BB17 – Episode 6 [SPOILERS]

5 Jul

Hello !

A night of BB !

Day 15

Clay trusts Shelli the most

Da’vonne not happy that Shelli and Becky won

Vanessa feels pretty good, knows that Audrey said that she was the head of an all-girl alliance

Vanessa talking to Audrey and Da’vonne, Da’vonne said that she never said that, said “Game on” to Audrey

Da’vonne decides to call a house meeting

Jason is nervous but ready for it

Da’vonne saying that Audrey woke up people to tell them that Vanessa was the head of a girl alliance

Vanessa tells her “f— you”, Jason says she’s pathological, says that she has only been loyal to herself, says she’s overplayed the game, the mistrust is all planted by Audrey apparently, this is all going down in the Have-not room

Vanessa did not want her to be the most hated in the house, but she said a big target is better for everyone

Audrey said that it could’ve been much worse, right now her “back is against the wall”, strategy is to lie down and play dead

Jeff is asking Da’vonne if she can side with Shelli, James says maybe Becky

Da’vonne feels like she could be put on the block

Commercial break

Da’vonne doesn’t want to see their HoH room

There are baby pictures, Clay’s heart melted

Becky got a letter from her sistrs

Shelli got one from parents

Becky and Shelli talking now, Becky says elephant in house is Audrey, Shelli is uncomfortable with her in the house, but personally doesn’t want her to be hurt. Becky doesn’t know her very well. They need four pawns, and want Audrey wants to be a backdoor. Shelli doesn’t want Clay up

Becky telling Jason that Audrey is going home, Jason said he would expect it that he , Becky telling Austin that he’s not the target, Becky says that she likes him, but doesn’t know where he stands in the game, telling John that there needs to be a pawn, Becky talking with Steve now, wants attention to stay on Audrey, Clay talking with Jeff now, telling her not to trust you, says that she won’t go after him, himself, Shelli, and Clay says that Da’vonne could be the next to go, Meg walks in now, talking with them, Audrey walks in now and says that she has no-one, says that she will not target anybody in the room, except the one that started all the trouble, Jeff thinks that she’s using him as a puppet

Shelli telling Clay, says that Becky wants Audrey out, and she says that it’s too easy. Clay telling her that Da’vonne has no f—— trust in her or himself, and she’s on board, Shelli wants her to go home, says she will never put him on the block, Clay wants him to go up on the block with Da’vonne to throw the PoV, Shelli said that John could possibly go up, Clay offers Steve but she says Steve will not go up because he will not throw a comp.

They have John in the room (cabana), John says he wants to keep Becky and Jeff in the room, Shelli saying that they trust him, Clay says that they want him to throw it and he will not go home, he will do everything in his power to keep him in the game even throw his own game to keep his word, John doesn’t want to be the pawn, lol “I don’t even play chess”, Clay and Jeff and Shelli are going to keep their word, hands were shook

Commercial break

Jackie and Liz (or Julia) said that they used to be so afraid to talk to people, Becky said that she got hit by a train last year when she was walking, she had her hood up, right at the corner, there was a van, and her head whipped, the whole front of the train hit her face and landed fifteen feet away, a lip had to be sewn back on, out of week three weeks, full recovery, no surgery, Jason said that she is superhuman, Becky has spent more time with family, started going back to Church, works at same store, said that she’s a “basic b—-“, Jackie wants to work with her

Steve going to sleep in same bed with

Da’vonne kinda wants to be nominated today

Audrey on edge of seat, will never feel completely safe

James feels went from Bel-Air to trailer park

Steve feels like he might be put up by Becky because of “awkward air”

Jason says she could put him up because he put her up

Nomination !

Shelli – John and Da’vonne

Becky – Jason, Steve (BUT STEVEEEEEEEE )

Audrey thinks someone could have secret agenda to backdoor her, Shelli wants her plan to work

Clay says Da’vonne’s biggest threat to his and Shelli’s game

Commercial break

James asking Jason and Da’vonne why Audrey wasn’t up, and they say that they’re the targets

Becky telling Steve and Jason that Audrey is target

Audrey talking with Shelli and Clay now, asks if there’ll be a Plan B if Steve and Jason throw it, Shelli says won’t talk game

Da’vonne asks John, “I can trust you, right?”

Commercial break


“BB Studio”

Shots must match correctly to the ones on screen

“BB Game Props” (?)

the nominees have to wear a shirt and pants connected by each other

Jason and Steve strategy to look at two shots at a time, Da’vonne wants to look at them all, John thinks that it’s the “dumbest strategy”, she is throwing it for him lol, Jason said this is simple, Da’vonne says he isn’t doing anything, just dragging him along, Shelli thinks her master-plan may come together because the strategy is so bad


Jason now trying to save Da’vonne

Becky got powdered in the face

John literally did nothing tot throw it, he is happy

lol. What did yah all think of the episode ?



– Louise



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