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BB17 – Episode 40 (FINALE NIGHT!) [SPOILERS]

23 Sep








HoH Comp: Part 1

Powdered sugar, dipped in red, the whole bundle. quick cream. creepy voice talking to the final three. now they have to sit on just the apples than the disc.

Steve falls! his thighs didn’t have the strength. hopes Part 2 is more mental than physical.

Vanessa says she doesn’t move, that’s as physical as she’s going to get. won’t move from her spot. tells Liz can win Part 2. Liz falls after Vanessa confirms she will take her to Final 2.

Steve eats popcorn.



HoH Comp: Part 2

Steve so happy that he sees puzzle because he does this for mechanical things.

it’s a crossword puzzles meant to be solved. you have to climb a ladder to access the

“Expect the _________” if you don’t know the answer to this, you are watching the wrong show. “Expect the unexpected #Big Brother”.

forgot he had a letter in the bag, found it!

Steve finishes!

Liz’s turn.

OTEV Dairy Product” – “What, yeast? OH BUTTER BUTTER”

Steve: 28:27

Liz: 31:11

Steve won Part 2!

knows John will respect him if he takes out Vanessa.

Jury debates with Dr. Will!

Austin wants to see Vanessa in the Jury so he will chop off his pony-tail braid.

and in walks John!

Julia so excited that her sister is in

John tells Austin that Vanessa brain-washed Liz lol Austin doesn’t understand why Liz trusts Vanessa again, it is pissing him off

Austin would have let the two girls battle it out and decide if he was in the final three

Jackie thinks that Vanessa’ gameplay has been really good, Shelli agrees, James agrees, says she went to work everyday, he respects Vanessa, Meg says she has won comps. when she hasn’t fooled people, she has won, Becky says she has swore under a lot of things and Austin agrees shouldn’t have done it. Steve is doing something right because Shelli says he threw a comp to not get bloods, he wins when he needs it to happen. he was personally connected with everyone. Meg agrees. John thinks Steve is a rat, did not like his games, had protection from him and the twins. said Steve went to a lot of advice for him. Julia said he could not own up to his decisions. Jackie thinks that Liz has gotten a lot of blood on her hands, John thinks Liz should not win, thinks she just dragged someone (Austin) along, Meg thinks she was just protecting her alliance, Becky thinks Austin was strategic and Liz was competitor, Dr. Will asks what would happen if Vanessa was eliminated. Julia will vote for her sister no matter what, can do no wrong


HoH Part 3

“Scales of Just Us” – Vanessa vrs. Steve

prove how well you know the members of the Jury (8)

how did the Juror complete the sentence?

Shelli: My favourite moment was winning HoH Duh! or meeting Clay! Duh!

answer: winning HoH! Steve 1 Vanessa 0 (S, V)

Jackie: the most annoying thing about the house was the mess OR constant paranoia!

the constant paranoia!

S 1 V 0

Becky: the biggest lie told this summer was everything that came out of Audrey’s mouth, me saying that I was hit by a train, gotcha!

Steve 2 V 1

Meg: who needs a reality check the most; Clay, who gives up half million for a girl? or Austin, one word: Judas: lame!


3 2

James: strongest competitor: me! OR Johnny-Mac


3 2

Julia: respected Austin’s gameplay the most because he’s been watching the show since S1, OR Shelli always kept word and comp beast


4 3

Austin:  most embarrassing moment was Zingbot mentioning my girlfriend OR I stink


4 4

John: best thing about being in house; not having to go into people’s mouths or getting ripped!






Steve thoroughly convinced Vanessa is the strongest female gameplayer in the game, can talk way in the Jury, was said to make move to justify, he evicts Vanessa and is very sorry

Liz says “Oh my gosh Steve thank-you so much!” wasn’t expecting it doesn’t have anything prepared, has no words to thank him, needs the money so bad

Vanessa says wasn’t out of the realm of possibility, never fully trusted him, not sure if he made the right move for his game, would not have taken Steve to Final Two so doesn’t blame him, gave it everything she had, is crying?



JURY members walking out! Aww everyone looks so pretty! The cheers are amped for John and James!

Julia says she has no guesses to ninth jury member, Austin guesses Vanessa

and Vanessa walks out! Becky is shocked! Austin is very happy to see that Steve made an excellent decision. “The boy became a man.” John “I’m really glad to see my best friend again!”

Three questions are to be asked to the Final 2!

John asks: Steve; I was your good friend in this game. but in my perspective you relied on Vanessa and myself this whole game. why?

audio problem.

Steve starts over answer: was not tailing off him or Vanessa. it was the friendships.

audio problem again!

Steve starts again: as above, and said he wanted to split the twintwist and the showmance, and Jackie, thought was most competent of the Meg and James and such

Becky: Liz; when it came to gametalk, Austin influence all your strategy. what was your own?

