BB16 – Episode 7 [SPOILERS!]

9 Jul

Hey there, everyone!

How are you all? hope you’re all doing nicely šŸ™‚

Tonight’s episode… let’s find out what happens!


Donny is a member of TeamAmerica !


So Devin is still HoH with Paola having thrown the Battle of the Block having made a deal with Devin.

Nicole, Christine, and Hayden are celebrating in the storage room!

Cakeb is giving Amber a hug c:

Brittany feels like she is going home. She knows that she is Devin’s target.

Hayden says that Devin has “lost his mind”, giving him this “creepy man hug” lol he feels like Devin is going to stick his tongue in his ear eww.

Hayden wants to not be a part of Devin’s plan… he doesn’t want people to know that.

lol Hayden wanted to kiss it out with Nicole after their conversation.

Zach says that there is a divide between the Bomb Squad, the supporters of him “the idiots”, and the ones who think that Devin is “insane”. Zach, Cody, Christine, Derrick are a part of the ones who think that he is insane, and they like Brittany, and they want to take out Paola.

Caleb says that he is superman, and Amber says that she is Superwoman. They are talking on the hammock.

Frankie and Devin are noticing that Caleb are having a “flirt-mancE”.

Caleb says that him and Devin will probably butt-heads in the future, because he was not very nice and didn’t allow Amber to talk beforehand. Christine calls him “mean and demeaning” towards Amber. Caleb protects Devin because they’re friends and alliance members, but “no matter how cheesy it sounds, I have to protect my Queen”. Amber wants to take Derrick and Caleb and stuff to the end of the game, and Devin in the picture is ruining her game.

Caleb and Devin are talking at the pool-table, and Caleb is now telling Devin that some members of their alliance may want Paola out instead of Brittany. Devin is getting all defensive, calling Caleb “lovestruck”, calling him “upset”, and Caleb says that he is not getting upset. and he says that Devin is “blowing things out of proportion again”. he tells that that the girls are scared to talk to him.

Devin is now heading up to his HoH room, talking to himself and calling Caleb a “lovestruck puppy”… “whatever, I don’t even care”… seems like he cares.

Now he has exited the HoH room and is going back to talk to Caleb.

Lacosta is like, “is something wrong with him?”

Devin says that he doesn’t talk to the girls in a “disrespectful way”. he tells Caleb that there is no alliance between the two of them anymore, and Caleb is like, “okay”, and says that Devin will be going home next week.

Devin needs to take time to breathe, calm down, and not blow up at every single little thing. I can’t deal with him and his ever-changing mood swings ergh and his attitude? what! like… honestly he’s not being all that nice to everyone and yes, “blowing things out of proportion”.

Commercial break

Frankie and Derrick have been chosen to be a part of TeamAmerica! So the members are Frankie, Donny, and Derrick :B they will each receive $5000 if it works.

At 9PM, they have to use a two words: “bald eagle” and “apple pie”.

Derrick has no idea who the other two members are… and they’re asking favourite desserts, and Frankie says that he likes “apple pie”. and now Frankie understands that the two of them are members.

lol Donnyyyyyyy

Derrick knows that the third member right away is Donny once he sees that big beard. lol Derrick asks Donny and he’s like, “Look at my cup” and there is a piece of apple pie on the cup lol. and “the brains, the beard, and the beauty” – Frankie being the beauty, Derrick being the brains, and Donny being the beard :B

Now picking members of VETO Comp…

… Devin, Brittany, Paola, Zach, Derrick, Amber.

Caleb is now knocking at HoH door and Caleb apologizes to Devin, apologizing about “how it went”.

Devin tells him that the one thing that set him off was when he said that he said that he spoke badly about the women/how he talked to the home. Caleb tells Devin about the members of the Bomb Squad wanting to take him out of the game.

Devin says that he is “better with him, than without him”.

Caleb is telling him that everyone wanted to put him up, and Devin was hoping that members of the Bomb Squad wouldn’t turn on him as early.

Devin is gathering all the members of the alliance up. he wants them to be all on the same page. he wants to work with the floaters.

There’s a bit of a silence, and no-one is standing up for themselves.

Zach says that Paola is the weakest player that he has ever seen on BB, and he tells DevinĀ the truth that he likes Brittany more than Paola. and there are “crickets” – Zach

Zach thought that it’d be smart to stick up for the others, and after the members leave the HoH room, Zach is now clearing it all up, telling Devin that he didn’t mean what he had said. Devin does not trust Zach anymore I think… calling him the “weak link”?

Go to to vote for what you want TeamAmerica to do :B

Commercial break’

VETO Comp, they’re all dressing in space-suits. Donny is the host.

Devin tells Paola that he’ll take her off the block if he wins the Comp while everyone is listening, I think intentionally rubbing it in Brittany’s face even more that he wants her out of the house.

Frankie wants to do his house like the VETO Comp- just “giant floating balls”.

This comp looks really familiar! with stuffies? instead of planets. Which season, again? osdkfodso

Zach really wants to win it so that he can not make Devin a dictator.

Derrick plans to get Paola out of the house if he wins the VETO.

Amber says that the comp is “so hard”. lol Donny says that she is “looking cute”.

Brittany says that the challenge “sucks”.

Zach almost has all his planets on… and a couple of them falls off. he says that Derrick is his “boy”, and would rather see him win it than Devin. Christine really wants Derrick to win it.

and Devin wins the comp.

Paola really doesn’t know if Devin will actually take her off the block.

Commercial break

Devin is telling Zach that he doesn’t trust him, straight-up.

Zach says that he is “screwed”, got himself into a huge mess.

Zach and Frankie are talking int he storage room, he says that he was honest, and Frankie is asking Zach why he is telling the truth- why doesn’t he lie.

Zach trusts Frankie the most in the house, and Zach doesn’t know how he will get himself out of his dilemma.

Brittany knows that she has to swallow her pride and talk to Devin in-order to potentially stay in the game. Devin tells her that she is

Brittany tells him that she honestly wants “one of the parents” to win the game. and she doesn’t want to miss out on everything that she has done. she has gone through a lot to be here for her kids

Devin is saying that she is saying a lot of “right things”. Devin asks if she will still be loyal to him, and Brittany says that she will save him if she becomes HoH.

he then tells her that Paola threw the comp, “looking for good faith”. Brittany feels like she was backstabbed.

Devin and Zach are talking on the couches, in the living room. Zach is telling him that he has always been honest with him, saying that Devin can even put him up. Devin then says that he hasn’t even considered putting up Zach, because he’s an alliance member, and Zach says that he doesn’t even care.

Hope that Zach doesn’t go up on the block!

Commercial break

Brittany still does not trust him. Paola doesn’t, either.

Zach is going to take Devin down if he puts him up on the Block.

Paola said that she has her last moment to shine, so she struck a pose while a couple of people smiled and other people were like “okay..”

Brittany says that her target is right next to her (Paola).

Devin says that he will take her off, and use the POV on her, after getting to know her. Devin is now going to nominate the replacement nominee… puts up Zach. wow.

All ____ breaks loose after the Veto meeting jfnkdso oh my goodness tune in tomorrow! kjdsfdso 9/8 central, I think!

Thanks for reading! I really do appreciate it.

Have a nice night!

– Louise

P.S. Thanks very much for the 1491 HITS! :’) Appreciate it!


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