BB17 – Episode 10 [SPOILERS]

15 Jul

Hi, guys !


Austin saying he and Vanessa are good, Vanessa wants James or Jeff to go home, worried one will survive and will gun after her

John asking Vanessa if James threw the comp, she said no, it was just bad for him

James saying that the comp was really tough, says the comp was made for a girl, Meg saying he and John will be okay, James thinks Audrey will be on block

Clay, Vanessa in HoH room, asking who she wants to get out, says it’s equal, says safest bet for her is to send James home, wanting to get Jeff out next week, Austin says that Jeff is bigger target but he isn’t HoH

Liz telling Julia to be less introverted, says she has to cover her tooth because everyone looking (Twin Twist)

Audrey now upstairs in HoH room, wanting to know if will be backdoored, Vanessa telling her she wants to work with her, says she’s good. Austin will deal with her later and make it seem like they’re working together


Jeff in HoH room now, Austin saying hopefully Audrey won’t get a chip, Jeff saying that Clay is being “f— up” by Shelli, wants to get her out

Veto players :

Vanessa wants Clay, Shelli, Austin – Shelli

John – HG Choice – Austin

James – Audrey

Jason is mortified by this

Audrey is in HoH now, Vanessa wants them to throw the VETO for Audrey to win

Veto Comp !

A player has to challenge another player, get inside giant die to match the correct number on the die that was rolled, first to do it eliminates other player and next player goes up


Vanessa challenges Audrey, number rolled is 2, Audrey wins

John goes against Audrey, 3, John really good at perceptive numbers because of dentistry, John won !

James against “Goliath” Austin, 1, Meg says that Austin is like a giant animal in a cage lol, Austin won !

Shelli against “Goliath”, wants him to win this one. 4, Austin says best way to roll the die is to “frog around” lol, Austin won

Austin against John, Austin thinking he may not want to win, John wins !


John says that James is feeling too safe

Vanessa talking with Austin, saying that he didn’t try to throw the comp, Vanessa is pissed, argument, doesn’t believe him, she’s crying now, he says it wasn’t his intention, afraid he’s looking like a beast if won the comp, he stills says that he is not lying (but is he), Vanessa upset needs to make decision


No Have-nots this week, everytime called to party, must do it, if no do it, will be have-not (part of BB Takeover)

TOGA PARTY, dance in living room

suit party, go to the pool, Jackie loves it

shower party, John is wearing hoodie in shower why WHY

party in living room, givr someone a kiss, James and Clay kissed, Meg and Jason

costume party (Gronk?)

party before sleep

kitchen party

limbo party

party laps

hot tub party they are dead, Clay says the parties suck

Jeff talking with Vanessa now, says wants to do right thing for everybody, but tough decision, Jeff telling Audrey should be on block, is convinced that Audrey is not going up, begoggled that James was target, talking with Clay now, Clay is surprised, saying so uncomfortable with Audrey in house

Austin now with Jeff and Jason, Jeff asks when Audrey was

Jason know that they’re lying, knows that Austin knew this, knows that he is in an alliance for sure with Vanessa, says he is eleven-year old boy who broke window

Jeff telling Clay that Austin is on people’s radar, not very trustworthy, says if he himself is put up will go to war

Vanessa telling Austin to expose Jeff, whole house to know

Austin approaches Jeff, asking if he has been thrown under the bus, saying that he will go next because of Jeff, Jeff says no idea what going on

Vanessa comes in says that he will go to he–, for saying things about her, stage is set ?


BBTakeover, offering invitation for party to go on cruise ship with his family in family, Gronk’s party ship

Meg won the cruise !

VETO Meeting

party in living room during

John uses VETO to save himself

Vanessa picks Jeff to go on block

Jeff very frustrated, annoyed, says Vanessa is Audrey’s puppet

Audrey says for HG to watch out

Thank-yah !

and 2223 (?) HITS ?! THANK-YAH

– Louise

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