Liz: came in with twist, held her own, did own campaigning

James: Steve; you’re sitting next to someone who played hard since Day. floated through game half the time. why say it not?

Steve: had layers of people who had protection, did not float. built layers to get where he was.

Julia: Liz; what was biggest game move in comp?

Liz: aligning with strong competitors, aligning with Vanessa, Austin

Jackie: Steve; several people feel you didn’t talk strategy with them at-all. biggest function as votes.

Steve: had tiff with Austin with Scamper Squad, protected his alliance

Austin: Liz; why do you deserve to win the money over Steve?

Liz: came in with huge disadvantage, did a lot to stay in house, tried to be less of a threat, even though Steve is huge superfan


Why do you deserve to win BB?

Liz: not a huge superfan not a big gamer, miracle able to survive 85 days, great attitude, strong personality

Steve: Zingbot: awkward nerdy trombonist. said Liz had an advantage of having someone always on her side. won four full HoH games, made moves not copying someone else. just got out Vanessa. Liz follows Vanessa, Liz won two, three and a half. Thank-you so much.


Shelli: love you both so much, really hard to make the decision, voting with heart

Jackie: congratulations! so proud of both. both played amazing games, going to vote for person who has dreamed of it their entire life LOL OBVIOUS

Becky: one person that I will extremely glad to cast my vote for, may best man or woman win

Meg: you guys look hot! giving credit to big moves in game. hard decision.

James: amazing job, loves the haircut, you need another one Steve, let Jesus take the wheel on this one kinda like Carrie Underwood GOSH JAMES

Julia: (falls) vote really obvious, loves them both

Austin: the heart wants what it wants – in the poet’s hands of Selena Gomez LOL

John: the worst alliance member or twin thing I couldn’t come up with a good insult for you… good job both!

Vanessa: no hard feelings Steve, picking the best that represents what this season stands for, both played great games

and first six evicted join live!


Audrey’s hair is like Shelli’s!

Da’vonne: most surprising: Austin you spoke a lot about Judas how he was going to dominate, where ge at?

Austin: you got me! was supposed to be cool in my own weird way but ended up liking people too much, disassociated with his personality

Vanessa: 90% what I said was the truth, is a DJ, a prof. poker player, won $4.1/2 million. one of the top in the world

Jason: everything surprised me, how well Vanessa maneuvered through you Dr. Will’d it, Derek’d it, Dan’d it. just sort of cried and didn’t own to anything but did it all.

Audrey: how was it to return home after making history? having time of life, emotional thing, it’s huge, overwhelming response from whole country, feels like a winner because changed lives


WHO WON? VOTES Julie wants to know how Vanessa voted so starting backwards

Vanessa – Liz

John – Steve

Austin – Liz

Julia – Liz

James – Steve

Meg – Steve

Becky – Steve

Jackie – Steve

I AM SO HAPPY STEVE HAS WON BB17 :’) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Shelli also voted for Steve! won 6-3!!








Thanks for keeping with me this summer! what a hilarious season filled with hilarious people. hope that you all enjoyed the ride and ’till next time!!

Thanks for the 3405 HITS

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BB17 – Episode 20 [SPOILERS]

6 Aug

Hello, who is going home?! might be Shelli because of what I said last Post


[Day 47]

Clay said that there was no stronger bond than he and Shelli has, strong trust but

Liz says there’s awkwardness

James says that Shelli is the target, hopes his team will vote the way he wants them to

Clelli have four days together, Shelli says he has Vanessa, says she will miss him so much

Vanessa feels terrible right now, her personal preference is to keep Shelli, thinks the alliance has a better way of staying together with her left in the house

Shelli is not going to hurt him while trying to stay in the house

James telling Austin about how Shelli and Clay told them about Judas and Audrey and putting him instead of Liz as a replacement nom, Austin says the move that Clelli made was “classless”

Austins says the twins are on Jame’s side

Austin talking with Vanessa and Liz, telling them what James told him, Vanessa said it was really “stupid”, they blew up their game, calls them fools

Vanessa is pissed and disappointed that they were sold out, but her own thing to deal with is to mend fences

Shelli and Vanessa talking, Shelli telling her that James was put up instead of Liz but she did not reveal the alliance, Shelli says she is more strategic, Vanessa says she’ll campaign for her

Shelli says she needs to clear the air with the Sixth Sense alliance, she’s talking with most of them, says she was squeezed by James, she says that she owns up when she does something wrong, Austin is not happy about this, but is not going to ruin the alliance by something small, Vanessa says they can move forward if they “let by-gones be by-gones”

Liz says she saved her butt, will never forget what she did

Shelli thinks that she could be saved this week


SoundOff; a guy is hoping that Meg will win, another hopes John will, Da’vonne hopes for Jackie


