BB17 – Episode 34 [SPOILERS]

9 Sep


Liz is disappointed that she has to be in this position with her boyfriend

Austin says that he is ensured safety and now has to choose between the girl and the glory

Steve going to play a more outward character in the house to make big moves for the Jury to see

Liz didn’t think that Steve would betray them

Liz says it’s really hard to depend on Julia, for the Veto, says would never do it to him, but is now war

Steve hates hurting people, avoids confrontation, Austin thinks that he’s good for not being on the block until now

Julia thinks that if Austin won the Veto, then Vanessa could go up, they want to throw the comp for Julia for her to win it and so the twins can vote to keep him safe

Veto Comp

It’s Bowlerina that broke up McCranda in BB15

Mr Pectacular is back… Austin says he’s 5’ tall and has no layers no pecs because twins are drooling over Jesse

Spin fifteen times and bowl

Liz challenges Steve

Steve falls off the floor lol

Liz wins match

Vanessa telling Julia to pick Austin, John thinks that if it happens, he will think she is genius, Austin asks Liz if Julia will challenge John, she says “yes”, Austin thinks that there is a conspiracy going on and thinks he is the target now because Julia just picked Austin


Liz doesn’t know why Julia picked Austin, Vanessa telling Liz that it’s a smart play, she says that if Austin wins, it is the worst case scenario, Liz doesn’t think that it was julia’s best choice, Austin thinks that he’s being played, Julia shouldn’t have picked him she thinks now, Austin thinks that he has been betrayed

Liz doesn’t know who to root for

Austin wins the round

Steve asks Julia why she picked Austin, but works out for Steve

John challenges Liz, thinks it’s better for his game for her to leave

John spun slower for balls to count

Wow John got them all out on the first fifteen seconds

Vanessa challenges Austin, Austin feels betrayed again, he sees nothing but red, going to destroy Vanessa

John says Austin is an enraged gorilla crawling on his hands and knees lol

Austin wins

John verses Austin

John going to let Austin win

Judas is here, Austin isn’t here anymore, Jesse is uncomfortable

Liz not a fan of his reaction

Jesse rips open his shirt


Liz cannot believe that Julia did it, Austin knew that it was Vanessa when Julia told her that she was told it, Julia does not know if was played, Vanessa saying that it is not Austin’s incentive to play the game with the both of them, he would not have thrown it if it came down to it, Vanessa swears on her Mom, girlfriend, that she wasn’t playing them, Steve walks in, “not now, Steve”, Vanessa saying why would he ever throw the comp, he could never win the final three with them, she was told by Austin that he was more thinking of himself, okay with one of the twins leaving, Julia wondering why he didn’t throw it to him, Vanessa says ideally he wants Julia out,, Vanessa says she has never trusted him, Julia won’t campaign over sister


Liz asks Austin if he has been hiding stuff from her, he asks if that is what Vanessa has said to him, Liz asks if there’s something she doesn’t know, Liz is over it, going to leave the game with integrity, Austin admits that he wants to look out for his game

Lix tells Vanessa and Julia that she has learned a lot, is no Clay, and he is really selfish, Julia says doesn’t trust him, Liz doesn’t want to talk to him ever again

Steve and John talking, John tells how Vanessa told Julia to go against Austin, knows peole are arguing in the game, Steve doesn’t want to sit next to her in the final two

\Steve says John should wear his robe sometime, “bucko”, “yeah, next week”

Austin says it was a tough situation, did not want to be a pawn for girlfriend, he wants to save himself and save everyone or walk out of game like Clay “But no-one respects that”….

Vanessa nd Austin talking, Vanessa saying if he threw it to Julia, Julia would win, thought it was a huge attack to her, Austin apologize, he is frustrated, he’s going to play nice with her right now, still staying loyal to her, not telling anything to Liz, Austin thinks that he is the agent putting them up against each ther, Vanessa says that could not use the Veto, laughs, Austin says it ain’t happenin’

Liz says she wants to be with her sister, Austin tells her that he did not want to hurt her, Liz feels that his reaction proved everything to her, says their thing will not end right now, Liz doesn’t know what to believe, Austin says he loves her, says has done everything he could to save them, Liz says ahas won mre HoH’s, Liz doesn’t need him anymore, it might be the end for them, Austin says he ruined his life with hi, he left his girlfriend officially for her, Austin cannot believe this, Liz tells him to walk away, Austin doesn’t know what to say if she doesn’t believe the moments were real

“Get the —- out of here” – Liz

Julia asks if he is going to wear the Veto all day, and Julia thinks that he’s going to rub it all in

Julia moves his stuff over and throws it across the room, “I’m Judas”, puts on the hat, Julia hates him, thinks he’s disgusting, says he is “ugly”, “without the pony-tail beard he’s kinda cute” – Liz


Liz apologizes, Austin says things were confusing, Austin meant that he took a big risk, wasn’t a ruin, kiss and make up

Judas uses the Veto on himself, Steve puts Julia up

Julia thinks that her sister deserves it more


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