BB17 – Episode 30 [SPOILERS]

30 Aug


Steve is afraid that Jackie would take him out

Julia doesn’t want John back in the game because they said they would work with him and didn’t

Vanessa knows she played a part on all of the Juror’s exit, so, wants to win

Becky wants to see Vanessa leave the house

Meg doesn’t want the hand to get fresh with her, “keep it above the belt”

James got smacked by the hand, “feels like Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball”

Julia falls, is humiliated

Steve’s arms are on fire, falls

Meg falls

James doesn’t want Shelli to come back in the house so she can send him home for sending Clay home

Apparently James is a monkey

Shelli’s target is James

James doesn’t now how much longer he can stay on, falls

Jackie thinks it’s funny that Vanessa is holding on for dear life because she knows that if any of the Jurors win, she’ll probably be on the block

Liz falls

Jurors left and Vanessa

Jackie falls

I think Becky may win aww she falls 😦 but knows gave comp all

Shelli falls

John is back in the house, !! Shelli wants him in the game

“Doctor Drill is back in the house and this could be dangerous”


John starting to slip off, John knows he’s safe I think he made a deal with Vanessa, Vanessa is HoH

John says she is the biggest liar but will be loyal to him because she’s at bottom of totem pole with Angels

James is nervous that Vanessa is HoH

John’s photo relights


Liz is pissed because she thinks that John has a vengeance against him for “no reason” uh ni

Liz doesn’t think that he should unpack

Vanessa is happy

James’ butt cheeks are puckered, he thinks that they should get out the twins and Austin, Meg agrees, he says if they get through one more week, it’ll be good

Steve is really excited that John is back in the house, they agree to be distant since people know they’re working together

John said that he did fall, Vanessa said that he’s good

Vanessa needs other options in the house to survive, a three person side-alliance with John and Steve

Steve thinks that the Scamper Squad is the Detonator of the season

Steve apologized to Vanessa earlier

Vanessa said she and Steve are partners, says Steve’s opinion matters more than anybody’s

Target is currently James, and wants to see how loyal Austin is to take her to F5



Very precious responsibility

“get the defibrillator, her heart!”

“getting used to new technology!”

We see Vanessa’s girlfriend

James looking for her Mom

Girlfriend still loves her

Vanessa saying she feels safer with Steve and John even though Austin and the twins prefer James and Meg

Vanessa said that James said that he loved the twins and Austin but it’s the game

Liz feels fooled and wants them out


Austin wearing no glasses, talking to Liz at a table fancy lighting “Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes, I will be your girlfriend, you’re so awkward I love it” – Liz

Said he can’t have two girlfriends though, #Liztin

Julia trying to prank Austin lol because pranking James is too hard

There’s a loud crash, he screams, and he’s like “WHAT THE F—“, said pranking him was easy

Vanessa has doubt about Austin, asking about any information

Meg confused why everyone was trying to get Vanessa out the last week, she said she was not in on it, or James, but Meg trying to

Vanessa asks them about being pawns, Meg says they’ve been James volunteering himself, Meg says “NO” says more of a shot him staying than James, she says to put her up, crying I TEARED UP

Vanessa thinks acting like a married couple need to be put up

James said there would be no front door or back door, has no problem with putting up twins and Austin

Meg wanted to be damsel in distress

James said he will be shocked if they’re on the block, he thinks that Vanessa thought they were nuts, thinks gonna do what’s best for her game, should keep them because they’ll do the dirty work, he says she’s only one person, the game is never gonna end “Welcome to Big Brother”


When James was HoH, she said that if she wasn’t put up, that he and one other person would be safe if not put up, from Final 7 OOH GOOD KEY MEMORY but he doesn’t say anything 😦 to anyone except Meg

Nom Ceremony

Meg and James nominated 😦

“a king isn’t worth much without his queen”

Meg feels super played, game is falling apart

Austin thinks they are getting what they deserved

James regret not telling the deal “darned if you do, darned if you don’t”

BUT WHYYYYYYYY oh my gosh could’ve saved yourselves maybe : (((((((

Thanks !

Thanks for 3270 HITS

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