Shelli says she gets more mad about a lie than what the lie is, says honesty is the best policy, Clay says that a lie is the best policy

she says that they want to keep the relationship out of the house, too

First kiss. WORTH THE WAIT

lol then Liz or Julia waltzes into the backyard making them stop lol

James asking people if Clelli know where they’re going, James says he wants people to be on board to vote Shelli out, they say Shelli is a bigger comp than Clay, James says the scorn of a woman is more wrathful than a man lol

James says to send Clay home next week

Meg saying why would she want to keep someone in the game that is a threat

James says he sees Shelli more as a threat than Clay

Jackie says Vanessa isn’t playing to send Shelli home at-all

Jackie says Vanessa is planning something, James says he would be pissed if Shelli stayed, Jackie feels like this is a repeat of being a fast-ball situation, they don’t want Shelli to stay

The twins are torn, one of them can’t stand Clay, says they have no relationship to him, says that Shelli talks to her, but the other twin says that they can get rid of a really strong player

Vanessa thinks that the other side of the house will work with Clay, but a twin says why not get Shelli out when the opportunity is right there, Austin brings up throwing the comp and selling everyone out, Austin is torn


Derrick has made attention for family, Cody was the runner-up and arrives in a white car

THE HITMEN, says Derrick is his brother, they see each other once a month, talk everyday

People recognize Derrick, and tuition fund started for Tenley, and a hot-tub bought and deck

Cody has jumped into modelling, lots of exciting stuff

Derrick is proud of James, Derrick likes John’s style, but rooting for James

Cody says the deal between Shelli and John was classic, Derrick says he owes them nothing

Cody likes how he put the showmance up

Cody says Shelli looks good, that Meg is a cutie, Becky looks good can’t believe she was hit by a train

if the Hitmen were running the house this season, “no-one would stand a chance”


Clay says to vote for Shelli to stay

Shelli says she is his heart, can’t wait to live in the real world with him


Vanessa – Clay

Meg – Clay

Austin – Clay

Jackie – Clay


Liz – Clay

Julia – Clay

Steve – Clay

Becky – Clay (says she will do what he wants)

John – Clay (says it’s been a weird day) (the audience is laughing lol)

Clay is evicted, 9-0 😦 Clelli kissed and everyone claps

big scream for Clay when he exits

Shelli crying when his picture is black and white

Clay says it’s been a dream being on the show, he says she deserves playing in the house, Clay thinks that it could be the real deal between them, outside of the house as well because she’s been there for him game-wise and personally

“Do you love her?”

“Uhum, that’s a big word.”

he’s okay with her being in the game, if she wins, he feels like he wins, Clay says that he has full responsibility  of sending Jason home, doesn’t regret it

John says that Clelli was adorable as a couple, sorry that it went that way that he was out

Austin said voting him out was really tough, hoping to be boys outside of the house

Meg says she’s gonna miss his pretty face, gonna miss him doing his hair for five hours

Shelli says he has been her light, looking forward for first date

Julie brings up the tipsy Meg and the touching lol, says there’s been a fair share of showmances that she’s had in the house, not with him, but with others


HoH Comp

from on now, every evicted nom will be in Jury, just because you’re evicted doesn’t mean that you’re out of the game, necessarily

“Midway Midhem”

fill gas tank so balls go to top, win HoH, or $5000, or never a Have-Not, a person can win all three but if someone chooses HoH, game ends

it appears slippery on the track


Favourite moment of season for this week’s BBSoundoff

Meg is moving very slowly

Thank-yah !

Thank-yah for 2711 HITS

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BB16 – Episode 11 [SPOILERS!]

17 Jul

Hey, everyone!

Hope that you are all doing well! Tonight is an exciting episode, I’m sure- Devin is on the blockk

“One, is obsessed with power, and one is obsessed with a girl.” – Julie on tonight’s noms; Devin and Caleb

“The guy who looks like the Rock, is on the block!”

Jeff Schroeder visits Donny’s family and friends this episode :O !

Taking Jacosta off the block was a no-brainer for Donny.

Caleb had volunteered to put himself on the block.

Devin is a fighter, he says.

Jacosta is still so thankful, and she will return the favour towards him for as long as she can. She is “so happy”, and wants to be together with him at the end!

So at night, Caleb keeps putting blankets on Amber, and is talking to Hayden about this. and lol Hayden is like, “What!” at the xamera. 

Cody says that Caleb is not really a competitor, like he says that he is, and his game is so “blurred” by Amber that he doesn’t really make decisions. 

Donny thinks that they should get Caleb out of the house as soon as possible; agrees with Cody. Donny says that whoever says that they’re going to protect themselves as much as they can,

lol Victoria walks out and Cody and Hayden are hootin’, yelling out and whistling lol “What’s your name, girl?!” and Hayden in the DR is like, “No, seriously- what’s your name?”

