BB17 – Episode 15 [SPOILERS]

26 Jul

Hi !

Day 36

Jackie wants to prove that she’s not a pawn, but a queen

Vanessa thinks she’ll be a target because she put up Jeff two weeks ago (?)

Clay is glad that it isn’t girls vrs. guys, feel like they are being squished beneath heels, James thinks a guy will go home this week

Austin talking to Liz about how Jason knows about the twins

switch #13 ; Liz was like “Austin almost kissed me” Julia’s like “ew”

Austin goes to Jason and confirms the twin twist, tells them their name, “it has a name, its name is Julia”, Jason is like, how is this good for your game telling me this ?

thinking of taking Liz to top and Julia to jury

Jason lying in bed with Meg and telling her that the twist is official, that Austin wants to take out Julia

Meg and Jason telling Shelli the other twin’s names, Shelli is like “shut up”, now Shelli is like “that was our little secret”

Vanessa enters, tells her about the twin twist, not okay with him selling out their alliance

Shelli telling Clay in HoH room that Austin told Jason about the twin twist

Shelli wants to tell the twins about Austin telling, Vanessa wondering if alliance will be “blown up”

Vanessa and Jackie giving word to not back-door each other

Jackie decides to put up Liz because she put her up last week, also thinking Steve

Jackie wants to stay HoH, Vanessa has no problem


HoH room

there are pictures of Jackie and her brother, James saw love at first sight at Vanessa’s Mom

Austin admits to the twin twist, says Jason says he doesn’t want to target them yet, Vanessa knows he isn’t giving all the details, and sold out Julia, not Jason, telling him to not lie, he agrees, doesn’t want to be yelled at

James telling Vanessa that his Mom is gorgeous, she says “too bad she’s married”

Vanessa telling Austin not to tell Jackie that he and her are working together

Vanessa thinks he’s playing an emotional game now

Vanessa and Julia are now in the HoH room now, Julia says Liz probably doesn’t like Austin, Vanessa tells her about the Austin telling Jason and how Jason told her

“she’s doesn’t even like you, so, ha, joke’s on you” – Julia, blood is boiling, she loathes him


Vanessa and Clay and Shelli talking in HoH room, Vanessa telling them about her thoughts about Austin (?), in DR calls Austin and Liz “Liztin” and Shelli and Clay “Clelli”, Vanessa moving to Clelli side at Austin’s expense

Jackie wants to put up Austin or Liz, wants to put up Liz for sure, Clay said he’ll go up beside Becky

Jackie talking with Becky, Becky agrees only because Clay will show up on winning side

Vanessa tells Meg and Jason and James, Vanessa says Austin is a backdoor target, Jason gets the concept, Vanessa says that James put up Jackie before, Jackie agrees and James okay with it

They want to be called the Dark Moon ( Vanessa, Jason, James, Meg, Jackie ), Vanessa loves it wants to get a tattoo of it


Vanessa telling Austin that Liz will go up, probably with Steve, then tells him her plan, says it’s suspicious that Clay hasn’t gone up so has to put him up, Austin thinks that they’ll win though

Jackie puts up James and Liz

Vanessa puts up Clay and Becky

Austin says he will trust in Vanessa’s plan

Becky – “John, congratulations – I’m happy for you”

John – “Do I just sit here?”

Vanessa tells Julia that she wants to make it to the end with her

Julia chooses to not tell Liz that Austin sold her out, tells her that this is a good week for her because Austin will fight for her


BoB Comp, the picture wall had the guests from last season !

they have to throw paint on walls to unscramble names from BB HG’s, letters will show up and even on clothing

the winning team will receive an award !

in a BB newsroom

Liz says she has to be the brains in the comp

the comp was close, James and Liz won !

the three winners will get an Outback steakhouse meal

Thank-yah !

Thank-yah for the 2373 HITS

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