BB16 – Episode 1 [SPOILERS] – and I’M BACK!

25 Jun

Hey, everyone!

How have you all been?! I am terribly sorry that I’ve neglected to post on this blog since last year. I am honestly very sorry about that.

But! I am back, and you must all know the sole reason why… BB IS BACK ON CBS! Or, for me, Global :B

I do hope to be posting about my days in the Summer again, but as far as Fall is concerned, I may or may not be too busy to do so… got a new kind of lifestyle to get used to- nervous yet excited. We’ll see how it goes!

Now, without further ado, and enough of my babbling (oh, who I am kidding- I always babble), I present to you: Big Brother’s 16th Season! I tend to do the play-by-play of each episode for a couple of seasons now! and I don’t know about you guys, but I honestly hope that it will be NOTHING like the atrocity of last year…


Julie is wearing a red dress! Long down past her feet.

Her regular introduction is commencing…

… “It’s Summertime, America… and that can only mean one thing: Big Brother!” – aaaand Canada watches, too :B

This season promises to be the most twisted Summer ever. Brand new interactive twist (TeamAmerica).

16 houseguests (HG).

First eight house-guests:

Paola (don’t know if I like her lol, is a DJ), Donny (Kellie Pickler’s janitor in high-school :o), Cody (used to be a professional soccer player, is single), Frankie (brother of Ariana Grande), Amber (athletic- says that she will definitely win BB), Nicole (lives in Ubly, watched BB since she was eight, super afraid of ghosts, kinda reminds me of Tiffany Alvord), Devin (used to be a professional baseball player- single Dad, people say that he looks like the Rock), Joey (make-up artist- girl).

Paola is bringing three-months of eyelashes with her lol wants someone with a six-pack

Cody is not sure if he wants to be a part of a showmance (so many kisses from his family!)

aha the way that Donny talks is soo cute

Julie is telling them that they will “endure the most grueling and outrageous social experiment that exists”

First four to enter house: Cody, Amber, Donny, and Joey.

Donny is so cute oh goodness :B he is so mystified by the house :B

and now they’re meeting each other! Cody loves Donny’s accent LOL ME TOO

Devin, Nicole, Paola, and Frankie are now entering the house. SO EXCITEEED lol Paola

Joey and Frankie are discussing their hair dye… he has pink My Little Pony, and she has blue… now they need “Camo” lol Frankie

Now they’re popping champagne, and introducing themselves.

Paola, call her “Pao Pao”, Cody calling her a little firecracker, is interested in her nickname, Frankie says that she might know who he is because she is a DJ

Donny is a groundskeeper, forty-two years old, Nicole loves him, might team up with him

Cody… Paola has biggest crush on him, she couldn’t stop looking at him, Frankie has a “man-crush” on him… “Really pretty”

Frankie is twenty-eight, Broadway chorus-boy, Joey says that they are soulmates

Devin is 26-years old, Amber calls him “eye-candy”, “tall dark and handsome”

Amber is a model

Joey is twenty-seven, Devin calls her  a “ten” and says that she is “Smoking hot”

Nicole is twenty-one, just graduated nursing school, Donny likes her :B, seems likes someone he could work with if he could remember her name LOL

“To purdy colours, and high-definition” – Donny LOL he’s adorablee. he could be a favourite in this show :’)

Commercial break

Devin suggested that the eight people in the house should stick together, forming a personal alliance.

The guys are taking off their shirts (not Donny) lol Paola needs some “popcorn”

okay I have no idea what is happening

“I don’t do crunches, I don’t do sit-up’s… no.” LOL DONNY

Donny has watched every season. Devin trusts Donny 100%. he is making a side-alliance with someone they’d never expect.

“Looking at Donny, I think that there is wisdom behind that beard” LOL Donny oh gosh he’s hilarious

Frankie says that he is not good at chess.

Paola wants this to be all about “girl-power”… no “Brigade” :B

Amber says that the girls need to win this ear

Paola thinks that Cody and Frankie are getting really close.

The girls want a girls-alliance… “girlmance”… reminds me of BBCanada… think they’re calling it “El Cuatro” … “Quatro”?

Julie is now talking with them. One of them sitting amongst them will be the first HoH.

“Just because you’re HoH, doesn’t mean you’re safe.” – Julie

Donny thinks that the next eight will pick the HG from the original eight, I think

Commercial break

Cody and Paola are talking c: Paola think that he is a cute, good guy.

Cody is 23, she is 27.

Cody likes athletic girls, likes to work-out

Julie is calling them back for the first HoH Comp of the Summer! It is a beach-themed comp.

Okay this comp looks really familiar…. they have to balance on a rotating beam while holding onto their kite and they cannot fall off… or they’ll be elimanted

Donny wants to prove to the rest of the house that he is a competitor

Paola falls off like first thing…

Donny said that it was constant pounding, hard, stating that he’s an athelete

Joey falls off second.

Sunscreen falls down on them all

Nicole falls off third.

Paola kept staring at Cody’s abs… she’s really into him aha :B

Donny almost falls, but saves himself!

Beam now changes direction!

Commercial break

Aw, Donny falls off 😮 (fourth)

and now Devin 😮 (fifth)

Amber, Frankie, and Cody are left.

Cody falls off, sixth.

Amber throws the competition and falls off.

Frankie wins the first HoH of the Summer!

Devin wants Frankie to nominate the next eight HG’s to enter.

Frankie wants the eight to have his back, and they say that they will, “regardless of what happens”. because of the twist!

Commercial break

Frankie goes to sit on the orange chair as requested by Julie.

A second group of eight HG’s will join them in the house. One person from that group will also become HoH. Two HoH’s, then.

Only one HoH will be left standing by the end of the week.

Julie leaves them with that.

Julie tells us about TeamAmerica. Online, the winner has already been voted as a member of a secret 3-person alliance voted by America. Those three HG’s will go on a secret conquest to change the game.

Tomorrow, 9/8 central.

Sunday, 8/7 central.

Frankie says that he feels like Rachel :B

and that’s it, everyone! Tune in tomorrow to catch episode two 🙂

I may/may not be posting tomorrow; a friend of mine is heading back to Spain and there’s a going-away party for her tomorrow. It depends what time that I come back home, but I do apologize ahead of time if I do not post tomorrow.

Have a great night, everyone c:

– Louise



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