Amber was waiting for Cody to do stuff to her knees? like do that tickling thing, I’m thinking. Cody says that Caleb keeps “looking for her, to see if she is around”, and is always around.

Zach and Cody are talking, and Zach is listening to what Cody is saying. Zach says that Caleb hates Cody because Amber likes her. Zach also says that no-one likes Caleb.

Nicole and Hayden are cuddling. he’s pretty happy that he has a girl to cuddle with. he needs a kiss with her… calling her “sugar-lips”. he feels like he’s getting warmer with her, and he just wants a kiss from her ol :B Nicole says that she is one of the nicest guys in the world.

Victoria pops in, and is like, “Are you guys making out?”, then asking if she can go sleep now. and Hayden is like “Are you really sleeping now?”

Devin wants to finish his degree to help provide for his daughter. Cody is getting a new-found respect for Devin, he still thinks that he is a good person that got caught up in the craziness of the game.

Cody is now talking to Zach, saying that he is not a bad person, and Zach agrees. lol and Zach is like, “I had a dream that Caleb went home”. They say that Devin is really alone in the house, but Caleb is a beast. 

Frankie is saying that they don’t need Caleb at all whilst talking to Zach.

Frankie is talking to Christine, and Christine is asking if they’re sending Caleb home.

Frankie is now talking to Derrick… Derrick says that as long as Devin remains in the house, he remains the biggest target. Frankie says that Caleb is so blinded by Amber, that he has no idea that people want him out of the house.

Commercial break

 Jeff visits Donny’s Mom and Dad, they don’t watch him on the show. Donny’s Dad never got interested in the son. Donny’s Mom never saw him in shorts, but now JEff is going to show them some clips from the show.

Jeff asks what their first taste of BB is, and Donny’s Mom doesn’t like it :B

Donny ate the sticker off the fruit in one of the clips :B

Donny’s positivity comes from how he was raised. Came from a family that never gives up.

Donny’s brother is a school-teacher, and doesn’t have a left arm, I think?

Donny got called a rat, and his sisters are like, 

Donny has a girlfriend c:

Every morning, Donny gets up, eats a poptart, is a groundskeeper, Jeff is telling them to vote Donny out while wearing Donny’s outfit, sitting between his parent,s and doing a crossword :B

Julie notices that Jacosta is feeling better, and is talking to her about the sickness.

Julie asks Zach about what is most surprising in the house, says that there are people in the house that he doesn’t like, and people in the house are “extremely annoying” lol :B

Hayden says that there is no worst part about a Have-Not Room; “Is ‘Survivor’ still hiring?”

Julie says that there will be no Have-Nots this week? I think. the people who are Have-Nots will be selected by America, I think… will be selected based on the BBTracker :B

Commercial break

Caleb’s speech: Caleb says that he has never been a liar, a cheater, a back-stabber, if you want a beast-mode cowboy, then keep him in the game.

Devin’s speech: Would most definitely do some things differently. Has already made a Final Two pact for Amber, wants to admit his faults, provens that he is a mental and physical monster, and will carry anyone to the Final Two. Says that he won’t eat all the storage room food, and says that Nicole is the best looking frog.


Jacosta: Devin

Donny: Devin (as he strokes his beard)

Nicole: “happily” votes to evict Devin

Hayden: Devin

Caleb is a nice guy, I’d be sad to see him go… who will go home?! I don’t know s:

Commercial break


Currently: 0 for Caleb, 4 for Devin.

lol “Will Zach’s dream be Caleb’s nightmare?” – Julie

Zach: Devin

Cody: Devin 😮

Victoria: “happily” evicts Devin

Frankie: Devin

Amber: Devin

Christine: Devin

Brittany: Devin

11 votes = Devin is out of the house; he smiled and saluted to the camera

Brittany says, “Bye, Devin!” and gives him something; don’t know what it is 😮 

Everyone says “good-bye”, and he has left… everyone is freaking out lol “We’ve been freed again!”

Interview with Julie:

Brittany had given him a heart made of tin-foil, and he laughs about her not giving her a vote despite that.

Devin was not surprised that he was booted out of the house today.

Devin got paranoid, thought that the alliance was leaving him, so he decided to do something about it.

Devin had a lot of “mixed emotions” coming into the game, and he saw a game where the favourite game-players of his had played. 

lol Julie asks Devin’s thoughts on what kind of occupation that Donny has, and Devin thinks that he did something with Harvard because of that medical tee :B and Julie tells that that he is a groundskeeper and he laughs.

Good-bye Messages:

Jacosta says that the army that he created turned against him, but now he gets to see his daughter!

Caleb says that he had blown the alliance up, and h 

Zach says that he was the worst player in BB history.

