BB16 – Episode 8 [SPOILERS!]

10 Jul

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Brittany wants to say something, and Zach wants to say something next.

Brittany is making it clear about what she said last week, she said that Paola had backstabbed her, lied to her face, and threw the comp.

Paola would rather put her head in a toilet bowl and drown than stay in the house with him for another week. saying it to Devin.

Donny was “tickled to death”!

Nicole and Hayden were mentioned in Devin defending himself.

Zach is telling Paola that she is bad at everything, Zach calls out Devin that he is a liar, says that he smiles with his fake smile, and now just ranting, and Devin’s response is: “Best of luck to you, bud.”

Devin could care less about what the two said he said

Cody is so pissed off at Devin, stating that Devin putting up a member of the Bomb Squad is showing that he is “disloyal”.

Someone said that that was “wonderful”!

Caleb is now gunning after Zach, because he threw the Bomb Squad under the bus.

Zach and Frankie are having a talk, and Frankie is telling him that he should always have his back 200 percent.

Zach’s apology is sincere, Frankie doesn’t know if he can trust him again.

Zach and Paola are yelling at each other, “How do you feel about me?”

Zach calls her a liar, saying that she threw the comp.

Derrick really wants Zach to stay.

Devin wants Zach to go home, and he wants to replace Zach with someone.

Devin thinks that Hayden is the perfect member to replace him, saying that he does not get “over-zealous”.


Hayden says that Devin is revealing the golden bomb squad to him, and he feels that Devin is basically forcing him, to join… “join or die”. his number one goal is to blow up the Bomb Squad, but he said “yes” to join it to his face (not really meaning it aha).

Commercial break

Derrick is telling Zach to stay level-headed. Derrick is on the hammock while Zach is talking to him. Derrick is giving him advice. “This isn’t a street-fight; it’s a chessboard.”

Team America are discussing, Donny calls Paola is her best little friend, but he won’t hesitate to send her home. They will vote the same, I think.

Derrick is talking with Caleb. Caleb says that the sweet tea is amazing.

Zach doesn’t mind Caleb, he wants to get rid of Devin, as long as Devin in the house, Devin will be gunned after Zach. their best case scenario to make it another week is to vote for Zach to stay… kinda a bigger target than Paola.

Frankie wants to be the one to tell Devin that Zach is staying. Zach has the votes to stay. telling him that they are a nine-person alliance. Devin then says that he is not a part of the alliance anymore. this is a solo game. anyone can go up on the block now. he wants to pick everyone out of the house one-by-one.

Commercial break


Julie asks them about the week- in one word?

Lacosta describes it as “crazy”. Frankie describes it as “insanity”.

Scale of 1-10, how would he rate his reign- he says 4/12 / 10.

Paola says that Devin has five different personalities and they all suck. Paola says that her and Zach compete at the same level lol she will leave like a boss if she has to

Zach feels very blessed to be here. without his family, he wouldn’t be half the person he is today. it is the best interest to keep him because he will evict Devin. So “WHEN YOU WALK INTO THE DIARY ROOM, vote Paola” lol that shouting

Jacosta? Is that her name?! :O OOPS I’M SO SORRY she votes for Zach

Brittany votes for Pao-Pao

Derrick votes for Paola

Donny votes for Zach… Donny I though that Bomb Squad was voting the same 😥

Commercial break

Caleb votes for Paola! :O

Amber votes for Pao-Pao

Hayden votes for DJ PAOLA SHAY (“As in Paola”? – lol Julie)

Cody evicts Pao-Pao

Frankie, says that Julie looks “fierce”. votes for DJ PAOLA SHAY

Nicole votes for Paola

Christine votes for Paola

Victoria votes for the “crazy Pao-Pao”

10-2 vote for Paola to leave the BB HOuse. Such a quiet leave 😮 and right when I write that, Paola shouts loud lol

Paola’s interview with Julie!

Paola blames Devin for her eviction. she can’t stand him. she says that Devin made a lot of deals with everyone. she doesn’t know why she had risked her safety for throwing the comp. she has no idea with what happened there.

Paola is rooting for Donny and Jacosta :B

Good-bye messages

Zach calls Paola a huge liar. “Good luck with the rest of your life”

Jacosta can’t wait to see Paola in New York, and can’t wait for Paola to visit her in Georgia

Devin wanted to help Paola as much as he could. he was sorry that he couldn’t keep his word.

Donny loves her energy and spirit, always makes him laugh. tells her that she has been his best friend in the house, and he can’t wait to see her.

“Who would’ve thought that I’d be best friends with a 42-year old man in the house?” – Paola LOL saying that they have absolutely “nothing in common”

I am happy that Zach is still in the house kfodspfspo

Commercial break


“Underwater Polo”

They have to step up and hit a single polo ball down the ramp labelled from 1-29. if it does not hit a slot, then they get a score of zero. the two players with the highest scores will be the two new HOH’s.

Amber is first; scores a 17.

Cody scores a 17!

Caleb scores a 21!

Frankie scores a 24!

Christine scores a 4.


Victoria scores a 12.

Brttany scores a 16.

Zach scores an 8 :/

Donnyyyy scores a 20!

Hayden shoot forgot what he scored but he doesn’t make it in.

Jacosta scores a 22?

Derrick scores a 28!

Derrick and Nicole are the two new HoH’s !

Wireless activity trackers of each HG- they are all wearing bracelets aha so you can track their physical activity!


Commerical break

Nicole is so excited. not sure what she wants to do. Excited to see her family!

Derrick is excited for a letter from his wife and his daughter.

Donny says that from watching the game, playing the game is “very different and very exciting”.


Thanks for reading, everyone! I am sorry if some bits seem a bit different than what I usually write; I was distracted nklofdso

Have a nice night c:

– Louise

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