BB16 – Episode 6 [SPOILERS!]

6 Jul

Hey, everyone!

If any of you noticed that I had no posts on Wednesday (episode 4) and Thursday (episode 5)- I am SO so sorry. I thought that Friday was Wednesday and turned on the T.V. only to find some other show. Then I realized that wow moley- I had missed TWO NIGHTS OF BB! jnfpisdfsdfsoo soo upset with myself. I do hope that you guys found another way to find out about what happened, as I didn’t get to 😦 very sorry about that! 😦

I also apologize for no Canada Day Post 😦 I hope that all you Canadians had a WONDERFUL Canada Day.

but, enjoy today’s play-by-play!



Joey was eliminated this week!

Cody was disqualified from the last HoH comp

Cody calls Devin a “ticking time-bomb”, hoping that he doesn’t go power-crazy

Frankie is happy that Devin won because he is part of the alliance, but he doesn’t really trust Devin

Zach is telling Cody not to worry about being disqualified, Cody wanted to see photos of his parents. Zach is telling him, “high-spirits, high-spirits”!

Amber is so happy to see pictures of her Mom and her sister.

Devin was here to “better” his daughter’s life. he wants to play with as much “honesty and integrity” as he can… uhum – Donny?!

Caleb says that Amber is the kind-of girl that he’d like to take home to his Mom and Dad- she amazes him “more and more each day”.

Devin is thinking of his daughter and now is feeling really bad about Donny, and feeling really really bad about it. Him and Donny are now talking. Devin told his family and friends that he’d play with honesty and integrity, and then tells Donny about him telling the house that he is dangerous. Donny says that Devin won’t get his trust back 100% (in the DR). Zach is meanwhile, dreaming about “jellybeans and unicorns, spilling the beans about everything”. Donny appreciates him telling him.

Now Devin is going to talk to everybody else during a House Meeting, and is now talking about Donny to everyone. he’s getting emotional. I think that he is crying. Devin is now telling them that he forced Caleb to put up Donny, and told them that Donny “is the kindest man in the world, and he may not have enough to give physically”, but he is a good person. Everyone is now clapping, and Devin walks away.

Brittany thinks that this was interesting. Figured out that they didn’t nominate people based on them falling off first.

Derrick says that he does not want to work with Devin long-term.

Dvin is now meeting with some key members of the Squad, they are a team “all the way to the end”. Caleb says that Devin kind-of made him look like a liar, throwing him under-the-bus, by saying that he had forced Caleb to put up Donny.

Frankie says that this is BB, “stop telling the truth”.

Devin says that Brittany twisting his words does not make him very happy- she is now a target for him, “whether she realizes it or not”.

Commercial break

Nicole is hoping that her Mom is okay, saying that her Mom is a “worry-wart”. Zach is letting Hayden and Nicole flirt a little bit while he goes brushes his teeth.

Hayden says that he has a little bit of a school-book crush, and Nicole says that she is a hopeless romantic. Hayden says that he will take her on a date, she says that she flirts and that is as good as it goes.

Nicole is telling Christine about wanting to work with Hayden, because they need him physically. Christine thinks that he could be a “good asset to their alliance”.

lol Hayden comes into the storage room and the two girls are staring at him, and they want to be in an alliance with him. Telling him that it’s a secret. and he agrees to be in their alliance. he thinks that they’re good people, and that they’ll save each other. Christine says that she is “genius” or going to be “destroyed very soon” because she is in two alliance :B

Hayden calls this the strangest alliance of all time lol their handshake

Devin says that he’ll always curl up with Caleb because he loves cuddling- just “the thought of holding somebody”. Devin is telling him that he will always be there for him. Caleb is crying. Devin is telling him that he is a “good man”; would sing him a song if he could lol.

Devin is thinking of putting up Brittany and Paola.

Amber doesn’t want to do six girls, based on the alliance- two girls six guys.

Devin is thinking of putting up an alliance member, so it won’t be very suspicious?

Derrick is telling them that Nicole is scared of Devin, she’s playing a “floater game”.

Caleb is calling Lacosta the “biggest floater”.

Commercial break

Devin finds Brittany’s hand lotion, and is telling Frankie, Lacosta, and Brittany that he is pissed off with how dirty the kitchen is. Brittany says that he is a “hot-head”. says that it could turn the “house bad really fast”.


Devin is nominating first, then Amber. She thinks that the whole house will be really shocked with her decisions, but says that these two people honestly do not deserve to go home.


Devin’s first HG nominated: Paola, and Paola says that he “sucks”- says that she is a

second HG nominated: Brittany, Brittany sends him kisses, Devin says that he does not want someone like her in the house, and she says “ditto”. feels that Brittany had questioned his integrity after the House Meeting, and says that she is making the game personal.

Amber nominates Hayden and Nicole- calls them “very strong people”, chose one guy and one girl.

Brittany says that Devin feels threatened by her.

Hayden is trying to act really sad, but during comp time- “go hard!”.

Devin is now telling Nicole that her and Hayden are not going home this week, tells her to meet him upstairs in the HoH in a few seconds and ask why she was put up, and Hayden should be up there as well.

Commercial break

Brittany and Paola are talking, Brittany says that it’s not Amber; it’s Devin who is controlling her? she doesn’t want to go home by the hands of Devin.

Devin is telling Hayden that he is a beast, Nicole is an intellect.

Devin is telling them to trust him, and that he has a plan to make Paola throw the comp

Zach says that he is straight, calls Frankie one of the greatest people that he has ever met- says that the bond that him and Frankie share is so “genuine and pure”- “Zrankie” lol Zach follows him everywhere and they cuddle and make up dances and go in the pool lol Frankie says that it is “lovely for now”.

Devin is asking Paola if she would throw a comp. If she throws the comp, he will make sure that she is safe for the next week, I think, he will try to keep her safe as possible. Paola says that Brittany just causes drama.

Devin would tell her if he wanted her to go home, and Paola is not sure if she wants to work with him, pinky-swearing that he will keep her safe… she says that working with him is like “a gamble”.

Commercial break

Battle of the Block comp has arrived at like 5:10 in the morning lol – “We Did What?”

Derrick is hosting.

Brittany guessed wrong and now Nicole and Hayden have a point.

Hayden wants Brittany to wear beer goggles for the rest of the game, and she can’t see anything now :S

Paola saw a cat

Pizza, soya, and hot milk? hot sauce? Hayden says that it’s not bad aha

Brittany guesses wrong

Nicole and Hayden have it 2-1, Brittany has to do the cannonball lol Cody would do mouth-to-mouth on her if she had hit the canoe in the pool.

Paola guesses wrong, Paola has to wear the beer helmet

Brittany guesses right, Hayden does the swirly, he had to put his hair in the toilet bowl

Hayden guesses correctly, Hayden and Nicole win the comp c:

Devin is still the HoH now

Paola threw the comp

Brittany doesn’t like that he remains HoH, she is not going down “without a fight”.

So Paola and Brittany are the official two nominees this week.

We find out who are the other two people in Team America on Wednesday, I think!


Thanks for reading, everyone!

and again- I am sorry that I never posted on Wednesday or Thursday… I’m so disappointed.

Have a great night!

– Louise

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