Donny says that he did wrong in the first week, but did right in the second week. Hopes that he has a good summer with his daughter.

The HoH’s need to form a team of two; the winning pair will be the HoH’s of the week! They drew numbers to be paired off.

Victoria and Christine are paired together

Caleb and Nicole are paired together

Brittany and Jacosta are paired together, and they’re so excited :B

Amber and Zach are paired together

Donny and Hayden are paired together

Cody and Frankie are paired together!

They may not be with their preferred partner, but Julie says that this is bound to be the most “heated HoH of the Summer”!

Commercial break

“Devilled Eggs”

They have to maneuver their eggs to the other side of the slot.

If you guys saw Season 12, where the Final Four was, it’s the one where Brittany kept breaking all the ornaments :B with Hayden, Lane, and Enzo! It’s like that game, but is with partners and not on a Christmas tree and with eggs and such.

TeamAmerica’s second secret mission? We’re finding out next!

Commercial break

Someone they believe is a physical threat is the next task for Team America to complete!

Amber and Zach and Frankie have one egg in their slot!

Ashes are now falling from the sky because there is fire (the painted flames on the side of their sections that separate each pair from each other).

And that’s it! I hope that you guys liked this Post; definitely longer than yesterday’s, as I was a bit distracted yesterday… and I deeply apologize for that!

Wow, you guys, thanks so so much for the 1590 HITS! sjdfidsoo that’s amazing! I really appreciate it :’o

Have a nice night, everyonee! 🙂

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BB16 – Episode 10 [SPOILERS!]

16 Jul

Hey, everyone!

So sorry for not posting on Sunday 😦 I was over at a friend’s place!

Thinking of making a post for it soon, though! 😮 hopefully. I’ve been writing it…

… here is today’s! A bit short, as I now look at it- I apologize 😦

but! Hope that you guys enjoy!


Nicole got the frog costume, Christine says that it looks like a frog is throwing up? I think.

Derrick hopes that Devin will not be picked for the VETO. Devin may be down, but he’s not out.

Donny and Amber won the battle of the block.

Jacosta is having some stomach problems. Caleb assisted her to the bathroom. She’s concerned about her feeling better… not about being on the block.

Caleb wanted to make sure that Amber won, so he threw the comp, to make sure that she was safe.

Amber asked him not to throw the comp, but he did.

Caleb wants her to go on a date with him.

lol Hayden wants Nicole to kiss him aha, “Normally the princess kisses the frog…”

Cody is messaging Amber. They’re best friends, I think. I think Caleb may or may not be watching.

Amber doesn’t like him more than a friend. Caleb is coming around the corner.

Cody thinks that him and Amber may have a big problem because he heard what he and Amber was talking about.

Caleb is telling Cody that he thinks that him and Amber have something going on, and Cody is saying that they’re friends.  Cody thinks that he may be a number one target for Caleb.

Derrick is letting Caleb know to not spill the beans about the throwing of the comp.

Cody wants to get Caleb out. he thinks that it may be paranoia, but maybe Caleb would be the one to get out. Derrick is considering it.

Team America is spreading a rumour that Pao-Pao said that Zach is Amanda’s cousin. lol and now Zach is spreading the rumour around and conforming it aha. Victoria totally knew it, and she caught it right when she said it. They have the same “smirk”. Zach thinks that it is hilarious, and is going to make every single person in the house believe it.

Donny really feels so bad for Jacosta… she might not even be able to play in the VETO Comp.

Derrick wants to backdoor Devin.

Jacosta is not able to play; she’s feeling too sick 😦

Caleb doesn’t want Devin to play; wants him to watch from the sidelines.

Playing in the VETO…

Derrick, Caleb, Christine, Devin (picked by Caleb… urgghh), Donny… host is Donny!

Devin is excited that he is playing.

Derrick wants to know what Donny will do if he wins the VETO.

Donny wants Derrick to take a hike

Derrick says that people still think that Donny and Devin are still in a Double-D Alliance.

GO TO CBS.COM to vote for TeamAmerica’s mission noow c:

Commerical break

Derrick and Caleb are going into beast mode lol Frankie walks in and is like “Woah…”

Frankie helps perfect their war battle make-up :B

Devin smacks his butt…?


is like a casino in Vegas

Devin broke the door handle

Christine chooses to go against Devin in the first round. # is 4 on the die. They must choose the best route to go from the playing board back to the platform with the number from the wheel on the top of the die!

Devin wins the first round.

Derrick is up next. Going against Devin. # is 2.

lol Caleb is like, “It looks like he’s just doing the robot with his hand.” [on Derrick trying to figure out the best route for the die to go]

Derrick won the second round, Derrick had also gotten it as well…

Frankie is nervous and sick to his stomach? because Donny is the only HG left to face against Devin, I think? What about Caleb, though…

Commercial break

Zach will punch himself in the eye with his fist if Devin stays in the house.

