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BB17 – Episode 23 [SPOILERS]

13 Aug


Shelli wants to lay low

Austin doesn’t know if Vanessa has enough people for her to stay

Vanessa wants answers on the broken deal

talking with Becky right now, Becky felt like her word was being forced, Vanessa thinks she’s being venemous, calling her cold-hearted

Vanessa asking Steve if he’s voting for her to stay, but in reality will not

Vanessa is pissed off, sees he’s acting sketchy

lol James just scared Liz? or Julia

Vanessa pitching to James, telling him how Becky would tell things to Clelli that JAmes said

now James is unsure who to vote out, Meg and Jackie think that if Shelli wins, he’ll be put up

Double-eviction night !

Shelli says “Happy birthday to Jason”, misses Clay so much

Vanessa’s is really intelligent

Voting :

Austin – Shelli

Steve – Shelli

James – Shelli

Meg – Shelli

Jackie – Shelli


Julia – Shelli

John – “What do you want” Shelli “Thank-you” “whatever”

Liz – Shelli


Shelli looks like she knew

big applause

Shelli feels a bit betrayed by Vanessa

Clay was her loyal partner, she’s rooting for Steve and John

might be able to play again in the game, now going to Jury


Memory wall is looping

“Getting Loopy” HoH Comp

Austin and Steve and John are final three



Steve nom Meg and Jackie



VETO Compp

get a ball in each hole numerically, if not, eliminated

John won !

which is good because he and Steve are allies


John not using it 😦

Jackie will probably go, she has won things and Meg hasn’t

is Becky crying



Vanessa – Jackie

Becky – Meg

John – Jackie

Austin – Jackie

James – Jackie

Liz – Jackie

Julia – Jackie

Jackie evicted

there was a miscommunication, knows that Steve thought that he was a backdoor option when she was HoH but she actually planned for Austin

Jackie feels like game was loyal, eyes to be more open if able to come back, felt was odd to play with Jeff because hadn’t seen him in a while

but why did Steve put them up.

Thank-yah !

Thank-yah for 3078 HITS

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