BB16 – Episode 10 [SPOILERS!]

16 Jul

Hey, everyone!

So sorry for not posting on Sunday 😦 I was over at a friend’s place!

Thinking of making a post for it soon, though! 😮 hopefully. I’ve been writing it…

… here is today’s! A bit short, as I now look at it- I apologize 😦

but! Hope that you guys enjoy!


Nicole got the frog costume, Christine says that it looks like a frog is throwing up? I think.

Derrick hopes that Devin will not be picked for the VETO. Devin may be down, but he’s not out.

Donny and Amber won the battle of the block.

Jacosta is having some stomach problems. Caleb assisted her to the bathroom. She’s concerned about her feeling better… not about being on the block.

Caleb wanted to make sure that Amber won, so he threw the comp, to make sure that she was safe.

Amber asked him not to throw the comp, but he did.

Caleb wants her to go on a date with him.

lol Hayden wants Nicole to kiss him aha, “Normally the princess kisses the frog…”

Cody is messaging Amber. They’re best friends, I think. I think Caleb may or may not be watching.

Amber doesn’t like him more than a friend. Caleb is coming around the corner.

Cody thinks that him and Amber may have a big problem because he heard what he and Amber was talking about.

Caleb is telling Cody that he thinks that him and Amber have something going on, and Cody is saying that they’re friends.  Cody thinks that he may be a number one target for Caleb.

Derrick is letting Caleb know to not spill the beans about the throwing of the comp.

Cody wants to get Caleb out. he thinks that it may be paranoia, but maybe Caleb would be the one to get out. Derrick is considering it.

Team America is spreading a rumour that Pao-Pao said that Zach is Amanda’s cousin. lol and now Zach is spreading the rumour around and conforming it aha. Victoria totally knew it, and she caught it right when she said it. They have the same “smirk”. Zach thinks that it is hilarious, and is going to make every single person in the house believe it.

Donny really feels so bad for Jacosta… she might not even be able to play in the VETO Comp.

Derrick wants to backdoor Devin.

Jacosta is not able to play; she’s feeling too sick 😦

Caleb doesn’t want Devin to play; wants him to watch from the sidelines.

Playing in the VETO…

Derrick, Caleb, Christine, Devin (picked by Caleb… urgghh), Donny… host is Donny!

Devin is excited that he is playing.

Derrick wants to know what Donny will do if he wins the VETO.

Donny wants Derrick to take a hike

Derrick says that people still think that Donny and Devin are still in a Double-D Alliance.

GO TO CBS.COM to vote for TeamAmerica’s mission noow c:

Commerical break

Derrick and Caleb are going into beast mode lol Frankie walks in and is like “Woah…”

Frankie helps perfect their war battle make-up :B

Devin smacks his butt…?


is like a casino in Vegas

Devin broke the door handle

Christine chooses to go against Devin in the first round. # is 4 on the die. They must choose the best route to go from the playing board back to the platform with the number from the wheel on the top of the die!

Devin wins the first round.

Derrick is up next. Going against Devin. # is 2.

lol Caleb is like, “It looks like he’s just doing the robot with his hand.” [on Derrick trying to figure out the best route for the die to go]

Derrick won the second round, Derrick had also gotten it as well…

Frankie is nervous and sick to his stomach? because Donny is the only HG left to face against Devin, I think? What about Caleb, though…

Commercial break

Zach will punch himself in the eye with his fist if Devin stays in the house.

Donny wants to face off against Devin. he wants to play as hard as he possibly can, and as smart as he possibly can. he wants to make his family proud.

The number in round three is #6. “dang gum six”; Donny knew how to do the 3, 4, 5 I think? Donny is nervous because Devin is a lot faster than him.

Nicole is going to be so mad if Devin pulls it off.


lol Frankie “It’s like the hometeam won the World Series” LOL

Caleb- “I knew you weren’t a janitor!”

“I was Kellie Pickler’s janitor!” – Donny

“Awh, I love Pickler!” – Frankie.

Devin says that Donny beat him fair and square.

Caleb has to guarantee his safety in the house because he has no idea where Donny’s head is at in the game.

The number for round four is 2!

Donny vrs. Caleb.

Caleb is not good with patterns, he says, his Mom always told him, “Son, you may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but you’re in the box.” (I think)

Donny WON! and he won the Veto!

“#oldmanbeatdown” lol Donny :B

all that Derrick can pray for is a miracle.

Derrick has no idea what Donny is thinking.

Commercial break

Jacosta is crying because she is now not going home. “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” – Donny. Donny is using the Beto on her.

Devin doesn’t want anybody to see him cry. he feels like he let his daughter down. “Every daughter looks at their father like a superhero.”

Donny gives the VETO to Jacosta, and she is crying again.

Derrick is now nominating the replacement nom.

Derrick puts Devin on the block; Devin was getting ready to stand.

Devin would not surprised if he was still here on Thursday, Jacosta feels so happy that she was given something; she’s so used to giving, and now she gets to receive! c:

Thanks for reading, you guys! c: I appreciate it!

Have a great night C:

– Louise



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