Donny wants to face off against Devin. he wants to play as hard as he possibly can, and as smart as he possibly can. he wants to make his family proud.

The number in round three is #6. “dang gum six”; Donny knew how to do the 3, 4, 5 I think? Donny is nervous because Devin is a lot faster than him.

Nicole is going to be so mad if Devin pulls it off.


lol Frankie “It’s like the hometeam won the World Series” LOL

Caleb- “I knew you weren’t a janitor!”

“I was Kellie Pickler’s janitor!” – Donny

“Awh, I love Pickler!” – Frankie.

Devin says that Donny beat him fair and square.

Caleb has to guarantee his safety in the house because he has no idea where Donny’s head is at in the game.

The number for round four is 2!

Donny vrs. Caleb.

Caleb is not good with patterns, he says, his Mom always told him, “Son, you may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but you’re in the box.” (I think)

Donny WON! and he won the Veto!

“#oldmanbeatdown” lol Donny :B

all that Derrick can pray for is a miracle.

Derrick has no idea what Donny is thinking.

Commercial break

Jacosta is crying because she is now not going home. “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” – Donny. Donny is using the Beto on her.

Devin doesn’t want anybody to see him cry. he feels like he let his daughter down. “Every daughter looks at their father like a superhero.”

Donny gives the VETO to Jacosta, and she is crying again.

Derrick is now nominating the replacement nom.

Derrick puts Devin on the block; Devin was getting ready to stand.

Devin would not surprised if he was still here on Thursday, Jacosta feels so happy that she was given something; she’s so used to giving, and now she gets to receive! c:

Thanks for reading, you guys! c: I appreciate it!

Have a great night C:

– Louise


BB16 – Episode 3 [SPOILERS!]

29 Jun


Hey, everyone!

How are you all doing?! I hope you’ve been good.

It’s almost CANADA DAY! I remember making a Post about it! Maybe again this year?! :’)

Anyways, BB16 Episode 3- let’s gogogooo


Frankie and Caleb are now heading up to their HoH Room!

I think that they share a room! It’s like earthy tones kinda… no, wait- two rooms! One with a nice big bed and another with a round

Frankie says that he can talk to Caleb all about his Rascal Flatts CD’s, and his beef jerky lol

Nicole loves Christine; they connect on things like Walmart and not make-up. Christine sees herself being best friends with Nicole! they are on the hammock, watching people work out :B

Frankie says that if Caleb has his back, then he has his back. Frankie proposes to work together and Cody agrees. They agree to keep each other safe off of the block for the week. Caleb  says that they “mesh” well together, no-one will suspect. Caleb feels really good about what he and Frankie has, and that they need to find some soldiers since they’re just two people.

Caleb and Frankie want to round up some soldiers: Devin and Derrick

They think that Zach is smart and pretty physical. Thinking of Cody, as well. They want to include those boys in the “Bomb Squad”. Six guys- they want to get out all the floaters that are potentially dangerous. Zach- “The Zach Attack”.

Derrick thinks that to trust somebody with their life in this game is “ludacris”- he doesn’t know if he trusts them to be in an alliance.

Nicole thought that the grass was always real.

Now Cody is talking with them, and he agrees? to be a part of alliance. He says that it’s so early in the game right now, and he’s not sure about anything… he just wants to look after himself at the moment.  He’s not sure this will be another Brigade, or if it will be “a movie company that falls apart at the ends”.

Commercial break

Nicole says that she will never throw Christine underneath the bus, Christine calls them “outsiders”. They want to work together. Nicole says that she is a very competitive person.

Devin sees the T.V. while walking by and it says: “Nominations Today”. The HG’s are nervous

Devin says that “no matter what happens, serious, dude”- he’s abandoned Donny for the Bomb Squad as the Double-D. Donny calls him the beast, and he doesn’t know what he is lol :B

I think Devin is starting to cry. Donny says that he got him, and then he leaves. Devin feels bad for lying to him.

Caleb wants to put up Brittany (could be dangerous)- and Frankie and him agree that she smiles at the right time, does the dishes… they say that her smile “fades to the point of fake smile” lol

Frankie calls Paola “crazy”

Frankie wants to put up Victoria (she thinks that since she is Frankie, that she is safe) and Brittany

Caleb is thinking of putting up Hayden

They want to choose a guy and a girl to conceal the Bomb Squad.

Commercial break

So now the guys are picking out their nominees.

They have two eggs on a table in their HoH room; whoever can has their name on the egg? goes first to nominate.

Frankie opens the box and sees the keys that Caleb took away, and now he has to choose from the remaining. Doesn’t want a target on his back.

Caleb nominates Donny and Paola. Chose them because they were the first male/female to fall off in the HoH Comp.

