BB15: Episode 35 [SPOILERS!]

15 Sep

Hello, everyone! How are you all doing today?

It’s BB Night! Second-to-last episode! 😮

Five hours before the

McCrae now realizes that he was right about Andy voting out Amanda… in the DR he said that he got “played so hard” (when the Exterminators told him about them being an alliance).

Andy says that McCrae is very “level-headed”

Andy wont’ be happy to see Elissa and Amanda

McCrae says that Amanda will be pissed

He said that he shouldn’t have trusted Andy… he got stabbed in the back by Andy, might be a bitter Jury member…

It’s just like a reminiscing episode. Spencer is telling them how the MC was created

Now they are reminiscing about the wine episode with Jeremy… I’m sure that everyone remembers that!

Commercial break

Now they are talking about Elissa. About Elissa being Rachel’s sister.

Now, “hook-up’s” Jeremy and Kaitlin. How Kaitlin used the Veto on herself.

Howard and Candice.

Aaryn and David.

Amanda and McCrae.

Amanda goes to visit the pizza-boy because he makes her feel more at home, or whatever. This is back when McCranda first started to sleep on the same bed.

McCrae calls her a “man-eater”.

Oh, now they are kissing.

McCrae says that he’s a weirdo, but Amanda said that she liked him.

Now Amanda and McCrae are getting married, and there are bridesmaids lol Amanda

Amanda is wearing a bedsheet for her gown

They are now getting married, the power invested in Andy, as they put on rings

“Mr. and Mrs. Olsen”

Judd says that he and Jessie have a real flirty relationship. lol and now they’re kissing.

Judd and Aaryn kissed after hugging and when Aaryn said that she wanted to be friends after.

Now Judd is in bed with Aaryn and they are kissing in the bed. Aaryn knows about him and Jessie, but Jessie might not know about him and Aaryn.

Now we’re talking about Ginamarie and Nick, when she went crazy after Nick

Commercial break

Now they’re talking about Candyland. (Candice). Candice vrs. Spencer

Amanda torturing Elissa, now… ersh, this scene was just painful to watch,

lol talking about crying in the DR

Judd, Elissa, Andy, and Ginamarie

Elissa wants to go home “is there a process to go home, to be eliminated”

McCrae crying

Kaitlin crying

Amanda crying

Helen crying

Jessie “ALL OF THEM LIED TO MY FACE” she hated all of the people in the house she never “lost a lot of weight”

Candice crying

Aaryn crying

David “Dude this is lame”

I’m sorry that I laughed, but if you guys see that compilation…

Commercial break

Spencer says that the best fight was between Ginamarie and Amanda

I don’t really know how this fight started…

They’re calling each other nicknames

lol Ginamarie is playing Jenga

Judd goes to split them up when they get up in each other’s faces

Ginamarie “apologizes for telling the truth” “I’ll give you my first-born” “Bring out the waterworks”

and Amanda goes off to cry, McCrae is just sitting there, playing with something

Now McCrae goes to sit with Amanda in the room. Amanda says that he just sat there, but he said that he was playing a game.

McCrae is telling her, “look at the position that you’re in right now”!

Amanda, “might as well have grabbed some popcorn and watched it like a movie” to McCrae on him not helping her out.

Commercial break

Andy and the moth incident. He was trying to catch a moth, or something, and he fell into the pool instead.

and lol he jumped and fell backwards into the pool, or something

People are laughing lol

They are doing an Exterminators, “one two three”.

lol they’re in like a disco room now, out in the backyard, and music makes me think of Enzo dancing lol and Hayden lol lol (BB12)

This is Part 1 of the three part comp!

It’s called “The Greatest Game”.

They have to hold onto a railing thing while on rollar-skates

9:30PM over for the West side, and like 8:30PM or something for the East?


I’ll talk to you all later! but ‘yo that’s kinda late… that’s a school night and I need to go to bed, lol and it’s two hours

Well, hopefully I’ll be able to post!

Bye, everyone! Thanks for reading this.

– Louise

P.S. Thank-you SO so much for 1200 HITS! I really appreciate it, so, THANK-YOU!


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