BB16 – Episode 11 [SPOILERS!]

17 Jul

Hey, everyone!

Hope that you are all doing well! Tonight is an exciting episode, I’m sure- Devin is on the blockk

“One, is obsessed with power, and one is obsessed with a girl.” – Julie on tonight’s noms; Devin and Caleb

“The guy who looks like the Rock, is on the block!”

Jeff Schroeder visits Donny’s family and friends this episode :O !

Taking Jacosta off the block was a no-brainer for Donny.

Caleb had volunteered to put himself on the block.

Devin is a fighter, he says.

Jacosta is still so thankful, and she will return the favour towards him for as long as she can. She is “so happy”, and wants to be together with him at the end!

So at night, Caleb keeps putting blankets on Amber, and is talking to Hayden about this. and lol Hayden is like, “What!” at the xamera. 

Cody says that Caleb is not really a competitor, like he says that he is, and his game is so “blurred” by Amber that he doesn’t really make decisions. 

Donny thinks that they should get Caleb out of the house as soon as possible; agrees with Cody. Donny says that whoever says that they’re going to protect themselves as much as they can,

lol Victoria walks out and Cody and Hayden are hootin’, yelling out and whistling lol “What’s your name, girl?!” and Hayden in the DR is like, “No, seriously- what’s your name?”

Amber was waiting for Cody to do stuff to her knees? like do that tickling thing, I’m thinking. Cody says that Caleb keeps “looking for her, to see if she is around”, and is always around.

Zach and Cody are talking, and Zach is listening to what Cody is saying. Zach says that Caleb hates Cody because Amber likes her. Zach also says that no-one likes Caleb.

Nicole and Hayden are cuddling. he’s pretty happy that he has a girl to cuddle with. he needs a kiss with her… calling her “sugar-lips”. he feels like he’s getting warmer with her, and he just wants a kiss from her ol :B Nicole says that she is one of the nicest guys in the world.

Victoria pops in, and is like, “Are you guys making out?”, then asking if she can go sleep now. and Hayden is like “Are you really sleeping now?”

Devin wants to finish his degree to help provide for his daughter. Cody is getting a new-found respect for Devin, he still thinks that he is a good person that got caught up in the craziness of the game.

Cody is now talking to Zach, saying that he is not a bad person, and Zach agrees. lol and Zach is like, “I had a dream that Caleb went home”. They say that Devin is really alone in the house, but Caleb is a beast. 

Frankie is saying that they don’t need Caleb at all whilst talking to Zach.

Frankie is talking to Christine, and Christine is asking if they’re sending Caleb home.

Frankie is now talking to Derrick… Derrick says that as long as Devin remains in the house, he remains the biggest target. Frankie says that Caleb is so blinded by Amber, that he has no idea that people want him out of the house.

Commercial break

 Jeff visits Donny’s Mom and Dad, they don’t watch him on the show. Donny’s Dad never got interested in the son. Donny’s Mom never saw him in shorts, but now JEff is going to show them some clips from the show.

Jeff asks what their first taste of BB is, and Donny’s Mom doesn’t like it :B

Donny ate the sticker off the fruit in one of the clips :B

Donny’s positivity comes from how he was raised. Came from a family that never gives up.

Donny’s brother is a school-teacher, and doesn’t have a left arm, I think?

Donny got called a rat, and his sisters are like, 

Donny has a girlfriend c:

Every morning, Donny gets up, eats a poptart, is a groundskeeper, Jeff is telling them to vote Donny out while wearing Donny’s outfit, sitting between his parent,s and doing a crossword :B

Julie notices that Jacosta is feeling better, and is talking to her about the sickness.

Julie asks Zach about what is most surprising in the house, says that there are people in the house that he doesn’t like, and people in the house are “extremely annoying” lol :B

Hayden says that there is no worst part about a Have-Not Room; “Is ‘Survivor’ still hiring?”

Julie says that there will be no Have-Nots this week? I think. the people who are Have-Nots will be selected by America, I think… will be selected based on the BBTracker :B

Commercial break

Caleb’s speech: Caleb says that he has never been a liar, a cheater, a back-stabber, if you want a beast-mode cowboy, then keep him in the game.

Devin’s speech: Would most definitely do some things differently. Has already made a Final Two pact for Amber, wants to admit his faults, provens that he is a mental and physical monster, and will carry anyone to the Final Two. Says that he won’t eat all the storage room food, and says that Nicole is the best looking frog.


Jacosta: Devin

Donny: Devin (as he strokes his beard)

Nicole: “happily” votes to evict Devin

Hayden: Devin

Caleb is a nice guy, I’d be sad to see him go… who will go home?! I don’t know s:

Commercial break


Currently: 0 for Caleb, 4 for Devin.

lol “Will Zach’s dream be Caleb’s nightmare?” – Julie

Zach: Devin

Cody: Devin 😮

Victoria: “happily” evicts Devin

Frankie: Devin

Amber: Devin

Christine: Devin

Brittany: Devin

11 votes = Devin is out of the house; he smiled and saluted to the camera

Brittany says, “Bye, Devin!” and gives him something; don’t know what it is 😮 

Everyone says “good-bye”, and he has left… everyone is freaking out lol “We’ve been freed again!”

Interview with Julie:

Brittany had given him a heart made of tin-foil, and he laughs about her not giving her a vote despite that.

Devin was not surprised that he was booted out of the house today.

Devin got paranoid, thought that the alliance was leaving him, so he decided to do something about it.

Devin had a lot of “mixed emotions” coming into the game, and he saw a game where the favourite game-players of his had played. 

lol Julie asks Devin’s thoughts on what kind of occupation that Donny has, and Devin thinks that he did something with Harvard because of that medical tee :B and Julie tells that that he is a groundskeeper and he laughs.

Good-bye Messages:

Jacosta says that the army that he created turned against him, but now he gets to see his daughter!

Caleb says that he had blown the alliance up, and h 

Zach says that he was the worst player in BB history.

Donny says that he did wrong in the first week, but did right in the second week. Hopes that he has a good summer with his daughter.

The HoH’s need to form a team of two; the winning pair will be the HoH’s of the week! They drew numbers to be paired off.

Victoria and Christine are paired together

Caleb and Nicole are paired together

Brittany and Jacosta are paired together, and they’re so excited :B

Amber and Zach are paired together

Donny and Hayden are paired together

Cody and Frankie are paired together!

They may not be with their preferred partner, but Julie says that this is bound to be the most “heated HoH of the Summer”!

Commercial break

“Devilled Eggs”

They have to maneuver their eggs to the other side of the slot.

If you guys saw Season 12, where the Final Four was, it’s the one where Brittany kept breaking all the ornaments :B with Hayden, Lane, and Enzo! It’s like that game, but is with partners and not on a Christmas tree and with eggs and such.

TeamAmerica’s second secret mission? We’re finding out next!

Commercial break

Someone they believe is a physical threat is the next task for Team America to complete!

Amber and Zach and Frankie have one egg in their slot!

Ashes are now falling from the sky because there is fire (the painted flames on the side of their sections that separate each pair from each other).

And that’s it! I hope that you guys liked this Post; definitely longer than yesterday’s, as I was a bit distracted yesterday… and I deeply apologize for that!

Wow, you guys, thanks so so much for the 1590 HITS! sjdfidsoo that’s amazing! I really appreciate it :’o

Have a nice night, everyonee! 🙂

– Louise




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