Frankie nominates Victoria and Brittany. Victoria is crying. Chose them because he thought that it was far.

Victoria is pissed, she was mad that he was lying. Said that he wanted to work with her and that he needed her.

Donny understands, he wasn’t a bit surprised. Says that he and Caleb didn’t have much time to bond.

Devin is still acting it up, telling him to fight. Paola says to Donny that him and her have to fight fight fight, and stay “positive”.

Paola calls him like a “father figure”.

Christine and Nicole are excited and jumping around in the storage room!

Caleb is crying because he saw people crying when he put them up. He feels really bad, says he’s soft on the inside even though he may be rough around the edges. The Bomb Squad agrees that it sucks.

Frankie and Victoria are now talking. Telling her and she is definitely not going home. Frankie is doing major damage control. he had to put her up because Caleb chose the people he wanted to put up? Trying to blame Caleb.

Victoria says that she will never trust him in this Game. Frankie says that it is “so hard… so sorry”.

Commercial break

IT’s 4:30 in the morning, but Devin is wanting to bring in Amber and Christine. He’s telling them that there is a guy’s alliance of six. he says that Amber would be a perfect smoke-screen for the Squad, and Christine is a “stone-hard killer”.

Now Devin is talking to Caleb now. and says that they need to bring two girls into the alliance. They are guaranteeing their safety. uhum Devin should’ve consulted with the group FIRST, if you asked me…

Caleb has “boogers” in his eyes. lol Caleb has no idea if he was in a dream :B he has no choice but to have them in the alliance. Christine’s true alliance is with Nicole, though.

Devin is now telling Derrick and Frankie about the Bomb Squad, and the new members. and now he is telling Cody. so now there is eight of them.

Cody says that the guy is going “AWOL”, “bringing in half the house”- says that the Bomb Squad will “blow up” in their face.

Frankie has to worry about bringing in extra members, and telling them everything.

Derrick calling him a “loose cannon”, really re-considering working with him in the future.

lol “what in the world is that old man doing with those young ladies?” – Donny. Hoping that yoga will help him for the Battle of the Block comp.

Devin says that Donny is scaring the heck out of him, “holding court like a ___ gesture”.

Frankie calls Devin a “mess”.

Zach says that he is being too paranoid about Donny. calls his behaviour “detrimental” to the Bomb Squad.

Commercial break

Hayden is the host for the Battle of the Block! It is like an old-themed kinda comp- 1920’s style! Fancy dresses, flappers? etc.

They have to fill up their vase with water as they move on their swings from one point to the other? lol

Paola hadn’t gone on a swing since she was six years old lol

Right now, Victoria and Brittany are winning.

Paola says that she can’t do it. she still hasn’t filled up… after a while, is able to do it!

Paola and him are turning into “beast mode”

Brittany and Victoria were getting out of sync.

Victoria and Brittany win and are screaming, and Frankie falls into the pool (I think pushed in by the balloons?) 😮

Caleb is now the official HoH- gets to make all the decisions!

That’s it! Thanks for reading, you guys! 🙂

Have a great night!

– Louise

P.S. Thanks so much for 1478 hits! :’) I really appreciate it, so, thank-you! :’)

BB16 – Episode 1 [SPOILERS] – and I’M BACK!

25 Jun

Hey, everyone!

How have you all been?! I am terribly sorry that I’ve neglected to post on this blog since last year. I am honestly very sorry about that.

But! I am back, and you must all know the sole reason why… BB IS BACK ON CBS! Or, for me, Global :B

I do hope to be posting about my days in the Summer again, but as far as Fall is concerned, I may or may not be too busy to do so… got a new kind of lifestyle to get used to- nervous yet excited. We’ll see how it goes!

Now, without further ado, and enough of my babbling (oh, who I am kidding- I always babble), I present to you: Big Brother’s 16th Season! I tend to do the play-by-play of each episode for a couple of seasons now! and I don’t know about you guys, but I honestly hope that it will be NOTHING like the atrocity of last year…


Julie is wearing a red dress! Long down past her feet.

Her regular introduction is commencing…

… “It’s Summertime, America… and that can only mean one thing: Big Brother!” – aaaand Canada watches, too :B

This season promises to be the most twisted Summer ever. Brand new interactive twist (TeamAmerica).

16 houseguests (HG).

First eight house-guests:

Paola (don’t know if I like her lol, is a DJ), Donny (Kellie Pickler’s janitor in high-school :o), Cody (used to be a professional soccer player, is single), Frankie (brother of Ariana Grande), Amber (athletic- says that she will definitely win BB), Nicole (lives in Ubly, watched BB since she was eight, super afraid of ghosts, kinda reminds me of Tiffany Alvord), Devin (used to be a professional baseball player- single Dad, people say that he looks like the Rock), Joey (make-up artist- girl).

