BB17 – Episode 33 [SPOILERS]

6 Sep


I’m very sorry that I haven’t updated the last episode, hopefully hope to soon. Going through some things right now

Steve did not see the double eviction coming, relief to see James go

John is ready for a bloodbath between the twins and Austin

Liz felt so bad, but Austin says it’s okay

Austin doesn’t know who to put up if he wins, says he doesn’t want to put Steve up so might have to put up Julia as a pawn

Austin asks Vanessa what John and Steve would do if he were on the block, Vanessa doesn’t want Austin to be the HoH

Vanessa telling Steve that Austin might throw the competition, and Vanessa wants to get the twins and Austin out, Steve calls them twins, idiots for keeping John, Steve will put the twins up

HoH Comp

HG trading cards, look for the missing player, last player to correctly solve puzzle in each round will be eliminated


Steve was first, Julia was second, John was third, Austin, Vanessa eliminated

John is first, Julia second, Steve third, Austin eliminated

Steve first, John second, Julia eliminated

Vanessa really happy

Liz wants Steve to win because put up John twice and was evicted once

John wants to play next week, lets Steve win, Steve is ready to make big moves

Julia is happy that Steve won, can trust him 100%

Austin feels close to Steve but knows that he’s a numbers guy and thinks that maybe Austin and the twins working together might not be the best thing


Steve wants a picture of Harrison, his nephew

Vanessa hugs Steve, Steve said he won this week because the comps change next week and he couldn’t do it

Austin says that he will help out Steve whenever he wants, Steve says that he is at the bottom of the totem pole of the Scamper Squad, Austin realizes that he will go on the block or the twins, Austin has to remember that he is an individual, Austin says that he will not put up him if he wins HoH, offers to shake, but Steve says that he didn’t do that when he put up John, Steve thinks the deals are too good to be true

Liz feels like Steve will put up Austin, Austin says that he might up the twins or John, and Liz thinks something is going on between Austin and Steve

Liz says that no-one else is going to have her back except for her sister now, she says she has no problem cutting him off now, including the ponytail beard, Julia says that Austin has never been on the block

HoH Room

John noticing that the twins are all about Steve, was the saledictorian, Steve, father of our babies, lady charm not going to work on Steve

Vanessa asking Steve what he wants, Steve says the twins, Vanessa says it’s a bad idea; that if Austin wins, he will take down the one of the twins, says to leave the weakest of the three out of the block, so that would be Julia, Vanessa says that if Julia wins she could try to convince her not to use the VETO to keep her and her sister safe, they cannot let the replacement nom win


The twins ask Steve if he has ever been in love, he says yes, has never said to anyone, he loves his Mommy in the Mommy way, not the Sigmund Freud way, Liz is like who is that? Is that Sigmund and Freud? Actually Sigmund and Freud the

Liz says that Austin’s not the best kisser, he likes to make-out a lot, Julia asks does he ever chafe your cheeks? It’s all with the lips and tongue, he doesn’t know what to do with the tongue, the hair looks like Jesus

John says best move is Austin and Liz to Steve, thinks it’s better for Austin to go up, John would rather go up against the twins in an HoH, John thinks that Vanessa could align with Austin if he stays

Steve says he’s right of Austin targeting him because of Vanessa

Steve wants to warn Austin that it might not go as planned, but he is sleeping, it has been fifteen minutes, now twenty, as soon as Steve sits on a bed, Austin wakes

Steve takes Austin to the cabana room, Steve says he can’t put the twins up together, he feels it’s too much of a slap in the face, Steve says he has to votes to keep Austin safe, Steve doesn’t know who the target is if he and Liz goes up, Steve says he doesn’t want Austin going home, Austin feels that he has to look out for himself now, Steve says that he has talked to Vanessa, the votes are there, Steve says he wants him to stay, he gives his word? Austin hasn’t been on the block yet, Austin says he is still good for next week


Julia knows that if someone from the Scamper Squad is put up that it shows that he is more loyal to John

Liz thinks that she will be put up next to sister

Noms: Austin, Liz

Steve says that he is making a move best for his game, apologizes, Liz apologizes and walks away to cry before meeting adjorned

Austin says that Steve will have to look out for himself next week

Steve not going to attribute to an alliance that does not benefit him

Vanessa says will have greater chance at final three


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