BB17 – Episode 35 [SPOILERS]

10 Sep


Vanessa truly adores the girls, but says it was better strategically for them to be on the block. survived seven evictions

John doesn’t feel bad, Steve wants to throw up

Liz never fathomed that one of them would be leaving, Liz saying it’s her sister’s time to shine, she wants her sister to stay, but Julia says she deserves to stay

Liz would fight to stay if Austin was next to her, would leave with integrity and say nothing bad about twin, no money is worth their relationship

Vanessa can’t believe her and John are still here, says Liz can beat her, John wants Julia to stay, Steve wants Liz to stay, Vanessa is the swing vote

Liz asks Austin if he trusts Vanessa, he says he thinks so, he says that she thinks that everyone is taking her to final two, Julia walks in, they have an epiphany, Liz would not take her to the final two, Julia wants Liz to stay, at peace with her decision, Liz 100% dead set on staying

Austin telling Vanessa about plan to keep Liz, Vanessa saying not an easy decision

Vanessa saying that she could keep Liz if she can go to final four with them, if nom’s stay, it’s her call to keep who to stay whether John or Steve, and then final three will be taken to final two, but Liz doesn’t plan to keep the agreement but nods head

Steve plans to get a tat outside of house of Mom, Vanessa giving pros of keeping Julia to Steve: more likely to win HoH, getting rid of someone can’t beat in finals, theoretically… con of keeping Julia, anyone can bring her to final three, seems scary to leave Liz in the game


have been in house for 85 days

John says friends and family are thinking wow he is really stupid and messing everything up

there are tapes from home! getting to watch on screen

John’s immediate family

Austin’s siblings are so cute with CUTE PUPPIES

Vanessa’s girlfriend

Twins parents wow look like their Mom

Steve’s Mom !

Steve is crying aww



Shelli is so proud of John for making it so far

Meg was a social threat in the house, watching tape from Meg weeks

Meg can’t even if James walks in

James walked in and scared them all lol

going to continue to aggravate her for more days now

watching James’s tape

Shelli thinks Vanessa’s deserves final two, but still rooting for Steve and John


Austin votes Julia

Vanessa – Julia nono not the right move



Liz crying that Julia left

Julia confident that sister will make it to final two, thought Austin would go out if she challenged him, thoughts on Austin, is a great guy, supports relationship, is a great guy for him

John is sad that couldn’t evict both sisters… but have fun in Jury!

Steve will stay in the touch

Liz loves her so much

Austin sorry couldn’t protect sisters, hope to see her at Christmas dinner with family, can see him as being a future brother-in-law? “that’s a bit of a long shot”


HoH Comp

“Under the Rainbow”

get ten eggs in the holder to be HoH, Luxury prize, too, will be a trip outside of house, will be played until both are won

Steve is dressed as a leprechaun


Tuesday will have a special eviction episode, since Football is coming, schedule changes for rest of season. Wednesday has another eviction.

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