18 Sep


The two-hour live season finale!

Let’s beginnn! Woo. I don’t want Andy to win. he has been bugging me erghh. but he did play the Game with sneaky moves. hm ksdfkjds let’s just… see what happens, yeah?

THE LAST BB NIGHT OF THIS YEAR! Until the next year (it’s been renewed, BB!).

The show is beginning with some re-caps!

Spencer is having a lot of difficulties in the HoH! and then he falls down. I think someone should take Spencer with them in the Final Two, they could potentially win against him.

In the HoH comp, they are now going backwards

Foam is now falling down!

Andy looks like he’s about to fly off

now, he’s getting a little bit better, and now Ginamarie is getting a little sticky on her feet.

and Andy falls off!

Ginamarie won P1! I felt like she’d win the HoH! She could actually potentially win this game… now she just moves onto Part 3.

It is now P2! They have to find all of the HG’s who left in the Summer in the correct order, and then enter in their answer. if it’s wrong, they have to try again. Try to have the quickest time.

Andy is first.

He’s looking for the Candice crab, after “nineteen years”, he finds it, and it’s wrong. and then he has to has to change it. Now it’s right.

It is Spencer’s time next. Spencer thinks that this is the hardest competition.

Andy’s time was 21:54 minutes/seconds. He said that he was sweater.

Spencer was 36.11 minutes/seconds.

So, Andy won P2.

Andy tells Ginamarie that he will take her to the F2.

Andy said that he was playing second place to her.

Ginamarie said, Jury-vote wise, he could potentially beat him. She’s crying in the DR now, and she says that everyone loves him, and she doesn’t know what to do.

Now we’re going to the Jury! DR. WILL, Helen is so excited, awwh

He is talking to them.

They said that Andy should arrive in the Jury, Elissa says McCrae.

Juror #8 is McCrae.

Amanda said that she not mad at anyone

Candice says that she doesn’t like Amanda.

Aaryn and Candice have actually gotten pretty well well in the House, apparently

Did Ginamarie make the biggest move of the Summer?  Judd wanted to do it, Elissa said that she had “guts”. Amanda said that she didn’t really play the game, and Aaryn says that you couldn’t manipulative

Candice is voting basically on personal move.

Judd tells them to vote on the gameplay… who played the best game.

McCrae says that Andy is very-well spoken, says that Andy has played a very tactful game.

Amanda said that she probably would have won against McCrae.

Spencer never got blood on his hands. He was the biggest pawn, and he didn’t go home. He hasn’t really done very much. He has had to fight from the beginning, Helen says.

They have to come up with questions for the F2, now.

Commercial break

HoH head-to-head: R3

Ginamarie vrs. Andy. They have to answer questions about the BB Jury.

It will be an A or B answer. Most points by 8 questions. They are each standing on a side of the scale.

Candice’s most shocking moment in the house… when Aaryn flipped her mattress. They both got it right.

Jessie’s most irritating moment in the house, was… when Helen didn’t go through the plan to evict Amanda.

Helen’s most uncomfortable moment was… watching Judd plead for his life.

Andy = 2 Ginamarie 4

Aaryn said that if she had to spend a romantic meeting with a HG, it’d be… Judd, because he has manners (other romantic meeting was David)

What Amanda is afraid to have her family see in the house is.. every single one.

Andy = 4 Ginamarie = 2

Elissa’s whose HG’s behaviour that she was most shocked by was Aaryn, because she looked cute and friendly, but her personality was not.

Andy = 4 Ginamarie 3

Judd’s biggest regret in the game, was… not working closer with Helen.

Last question… Andy is ahead by one point

McCrae the best thing about being in the house was… free food lol

Andy is the Final HoH.

Commercial break

Andy is about to choose his F2 partner!

Spencer is being evicted from the BB House… the last person to be evicted. Andy chose to keep Ginamarie!

Spencer is not really shocked by Andy’s decision, I think. I can’t hear this, the audio is kinda low when he’s speaking?

Spencer “kinda saw it coming”, Andy skirted around his answer… was the pawn eight times, survived! It was an “amazing experience” for him, being in the BB House. His “favourite T.V. show”.

Commercial break

THE JURY IS COMING OUT only two guys in the Jury!

