BB16 – Episode 3 [SPOILERS!]

29 Jun


Hey, everyone!

How are you all doing?! I hope you’ve been good.

It’s almost CANADA DAY! I remember making a Post about it! Maybe again this year?! :’)

Anyways, BB16 Episode 3- let’s gogogooo


Frankie and Caleb are now heading up to their HoH Room!

I think that they share a room! It’s like earthy tones kinda… no, wait- two rooms! One with a nice big bed and another with a round

Frankie says that he can talk to Caleb all about his Rascal Flatts CD’s, and his beef jerky lol

Nicole loves Christine; they connect on things like Walmart and not make-up. Christine sees herself being best friends with Nicole! they are on the hammock, watching people work out :B

Frankie says that if Caleb has his back, then he has his back. Frankie proposes to work together and Cody agrees. They agree to keep each other safe off of the block for the week. Caleb  says that they “mesh” well together, no-one will suspect. Caleb feels really good about what he and Frankie has, and that they need to find some soldiers since they’re just two people.

Caleb and Frankie want to round up some soldiers: Devin and Derrick

They think that Zach is smart and pretty physical. Thinking of Cody, as well. They want to include those boys in the “Bomb Squad”. Six guys- they want to get out all the floaters that are potentially dangerous. Zach- “The Zach Attack”.

Derrick thinks that to trust somebody with their life in this game is “ludacris”- he doesn’t know if he trusts them to be in an alliance.

Nicole thought that the grass was always real.

Now Cody is talking with them, and he agrees? to be a part of alliance. He says that it’s so early in the game right now, and he’s not sure about anything… he just wants to look after himself at the moment.  He’s not sure this will be another Brigade, or if it will be “a movie company that falls apart at the ends”.

Commercial break

Nicole says that she will never throw Christine underneath the bus, Christine calls them “outsiders”. They want to work together. Nicole says that she is a very competitive person.

Devin sees the T.V. while walking by and it says: “Nominations Today”. The HG’s are nervous

Devin says that “no matter what happens, serious, dude”- he’s abandoned Donny for the Bomb Squad as the Double-D. Donny calls him the beast, and he doesn’t know what he is lol :B

I think Devin is starting to cry. Donny says that he got him, and then he leaves. Devin feels bad for lying to him.

Caleb wants to put up Brittany (could be dangerous)- and Frankie and him agree that she smiles at the right time, does the dishes… they say that her smile “fades to the point of fake smile” lol

Frankie calls Paola “crazy”

Frankie wants to put up Victoria (she thinks that since she is Frankie, that she is safe) and Brittany

Caleb is thinking of putting up Hayden

They want to choose a guy and a girl to conceal the Bomb Squad.

Commercial break

So now the guys are picking out their nominees.

They have two eggs on a table in their HoH room; whoever can has their name on the egg? goes first to nominate.

Frankie opens the box and sees the keys that Caleb took away, and now he has to choose from the remaining. Doesn’t want a target on his back.

Caleb nominates Donny and Paola. Chose them because they were the first male/female to fall off in the HoH Comp.

Frankie nominates Victoria and Brittany. Victoria is crying. Chose them because he thought that it was far.

Victoria is pissed, she was mad that he was lying. Said that he wanted to work with her and that he needed her.

Donny understands, he wasn’t a bit surprised. Says that he and Caleb didn’t have much time to bond.

Devin is still acting it up, telling him to fight. Paola says to Donny that him and her have to fight fight fight, and stay “positive”.

Paola calls him like a “father figure”.

Christine and Nicole are excited and jumping around in the storage room!

Caleb is crying because he saw people crying when he put them up. He feels really bad, says he’s soft on the inside even though he may be rough around the edges. The Bomb Squad agrees that it sucks.

Frankie and Victoria are now talking. Telling her and she is definitely not going home. Frankie is doing major damage control. he had to put her up because Caleb chose the people he wanted to put up? Trying to blame Caleb.

Victoria says that she will never trust him in this Game. Frankie says that it is “so hard… so sorry”.

Commercial break

IT’s 4:30 in the morning, but Devin is wanting to bring in Amber and Christine. He’s telling them that there is a guy’s alliance of six. he says that Amber would be a perfect smoke-screen for the Squad, and Christine is a “stone-hard killer”.

Now Devin is talking to Caleb now. and says that they need to bring two girls into the alliance. They are guaranteeing their safety. uhum Devin should’ve consulted with the group FIRST, if you asked me…

Caleb has “boogers” in his eyes. lol Caleb has no idea if he was in a dream :B he has no choice but to have them in the alliance. Christine’s true alliance is with Nicole, though.

Devin is now telling Derrick and Frankie about the Bomb Squad, and the new members. and now he is telling Cody. so now there is eight of them.

Cody says that the guy is going “AWOL”, “bringing in half the house”- says that the Bomb Squad will “blow up” in their face.

Frankie has to worry about bringing in extra members, and telling them everything.

Derrick calling him a “loose cannon”, really re-considering working with him in the future.

lol “what in the world is that old man doing with those young ladies?” – Donny. Hoping that yoga will help him for the Battle of the Block comp.

Devin says that Donny is scaring the heck out of him, “holding court like a ___ gesture”.

Frankie calls Devin a “mess”.

Zach says that he is being too paranoid about Donny. calls his behaviour “detrimental” to the Bomb Squad.

Commercial break

Hayden is the host for the Battle of the Block! It is like an old-themed kinda comp- 1920’s style! Fancy dresses, flappers? etc.

They have to fill up their vase with water as they move on their swings from one point to the other? lol

Paola hadn’t gone on a swing since she was six years old lol

Right now, Victoria and Brittany are winning.

Paola says that she can’t do it. she still hasn’t filled up… after a while, is able to do it!

Paola and him are turning into “beast mode”

Brittany and Victoria were getting out of sync.

Victoria and Brittany win and are screaming, and Frankie falls into the pool (I think pushed in by the balloons?) 😮

Caleb is now the official HoH- gets to make all the decisions!

That’s it! Thanks for reading, you guys! 🙂

Have a great night!

– Louise

P.S. Thanks so much for 1478 hits! :’) I really appreciate it, so, thank-you! :’)


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