BB17 – Episode 11 [SPOILERS]

16 Jul


Vanessa happy with her choice

Jeff saying that he would be good to be kept, talking to Austin, says he will fight for him and James won’t

Clay talking with Jason, says close with both of them, Jason says James is more trustworthy, so dos Clay, they think that Jeff will just backtrack and lie

Meg says that James would win the game, says Jeff would never win against the three of them, says he is a bigger target, James is sociable

Clay telling Jeff that he needs to change his game, Jeff says he needs to play differently, Clay believes in second chances but unsure because he breached his and Shelli’s trust

Jeff talking with Shell, wondering what she is thinking about, promises he will play the game he started Day 1, Shelli said that she would have done anything for him and would have taken him far but he threw it away, he is apologizing, says he messed up, not far to Jackie, Shelli doesn’t want to send him home, hugs him

Jeff and Jackie talking, tells her that Shelli is emotional and tells her that he had to pull the emotional strings


Liz and Austin have a great relationship, better than he and Julia

“Easy there, Steve” – Austin

“Well, you’re the one in bed with her” – Steve

Austin is a very romantic person

Jeff wants a cuddle-date with Liz

Jeff telling her that he knows more about her than she knows, he knows she has a twin, they’re under the covers, Austin walks in uh “What is going on?”

Austin telling Audrey that he’s attacking Liz right now, rage inside

now talking with Vanessa, enraged that she’s under the covers with him

talking with Clay, Liz walks in, Clay leaves, Austin says is emotional by nature, wants to sacrifice game for emptiness in heart

Liz feels like she can control him more with flirting, thinks that Austin is manipulating him, could use Jeff to her advantage


James says Meg looks like a smoke-bomb !

Jeff loves everybody !


Jackie – James

Austin – Jeff

John – James

Meg – Jeff


Clay – Jeff

Shelli – Jeff

Steve – James

Liz – James

Jason – Jeff

Becky – Jeff

Audrey – Jeff

Jeff evicted ! gave long hug to Jackie

gonna miss Jeff’s cluelessness

Jeff wants Jackie to win the game, wanted to create allusion

Julie thinks Jackie is floating by like a pit stop on ‘the Amazing Race

Jeff says that Austin was creepy lol what

“Wow Steve pulled out the fast one for me!” on him voting for James to go home

“gonna kick butt on team JJ” – Jackie

reaction to twin: not shocked, studied them for the week, one kept touching his butt


HoH Comp


“Bustin’ Moves” watch two 90’s dance performances, questions will be asked about the videos, true or false

Q1: eight dancers in performance?

false, seven dancers, Jason, Steve, Clay, James out

Q2: three of them men?

true, Meg and Austin out

Q3: dancer in orange plaid shirty first to place boombox on floor?

false, Liz and Shelli won !

wow killing it, second HoH for Shelli !


Liz feels beyond excited, excited for a letter from Dad

Shelli looking excited for more pictures and letter and puppy !

James, happy to be here

Jason, favourite party. least favourite falling shower floor

John, missing guitar from home (live music during finale?)

Audrey, who is the most messiest? James! enjoys messing it up

Clay, crazy and hectic in house, more disgusting showers than locker room during football

90’s will continue to roll in house !

Thank-yah !

and thank-yah for 2244 HITS

– Louise


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