BB17 – Episode 3 [SPOILERS]

28 Jun

Hi, everyone!

Another night of BB!


Da’vonne thinks that it could be $5000 for sitting out the comp. Vanessa bets that it’l lbe something good.

Meg’s glasses are funky !

Jace says that Austin is his male version of Romeo and Juliet; his yin to his yang- #BroCode

“if bro sees another bro that is equally gorgeous, bro is not intimidated by bro”?

Time to see the HoH rooms !

Round sofa, big bed, robes, slippers, two rooms, fish under a table, tub, Jace wants to take over the tub room with girls

Jason and JAMES WOW MESSED UP HIS NAME LAST POST VERY SORRY ABOUT THAT! are now talking with each other in the HoH room.

Jason doesn’t think that dentist guy is a dentist guy, and they are both worried about Steven. They say that Jace has a good social game, and they don’t want to set themselves up for the “worst gameplay ever”.

Jackie is cool with James and Jason (she almost forgot his name)

Jeff and Jackie have a bit of a shaky relationship, she wanted more but… ?

They know that they have a target on their back based on the fact that they have experiences together. so Jeff suggest that they break apart from each other to minimize the target

The guys are coming up with pick-up lines for Liz lol “Are those space pants? ‘Cause your butt is out of this world !”

Phil is now announcing the “Fast Forward” (AR), he’s bringing in the twist BB Fast-forward. Their game will now fast-forward to next week; they can’t be nominated or evicted this week (Da’vonne and Vanessa). They each get one HG with them that can’t be nominated or evicted. Da’vonne is now worried about having to make a choice.

Vanessa is now moving to the hammock room for someone to talk to about her decision. she will pick someone likely to be HoH.

Vanessa is talking to Shelli now, Clay, Audrey- all three are really likeable so won’t be put up ? Feels like her and Austin are a good combination.

Da’vonne won’t put up Shelli and Audrey so it won’t shine on their alliance.

Steven is talking with Da’vonne and saying that James is avoiding him. tells him that he gives off the “Ian” vibe

Da’vonne talking with Liz now, she gives people her word and will keep her safe

now asking if he’s really a dentist

Da’vonne choosing to save Liz

Vanessa choosing Austin, and will choose to be loyal with her as long as no-one else persuades him

Commercial break

Austin and Jace are calling each other on shell phones with puns… #shelltown pop. 2

Austin says that Jace has a big mouth, and a big target, will take fall before him

Clay and Shelli are talking, she was divorced, she feels very safe with him

Da’vonne says that Shelli is making her very nervous, because of Clay, and teSlls this to Audrey

Audrey feels very good with Jason being HoH, they’re bonded by culture, says he wants to go for big targets

“the boy with the hair” is Jace

Audrey doesn’t trust Jace, says that he’s a beast and is an issue

Jason talking with Audrey now, saying that he and James had great conversation, says that Audrey wasn’t mentioned, but Jace was

Audrey says that he was very “obnoxious” during the challenge

Commercial break

Steve wants to work with Da’vonne, she doesn’t think that it’s

HE SAID “Love you, too” when she was like “later” or something ?

Jason says that he won’t put Audrey up

Da’vonne says that Audrey and James and Jason are a “good vibe”, and Audrey says that it “couldn’t be more diverse”

James and Jason don’t like Jace, and thinking of backdooring him so he can’t compete in Battle of the Block

Jackie wants to take pictures in the Photo Booth

James says that she’s not the target this week, there’s a backdoor plan, telling her to be prepared, and says that she’s not sacred

Jason tells John not to be afraid that he could be a pawn, not comfortable with it but he’ll just roll with it

James and Jason telling Meg that she could be a possible pawn

they’re telling Becky that she could be okay

Steve is strongly against being a pawn, the two HoH say that he should be safe but he doens’t want to be, he says that pawns go home and that they know that

Commercial break

Nomination time !

Jason is nominating first, then James

Jason has nominated: John and Becky

James has nominated: Steve and Jackie

Jackie says her safety was guaranteed

Jace was not worried that he’d be nominated

Audrey super happy that plan is executed

Steve and Jackie are talking, she said that they’re planning to backstab them. she says to just kill the competition, he says to be confident but not cocky

Becky went in with “too much confidence”, and she is talking with Jason now, she says that she was blindsided, says no-one will be sad if John goes, he’s trying to do damage control now, Becky thinking of putting him on the block next week

Commercial break



Teams have to add to skyline by building skyscraper, if they fall off, have to return to platform

26 building blocks need to go on a rotating beam, dodge wrecking ball

John wants someone to be hit by the ball in the face so he can get more money from being dentist

they feel like they’re in a videogame

Steve keeps falling off, ensures his centre of mass

they’re neck-in-neck, the teams

Jeff doesn’t want to show enthusiasm

Becky and John won !

Jason dethroned from HoH !

Thanks for watching !

Next one Wednesday 8/7c !

Thank-ya h for the 2066 HITS; MUCH APPRECIATED

– Louise


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