BB – Episode 31 [SPOILERS]

2 Sep


Vanessa nominated James and Meg because they’re a strong couple and less blood on their hands

Meg is sitting next to a best friend once again on the block, is the worst of the worst, hardest week so far

James says it sucks to be on the block, but wants to play hard for the Veto to get revenge

Austin says “good luck”

Vanessa said that she is happy to talk details with James, said it was her move and nothing personal, James said she is good

Vanessa thinks it’s awkward

James says to Meg that they Clay and Shelli’d them, said Vanessa had no clear target, Meg said one of them must win Veto because she doesn’t want to sit next to him on Veto

Meg says one of them is going home, says funny that they kept her over Shelli

Vanessa talking to them now, she says is solo in the game, to move up on totem pole. Says they are a tight alliance, says she is the bottom of the totem pole, says has never been able to rely on someone. Meg said that she was never going to target her, says fought to save her, Vanessa practically runs from the room

James and Meg hug, Meg says he has to win P.O.V.

Vanessa asking if Meg has come out of Have-Not room, Steve says no, Vanessa saying if James won P.O.V., it would be Steve, John, or Austin on the block, Vanessa wants him to understand that she has played a pivotal role in every single eviction, has so much blood on her hands

Veto Players

Vanessa – Julia

James – Liz

Meg – Austin

Meg and James talk in Have-Not room, say they will not use the Veto on them, James says he deserves to go home if he doesn’t win the comp, James is dressing like Audrey lol blanket and sunglasses ahah

James feels like the odds are in his favour to win the Veto, their butts are against the wall


James has a daughter Bailey, she came into the world unexpectedly, he had a bit of a wild night, got someone pregnant lol, and has a daughter, the head popped out, holy crap, this is James’s baby, it looked like he saw a ghost, he said he had a little girl, he just found out two hours ago and staff at the hospital were like “ohhhhh”

Veto Comp

The twins are ‘90’s kids? How old are they, again?!

Hide a Veto card, search through the house to find the VETO card, they all look the same so you don’t know who’s you have found, only two minutes to hide “Hide & Go Veto”

Meg wants it to be the most bad—- game of hide and go seek ever played, hides in front bedroom in a nook and cranny under a mattress

Austin hides it in the duvet cover of the day bed

James hides it under the rug

Julia hides it in the parlour room

Liz puts it in the kitchen in a pizza box, Steve isn’t playing the game and only eats the pizza

Vanessa puts it in a sofa cushion

I would put it in the trash like Britney !

Meg, Austin, James, Julia, Liz don’t find anything

Vanessa finds a Veto card in a pizza box, it’s Liz’s

Austin doesn’t find anything, Liz broke the mattress floor

James keeps messing the house lol throwing cereal, doesn’t find anything

Julia finds Vanessa’s

Liz doesn’t want to play the game anymore, it’s giving her anxiety, she has OCD and hates messes, doesn’t find anything

Meg finds JULIA’S

James and Meg and Austin’s are left

Vanessa thinks that James hid his under a lot of stuff, puts stuff all over it to hide his card more and to prevent it being lifted

James finds Meg’s oh dear

Julia doesn’t find anything, so over it, Austin doesn’t find anything, James doesn’t find anything, Vanessa…?


Vanessa finds James’s card 😦

Wait, James won the game? HE WON

Vanessa does not know what to do now, and she was the one who found the card

“Who threw the cereal? That wasn’t even relevant” – Julia ? lol, it was James who did it

Vanessa knows that James is gunning for her, if he wins HoH next week, she will go up on the block she knows

James said that they did not deserve to go up, Meg said it was the best case scenario for them for James to win

James says that Vanessa is a sitting duck next week, he says that he will go after her?

Vanessa feels like crying, Julia is so pissed, asks who she will put up

Vanessa knows that Meg will have votes in Jury, the votes will flip, says she sucks and it would be a bad move to take out Meg because John would be gunning for them


James says that Vanessa should watch her back, James is telling Austin that he will tell Vanessa that he will put her up, was put up twice, was put up against Meg, James said that he gotta protect Meg and Austin has to protect Liz,  Vanessa says that she has to take out Meg now, it boils her blood that he is throwing her name out there

Liz is so pissed, Vanessa says that her options are Liz or Austin, only feasible option is Julia, knows that she would have the votes, Julia feels like she is a huge target, too, because they are a threesome, Vanessa said that Meg gives James a boat, more powerful with her, Vanessa said the only smart pawn option is Julia, Liz and Austin have won too many comps, Liz says she is not scared of Meg, but scared of John because he can beat her, they can beat Meg 130% in an intellectual position, Vanessa said she is going to float her way to the finals, Vanessa is questioning her initial position

James goes to talk to Vanessa in HoH room, Vanessa said not in best mood, Vanessa said that they could they could have worked together, James says that she plays the game too hard, Vanessa thinks that she is insulting him, James says that it is a respect thing, Vanessa said that there was nothing to be personal until before the conversation, basically locking Meg’s fate


Veto  Meeting

James uses Veto on himself

Vanessa congrats James, puts Julia on the block

Everytime someone has been on the block with Meg, they have been sent home, James wants to break up the Austin twin-threat trio, first time a twin has ever been on the block eviction night


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