BB17 – Episode 4 [SPOILERS] + CANADA DAY

1 Jul

Hello, everyone!

It’s CANADA DAY TODAY so I might be a bit distracted… but will do my best to update!

For all the CDN’s out there, have a great celebration of Canada’s birthday !

Jace offered help to Steve if he needs it

Jason and James are trying to secure votes to backdoor Jace

James and Meg are talking, thinking of alliance with Audrey, Jason, Da’vonne

James talking to Clay, Aurdey in the room, Clay excited to potentially working with him, trusts him likes him

Clay says that he doesn’t talk in-depth game with anybody else but them

Da’vonne thinks that the group won’t last

Steve is benchpressing

Jace is running naked (streaking) in the backyard… with everyone watching… a towel to cover to his stuff

Austin says to Jace that people think that he’s annoying (?)

Jace now talking to James

James telling him that they’re trying to get a big target out, now Audrey is in, and now Austin

Audrey saying that it’d be a big move to backdoor Jason (the previous HoH) to divert Jace (the real target) away

Jace guaranteeing that he’s got their back

Jace wants an alliance between them, Audrey, Austin, James- The cloud squad? Cloud town? Cloud 9 Alliance? it’s cloud town

James thinks that Jace is a wild-card

Commercial break

VETO players:

there’s Jackie and Steve

James picks Becky

Jackie picks John

Steve picks Jason (thinks that he might be able to work around with him )

Da’vonne thinks that there might be a counting comp so walking around to count stuff, goes to Jeff’s room

Jeff is like “who was in there?” she’s like “no-one”, Clay and Shelli are confused

Da’vonne is “livid” talking to Jason now and is talking about what happened

Jeff now trying to apologize to her, Da’vonne says she’s not mad at him…

Jeff is talking to Clay now, saying that she’s a puppetmaster

Clay is so frustrated right now, and now going up to the HoH room and talking to Da’vonne

They’re having a sort of argument, he saying that he wanted to ask Jeff to see what he was doing in his room

Clay doesn’t like her attitude, was wrong, thinks that she thought he sent him in there to spy on him, he says that it’s an idiotic conversation, she thinks she’s being lied to, they thpught that they were really close, Clay says that she’s paranoid, she says “good game, good luck”, says that her paranoia will get her evicted eventually

Da’vonne talking with Audrey now, wants him to apologize, she’s so mad, Audrey tells her to collect herself, telling her to get it together, knows that she’ll be a major liability to hher game

Audrey telling Clay that he should not have reacted like that, telling him that she’s bawling, they’re thinking of getting her out next week, needs to do damage control, pretending to look for gel, now he’s apologizing to Da’vonne, she appreciates it, once he leaves, Da’vonne says that he’s a lying, knows that Audrey told him to apologize, says that Audrey is being the puppetmaster (to the camera)

don’t really like Da’vonne right now

Commercial break

BB slop is now on the table for the Have-not’s

James has to announce the first four Have-not’s for the summer

Liz and Austin had the fast forward, Vanessa, and Da’vonne are all the Have-not

the Have-not room IS A DENTIST OFFICE

John checking Jeff teeth

First Power of Veto comp !

Becky says that it looks just like home at Colorado

They have to dig for gold for VEto fortune, make way through the obstacles to locate a gold nugget in a nose. the letter has a number value to spell a word. only one letter may be brought back at a time, they have to correctly spell the word with the highest point value, only ten minutes to lock in answer

Jason is “atrocious at spelling”, telling kids to go to college !

Steve has thought of the perfect word to use already with his words

John says that he has looked at lots of noses before

Steve ripping off his band-aids on his knees lol Meg says that it reminds her of community pool

James looking for an “A”

Jackie has three “Q”‘d

Audrey sees that Jason and James are killing it in the alliance

John has locked in his answer

Austin secretly rooting for James because of the alliance

James locked in

Steve locked in

Becky locked in



Jame’s word: lifeguards (correctly spelled) (eight point)

Becky : closest (correct) (seven) (eliminated)

Jason : zones (correct) (six) (elim)

Jackie : judge (correct) (six) (elim)

Jeff said she cut it short again like in Nova Scotia

James thinks that Steve scored 6000 word on SAT

Steve : trombonists (TWELVE) !

James elim

John : boogers (seven) (elim)

Steve won with an impressive word no-one would have thought; the power of Veto is in his hands !


Commercial break

Liz thought that Steve wrote the longest word in BB history, he said “no, Brendon did- ‘understanding'” BB FAN

Steve knows that he has negotiating power

Audrey trying to put together numbers by being subtle, to work withpeople, she wants it to work with people to count on

Aurdey talking to Shelli to drag her in, says that there’s been weird behaviour, wants her to work with Jason and James, Jason a bit annoyed

Audrey collecting people from the group

Taking Jeff now, leaving Meg in the bed when just getting to know them

James know that it’s not good to have a sixt-een person alliance lol

Jeff thinks that Audrey is the biggest “sketchball” in the world

now talking to Clay, telling him to go up

waking up Meg, telling her to go up

Meg thinks that she’s in a weird secret book-club lol

Audret says that they need a solidiefed group

James thinks that she could be on the chopping block with the way that she’s acting

Commercial break

Veto Ceremony time

Jace knows that yah should never be so safe in the game even though in alliance with James

Audrey hoping that he sticks with plan


Steve using power of Veto

James nominates Jace to go on the block, says that it’s for himself, this move

Austin knows that Jace being blindsided means that he is being blindsided

Jackie thinks that he’s his own worst enemy in the game, wants to talk to everyone else to make sure it doesn’t flip

Audrey says that everything has gone into play

Jace is crying, saying “it’s hard”

Kathy Griffin twists up game tomorrow, and twin is revealed !


Thank-yah for reading !

Thank-yah for 2072 HITS


– Louise


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