BB16 – Episode 2 [SPOILERS]

26 Jun

Hey, guys!

I missed a good twenty minutes of the show, but I hope you’ll forgive me- it was my friend’s going-away party, as I had said earlier, and it was nice to spend some time with her and my friends. I’ll really miss her; she was a hilarious and kind friend!


New eight members:  “Brittany Martinez, Caleb Reynolds, Christine Brecht, Derrick Levasseur, Hayden Voss, Jocasta Odom, Victoria Rafaeli, Zach Ranc”

Zach and Frankie are having a conversation about the broadway shows, like “Mamma Mia” that he was in, and Frankie is considering having him put up on the block because Zack is having like a first-time conversation with him headstrong. I think that he also came from New York, and said that the school that Frankie went to had some sort of “reputation”… didn’t really say it in a good way, either.

The other eight people who arrived at the house tonight are now having their HoH comp in the backyard.

Jocasta is praying to God and she says that that is all that she needs to win the competition.

By the end of the week, only one HoH will be left in power. She’ll tell us more about it a little later.

HoH – “Over the Coals”. Hold onto the BBQ spit for dear life. Fall into the fire-pit, and you’re eliminated. Last HG on the BBQ will be the second HoH.

So the BBQ spit is spinning (slowly) and they’re hugging it like a koala, kinda :B

Hayden is planning to pull out a win.

They’re saying that it’s harder to go up. One of them is bear-hugging it so they don’t fall off. The handles don’t really have a grip for them.

Donny says that it looks “really really hard”.

Some of the girls are noticing that the guys have “nice butts” lol.

Victoria, photographer, says that she is “too pretty to black-out”. and she’s the first one to fall out.

Frankie wanted to work with Victoria, but she fell off, and now he’s looking to another person to possibly work with.

Now BBQ sauce is falling down on them. lol

Brittany said that the BBQ sauce tasted “absolutely horrible”; second person to fall off.

Derrick said that Caleb is like a “beast” in the HoH comp, and says that he might have a big target on his back for that.

Jocasta is third to fall off.

Christine says that the BBQ is “disgusting”; last girl to fall off- fourth.

Zach falls off, wanting to “lay low” and not get any blood on his hands.

Derrick is down. Proves that he is a strong player, but won’t be a target.

Caleb is “feeling wonderful”. Hayden wants to be last man standing.

Caleb isn’t worried about anyone seeing him as “strong”; he’s “in it to win it”. He doesn’t want to seem fake in-front of others.

Commercial break

Hayden never wants to throw a comp, and take the HoH.

Caleb says that Hayden looks like he won’t hurt a fly.

Devin wants to team up with him because he does not want to go against him.

Hayden’s muscles are starting to hurt, and he falls off.

Caleb is like doing disco moves while on the beam. he is second HoH, and says that he will keep Hayden safe.

Frankie has to work with him, “he’s the lion”, and Frankie is “the tamer”.

The twist; Julie is revealing now. Every week, two HoH’s will be crowned. The two HoH’s will name two HG’s for eviction… so four will be nominated. BB First; new comp called “The Battle of the Block”. This week, Frankie’s two nominee’s will battle Caleb’s two nominees. The winning duo will not only be safe from the block, but their victory will dethrone the HoH who nominated him, sending him back into the pool of regular HG’s. you could go from the HoH to being evicted.

It sounds like they should nominate some really strong players so that they can win :B

Julie is letting us know the first member of Team America when we come back!

Commercial break

First member of Team America is Joey :B part of the secret alliance. For every mission that Team America accomplishes, each member will win $5000. She will know the other two members when America votes, and she accepts.

I think that the other two should be like Cody and Nicole, aha I dunnoo.

BB Live Feeds are now on tonight!

BB After-Dark: 1a/12c

For the next sixteen hours, Jeff will be live-tweeting the show? I thinkk. 10PM PT.

Frankie calls Caleb (I think?) a bull :B


And that’s it! I am sorry that I missed the first twenty minutes :/ I would’ve liked to see the intros of the other eight HG’s…


– Louise

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