BB15: Episode 34 [SPOILERS!]

12 Sep

Hello, everyone! How are you all doing? It’s extremely hot over here!

It’s BB Night!

McCrae is hoping for a miracle… wants to crawl in a hole right now, and wants to win the Veto.

Andy doesn’t want to piss off Ginamarie or Spencer.

Nominations are happening now.

Ginamarie is safe.

McCrae says that he will do whatever he absolutely can to be in the Final Three.

Spencer thinks that there is something happening between Andy and Ginamarie… it scares him.

lol it’s been an “all-female Jury. Have they all gotten along?” – Julie lol

Commercial break

lol Helen painted a memory wall. She has been painting and exercising in the Jury House.

and now Aaryn is entering the Jury!

Candice says Aaryn being in the Jury House makes her really happy, I think.

Aaryn is saying tht she apologizing that she said some really “inexcusable” things and “terrible”. She feels really bad about the things that she’s said. She wants to make amends

Amanda is now in the Jury House lol

Jessie, her nightmare is “finally over”.

Amanda said that most of girls were happy to see her because they didn’t want to see her.

Amanda tells them about Elissa being on her side, and Helen couldn’t believe it.

Amanda said that Amanda hated her, and she got “boo’s”. and Aaryn said that she got “boo”‘d, too.

Amanda told them about Andy in the alliance. Aaryn tells her that she should’ve kept her instead of Andy. It’d be her downfall. and Aaryn said that she was right.

Candice said hat Elissa was the last person that she wanted to see leave the House.

Amanda said that McCrae is an idiot. She thinks that he didn’t know that she had voted to keep her.

Aaryn was surprised that Judd voted her out.

Helen says that she respects Andy. his game.

Judd will walk into the house to walk into a bitter Jury house… 😮 NEXT!

Commercial break

Candice says that she can’t believe that only girls are in the Jury.

Judd has now entered the Jury !

Judd said that Ginamarie was the smartest person.

Amanda said that Ginamarie floated through 99% of the game.

Aaryn is ready to be done with the drama, she thought that Amanda was done the game. She finds that Amanda is even worse.

Judd said that there was people fighting everywhere, and he said that he doesn’t know if he is going to be able to survive in the Jury House 😮

Amanda said that McCrae has played the most honest game, and Candice says that he floated through the whole game. Tense silence.

Commercial break

Veto comp

They have to match the ex-HG’s faces to the clues, but some clues can have multiple answers. If you’re wrong and you buzz in, all of the fitted ex-HG’s will fall off the board, and you have to start again.

and Andy wins the Veto. McCrae is going home. “Nick did it, you guys. Nick was the last one.” – Andy

McCrae is crushed, he’s going to try really hard that he needs him in the Final Three.

Andy and Spencer think that Ginamarie has a lot of Jury votes. Spencer wants Ginamarie want to go home. Andy knows that he screwed over Helen, Elissa, Aaryn, Amanda, etc. .

Spencer is telling McCrae how “dangerous Ginamarie is”. He tells er that Ginamarie did one of the “biggest moves of the Summer”. McCrae agrees, and he says that she could really win this Game.

HoH Room: McCrae doesn’t want to bother Andy.

Andy says that McCrae makes a really good point. Ginamarie could really win the game.

McCrae says that the Jury hates him more than Andy. So he should take him to the Final Two.

Commercial break

“totally bad-radical” – McCrae on wanting Andy to use the Veto on him

Andy is not using the Veto… wow. Smart move… they’ve been in the House for 84 days

“It’s all good, no worries” – McCrae on leaving speecher

McCrae is evicted.

“ Love you guys” – McCrae

We are watching a clip of Andy telling McCrae about the Exterminators, while the other Exterminators are there. McCrae said that Andy was acting weird. He didn’t “trust himself”.

McCrae calls himself a “wuss”

Talking about the showmance: He said that he had put Amanda in-front of him. He couldn’t see what was in-front of him, he was “crippled”, because he was

“deeply in-love with Amanda, deeply afraid of Amanda” – Julie lol

McCrae says that he doesn’t know how he feels about Amanda, lol

Good-bye messages: Ginamarie says that McCrae is one heck a player.

Spencer really hates that he had left. He should be extremely proud of himself.

Andy voted Amanda out, thinks that McCrae is an amazing person, and he had framed Elissa

McCrae wished that he had distances himself more from Amanda, it’s a “give and take”. lol

Commercial break

Andy said that McCrae “deserved to know” the truth about the Exterminators. They all love him a lot and more so than the other three that they had evicted 😮

Dr. Will is confronting the Jury on Wednesday woah wait WHAT

P.S. Thank-you SO so much for 1173 HITS… WOWZA !

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