BB17 – Episode 7 [SPOILERS]

8 Jul

Hi, everyone !

lol Jason calling him and Steve Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Steve won’t argue with Jason being called Tweedledum

Becky said being dethroned isn’t bad for her, Shelli will do her dirty-work

Da’vonne says that everyone makes her sick, positive that John was throwing it. so pissed off that the house is working as a unit trying to get her out of there

John with Clay and Shelli, John: “I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING” lol

Clay says he would go home before him, tells him he won’t be another extendable pawn

Clay and Shelli really likes him

Jason feels bad for Da’vonne, though, Audrey can hear through the walls, that the people in there are trying to make a plan, saying that Shelli will backdoor Audrey, James doesn’t think that Da’vonne will go home before Audrey

Julia and Liz are talking, lol Liz is happy that Da’vonne is up, Liz is now in the house and not Julia

Liz trying to get a clean dish and can’t breathe, it smells, Jason shows up and says woken up for DR at like 7A.M., Liz says she was called twenty-minutes ago, “running on fumes”


Shelli picks – HG choice: Clay

“Hercules and the princess are both playing” – Jason LOL

John – Meg

Da’vonne wants to pick Jason – Steve

Host is: Jackie

Da’vonne is not pleased

Audrey and C;ay talking, saying they won’t throw each other under the bus, Audrey wants to work with someone, reassuring her that he’s safe

Da’vonne says that the people in the house are cowards, talking with James

Commercial break


Becky still thinks that Audrey is being back-doored

you have to see what is missing in the picture and pick the right item, five rounds played

John is picked, wants to go against Da’vonne (is pissed) for R1!

John remembers that she wanted a unicycle

John won the round, Da’vonne is out !

Da’vonne wants him to use Veto so Audrey can go in his place

Steve and Clay are doing R2

Clay knows it’s the rubber ducky, knocks everything over lol was having flashbacks in University

Steve didn’t want to win the comp, anyways! already won two.

Meg is throwing the comp, going against Shelli, very believeable that she should win because is interior designer “good with the details”

Shelli grabbing the microphone, but needed a somebreo

Meg is annoyed lol “IT WAS THE SOMEBREO”

John and Meg are going against each other

John won with the corn starch, Meg didn’t even move lol but happy with it

now John vrs. Clay

John knows is giraffe

Da’vonne is pleased, John won !

Shelli knows that she has to put up a replacement nominee

Commercial break

Clay wants John to not use the VETO, wants everyone to know that he will be safe if not using VETO

Shelli talking with Becky, telling her that Da’vonne needs to get out

Becky trusts them, “best of luck!”, says the game is in their hands

Da’vonne says “won’t roll over and die”, knows will fight

Vanessa talking with Shelli and Clay, Vanessa knows that John will use the VETO but Shelli says trying to make him keep it

Vanessa telling her it has to be a girl for a back-up person, says Jackie, Shelli says no, says Becky, says no because she earned HoH, maybe Meg?

Shelli talking with John, asking him not to use VETO, guarantee votes will be a-okay, and understands if he’s uncomfortable

Austin talking with Shelli, and asks him to get Liz

wants to maybe put up Liz

telling plan to get Da’vonne this week, and Audrey next week

Shelli wants Liz to go up instead of John, did not want to do this, Shelli telling her that no-one will vote her out

Liz talking with Becky now, and telling her she’s sad, Becky telling her to take a nap, says she’s not threatening to anyone in the house

Austin needs to make sure that Liz can’t go on the block because she’s his friend

Becky telling them to keep this super quick

Liz is only thinking about Julia, doesn’t want to go home, pretending not upset right now

Commercial break

everyone is on Meg’s bed at 5A.M. lol Austin wants to stir the plate, saying Meg going on block instead of Liz

Vanessa says will tell Shelli, telling Shelli now, Austin and Clay in room

Austin saying could her in the walls, concern is that they have seven people down there

Shelli says that Austin brings a good point, no-one will take out MEG

Audrey and Clay talking, saying he doesn’t trust her but won’t be eliminated this week, but she is telling him things that he doesn’t like

Audrey feels completely abandoned, telling her whole house wants her out

Clay teling Shelli she is pissing him off, her game is their game because only reason she is there because of them

Shelli says is good because hasn’t picked replacement nominee

Commercial break


John using VETO to save himself

Shelli picks Meg

Meg knew there was going to be a pawn, hoped it wasn’t, her, she knows she’s put up so Da’vonne has no fighting chance”

right the last laugh will come into play

Shelli crying in bed

John eating an apple

Clay adjusting sunglasses

Da’vonne crying

Thanks for reading!

Thanks so much for the 2142 HITS

enjoy the night !

– Louise


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