BB17 – Episode 22 [SPOILERS]

12 Aug

Hello !

Day 51

Becky wants Vanessa to go home this week

Steve doesn’t know what Becky’s problem is, wants to target her next week

Vanessa stressed that Becky did not accept a deal,

Becky and Shelli talking, Becky still saying that she wants to take out Vanessa, she wants blood on her hands and it’s her plan

Steve thinks that every word that Becky said was incorrect, he’s been sayin gfor weeks that he wants to get rid of Becky, juggling balls in cabana room talking to camera

Vanessa talking to Shelli, Vanessa saying she doesn’t trust anyone else except for Shelli, she’s gonna try to help her, Shelli wants to be careful to look out for her own game, Vanessa said that she will use the Veto on her if she wins

Jackie’s service in the BB Brotherhood is over, she can now take off her armour lol “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” everywhere

James showered with her clothing and excited lol

Steve talking with Vanessa, Vanessa asking him if he gets HG Choice, to pick her for Veto, she tells him to be tight-lipped, Shelli agreed to pick her, too, apparently

Shelli and John talking about the plan, John says he believe that really is the plan, John wants to make sure that he’s still close with Shelli because he doesn’t have very many allies, Shelli doesn’t know who she should pick for Veto, should she pick him or Vanessa, John says he will Veto her, if Steve wins, she’s gonna be scared of death being put against Vanessa, she really needs John in the house now that Clay is gone because she trusts him

John and Steve talking, John telling him that they’re onto Vanessa, and gonna send her home, saying that she’s the backdoor, Steve tells him to pick him for the Veto if he get HG Choice, Steve asks him if he will use the Veto on him, he says no lol, John saying Steve hasn’t won anything, John thinks that he thinks he’s a super guy, saying that nobody is coming after him, they are trusting each other, John saying they have the smartest person out of the game if the plan works

Steve: “My two closest allies hate each other” (talking to camera, has no idea what to do) “Mom, I need you”



Liz and Austin lying down and kissing each other’s hands, Liz feels like she may like him more, his personality has grown on her, she wants him to cut of fhis beard, Julia “Get off of her”

Veto Players

Becky – Austin

Shelli – HG Choice Vanessa

Steve – Meg

John and Steve talking, Steve is so confused

Shelli calls John from her bed, she tells him that if she did not say his name, it would be suspicious, she apologizes

Sheli notices that he looks unhappy, Shelli says it is the best chance to save herself


James walked into Jackie in the washroom, wished it was Meg LOL


BB Comics

have to match the comics to the ones in the window “The Blanket” LOL IS AUDREY

Meg is Big Apple

Meg staring at pretty-boy’s face (Clay), it’s the PANTS

finishes !

Becky wants to get the men done first before the women

“Trainiac” is Becky


Shelli memorizes four at a time in order, she’s the “puma” lol

her super power is attention to detail but first try is wrong

way behind, Clay’s shorts are the colour of Texas A&M

Austin utilizes athleticism “Austin the Barbarian”

“The Bro” forgot what Jace looked like

Steve plan to get people in right places first before detail

“The Engineer”

he wants Becky to let him go lol, Steve got it on the first try ?! but not feeling good about his time

Vanessa wants to get order down, then detail


Liz gladly takes the Evil Twin

James was scared of Audrey’s comic “she’s going undercover”

James was Captain Camo

Meg- 15:37

Becky 17:02

Shelli- 25:31

I think Steve would win

Austin- 21:20

Steve- 13:57 :))

Vanessa- 21:44


Becky ecstatic

Vanessa worried about going on block, doesn’t see John going up

James and Vanessa talking, asking if Becky is sticking to the plan, James is unsure, James says that he is being serious, he has not heard anything new of the plan, James wants to get out of the room A.S.A.P.

James telling Jackie and Meg about the encounter he had with Vanessa, they’re like SERIOUSLY?

Vanessa telling Becky all about the blood on the hands, Becky thinks that Vanessa is telling her that she owns her stuff

Becky telling her she’s not going up, Vanessa says she will keep fighting


Vanessa asking Jackie and Meg and Austin and James, ensuring about a deal, she is paranoid, but thinks that she is staying another week



Steve uses VETO on himself

Becky chooses Vanessa

Vanessa is hurt, says was treated disrespectfully

Double-eviction tomorrow !



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