BB17 – Episode 5 [SPOILERS]

2 Jul

Hi, everyone !

A night of BB eviction and twin reveal…

Frankie is in the audience

James feels very good with his nomination, not afraid to have blood on his hands

Jackie wants to be chill and not cause drama

Clay telling Jace to keep his cool

Audrey feels like he’s going to get off the block (gut feeling)

Jace thinks it’s worse than “Y2K” – what is that ?!

Austin wants to make sure that he’s not the next target

Jace didn’t expect to get blindsided in the first week of the game

Jace now talking with James, James telling him strategically he can’t compete with him, and that it’s not personal, but Jace says it’s personal

James asking him if he knows what game it is. Jace says he put his faith in him for absolutely nothing

Audrey talking with James, saying that she had nothing to do with it, swearing on it, says she has a clean conscience, Jace says he she betrayed him, thinks she could “chomp everyone out” before winning game

Jace says he’s ready to fight, and a warrior, not going home. going to rally votes

Jace talking with Clay, saying that Clay will go further. Clay says he’ll try to keep him safe without jeopardizinghis game, but Clay said the ship has sailed

Jace says that all Jackie brings is boobs to John…

Liz saying that she’ll keep Jace, and so will Vanessa, and Steve says that he needs Jace

Jace believes that Audrey is the reason if he goes home

Jace says that Audrey is a master manipulator

They’re talking with each other, Meg and Jason watching on the couch in the backyard

Commercial break

The twin player IS Liz- the twin is Julia !

Liz only have ten-fifteen minutes to talk to download information into each other THEY’VE HAD FOUR SWITCHES SO FAR IN THE HOUSE

They will vote together in the room, then switch places live !

that really fun


Jeff – Jace

Da’vonne – Jace

Jason – Jace

Audrey – Jackie (what wait)

Steve – Jace (“good friend”)

Commercial break

Liz and Julia – Jace

Austin and his alter-ego “regrettably” – Jace

Meg – Jace

John – Jace (sadly)

Clay -Jace (sadly)

Becky – Jace

Shelli – Jace (sadly)

Vanessa – Jace

Total – 12 votes to evict, Jace evicted

Once he left the house, he did a somersault, he’s doing a shout-out to seeing Frankie in the crowd

Jace told his friends not to vote against him, Jace says that he should not have been himself, but, it was not possible

Jace thinks that Audrey voted for Jackie, he was correct,

Messages :

Jason not sorry to see him go, sees him as a ticking time bomb

Steve really sorry to see him go

Da’vonne – Bro code #1 don’t step on her toes

Austin – says that he’ll fight for his honour, does air guitar

Julie telling him about the other twist, shows the twins saying that they loved hanging out with him, he didn’t see that coming, says that they’re very gorgeous

Da’vonne is dancing in the corner in the house lol what

BB Takeover, Kathy Griffin is on the screen, time for HoH comp !

Commercial break

interview with Kathy now, saying that they need to keep the alliances secret, saying too many in the eight-person alliance, she likes Audrey, says that she has to get out of bed, likes Da’vonne, Vanessa, hoping that she keeps her vocation secret like Derek

Kathy will surprise the HG through the week, going to give someone the power of the last life- a telephone will appear, the one who answers the seventh call could keep three people from voting from next week’s eviction !

Half in first round, other half will compete in second round through random draw

“Ginger Fever” – a new billboard needs to be assembled, they use puzzle pieces to assemble the billboard, hit buzzer to be first HoH of week

only allowed one puzzle piece at a time (to get)

one of Da’vonne’s was stuck in the case it was in

Steve and Meg and Vanessa are doing well

Becky almost done AND WON THE HOH – will most likely go after Jason based on what was said last time

Commercial break

next round assembling board

Shelli won !

Commercial break

Kathy gave a teaser to what is coming up next week regarding last laugh !

Thank-yah for reading !

Thank-yah VERY much for the 2086 HITS

– Louise

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