for his honour, does air guitar

Julie telling him about the other twist, shows the twins saying that they loved hanging out with him, he didn’t see that coming, says that they’re very gorgeous

Da’vonne is dancing in the corner in the house lol what

BB Takeover, Kathy Griffin is on the screen, time for HoH comp !

Commercial break

interview with Kathy now, saying that they need to keep the alliances secret, saying too many in the eight-person alliance, she likes Audrey, says that she has to get out of bed, likes Da’vonne, Vanessa, hoping that she keeps her vocation secret like Derek

Kathy will surprise the HG through the week, going to give someone the power of the last life- a telephone will appear, the one who answers the seventh call could keep three people from voting from next week’s eviction !

Half in first round, other half will compete in second round through random draw

“Ginger Fever” – a new billboard needs to be assembled, they use puzzle pieces to assemble the billboard, hit buzzer to be first HoH of week

only allowed one puzzle piece at a time (to get)

one of Da’vonne’s was stuck in the case it was in

Steve and Meg and Vanessa are doing well

Becky almost done AND WON THE HOH – will most likely go after Jason based on what was said last time

Commercial break

next round assembling board

Shelli won !

Commercial break

Kathy gave a teaser to what is coming up next week regarding last laugh !

Thank-yah for reading !

Thank-yah VERY much for the 2086 HITS

– Louise

BB17 – Episode 4 [SPOILERS] + CANADA DAY

1 Jul

Hello, everyone!

It’s CANADA DAY TODAY so I might be a bit distracted… but will do my best to update!

For all the CDN’s out there, have a great celebration of Canada’s birthday !

Jace offered help to Steve if he needs it

Jason and James are trying to secure votes to backdoor Jace

James and Meg are talking, thinking of alliance with Audrey, Jason, Da’vonne

James talking to Clay, Aurdey in the room, Clay excited to potentially working with him, trusts him likes him

Clay says that he doesn’t talk in-depth game with anybody else but them

Da’vonne thinks that the group won’t last

Steve is benchpressing

Jace is running naked (streaking) in the backyard… with everyone watching… a towel to cover to his stuff

Austin says to Jace that people think that he’s annoying (?)

Jace now talking to James

James telling him that they’re trying to get a big target out, now Audrey is in, and now Austin

Audrey saying that it’d be a big move to backdoor Jason (the previous HoH) to divert Jace (the real target) away

Jace guaranteeing that he’s got their back

Jace wants an alliance between them, Audrey, Austin, James- The cloud squad? Cloud town? Cloud 9 Alliance? it’s cloud town

James thinks that Jace is a wild-card

Commercial break

VETO players:

there’s Jackie and Steve

James picks Becky

Jackie picks John

Steve picks Jason (thinks that he might be able to work around with him )

Da’vonne thinks that there might be a counting comp so walking around to count stuff, goes to Jeff’s room

Jeff is like “who was in there?” she’s like “no-one”, Clay and Shelli are confused

Da’vonne is “livid” talking to Jason now and is talking about what happened

Jeff now trying to apologize to her, Da’vonne says she’s not mad at him…

Jeff is talking to Clay now, saying that she’s a puppetmaster

Clay is so frustrated right now, and now going up to the HoH room and talking to Da’vonne

They’re having a sort of argument, he saying that he wanted to ask Jeff to see what he was doing in his room

Clay doesn’t like her attitude, was wrong, thinks that she thought he sent him in there to spy on him, he says that it’s an idiotic conversation, she thinks she’s being lied to, they thpught that they were really close, Clay says that she’s paranoid, she says “good game, good luck”, says that her paranoia will get her evicted eventually

Da’vonne talking with Audrey now, wants him to apologize, she’s so mad, Audrey tells her to collect herself, telling her to get it together, knows that she’ll be a major liability to hher game

Audrey telling Clay that he should not have reacted like that, telling him that she’s bawling, they’re thinking of getting her out next week, needs to do damage control, pretending to look for gel, now he’s apologizing to Da’vonne, she appreciates it, once he leaves, Da’vonne says that he’s a lying, knows that Audrey told him to apologize, says that Audrey is being the puppetmaster (to the camera)

don’t really like Da’vonne right now

Commercial break

BB slop is now on the table for the Have-not’s

James has to announce the first four Have-not’s for the summer

Liz and Austin had the fast forward, Vanessa, and Da’vonne are all the Have-not

the Have-not room IS A DENTIST OFFICE

John checking Jeff teeth

First Power of Veto comp !

Becky says that it looks just like home at Colorado

They have to dig for gold for VEto fortune, make way through the obstacles to locate a gold nugget in a nose. the letter has a number value to spell a word. only one letter may be brought back at a time, they have to correctly spell the word with the highest point value, only ten minutes to lock in answer

Jason is “atrocious at spelling”, telling kids to go to college !

Steve has thought of the perfect word to use already with his words

John says that he has looked at lots of noses before

Steve ripping off his band-aids on his knees lol Meg says that it reminds her of community pool

James looking for an “A”

Jackie has three “Q”‘d

Audrey sees that Jason and James are killing it in the alliance

John has locked in his answer

Austin secretly rooting for James because of the alliance

James locked in

Steve locked in

Becky locked in



Jame’s word: lifeguards (correctly spelled) (eight point)

Becky : closest (correct) (seven) (eliminated)

Jason : zones (correct) (six) (elim)

Jackie : judge (correct) (six) (elim)

Jeff said she cut it short again like in Nova Scotia

James thinks that Steve scored 6000 word on SAT

Steve : trombonists (TWELVE) !

James elim

John : boogers (seven) (elim)

Steve won with an impressive word no-one would have thought; the power of Veto is in his hands !


Commercial break

Liz thought that Steve wrote the longest word in BB history, he said “no, Brendon did- ‘understanding'” BB FAN

Steve knows that he has negotiating power

Audrey trying to put together numbers by being subtle, to work withpeople, she wants it to work with people to count on

Aurdey talking to Shelli to drag her in, says that there’s been weird behaviour, wants her to work with Jason and James, Jason a bit annoyed

Audrey collecting people from the group

Taking Jeff now, leaving Meg in the bed when just getting to know them

James know that it’s not good to have a sixt-een person alliance lol

Jeff thinks that Audrey is the biggest “sketchball” in the world

now talking to Clay, telling him to go up

waking up Meg, telling her to go up

Meg thinks that she’s in a weird secret book-club lol

Audret says that they need a solidiefed group

James thinks that she could be on the chopping block with the way that she’s acting

Commercial break

Veto Ceremony time

Jace knows that yah should never be so safe in the game even though in alliance with James

Audrey hoping that he sticks with plan


Steve using power of Veto

James nominates Jace to go on the block, says that it’s for himself, this move

Austin knows that Jace being blindsided means that he is being blindsided

Jackie thinks that he’s his own worst enemy in the game, wants to talk to everyone else to make sure it doesn’t flip

Audrey says that everything has gone into play

Jace is crying, saying “it’s hard”

Kathy Griffin twists up game tomorrow, and twin is revealed !


Thank-yah for reading !

Thank-yah for 2072 HITS


– Louise