Helen thinks that Andy will have the most votes, Andy would be the wisest choice to be out of the House.

and Spencer walks out, revealing that he is the ninth member of the Jury!

The Jury is now asking the F2 HG’s questions!

Amanda:- Ginamarie, What’s her biggest gamemove other than getting out Amanda. Her biggest game move was to getting Amanda out. lol other than Amanda and Ginamarie said that her biggest gamemove was Amanda.

Elissa asks Andy the same question: Andy says that his biggest gamemove was aligning with Amanda and McCrae.

Helen: Ginamarie’s biggest obstacle?

She says her biggest obstacle was having Nick leave, really “heart-breaking”.

McCrae asks about Andy’s backstabbing.

Andy said that he wouldn’t have been a bitter Jury member. He says that he’s not a “terrible person”.

Candice: Ginamarie, who should they give her the money (even when they called all of them “cockroaches”).

The money would change her life, her family’s life, she always tries to have a “smile on people’s faces”.

Jessie’s question to Andy: Why did he lie to so many Juror’s unnecessarily?

Andy says that he apologizes, he didn’t want people upset with him, he kept people in the dark, and they left, he would’ve been safe, and his butt would’ve been saved.

Spencer’s question was directed to Andy, and Andy says that he has proved his loyalty… didn’t put Ginamarie/Amanda up? don’t quite remember. I’m sorry!

Commercial break

Ginamarie says that she feels like she’s made a “special connection” to everyone. She appreciates everyone, they will all get a nice “parting gift” from her… hmm.. bribery? Possibly

Andy says that he played the game with his heart/mind. He always made sure that he wasn’t a target. Everywhere Andy went, and because he played both sides, people went home because of him. He loves everyone, he would respect the decision for them to vote for him to win


Candice: is proud to cast the vote for someone she loves and respects (which is Andy, obviously)

Jessie: voting for the person she thinks played the most consistent game

Helen: both are winners in her book. Voting on the best game that she wishes that she could’ve played.

Aaryn: Congrats, person has always been there for them, she has to be there for them (so obviously Ginamrie)

Amanda: best person, best player in the game

Elissa: the person who had a flawless social game, and decisions which ultimately led them to the F2

Judd: The best to the Exterminator!

McCrae: Whoever wins, hope you buy drinks

Spencer: Best game, honour playing with you.


Commercial break

David, Nick, Howard, Kaitlin, and Jeremy are here, now!

Julie asks her who the the MVP was… Amanda thinks that the MVP was America. The first three weeks was Elissa, last three weeks was America.

Amanda hearing the 50% “boo”‘s when she came out made her think of the MVP.

Howard on the shocking moment of the show… the racial things were so persistent, seeing it for himself… he felt bad for his cast-members. He hopes that they can change.

Spencer’s reaction, that it is “unfortunate on the language and comments” in the house. He asks Julie on her opinion

Jeremy didn’t realize that Helen using the Mom thing, the crying, it shocked him the most. Helen says that they were actually real tears. She said that Jeremy evoked the most tears out of her. She shed some fake waterworks.

Julie will announce the Top 3 favourite HG’s in a littel bit.

500% increase in fan votes.

lol Ginamarie screams out, “HI, NICK! NICHOLAAAAAAAS!” a tad before the commercial break!

Commercial break

Spencer votes for Andy

McCrae votes for Andy

Judd votes for Ginamarie

Elissa votes for Andy

Amanda votes for Andy

Aaryn votes for Ginamarie

Helen votes for Andy, the BB winner is ANDY.

Oh, there you go!

Ginamarie is so happy to see Nick, awh, their hug is awfully cute, though. They’re standing over by themselves in the chair area and it looks really cute. Oh, Nickk !

Favourite HG is next!

Commercial break

Andy won 7-2 !

Top 3: Judd, Elissa, and Howard for favourite HG


and she’s so excited and happy and her expression!

Woooo ! I liked how those three were standing beside each other, too.

This whole cast looks awkward beside each other.

Thanks for sticking with me this whole season! I’m excited for next season… hope that it won’t be like this year’s, where so much was really terrible :/

Have a great night, everyone! Let me know YOUR thoughts on this season this year! I might give my input soon!

I appreciate you guys sticking with me! Have a great one, you guys!

– Louise

P.S. Thank-you SO so much for 1232 HITS WOO! That’s amazing! THANK-YOU.


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