Paola is bringing three-months of eyelashes with her lol wants someone with a six-pack

Cody is not sure if he wants to be a part of a showmance (so many kisses from his family!)

aha the way that Donny talks is soo cute

Julie is telling them that they will “endure the most grueling and outrageous social experiment that exists”

First four to enter house: Cody, Amber, Donny, and Joey.

Donny is so cute oh goodness :B he is so mystified by the house :B

and now they’re meeting each other! Cody loves Donny’s accent LOL ME TOO

Devin, Nicole, Paola, and Frankie are now entering the house. SO EXCITEEED lol Paola

Joey and Frankie are discussing their hair dye… he has pink My Little Pony, and she has blue… now they need “Camo” lol Frankie

Now they’re popping champagne, and introducing themselves.

Paola, call her “Pao Pao”, Cody calling her a little firecracker, is interested in her nickname, Frankie says that she might know who he is because she is a DJ

Donny is a groundskeeper, forty-two years old, Nicole loves him, might team up with him

Cody… Paola has biggest crush on him, she couldn’t stop looking at him, Frankie has a “man-crush” on him… “Really pretty”

Frankie is twenty-eight, Broadway chorus-boy, Joey says that they are soulmates

Devin is 26-years old, Amber calls him “eye-candy”, “tall dark and handsome”

Amber is a model

Joey is twenty-seven, Devin calls her  a “ten” and says that she is “Smoking hot”

Nicole is twenty-one, just graduated nursing school, Donny likes her :B, seems likes someone he could work with if he could remember her name LOL

“To purdy colours, and high-definition” – Donny LOL he’s adorablee. he could be a favourite in this show :’)

Commercial break

Devin suggested that the eight people in the house should stick together, forming a personal alliance.

The guys are taking off their shirts (not Donny) lol Paola needs some “popcorn”

okay I have no idea what is happening

“I don’t do crunches, I don’t do sit-up’s… no.” LOL DONNY

Donny has watched every season. Devin trusts Donny 100%. he is making a side-alliance with someone they’d never expect.

“Looking at Donny, I think that there is wisdom behind that beard” LOL Donny oh gosh he’s hilarious

Frankie says that he is not good at chess.

Paola wants this to be all about “girl-power”… no “Brigade” :B

Amber says that the girls need to win this ear

Paola thinks that Cody and Frankie are getting really close.

The girls want a girls-alliance… “girlmance”… reminds me of BBCanada… think they’re calling it “El Cuatro” … “Quatro”?

Julie is now talking with them. One of them sitting amongst them will be the first HoH.

“Just because you’re HoH, doesn’t mean you’re safe.” – Julie

Donny thinks that the next eight will pick the HG from the original eight, I think

Commercial break

Cody and Paola are talking c: Paola think that he is a cute, good guy.

Cody is 23, she is 27.

Cody likes athletic girls, likes to work-out

Julie is calling them back for the first HoH Comp of the Summer! It is a beach-themed comp.

Okay this comp looks really familiar…. they have to balance on a rotating beam while holding onto their kite and they cannot fall off… or they’ll be elimanted

Donny wants to prove to the rest of the house that he is a competitor

Paola falls off like first thing…

Donny said that it was constant pounding, hard, stating that he’s an athelete

Joey falls off second.

Sunscreen falls down on them all

Nicole falls off third.

Paola kept staring at Cody’s abs… she’s really into him aha :B

Donny almost falls, but saves himself!

Beam now changes direction!

Commercial break

Aw, Donny falls off 😮 (fourth)

and now Devin 😮 (fifth)

Amber, Frankie, and Cody are left.

Cody falls off, sixth.

Amber throws the competition and falls off.

Frankie wins the first HoH of the Summer!

Devin wants Frankie to nominate the next eight HG’s to enter.

Frankie wants the eight to have his back, and they say that they will, “regardless of what happens”. because of the twist!

Commercial break

Frankie goes to sit on the orange chair as requested by Julie.

A second group of eight HG’s will join them in the house. One person from that group will also become HoH. Two HoH’s, then.

Only one HoH will be left standing by the end of the week.

Julie leaves them with that.

Julie tells us about TeamAmerica. Online, the winner has already been voted as a member of a secret 3-person alliance voted by America. Those three HG’s will go on a secret conquest to change the game.

Tomorrow, 9/8 central.

Sunday, 8/7 central.

Frankie says that he feels like Rachel :B

and that’s it, everyone! Tune in tomorrow to catch episode two 🙂

I may/may not be posting tomorrow; a friend of mine is heading back to Spain and there’s a going-away party for her tomorrow. It depends what time that I come back home, but I do apologize ahead of time if I do not post tomorrow.

Have a great night, everyone c:

– Louise