BB17 – Episode 29 [SPOILERS]

27 Aug


John thinks that Steve could be a target for Vanessa since she’s mad at him

Steve feels tense because she got mad at him in the entire house, he wants to stay rational

James wants both of them to go home

Vanessa is crying, says not mad at the twins and Austin, but mad at Steve, Liz is trying to smooth things over

Steve approaches Vanessa, and she says to just leave her alone

Austin thinks that John did nothing to help himself by exposing the alliance

Liz going to approach John, asking why he exposed the alliance, John thinks that they went back on the alliance when he went up on the block, John doesn’t think that he will stay, Liz likes him, but mad about him blabbing his mouth, John can say whatever he wants because they were alliance members, feels like they’re working with James and Meg, he apologizes

John and Vanessa talking, going to be brutally honest. Wants to be trusted more than Steve. John wants her to vote with James and Meg, she says the twins will want her to vote with them

Steve and Vanessa talking, Steve saying that they were planning to take her out this week, she’s like, “Am I in the twilight zone?”, Steve thinks she’s very intimidating, John says they made the five-person vote last week, Vanessa says he’s shady, John feels great about this, now Vanessa crying, says is hurt

John talking with the twins, they say that they will probably vote with Vanessa, Liz wants to make sure that he won’t come after them, John says if he wins HoH, he wants to know when they want to vote out, they don’t want to be pawns

Vanessa and twins are talking, they say he’s a floater, Meg wins nothing, Liz says that he saved them during double-eviction, if Jackie comes back, she will be after Steve, might feel bad because he’s a super-fan


Captain Camo friends: he likes to go fishing, hunting, “hillbilly Asian”

Can’t fall asleep around James, otherwise will be a victim, keeps house alive, he’s up to no good when wearing the hat, he stole the cat hat from Liz, Gizmo is a cat, looks like a dog, doggy-paddles in water, he will watch chick flicks, is big hearted, one of the girls, they think he has a crush on Meg, social game is best in the house, gonna be nice, he needs to play a smart game and someone stronger than Meg, owes Brett $20 needs him to win BB

Could he win favourite ?

Steve got to play T&D and Spin the Bottle for first time, with awkward kiss with Meg


Meg – John

James – John

Vanessa – John

Julia – John

Liz – John

Aww, Johnnyyy-Mac



The HG noticed and said he was lovable and a dentist

John thinks Austin and the twins are good, but over being put up

Says a lot of people don’t take him seriously

John would’ve tried to work with Vanessa

Messages – Austin wanted to align with him since beginning

Vanessa – wanted them to stay together, fought for him to stay

Liz – wanted to work with him, coolest rock star dentist

Steve – knew could always trust him

“Aw Steve’s so adorable”

If back in, would go after Meg, thinks people will keep aligning with them



Jackie thinks Becky might come to Jury

Becky said Liz came after her, and got an infection on her toe

See Meg fall during Otev “OH HONEY”

Becky knows that people will be afraid to see her back in the house, might be after twins or Vanessa, Jackie will align back with James and Meg

The four Jurors go back in the house, SO MUCH SCREAMING HUG


HoH Comp


Last person standing is HoH, if Juror, stay in game and HoH


Next Thursday – double eviction

Steve, Julia, Meg out

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