BB17 – Episode 13 [SPOILERS] [updated]

22 Jul




very, very sorry.


Day 30

Shelli’s mind is starting to change from Jason as target to another

James really happy is safe, says he and Jackie earned it, just gonna eat cereal now

Shelli says there’s still a chance for Jason to be saved (to him)

Becky says she’s worried about John, they’re in bed together hangin’ #FightWinLive

Audrey says she’s pissed about Shelli because she threw her under the bus about Jason whilst talking to James, and that she’s actually be loyal to her and Clay, but says that they’re “dumb to think that there’s another single person that would work to help them in this game”, thinks they’re naive that no-one will throw separate them

James doesn’t know why she’s telling her this stuff, says he won’t tell them but tells Clay and Shelli in HoH room, says was talking negatively about them

Clay says she drives him crazy, digging her own grave

Shelli says she makes her paranoid, Clay says she’s ruining Shelli’s game

Clay and Audrey talking now, Audrey crying about why she was thrown under the bus, Clay says he shouldn’t doubt her, Audrey says she’s alone because everyone has a pair in the house, wondering what happens if he gets the Veto, asking him if he will swear on his life that she won’t be put up as a replacement nom, Clay just trying to comfort her to not blow up their game

Vanessa and Shelli talking in HoH game, Shelli says she word-vomited, messed up talking with Jason, Clay up there now, saying she’s crying, and paranoid, on a personal level, Shelli likes her, but game level, can’t level her at-all

Shelli says she’s pulling away ? Clay wants to say some things to her


Liz Jason John getting into the Liz Business, J-Don, Mac-Attack… WHACKSTREET BOYS, white outfits

“chin-strap really working for me” – John

lol you can really hear Shelli

Jackie loves the Whackstreet Boys, says John is the sexi est, Jason isn’t wearing hat because he “doesn’t deserve one”

Veto Players being picked

Shelli doesn’t want Audrey to be picked because may be replacement nominee

Shelli picks Vanessa “yay, I wanna play”

John picks Meg

Jason picks HG Choice, picks James

Host: Stevie

Jason thinks 50% people may take him off, other 50% could be convinced

Meg talking if Shelli and Clay in HoH, Meg says she would be up Audrey if came off

James rang the doorbell to enter, Vanessa says everyone should be aligned who is playing the PoV

Audrey and James talking, James says Shelli and Clay haven’t talked of replacement nominees, she says she isn’t worried, James says he will try to win, hates throwing comps, Audrey says that whoever takes Jason off, the replacement will probably go home

Shelli crying in kitchen, then goes to HoH room, says she’s gotta be helped through this, wants to make the right choice, Clay with her, she doesn’t want to regret her choice, she wants to trust Audrey, wants her to take trust, she doesn’t want to send Audrey out the door, really respects her as a person, Clay tells her if she doesn’t feel comfortable, don’t do it, if he wins, he’ll do it for sure


VETO Comp “Saved by the Smell”

Austin tempted to shove Steve in a locker because he looks like a “science geek”

“Time out, time in” (freeze, unfreeze)

they have to pour the correct chemical in the flask(?)

Boo-yah berry is the first scent

John has “good short-term memory”, they all got the correct colour, was purple

Vanessa chose to remember the first letter of each colour

Meg made songs in her head to remember

James’s concoction exploded, oh dear eliminated

R3, scent

Shelli throwing the comp so blood doesn’t get on her hands

Shelli explosion, exploded into the audience ! eliminated


Meg exploded, eliminated !


Jason surprising himself with how smart he is

John not getting vibe that someone is smarter than him with the mental comp

Vanessa won !

Jason knows that if Veto isn’t used on him, there is nothing that he could say s he might as well pack up his bags


Shelli loves the Whackstreet Boys

update complete for first half of show: July 23rd, 11:10

Meg, “You’re whack !”

John says attendance for the shows have been lower and lower, Jackie was like the only one watching at one point of performance

John, Jason, and Liz are dancing, their band?! What is the name I couldn’t hear it mann

the Backstreet Boys?


sporting white white clothing, hats

Liz is the groupie apparently !

Audrey talking with Audrey and Austin, says she says everyone has someone, is not paranoid, Clay doesn’t believe it, was just jumproping when approached, Audrey offended because he said that she drives people away by not trusting them or something(?), she says that he makes her feel ungrateful

Audrey is not paranoid, Clay says she is, says that if she doesn’t trust people, she’s driving people away. Audrey is offended by this, she says she has been loyal to Shelli, Clay wondering why she questions her loyalty, “So you swear on your life that she won’t put me up as a replacement?” she claim she did not say this but Clay dumbfounded that she denies it, 1000% says she said that, she says he has an A-Type personality in DR, Clay is pissed off because she said that word-for-word, she swears on her life that she didn’t say it, Clay bets everything in the game that she said that, says people lying to him is like spitting on your hand and slapping him in the face

Clay telling Shelli about how she always plays the victim in HoH room, now Audrey is in there, and Vanessa is, Audrey saying her feelings are hurt, Shelli says she should be happy, “dancing through Broadway”, they have protected her, and she’s not feeling protected even though protected by them, offends Shelli that no-one has put themselves in her shoes which she’s done. Audrey s crying. thinks she’s making this about himself, he cornered her outside, Clay is like WHAT, calls her a liar, Clay leaves. Shelli asks her if she trusts Vanessa, Audrey says Vanessa’s an amazing manipulator, says the Jeff thing was an act, Vanessa says she had no reason to put him up until then, and asks her if she was in the room when it happened, and Audrey keeps swearing on her own life… Audrey is way too paranoid right now



Audrey not participating… Vanessa won the VETO

Jason and John are the nominees, John : “the best kinds of Vetos are the ones used on me” lol

Vanessa uses it on Jason

Shelli names Audrey as nominee,

John’s best move is “to do nothing”

Jason is like “it’s about da– time” that Audrey is on the block, but feels a bit bad because it’s hard on her

Clay feels good about it, but knows that she’ll probably pull a moves to make it through the house but says has been carried? floated? through the house

Thank-yah !

Will try to update, and, again, VERY sorry about missing the first half- will try to update soon !

Thank-yah for the 2311 HITS

– Louise


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