BB17 – Episode 27 [SPOILERS]

23 Aug

Hello, late start but.

Steve had a false start with his right hand

It is James and Austin left, and it sucks because Austin has longer arms and legs

Vanessa trusts Austin and said best case scenario, Austin is wondering if time to betray someone, might bring out Judas


The twins didn’t want him to win, because getting more blood on hands but glad to be safe

Steve walks in and says “thank-you”

James says “good job” to Austin, Austin and the twins are aligned with everyone, Austin’s Angel, Scamper Squad, an alliance with John and Steve, alliance with James and Meg

Austin says that he will be loyal to Meg and James, also love hanging out with Meg and James, Austin will say that he made a deal with James and Meg to not put them up during nomination? Austin will have to put John, Vanessa, or Steve up

John feels safe because of the deal

Austin says in DR that Vanessa is not running his HoH

Austin says that he will not put up James and Meg to the twins, he knows that keeping them is keeping another duo and puts them less at risk

Vanessa says to not put John on the block, with Steve right next to him, Vanessa thinks that Steve is really loyal to John, Vanessa says that Clelli told her that John had told them that Steve and John had a Final 2 deal, he feels that Vanessa is lying or not telling him everything in the story, but not surprised

Austin wants to take James and Meg to the final five, Austin thinks that John is least likely to come back if eliminated, Meg wants to put up Vanessa, taking out Vanessa is a tough decision, he feels that she is really working with him, numbers-wise, might not be best thing, he feels that John may be an easier target, but he feels the more they talk of her, the more he should take her out, James said it would be the “meltdown of the century”


Vanessa would be a pawn against John, but Steve would have to vote against John

Steve doesn’t feel good about pawns, he doesn’t understand what is wrong with Vanessa, he doesn’t want to be in the position

John would be on the block

Steve and Austin now talking alone, Austin says she’s good, says he is not losing Steve and not going to play her game, he says she comes up with new information every week that she does not share until it’s needed, telling him about how she told him of the final two deal, Steve says they don’t have a final two deal with John, Steve did not agree to go to the final two with John, Austin is aligned with everyone in the house but not my choice, he wants to be Judas and put up Vanessa, Steve says that he does not want to go up, Austin knows that John will be put up, but he does’t know about the pawn

Vanessa and Julia are back, Austin says that Steve doesn’t want to go up, Steve says he and John don’t have a final two with him, Vanessa says they all need to be a pawn and it shows the alliance of trust, Austin is laughing inside because she doesn’t want to be a pawn, either. Vanessa says that she strategized to keep Austin safe in the house, had hired James to flop the BotB Comp, Liz thought that James threw it, they will never know if James will throw the comp, he knows that Vanessa is lying, he can’t trust her anymore, she wants to talk to him privately, Austin says no more and just wants to talk to Liz, once she leaves, Austin jumps up and whisper-shouts “liar!” and Steve hops up from the couch too, Austin said that he deserved to be backdoored because he lied to her? Or something and now he is livid at Vanessa and he is in the most awkward HoH of the season, Imaginarium is waiting for Vanessa


Liz “I like you because you cook delicious omelettes”

“… that’s it?” – Austin

“I like him 93%” “I like that you don’t have back hair”

Austin wondering to put up Vanessa now or for a backdoor

Steve says that if he needs to be a pawn, he doesn’t want to be up next to John, would rather be next to Vanessa

Steve doesn’t think that he is as tight with Austin right now, Austin is really frustrated right now

Austin says it will not be him next to John

Liz thinks that Steve is lame, just wants to put him up

Liz says to Vanessa that she is so pissed at Steve, Vanessa said that she will never go against Austin

Austin said that Steve will not go up, Vanessa says to send Steve home and keep John because he’s more loyal

Vanessa said that willing to be a pawn but this is not the spot for it

Vanessa and Austin talking to each other, asks if he knew if James was the thrower with Liz, she said “Yes”, she thought that he lied to her, was confused and working against her, felt terrible, made a mistake, says is loyal to him, understands whatever move is made


Nom Ceremony

John and Steve are nom

Judas says that he is thinking of Liz now, says that the noms are just victims

James thinks that he lost his mind, he needs to go the puzzle factory

Steve is in awe that Vanessa is not nominate, applauses for being a brilliant player

Austin’s option for Vanessa to be backdoored only determined by numbers



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